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Gender Critical | ContraPoints

– On the day that The
Female Eunuch was issued in America, a person in flapping draperies rushed up to me and grabbed my hand. Thank you, it breathed hoarsely, thank you so much for all
you’ve done for us girls! I smirked and nodded and stepped backward, trying to extricate my
hand from the enormous, knuckley, hairy, be-ringed
paw that clutched it. The face staring into
mine was thickly coated with a pancake make-up
through which the stubble was already burgeoning,
in futile competition with a Dynel wig of immense luxuriance and two pairs of false eyelashes. Against the bony ribs
that could be counted through its flimsy scarf dress swung a polished steel
women’s liberation emblem. I should have said, you’re a man. The Female Eunuch has done
less than nothing for you. Piss off. (“Man! I Feel Like a Woman!”) Let’s go adult human females. (“Waltz of the Sugar Plum Fairies”) First of all, a reminder that this video is a female-only space. So if there are any men
here today, get out! I mean, unless you enjoy secretly watching the very interesting things
that women do on our own, in which case, like, comment, subscribe! So look, it’s 2019, I think
most people have heard about TERFs, trans-exclusionary
radical feminists. You know these fanatics
like Germaine Greer who call trans women it
and think that trans men are lost lesbian sisters. You guys know about trans men, right? Male-to-female is not the only
type of transgender person. There’s also people who were born, well, people who were assigned,
people who were always, people who identify. TERFs don’t like being called TERFs, they think it’s a term of
disparagement, which, it is. They call themselves radical feminists, RadFems or lately, gender critical. The idea is that gender
femininity, masculinity, gender roles, all that, it’s
all a patriarchal construct, and biological sex is the only thing that makes a person a man or a woman. In the past on this channel, I’ve always caricatured
TERFs as being like angry, man-hating bigots, whose only real tactic is accusing trans women
of being creepy men. And there definitely are some people who are really like that, but I want to be fair,
I want to be balanced, so in preparation to make this video, I posted an invitation on
Twitter asking people who used to be gender critical feminists
to share their stories with me. And I got hundreds of responses, a lot of them from women who
have had traumatic experiences with men and who at one time found comfort in a rigid view of gender
where women and men are completely separate species, where women are safe
and men are dangerous. And for a lot of those women, allowing trans people into
their picture of the world at first challenged their
sense of stability and comfort. It was difficult emotional work, work that they needed to
do, but still difficult. And that makes total sense to me, like it’s very easy for me to understand why someone would feel that way. So it’s not just evil bigots who are attracted to the
gender critical worldview. And in this video, I don’t want to just parody TERFs. This time, I want to really engage with gender critical
ideas in the public arena of free speech open communication
dialogue conversation debate idea marketplace
expression discourse. Maybe I’ll even get in
touch with my inner RadFem. She’s a little shy, sure, but she’s here, not queer, reads a lot of Germaine Greer. And when I am having a dark
night of the soul, sweaty, she’s feeling XXtra biological and when the full moon shines she speaks. (“Waltz of the Sugar Plum Fairies”) Ugh, this is agony. I’m a biological woman trapped in the body of a male narcissist. Can you imagine? Okay, so she’s a little
out of touch, sure, but she’s not a bigot, you know, I’m sure she doesn’t hate trans people, she just has a few concerns. You know it’s like you’re not even allowed to ask questions anymore or
you’re accused of transphobia. We’re all just expected to
conform to this gender ideology that we the public never
got a chance to debate. We didn’t vote for trans orthodoxy, yet here we are permitting
biological males to run rampant in women’s spaces, foisting
penises on lesbians, and indoctrinating our children
with the ludicrous dogma that girls can become boys
with a change of costume. Oh, it rattles my chromosomes. She goes on like that for hours. It’s like being trapped at the
bottom of an elevator shaft with the ghost of Anita Bryant. Do you kids even know who Anita Bryant is? Do you have any idea how many decades I fought for your rights? Wait, is Anita Bryant even dead? Scholars remain divided. It does seem like it’s getting harder to have conversations
about difficult topics. You know, our children are coming of age in this Orwellian nightmare
where you can face consequences for simply having a
politically incorrect opinion about the Jewish question. It’s PC run A-mok, it’s
a Hannuhkatastrophe! Problematic banter aside, the current discourse
about transgender issues is an explosion of untreated sewage. We have far-right politicians menacing us with legal discrimination and erasure, we have fear-mongering
and hostility in the press and that, combined with high
rates of family rejection and mistreatment, puts trans
people on the defensive. So in public, we tend to stick
together, concede nothing, and shield ourselves behind
simple, unambiguous slogans. Trans women are women. Which is true, we are women. But, that was a sinister
but, watch out for that. What happens is that people
who don’t really understand trans issues, in other words most people, have lots of unanswered
questions about the details. And in particular, people who are familiar
with feminist theory, but not trans feminism,
might wonder things like, how can you be a woman without the oppression experiences of girlhood? Why can’t you just be a feminine man instead of equating womanhood
with sexist stereotypes? Why are misogynistic
gender ideologues erasing the vocabulary needed to
discuss female oppression? Trans people don’t like
engaging with these questions because most of the time
they’re just brandished as weapons against us. You know, it’s like when
a man asks if society is so sexist against women, then why is it that men are 97% of combat fatalities, feminazis? Like you could sit there for three hours trying to make a nuanced
feminist rebuttal, but wouldn’t you rather just
eat a bowl of thumbtacks? Because nine times out of 10, that guy doesn’t give a shit
about combat fatalities, he’s just trolling you to shut down whatever actual
point you were making. And the same goes for people telling me, you sure do like wearing nails and makeup, is that all you think
there is to being a woman? Could you define womanhood for me? Like they don’t actually care, they’re just trying to make
my life worse for 20 minutes. But if you really are sincerely wondering about the answer to these troll questions and many people are, then you actually need fairly complicated and nuanced answers. Which is why they make
good troll questions because they waste a lot of your time. In this video, I want to take at face value the questions and concerns associated with
gender critical hostility to trans people and I want to try to give nuanced answers rather than dogmatic ones. Now, the problem with being
nuanced is that it’s hard, so I might f*ck something up. And a lot of trans people
want me to represent them absolutely perfectly, so if
I do f*ck something up, well, just read me to filth on Twitter like you always do, you
little shits, love you! Let’s watch an instructional
video to learn more. – Can a man ever be as
glamorous as a woman? We have 13 beautiful
women on our show today, only the catch is that some
of them are actually men. – Oops, wrong channel. Concern one, gender metaphysics. There’s no such thing as a
man trapped in a woman’s body. There are no pink brains and blue brains. Just because you want to be a woman, doesn’t mean you are one. This whole sacred dogma of
gender identity makes no sense. Trans people often use
metaphorical language to describe feelings that are
difficult to put into words and that’s how I understand the trapped in the wrong body language. Is there literally such a thing as a male soul trapped in a
female body or vice versa? I don’t personally believe there is, but I’m a little biased, I sold my soul to a Sudanese businessman and all I got in return was
this shitty ketamine habit. As for brains, there is
some evidence suggesting a correlation between
binary transgender identity and cross-sex brain anatomy, but the evidence really
doesn’t justify claims about female brains in male
bodies or anything like that. Brain differences between men and women are statistical averages
of things like gray and white matter density, not as the term female brain implies, distinct anatomical structures
likes penises and vaginas. So personally I don’t believe in any gender metaphysics at all. I’m kind of an unorthodox trans person, so much for the unquestionable
dogma of the trans cult in that I think of myself as
a woman who used to be a man, rather than as having always been a woman. But it’s important to remember that while I may not
fit the typical profile, I am not real and not valid. But in any case, I live as a woman now, and that’s kind of just what’s happening whether you like or not so I’m not sorry? My view is well-expressed
by Catherine MacKinnon. “I always thought I don’t care how someone “becomes a woman or a man;
it does not matter to me. “Anybody who identifies as a
woman, wants to be a woman, “is going around being a
woman, as far as I’m concerned, “is a woman.” Concern two, gender stereotypes. What do you mean you live as a woman? You mean you reinforce
oppressive gender stereotypes by putting on makeup, nails,
and a fake girly voice. Listen, sweaty, first of all, my girly voice is very f*cking real. Second, my clothes, makeup, voice, none of this makes me a woman. No trans woman thinks that femininity and womanhood are the same. Rather, we’re using a cultural language of feminine signifiers to prompt others to see us for what we are. Sometimes I get the impression
that my cis girlfriends don’t really understand why I’m presenting in such a meticulously feminine way, like they think I’m wearing
ombre lips at 11 a.m. because I’m playing
some kind of clout game, which I am, but also if
one person calls me sir, that’s gonna ruin my day, so I’m desperately throwing
glitter spaghetti at the wall in hopes the light catches
some glimmer of womanhood. I think butch or gender
non-conforming cis women sometimes side-eye
hyper-feminine trans women because they don’t identify with this vision of womanhood at all and they’ve had to
struggle since childhood against a society that’s told
them they have to be feminine. And I completely sympathize with that. I think there should
be more gender freedom, less coercion, less restriction. But also, I’ve had to fight
against the same society that told me I should really,
really, really, not be this, so, I feel like we should be able to form some kind of solidarity here. Concern three, abolish gender. But you should be moving beyond
the patriarchal constructs of masculinity and femininity,
not conforming to them. Real feminism aims to abolish
gender, not reinforce it. Abolish gender? Well that sounds like an ambitious project for one transsexual, but
I mean I’ll give it a try. (snaps) Solanus be praised. No nails, no makeup, I’m wearing a nice little
gender-neutral robe moment. I did it everyone, I abolished gender. Well, I guess long hair is
still a gender signifier, so I should probably get rid of that. (gong rings) How is she though? She’s feeling a little genderless. I guess the way I position
my body is still gendered and there’s a gendered
cadence to my voice. So what I’m gonna do is just
hold my hands up genderlessly and speak in a genderless robot voice. My name is 5443461 I have no gender. Patriarchy is over. I guess English is still
patriarchal language, right? So I should probably be communicating with a series of genderless sounds. (imitating robot) I can’t stand this, f*ck this. Look, maybe abolishing
gender is a good idea, like, wouldn’t it be better
if your genitals at birth didn’t determine what kind
of life you could live? But that is a utopian project requiring massive systemic change,
kind of like abolish borders. Your utopian pipe dream is valid! And denying trans people
their gender identity because abolish gender is kind of like denying citizenship to immigrants
because abolished borders. Like you’re targeting the people
who are the most vulnerable under the present system and
the leveraging that system against them under the
pretense of abolishing it. You know, you don’t see
gender critical feminists in Kim Kardashian’s
Instagram comments like, why are you wearing a dress,
Kim, you creepy misogynist. You should be abolishing gender, not reinforcing stereotypes
designed to oppress women. No, they don’t attack
the gender expression of people with power and influence. They’re all on Twitter,
harassing some poor, newly out trans woman with 200 followers and calling her a creepy man and mocking her for being feminine ineptly or being too feminine or
not being feminine enough. It’s almost like when
they say abolish gender, what they really mean
is abolish trans people. It’s almost like this is a hate movement hiding behind a handful of
pseudo-feminist platitudes. But surely, I must be missing something. Concern four, male privilege. It is absolutely typical of
male privilege and entitlement that you think you can just
claim womanhood for yourself without living any of the
struggle that entails. So look, I’m a successful,
white, middle-class trans woman. In the grand scheme of things, I’m really not very oppressed. I may not be the 1%,
but I am the tra*ny 1%. So I don’t like to complain about every little microaggression I experience because under the circumstances, it just seems a little gauche. And I don’t like things that are gauche. But I’ve had cis feminists
of my race and class tell me that I have no idea what
it’s like to be talked over and interrupted by men. – [Man] Actually, Kropotkin. – Or to experience street harassment or to have to treat every first date like a potentially
life-threatening situation and it’s just bizarre to
me that they think that. Like, what do you think my
experience in the world is? You think men treat me as their equal? You think street harassers
are gonna treat me with dignity and respect
because I have a Y chromosome? Hey beautiful, where you going baby? Where you going? Oh, it’s a tr*nny. Excuse me, sir, my mistake. Please proceed freely to your destination. Come on, people, use your heads. When you have Germaine Greer
calling trans women it, what do you think the guy on the steps of the liquor store is gonna say? When a trans woman doesn’t pass, it’s not like society simply
treats her like a man. No, you get treated as monster
gender, pronouns it and spit, and male privilege is
not a good description of that experience at all. Once you start passing as a woman, it’s really a step up, even
though women get treated bad, because it’s still better
to be a she than an it. Now gender critical feminists
are really skeptical of the whole notion of passing. They think they can always clock a tran and they assume everyone else can, too. But that’s just not reality. I mean, I’m only a year and
a half into my transition and at this point, I’ve had zero surgeries and it’s been like six months since I was last misgendered offline. I mean, a person with a good eye for it will probably clock me and maybe a lot of people
have just been indoctrinated into politically correct gender ideology, but like, you really think
the gas station attendant and the nail technicians and
the heating and plumbing guy are all calling me miss and
ma’am because of postmodernism? I know some of you are gonna sneak off to your shitty little RadFem forums and obsess over how
manly and clockable I am, but like at the end of the
day, what am I gonna trust, the deranged hate-posting
of 25 frothing anons or every social interaction
I’ve had for months? I’m so sorry you can’t
handle that I’m natural fish. I’m ahi tuna and you’re mackerel sweaty. Take a f*cking sip, babes. – [Theryn] I love that. Concern five, male socialization. So you had a male upbringing, you never experienced
the traumas of girlhood, you benefited from male
privilege for decades, and now you think none of that matters? You are who you are because
of how you were socialized, not because of how you dress. Alright, it’s time to
crack open the nuance. So on the one hand,
you’re partially right. I have no idea what it’s
like to be catcalled as a nine-year-old girl or what that does to a child’s psyche. That kind of thing didn’t
start happening to me till I was an adult, when I knew what I was getting
into and was ready for it. That’s very different from
what cis women go through. My upbringing and adolescence
has more in common with a typical man than a typical woman and many of the
experiences from those days I simply can’t make sense
of as female experiences. I absolutely benefited from male privilege and it did influence who I was and who I was in my
late teens and early 20s was an anti-feminist
shithead who had no idea what women go through and I feel ashamed and
alone in admitting that. Because in trans discourse, it’s just accepted as
obvious that trans men know what it’s like to be raised as women and to be influenced by those
formative female experiences, but when it comes to the
early life experiences of trans women, we’re supposed to say, when I was five years old, I loved wearing my mom’s high heels or else say nothing at all. There’s that wonderful
quotation from Sylvia Plath where she describes the
way living as a woman stifles an adventurous spirit and her longing for a male experience. – [Narrator] “Yes, my
consuming desire is to mingle “with road crews, sailors and
soldiers, barroom regulars “to be a part of a scene,
anonymous, listening, recording “all this is spoiled by
the fact that I am a girl, “a female always supposedly in danger “of assault and battery. “My consuming interest in
men and their lives is often “misconstrued as a desire to seduce them “or as an invitation to intimacy. “Yes, God, I want to talk to
everybody as deeply as I can. “I want to be able to
sleep in an open field, “to travel west, to walk freely at night.” So I got to do all of that in my early 20s and what I discovered is I
hate sleeping in open fields, I despise the west, and I’d
really rather stay inside collecting ceramics and sucking dick. Now I’m not saying that makes me a woman and I’m not saying that
Sylvia Plath is a man because she wanted to slam back brewskis with road crews for reasons
that are inconceivable to me. What I am saying is that,
when I hit my mid-20s and realized that I was
inhabiting a gender, body, and sexual persona that were
drastically wrong for me. And I tried every possible
alternative to transitioning before realizing that I
had an irrepressible need to become a woman. So I changed. And when I changed, society’s
treatment of me changed. Socialization doesn’t end with childhood, it’s a lifelong process. For example, when I transitioned,
my friends, family, fans, enemies, stalkers, and
radical feminist haters started commenting on my
physical appearance about 20 to 30 times more often and I had to get used
to that being something that matters a lot more. That said, resocialization takes time, and sometimes, trans
people early in transition have most of that process ahead of them. I also think we have to take into account the age at which a person transitions. Kim Petras, whomst we stan. – [Theryn] Oh, we stan.
– We stan. – Oh, we stan.
– I stan. Oh, we stan. She transitioned as a child and I imagine was socialized more or less the same as a cis woman. Whereas, Caitlyn Jenner,
whomst, well, just whomst, she made millions of
dollars in men’s sports, she had six children by three wives, transitioned in retirement at age 65, and told Buzzfeed that the
hardest part of being a woman is figuring out what to wear. This is the only trans woman
most people have heard of. It makes me want to cry. Like, I’m not saying Caitlyn
Jenner is not a woman, but I am saying that anyone
who wants to argue that male privilege hasn’t
shaped her perspective, doesn’t have a leg to stand on. But also, trans women
often don’t experience male socialization the way cis men do. Many trans women are feminine and queer before they transition, and have basically always
experienced a kind of femmephobia that is rooted in misogyny. Some trans women also identified as women years before transitioning and internalized society’s
messaging about women more than society’s messaging about men. Now that’s still not the
same as living in society as a girl from birth, but it’s also pretty different from the socialization
of masculine cis men. I think the reason some trans
women feel the need to argue that trans women never
experience male privilege is that a lot TERFs use male privilege as a proxy for calling us men. Pull up your zipper your,
male privilege is hanging out. I suspect the reason this is
such a major talking point for many gender critical feminists is that there’s an element
here of stolen valor, this sense of injustice
that people are claiming their identity without
experiencing their oppression. It reminds me of what
in the trans community are called transmedicalists, people who insist the
only real trans people are those who experience
agonizing dysphoria. In both cases, there is a
sense that the essential thing that confirms your identity is pain. What it is to be trans
is to despise your body, what it is to be a woman
is to be brutalized by men. You didn’t suffer like I’ve suffered. You don’t know what it’s like! You know, I’m tempted
to strike back by saying that you don’t know what it’s
like to occupy an identity so stigmatized that most of
the people who are attracted to you in private are too
ashamed to admit it in public. You don’t know what
it’s like to have a body so non-normative that you’re shut out of whole areas of society. I could go on, but this
America’s Next Top Victim contest does nothing but to provoke
infighting between trans women and cis women at a time
when we should be marching side by side to destroy
video games forever. #YesAllGamers. Concern six, reproductive oppression. You don’t know what it’s
like to grow up being shamed for your periods, to
fear unwanted pregnancy, to have to fight for
your right to abortion, to bear the pain of childbirth. Well, yeah, that’s true. My inner RadFem sways in
a gentle victorious samba. I do think it’s important
for trans women to stand in solidarity with cis women
on issues like period equity and abortion rights and to
learn about the experiences of cis women to form a
more complete understanding of the female condition. But of course, no
individual woman experiences all the things women experience and individual women understand
the meaning of womanhood in drastically different ways. For some women, having babies is the most essentially womanly experience. For others, maybe it’s having an abortion. I mean, not actually, but you know, TERFs pretend it is to own the tr*nnies. For me, it’s receiving 12-paragraph emails in my business inbox from married men struggling through the existential crisis of some kind of shemale-themed
sexual awakening. Also, do you want to be
a guest on my podcast, Free Speech Radio? But also, not all women
experience their womanhood as essentially oppressive or centered around the pains
of reproductive capacity. When Shania Twain sang
Man! I Feel Like a Woman!, she wasn’t talking about
having a coat hanger abortion in the bathroom of a Greyhound
station in Chattanooga. Man, I feel like shit. (“Man! I Feel Like a Woman!”) Concern seven, erasing female vocabulary. Trans activists are erasing
the vocabulary needed to discuss women’s bodies
and women’s oppression. We’re now expected to
talk about pregnant people and menstruators just to
appease the gender ideologues. Well, I for one am not a menstruator, I am a W-O-M-B-Y-N and
I will not be erased. Okay, if you’ve heard
the terms menstruator or pregnant people and are thinking, what the f*ck kind of Orwellian
newspeak gender cuckoldry is that, take a deep
breath, clear your mind, here’s the tea. Some medical organizations
have recently begun using the term pregnant people
instead of pregnant women. And in 2016, Planned
Parenthood included the word menstruators in a Tweet about
the repeal of a tampon tax. This has prompted some conservative, TERF, and Christian publications
to post panicked commentaries warning that the entire
concept of womanhood is being erased. But in fact, medical language that assumes that everyone with a uterus is a woman erases trans men and non-binary people who menstruate and get pregnant. So saying pregnant women in
this context erases them, whereas saying pregnant people
includes them and cis women and doesn’t erase anyone
except for Cincinnatians because we all know they’re not people. Take your shitty chili elsewhere. I’m a woman, not a goddamn menstruator! What kind of misogynistic madness is it to reduce women to
their capacity to bleed? I agree with you. The word menstruator
sounds pretty dehumanizing. And the trans men I’ve
talked to about this aren’t really the biggest
fans of it either. Sometimes it takes a while to
settle on language that’s both inclusive and usable, and my prediction is that menstruators is a not gonna work out. Maybe people who menstruate? But why can’t I just say
woman, that’s what I am! You can just say woman! That is what you are! No one is asking that you
stop referring to yourself as a woman. Institutional medical language
is designed to be inclusive and therefore impersonal. No one is proposing that we
stop calling individual women pregnant women or expectant mothers. Your obvious misogyny is nakedly exposed. I notice it’s only female
anatomy you’re trying to erase. I notice you’re not suggesting
doctors start saying people with prostates. Oh, I am definitely suggesting that. But trans activists are
invading feminist spaces and telling women we can’t
discuss our own bodies. I have no problem with
cis feminists discussing or celebrating periods
or wearing pussy hats at political marches or free bleeding all
over the National Mall. I mean, someone has to. The National Mall is not
gonna bleed on itself. I totally get why cis feminists
would want to celebrate their reproductive anatomy
in defiance of a society that routinely shames and
subjugates them for it. The problem arises only when menstruation or reproductive anatomy are
used to misgender trans men or exclude womz whomst doth not bleed. I mean, trans women do bleed, but only when we cut ourselves. ♪ No one knows what it’s
like to be a sad tran ♪ Concern eight, TERF is a slur. TERF is a slur designed to silence women. Nay, it is hate speech designed to incite violence against women. The word TERF is a pejorative
for a person who dresses up transphobia with radical
feminism, but it’s not a slur. A slur is a pejorative that
targets someone’s race, religion, gender, or sexuality. The word misogynist is pejorative. It has only negative connotations and is often used as an
insult, but it’s not slur. It targets bigoted behavior and beliefs, not a type of person. The same is true of the word TERF. It’s a derogatory term
for beliefs and behaviors that deserve to be derogated. The phrase gender critical
is really a euphemism, recently created to replace TERF with a phrase that doesn’t have
such negative connotations. It’s perfectly analogous
to the phrase race realist, which was invented by racists
wanting a more flattering and respectable description
of their beliefs. I’ve used the term gender
critical in this video to be inviting to fence-sitters, but I refuse to cooperate with
racists who want me to use their euphemisms and I generally
do the same with TERFs. Now I’m a very agreeable,
non-confrontational person. I usually like to call people by whatever they wanna be called. But when it comes to race
realist or gender critical, every time I use these phrases, I’m essentially becoming an accomplice in their scheme to legitimize bigotry. And I have especially little
patience for TERF requests for linguistic decorum
since most of the language used by TERFs is specifically designed to be maximally hurtful, harmful, and insulting to trans people. For instance, TERFs refer to any and all trans-related
surgery as mutilation. They call trans women TIMs, an acronym for trans-identified males and trans men TIFs,
trans-identified females, obviously with the intent
of mockery and misgendering. Just to give you a sample
of typical TERF prose, here are a couple comments
from literally the first thread I saw on the gender critical subreddit while I was working on this video. – [Woman] And I have to admit
to considerably more contempt for the likes of (bleeps) since he makes a point of
taking selfies with ridiculous, insulting-to-women facial expressions. I also get a good laugh at TIMs putting their hands up to their chins. They’re trying to look all dainty and to hide their Adam’s apple, but it only draws more attention to their enormous man hands. I saw an AGP photo shoot where
this neanderthal in his 50s was posing with one
leg up like a flamingo, his hands dainty at his ear. In every photo, even group ones at events. Now I was just grossed out. So there it is. That’s what this is really about. In this video, I’ve gone through a list of gender critical concerns and I’ve provided responses
I hope the average person will find fair. But I would be lying to you by omission if I were to end this video
without being real with you about what the core of the
gender critical movement is actually about. See what TERFs do in
public is they advance what on the surface are a series
of feminist critiques of trans people. For example, the critique that
hyper-feminine trans women are reinforcing misogynistic stereotypes designed to oppress women. At a glance, this appears
to be a critique of the way some trans women behave
and present themselves. But in the next breath, these same TERFs will argue
that trans women are mannish, unfeminine perverts who
are forcing masculinity into female spaces. So if trans women being feminine is bad and trans women being masculine is bad, then there really is
no way that trans women could behave that TERFs would accept. So in fact, what TERFs really oppose is not trans women being feminine or trans women being masculine, but trans women being trans women. In other words, the fundamental issue underlying all these phony
concerns is transphobia, simple animosity toward trans
people’s very existence. And it’s pretty easy to recognize that just from tone they use
when they talk about us. When you read through the
gender critical subreddit, or TERF twitter, what you see is just the flimsiest cloak of feminist platitudes draped
over a jagged thorn tangle of visceral disgust and targeted hate. The pure exuberant malice of
it all is not even disguised in the Germaine Greer quote
from the opening of this video or in the average gender
critical forum post. The enormous, knuckley,
hairy, be-ringed paw, the pancake make-up
through which the stubble was already burgeoning, this Neanderthal in his 50s, ridiculous, insulting-to-women
facial expressions. Now, I was just grossed out. What gender critical
feminism really amounts to is a baroque palace of rationalizations built on a foundation of pure disgust. In this respect, it’s
just like homophobia. You know, I came of age when gay marriage was the most contentious social debate and the arguments people made, that marriage was under attack, that the children would be traumatized, that bestiality would come next, that this tiny minority was
undermining all our institutions with their outrageous demands,
it was all just nonsense. If you got a conservative drunk, as I used to be able to do, Sylvia I wish I could give you what I had, he would just blurt out the truth, which was that the sight of two grown men locking lips made him wanna vom. Homophobia and transphobia
do not originate in the frontal cortex. They come from the lizard brain
disgust response we evolved to deal with blood, infection,
vomit, feces, flies, the hairy paw, the stubble burgeoning through the pancake makeup, bleh! It’s a disgust I can recognize at a glance because it’s the same disgust I felt toward myself for years. It’s the disgust I felt
when I clocked a trans woman on the L platform in
Chicago five years ago and decided then and there to abandon my first attempt at transition. It’s the disgust I still
struggle against every day. It’s the disgust that’s always
at the bottom of transphobia because transphobia is always the same. It always comes from the same place and it’s always expressed
in the same kinds of ways. I recently rewatched
that classic viral video from an old episode of Cops where a police officer
humiliates a Native American trans woman named Stephanie Yellowhair. The power-tripping cop
demands to see her ID, misgenders her, deadnames her,
mocks her clothes and makeup, and calls her a crossdresser. It’s all so repetitive and familiar. It’s the same arsenal of petty sadism you see in the right-wing press,
on 4chan, on doxing forums, on gender-critical
Reddit, it’s all the same. What everyone remembers
about Stephanie Yellowhair is her unbreakable wit and confidence in the face of transphobic abuse. The single most iconic moment is when, after being grilled in
the back of the cop car amid a flurry of deadnaming
and misgendering, she glances back at the cop and says. – Excuse my beauty. – [Officer] Excuse your beauty, okay. – And that, right there, is
the single greatest quality of trans feminine culture, the resilience of trans women, the assumption a regal posture in even the most abject conditions. And that’s really all you can do because there’s just no
reasoning a transphobe out of bigotry. So, to any diehard
gender critical feminists still watching this, what else can I say except,
on behalf of trans women, excuse my beauty, TERF. (“Waltz of the Sugar Plum Fairies”) Okay, a tongue pop isn’t a
solution to every problem. Or is it? I posted an invitation to
Twitter for people who used to be gender critical feminists to shoot me in the back of the head. It’s PC run A-mak. Look at him, okay. – [Theryn] It’s so stupid. – It’s so stupid. – Run A-mak. – Corona Premiere. The TERF beer of choice. ‘Cause my chromosomes need
to unwind after a hard day of hating trans people. It is abso, these titties. I just catch that, I just
saw them, and I just lost it. I just, it’s just, what? I am a W-M-B-Y-N. You do know how I do
struggle with spelling. V-I-C-T-R-O-Y. ♪ No one knows what it’s
like to be a sad tran ♪ ♪ To be a trash can ♪ ♪ For trap chaser’s jizz ♪ Burgeoning.

Jean Kelley



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    The idea that the validity of your gender identity is based on trauma and oppression is also so foreign to me. I’m aware I’m a very lucky person, I was born in a first world country where gender expectations are fairly lax, and I’ve never really had the experience of not being heard or taken seriously due to being a woman. Nor have I ever been catcalled or experienced trauma at the hands of a man. The idea that you can’t be a woman without experiencing “the traumas of girlhood” is absurd to me, because I haven’t experienced that trauma, and yet I highly doubt any TERF would call me less of a woman for it.

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    I've been a feminist all my life and having recently discovered something like gender critical or TERFs exist, blew my mind!
    For me feminism was always all about inclusion. But then I realized as a brown woman, white feminism doesn't really include me. So I get it!
    As a brown feminist, all solidarity to trans men and trans women, always!

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    Sincerely, a secret lover of Tabby

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    I was born in 1969 and I grew up in Silver Spring, MD – very close to the Silver Spring Metro station, actually. I was totally gender nonconforming, or what was then called a tomboy. Not something unusual in that time, in that place. Never did like traditional femme roles and clothes and expectations, etc. Still don't. But no one around me was disturbed by my tomboy ways. I wonder if tomboys like what I was are viewed as a little less threatening than boys who like wearing dresses and playing with Barbies (a toy I never had as a child) and that's why my experience with being GNC was totally smooth sailing. So what if I preferred to be outdoors, ride bicycles, play tennis, ride horseback, go swimming instead of fussing with hair and makeup? No big deal. Therefore, since I had no problems with the way I was, it's difficult for me to understand the "struggle" part of it for others. There was zero struggle for me. I'm still GNC and it's not a struggle at all. People easily accept me for what I am. Hmmmmm.

    Food for thought.

    I still wish I could just talk with Natalie for a while but…that'll never happen. I'm almost 20 years her senior and definitely not one of the "cool kids" so there it is. I'm wrestling with so many thoughts in my head.

  66. Tracie Williams Posted on January 5, 2020 at 2:46 am

    Oh and re: Kim Kardashian…..just because you may not see the gender critical feminists criticizing her there, that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. It does. I remember seeing a lot of that kind of talk when Beyonce had a GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIANT sign behind her on stage that said FEMINIST and everyone was like "but she caters to the male gaze so is she really a feminist?" Girl, it happens all the time. Madonna got it in her day too. Lots of women in the public eye who basically exploit their beauty and sexuality to make piles of money are constant targets of feminist criticism. Yup yup yup.

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    I avoid trolling most of the time but as a dude I lived through a lot and witnessed a lot of sexism that men face at work, at school, sexual assaults and other double standards, suicides left and right, cancers…
    Everything I've just cited is either ignored or affects men disproportionately yet we don't see weeks long campaigns to get funds to help the men affected by those issues, and I think that it partially why many PEOPLE men and women alike tend to be VERY skeptical of feminism today, because feminism fights for women, but very VERY little for men, when they do it is just a bone they throw to the public to keep the myth going.

    I know it wasn't the point of the video but I thought I'd share.

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