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Forging Faith – Entering Into Canaan

ANNOUNCER: The Believer’s
Walk of Faith is paid for by Bill Winston Ministries
partners and viewers. BILL: Canaan represents
the best of God, moving into Canaan you’re switching
to a higher system now. Canaan is the ultimate
system for producing everything that you desire, and
can produce it in a day. There’s no situation that God can
not get you out of in 24 hours. We’re going in,
and we going to get what belongs to you. Your
only ticket is faith. BILL: That righteous
nature, gives you the same nature as God. Come on now,
I’m telling you. See, you look at this like this. Put on the
whole armor of God. That means that you put on the breastplate,
am I right about it? You put on the gird your loins with truth,
you put on the shoes of reason, and then you put on this helmet.
Now what you do is this, close the helmet and then talk like
God and the devil don’t know whether you in there or God in
there, come on, just talk like God. Am I right about it? But if
you say something like, “My feet are killing me”, oh, that
ain’t God, let me at it. So I’m saying, when you got that
righteous nature about you, you talk like God, come on, you
think like God, come on, you believe like God, come on, you
act like God, and I’m telling you that devil doesn’t know
the difference because God is in you. Your body is a temple of
the Holy Ghost, and he is in you right now, and you got every
right to talk like God. When the doctor give you an evil report,
talk like God. When the people tell you, you too old to get
married, talk like God. When your children are acting up,
talk like God, and I’m saying to you right now, if we start
practicing this, this city can… We can shut the devil
down in seven days. Boy, that came out of the spirit of God.
John. John Chapter 10 in verse 30. “I and my Father”, come
on “are one”, now look at the response. “Then the Jews took up
stones to stone him.” Who do you think was behind that? Satan.
Why? He didn’t want that to get out. He’s working 24/7 to do
maintenance on ignorance. 24/7. Jesus answered them, “Many good
works have I shown you of my Father.” Now, what do these good
works did you show me. And the Jews answered and said, “For a
good work, we stone you not, but for blasphemy”, now notice what
they call it, blasphemy. They call him acting like God,
blasphemy. I said, blasphemy, “and because that thou being a
man, make yourself God.” Jesus answered them, “Is it not
written in your law”, I said, “Come on”, “You are gods, and if
he called them gods, unto whom the word of god came, and the
scriptures can not be broken.” You know the Words of God said
it, it can’t be undone. He said, “I didn’t call you gods, God
called you gods.” Let me give you a couple of folks that’s
acting like God, are you ready? No, you ain’t ready, so… Well,
I showed you one last time, David. Over there in, I guess,
1st Samuel Chapter 17 and verse about 44, something like that,
praise God. And the Philistine said unto David, “Am I dogs
you come to me with a stave or a stick?” And the Philistine
cursed David by his God, and the Philistine said to David, “You
come to me, and I’ll give thy flesh unto the fowl of the air
and to the beasts of the field.” Then said David unto the
Philistines, “You come to me with a sword and with a
spear and with a shield, but I’m coming to you…” in the what?
“…in the name of the Lord of hosts. The God of the armies
of Israel.” Watch this… whom you have defied
this day, will the Lord deliver you.” Come on. “In
my hand.” I will what? CONGREGATION: Smite you.
BILL: “Smite you and take your,” what? CONGREGATION:
Hand from you. BILL: “Hand from you. And I will give your the
carcasses of the host of the Philistines this day, to the
fouls of the air unto the wild beasts of the Earth that all the
Earth may know that there is a God in Israel.” You got what I’m
saying? All right. All right. Now, words were originally
meant more for creation than communication. You with me?
That’s in the beginning. Adam used them to name animals, so
forth and so on. Now, here’s a revelation for you, as a
righteous person. You speak in response to something that has
already happened. You speak in response to something that
has already happened. To create means bring forth. Got it?
Eternity, it’s a realm above the natural. Watch this. Where
everything’s already done. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: The
prophet Micah, in Micah chapter five, verse two, he prophesied
about the coming of Jesus. “But thou Bethlehem Ephratah.
Though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of
thee shall come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel.”
That’s all he said. Whose going forth, so forth and so on. And
who is he prophesying about? CONGREGATION: Jesus. BILL:
Jesus. That Jesus was going to come out of what city?
CONGREGATION: Bethlehem. BILL: Bethlehem. Not another
Bethlehem, but the Bethlehem Ephratah. But a prophet is
called a what? CONGREGATION: Seer. BILL: A seer. He
only spoke what he saw, that everything God’s done for you,
he’s going to do for you, he’s already done. Words are for
bringing it forth. Come on, y’all with me here? See, this
is what you’re doing, that words are bringing forth something
that has already happened. In God’s mind, it’s already
happened that you’ve been set free. In God’s mind, it’s
already happened that you’ve been healed. In God’s mind, it’s
already happened that you’re victorious. In God’s mind, it’s
already happened you have peace. In God’s mind, it’s already
happened. And what God does, is Jesus said, “I don’t say
anything that my father has not said.” I’m just saying that
words are, that we’re going back to words because you get in
perfect fellowship with God and God will tell you exactly
what to say because it’s already written. Praise God. That’s
preaching there. You can’t lose with that. So not only are you
going to speak like God, you’re going to speak what God has
already done. Say amen to that. CONGREGATION: Amen. BILL: And
God watches over his word to perform it. Now, one more thing.
So you’re in a tight situation here. So let’s go on down to
Daniel, if you will. And let’s look at Daniel chapter three.
Now, in Daniel chapter three, this is when Daniel, the three
Hebrews, pardon me, are about to be thrown in the fiery furnace.
Now why? Because they wouldn’t bow down. All right. Now there’s
a word, I looked it up. And the word is called forge, F-O-R-G-E.
Forge. And it says here in the definition, “Furnace in which
metal is heated before shaping.” Wow. Furnace which metal is
heated before shaping. Now, notice what God is doing. He has
put you purposely in the midst of the wicked, but He doesn’t
want them to shape you, He wants … Come on, help me, help me.
He wants you … Come on. … to shape them. Are you following
what I’m saying here? See, you can only transform something if
you’re not conformed to it. You can only transform something
you’re not conformed to. See, to change the world you must have
superior position and superior principles. All right now, if I
want to change an environment I can’t be conformed to the
environment. Look at Romans. Romans chapter 12:2. Look what
he says here. Watch this. “And be not conformed to this
world but be ye …” What? “… transformed by the …” What?
“… renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is …” That,
what? ” … good …” Come on. “… acceptable …” come one.
“… and perfect will of God.” Notice God is putting you in the
midst of a situation where lust is, where pressure is on you.
But, watch this. “Be not …” What? CONGREGATION: Conformed.
BILL: “… Conformed.” So what is … I looked up a match, a
match, you strike a match, and I looked up how hot a flame is in
a match. I just googled it. Some people said 1000 degrees.
Another said 2000. But then I looked up how much is a furnace
for forging. Now, when I was a kid in elementary school they
took us … I think we went to Steel City or Birmingham,
Alabama where they had the seal plants and so forth. We saw this
big old thing with steell in it, and they’d heat the steel up.
Why did they have to heat it up? Because they were going to bend
it. They were going to bend it, and to bend it it’s got to be
heated up. How many of you have ever heard of a blacksmith
before? Okay, so what they do, they take the horseshoe and they
heat it up. Am I right about that? Then, they beat it into a
conformed pattern. Am I right about that? Well, that’s what
the devil was after with the three Hebrews. Look at this. “If
it be so the God that we serve He’s able to deliver us from
the burning fiery furnace.” Now notice. They’re speaking like
God. I said, they’re speaking like God. “And He will deliver
us out of your hand, oh King.” Next verse. “But if not …”
Now, people think if not that means that they burn up. Now
that doesn’t make sense. Read the rest of the verse. “… let
it be known unto thee, oh king, that we will not serve your god,
nor worship the golden image which thou has set up.” He takes
you and puts you in the that environment and then puts the
media on you. Come on now. Come on. Then he puts pressure on
your finances. Come on, and he’ll say, “Well, just cheat
on your timecard just a little bit.” See, he knows if you bow
you’re going to burn, and so he’s trying to get you to give
in because he knows that if you don’t conform you’re going
to make everything around you change to line up with what
you are all about. Boy y’all got this…This is revelation,
folks, I got this from my trip. I’m bringing something back home
to you. I’m telling you, you can’t die. I’m telling you, you
can’t get hurt. I’m telling you, you’ll never go broke another
day in your life. CONGREGATION: Hallelujah. Right. BILL: Are
y’all with me? So, the pressure, the pressure on young guys to
join a gang. Come on, what are they thinking about, they’re
going to lose their life? But if you sane, if you sane you can
… I looked up how much is the heat to really conform steel and
it’s about 9000 degrees, so I’m saying, He’s going to heat it
up. Look what he did here. Look at the verse. And then what
happened when they said that? “Then was Nebuchadnezzar full of
fury, and the form of his visage was changed against
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego; therefore, he spake and
commanded that they should heat the furnace one seven times more
than it was what to be heated.” Now how hot does fire have to be
to burn you? Come on, come on, how hot? Won’t a match fire burn
you? It will burn you just as good as any kind of fire. Why
would he heat it up? It’s a revelation that the devil is
trying to heat up your life. He’s trying to heat up your
circumstance. Listen, he’ll try to come to you day and night and
tell you you got cancer. He’ll try to come to you. It won’t
work, though. No weapon formed against you. I’m saying
sorcery can’t do that. You’re going into Canaan.
You’re about to take hotels. You’re about to take
big manufacturing plants. That devil’s got to stop
you. But if you don’t bow, you will not burn. You will take
everything he’s got. Are you ready for Canaan? He heated that
fire up so hot until the people who threw Daniel in there, they
even died. But Daniel got in that fire, and he got … Three
Hebrews, rather. They got in that fire, and look what
happened. Then these men were bound to the colt and…and
their hat. And now, they dressed them up before they put them
in there. And then bound their hands up. Why would you bind a
man’s hands who about to go into a 9,000 degree furnace? The only
way you’re doing that is because he’s trying to intimidate you.
He’s trying to tell you you’re too old to get married or you’re
too ugly. He’s trying to tell you, “I’m going to tell you, I’m
going to help some people.” Only because you think it’s your
hair. It ain’t your hair. It ain’t your hair, it’s the devil
trying to get you. Come on. And when you don’t get on to it,
he’ll try to bring you somebody that’s 666. And then you say,
“Oh yeah, that must be the law. Well, I help him out.” You don’t
need to help nobody. Look at Ruth. She didn’t bow. Her sister
went back, but Ruth said, “Where you go,” come on now. Come on.
You ain’t running after money. You’re running after obedience,
and God will bring the money to you. Say amen. CONGREGATION:
Amen. BILL: I don’t know what your situation is, but if you
start moving ahead, I guarantee pressure’s going to start
coming. But God has delivered you. Not going to deliver you.
God has already delivered you. Folks, if you stand on this,
you can change Hollywood. If you stand on this, you can change
your education. If you stand on this, you can change the
economics of a country. I’m preaching too hard. This is a
revelation. If you wasn’t right preaching too hard. This is a
revelation. If you wasn’t right for the job, you wouldn’t be
here. I said you wouldn’t be listening to BW if you weren’t
chosen. “Well, I’m 85 years old.” God bless you. Boy, you
got work to do. “Well, I ain’t but 12.” You got work to do. I’m
telling you, 85 year old faith is just as good as 12 year old
faith. It’s just as good as 40 year old faith. And if you are
the righteousness of God, you ain’t going to turn away from
anything. Boy, boy, boy. Look at Esther. Esther tried to get out
of it. She said, “Well, I can’t go in there. He hasn’t invited
me in there.” He said, “Girl, let me tell you something.” I’m
putting this in my own words. She says, “If you don’t go in
there, then you’re going to suffer and your whole house is
going to suffer, and God’s going to deliver us some other way.
So, you can take a choice right now. You going to stand up to
it or not?” Esther fasted three days. And some of y’all, when
it looks like your knees are getting weak, get on a fast
and get on a fast because you’re going to break the power of the
flesh. Because the enemy tries to get your flesh and your mind
to accept what he says, but you are not going to accept it
because you’re going to always get the Bible. You’re going to
look in the Bible and see what it says about your health.
You’re going to look in the Bible and see what it says about
your steps. You’re going to look in the Bible and see what it
says about your children. You’re going to look in the Bible and
see what the Bible says about your … This is your day. I
said, this is your week. I said, this is your season. This is
your year. I say you’ll never be broke another day in your life.
Somebody said, some of you, “I cancel that in the name of
Jesus.” Esther fasted three days, and the Bible says, put it
up there. Esther chapter five, verse one. You put it up there
and see what Esther had to put on to go in there. Now, it came
to pass on the third day that Esther put on her, come on.
CONGREGATION: Robe. BILL: Come on, say it again.
CONGREGATION: Robe. BILL: That’s that righteous robe.
That’s that righteous robe. You’ve got to put on
righteousness. Come on. You’ve got to wear it like a cloak.
You’ve got to walk around and don’t fear nobody and don’t fear
nothing. Come on. Somebody call you out on your name, don’t
answer if it ain’t you. Just keep going because you about to
own everything they’re standing on. Say amen to
that. You got it now? Righteous person gets favor. God
said, and the Bible says over in Psalms 47 and verse 8, He said
this, “Glory to God, God reigns over the heathen.” God will tell
you dumb heathen folks, what to think. He said, “Esther, girl,
look at, I don’t know what you want, but I’m going to give it
to you, up to half my kingdom.” I like would one president said,
“Only thing you have to fear is fear itself.” First thing he
told Joshua is that you’re going up against Hittites. The
Hittites are spirits of fear. Their job is to weaken
your resolve, so you’ll start thinking you can’t win, and
that’s a lie.The bible says in Second Corinthians chapter 2,
in verse 14, “He always causes me to triumph.” Go back to the
word. Don’t stop until you read the word. I’m here to tell you
that He did it up seven times harder just to intimidate him,
but the three Hebrews would not turn around. And because they
wouldn’t, he looked in there, he said, “Wait a minute, didn’t we
throw three?” And what did Jesus say? “I’ll never leave you.”
Don’t forsake Him where you go. BILL: Well, I trust that you
will blessed and encouraged by this powerful message. Now,
here’s a point that you want to remember. Everything God has for
you has already been done for you. Isn’t that powerful? You
might want to write that down. Everything God has for you has
already been done for you. Now, what are you going to do? You’re
going to take what He has done for you, you’re going to read
it, believe it, and access it with your faith. We use our
faith to bring this thing forth and mainly faith that’s released
by words. As I decree or declare that I’m healed or I decree or
declare these debts to be paid off, now faith is going into
operation. You’re going to see a miracle start happening in your
life. See, it’s already done. You don’t have to get God to do
it. A lot of people begging God, no, no, no, no, no. That’s
unbelief. God has already done it. Now, Satan is sitting on it
and you going to have to take it from it by faith. Praise God.
Today, I’m offering a special bundle, which includes the four
part message that you just heard entitled entering into Canaan
along with my book. It’s a mini book called Training for
Reigning. Now this bundle is a must have bundle. This is
something that’s going to set you free. Praise God. Well,
we want you to order it today, guaranteed it’ll
change your life. Well, until next time. This is
Bill Winston saying we love you and keep
walking by faith. BILL: Canaan and
represents the best of God. Moving into Canaan, you’re
switching to a higher system now. Canaan is the ultimate
system for producing everything that you desire and can
produce it in a day. There’s no situation that God cannot get
you out of in 24 hours. We’re going in and we’re
going to get what belongs to you. Your only
ticket is faith. ANNOUNCER: Today’s series
Entering into Canaan is available in its entirety on
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done with what God wants us to do. We have
got to get into the best life we ever had
in this earth. We didn’t come to take sides,
we came to take over. ANNOUNCER: The mission
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