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Focused Faith

GLORIA: Hello, everybody,
welcome to the Believer’s Voice of Victory. Pastor George
is back, expounding on faith. Hallelujah. GEORGE: Yes, amen.
GLORIA: Oh, it’s so good. Don’t miss any of the broadcast. Don’t
miss them. Get–go back and listen to them over and over
again till you get how–till you get how to walk and live by
faith. And the thing is, George, you don’t ever arrive. GEORGE:
Mm, right, right. GLORIA: You just keep growing. You keep
feeding yourself. You keep getting–getting revelation,
keep saying things and–it–they come to pass. GEORGE: Yes, yes.
GLORIA: And so you just don’t–you can’t quit on faith.
GEORGE: No. GLORIA: You can’t say, “Okay, I’m going to study
faith for a year and then I’m through with faith.” No. GEORGE:
Move on to something else. No. GLORIA: Faith is something
you’ve got to maintain every day. GEORGE: And we walk by
faith. We live by faith. GLORIA: We have an enemy who kills, and
steals, and destroys. GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: Tries to
do that to us every day. But we have a Savior who saves us every
day. GEORGE: Praise God. GLORIA: But he works by faith! GEORGE:
Yes. GLORIA: So if we’ll keep our faith, we’ll keep our lives,
we’ll keep our blessing, we’ll keep our family intact. It’s
vital. GEORGE: That’s right. And, you know, walking by faith
is the major–a major key to walking in prosperity. GLORIA:
Oh, I’d say that– GEORGE: You can’t walk in the– GLORIA:
Well, you know, people prosper in the natural. GEORGE: Yeah.
GLORIA: But then they don’t–they’re not blessed in
the natural. GEORGE: Right, right. GLORIA: And, you know,
what does the Bible say? Money’s the root of all evil, the love
of money. GEORGE: Mm-hmm. GLORIA: So you can have–you can
have so much money, and you can love it, but nothing good comes
of it. GEORGE: Right, exactly. GLORIA: Only bad. GEORGE:
Exactly. GLORIA: But we can be prosperous– GEORGE: Yes, we
can. GLORIA: –and walk with God. GEORGE: That’s right. And
you know– GLORIA: Live by faith. “The just shall live by
faith.” GEORGE: “The just shall live by faith.” And that’s what
we do, Gloria. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: We live by faith.
GLORIA: Yes, we do. GEORGE: And the whole purpose of these two
weeks that we’re spending together, we’re talking about
bulldog faith. We’re talking about coming up to a higher
degree–every one of us can come up to a higher degree of faith.
GLORIA: Oh, absolutely. They should. GEORGE: And you know,
there’s–there–there are some things that we’re believing for
right now at Kenneth Copeland Ministries like we’ve never
believed before. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: I mean, there is
a–there’s a faith momentum going on here. And every one of
us–no matter who we are and how long we’ve done this, every one
of us needs to come up to a higher place in faith. We need
to become even more developed than–than where we are in
faith. And as I shared with you a few days ago, talking about
comparing the–comparing the development of the physical body
to the spirit man, there is a limit as to how big I can get.
There’s a limit to how developed the muscles can be, but there is
no limitation, whatsoever, in the realm of the Spirit, to how
developed we can be with our faith. GLORIA: That’s right.
GEORGE: Because it’s limitless, there– GLORIA: I think you
could compare it to breathing. GEORGE: Well, tell me. Tell me
about breathing. GLORIA: Well, you–you know exactly how to
breathe– GEORGE: Yes. GLORIA: –but if you don’t breathe,
you’re not going to make it. GEORGE: (Laughs) That’s so true.
GLORIA: We know what the Word said. We– GEORGE: Yeah. Oh,
that’s good. GLORIA: –don’t know exactly what it says, but
we’ve studied it for years and years and years. We know a lot
of the Word of God. GEORGE: Yes. GLORIA: But if we don’t breathe
it, if we don’t put it in our eyes and our ears, bring it back
out our mouth, it just sits there. GEORGE: You can’t stop
breathing. GLORIA: Huh-uh. We’ve got to breath faith. GEORGE:
We’ve got to keep breathing. GLORIA: We’ve got to breathe
faith, talk faith, live faith. GEORGE: (Laughs) Wow, wow.
GLORIA: Ha. GEORGE: Wow. GLORIA: And then, victory. What is it?
GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: Victory. This is the victory–
GEORGE: “It’s the victory that overcomes the world, even our
faith.” GLORIA: Even our faith, so that means we’ve got to
stay–we’ve got to stay sharp in faith. GEORGE: Sharp, yeah,
that’s a good word. That’s a– GLORIA: And–and, “Faith comes
by hearing, and hearing by the Word.” GEORGE: Yep. GLORIA: So
we stay in the Word every day. I read scriptures every day. I
know you do, too. GEORGE: I do. GLORIA: And, what’s more, I
believe them– GEORGE: I do. GLORIA: –and act on them. Think
about it. GEORGE: That’s good, Gloria. That’s so–that’s
exactly what we’re talking about here. GLORIA: And we live in
victory. Hallelujah. GEORGE: Yes! If you want to live in that
highest form of victory, then we need to develop our faith in
that. GLORIA: And keep it. GEORGE: And keep that. And
that’s why– GLORIA: This is so important. GEORGE: You know,
I–I–I had struggled with some things some years ago about our
house and the living situation. GLORIA: Mm-hmm. GEORGE: And
I–my–my attitude started to slip, and that’s where the Lord
caught me and said, “I want you to get aggressive about your
faith. I want you to develop a bulldog faith.” And that’s
where–when we were at your house, that time that we had to
move in, we had to move out of one house that we were in.
GLORIA: Oh, thank you, Lord, you got George a house. GEORGE:
(Laughs) We–we moved in with Kenneth and Gloria. And I’m
sitting at your desk in the–in the guest room that we were in.
And I wrote down, basically wrote down–and this is 2002. I
wrote down the foundation to this teaching on bulldog faith.
And I’m seeing that–that right at the top, the first thing the
Lord says, “I want you to get more aggressive about your
faith.” GLORIA: Absolutely. GEORGE: And so bulldog faith,
we’ve learned so far, is aggressive, it’s determined,
it’s–it’s persistent. There is a resolve about faith that does
not give up. It doesn’t quit. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE:
Hebrews 10 tells us that we are not of those that– GLORIA: Draw
back. GEORGE: –back down, that draw back, but we are of those
that believe. We are of those that are of faith, and we do not
back down. And–and also in, Hebrews 11, it talks about how,
“through faith, they wrought righteousness.” And they–they
did all of– GLORIA: All of those things. GEORGE: –these
things, all of those aggressive things. “The
violent–the–the–the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and
the violent take it by force.” We have to be literally violent
about taking the Word. GLORIA: We’re not timid about it.
GEORGE: No, we’re not. GLORIA: We’re forceful. GEORGE: No,
we’re not. GLORIA: It belongs to us. You read about healing. He
bore our sicknesses, carried our diseases. GEORGE: That’s right,
that’s right. GLORIA: That’s–that’s my scripture.
GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: I–I have that. If some–if
something tries to come on my body, I go to the healing
scriptures. GEORGE: Amen. GLORIA: And that’s the main one,
really, is that–because that just says Jesus took care of it.
GEORGE: Yes. GLORIA: He’s saying, “I took care of it.”
(Laughs) GEORGE: Well, here’s a good example. Dodie Osteen–
GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: –was one who was dealing with cancer.
GLORIA: Yes, she was. GEORGE: And she got her scriptures
together, and she read those scriptures every day. GLORIA:
Yes, she did. GEORGE: She didn’t do it just by rote or by, you
know, reading it out of a habit. She did it because every day she
was–she was taking what belonged to her. And that was
many years ago. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: And she’s still alive.
GLORIA: I know. GEORGE: And she’s still doing well. GLORIA:
She is. GEORGE: And she’s still reading her scriptures every
single day. GLORIA: Every day. She’ll probably live to be 150.
GEORGE: I believe that. (Laughs) GLORIA: Until Jesus comes.
She’ll live until Jesus comes. GEORGE: So, you know, my
question–my question today is, “How aggressive are you going to
be with your faith? How–how more developed are you going to
get with your faith?” And one of the keys that Gloria and I are
going to talk to you about today is walking in what I call a
focused faith. GLORIA: Yeah, that’s good, focused faith.
GEORGE: There is something about someone who is so focused that
they have–literally, you put–you put blinders on, and
you are so focused on the Word of God that you are not taken
off to the left or to the right, but you are looking at that
Word. And the–the harder you look at that Word and the more
focused you are, the more results you’re going to get.
There are too many–right now, with some of you that are
watching, there are far too many external situations that are
getting your attention and drawing you off, off to this
side or to that side. You need to get focused on the Word
today, right now. GLORIA: Yes, stay focused. GEORGE: We need to
stay focused on the Word. And the scripture that we’ll look at
here is James 1:2-8. And it says, “My brethren, count it all
joy when you fall into diverse temptations; Knowing this, that
the trying of your faith works patience.” It puts patience to
work. “But let patience have her perfect work, that you may be
perfect and entire–” GLORIA: “Wanting nothing.” GEORGE:
“–wanting nothing. If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of
God, that gives to all men liberally, and upbraideth not;
and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing
wavering.” GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: “For he that wavers is
like the wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. Let
not that man think he shall receive any thing of the Lord. A
double minded man is unstable in all of his ways.” So you can
take that Verse 8 right there and– GLORIA: Double minded.
GEORGE: Double minded. GLORIA: You–you know, you’re a little
bit in faith and in doubt and in faith and in doubt. Well, you’re
not stable. You’re not a supernaturally saved person.
GEORGE: Right. You’re going to be pushed around by every wind,
everything, every word that somebody might say to you
or–and–or challenge you on your healing, or your
prosperity, or, “You’re believing God for a what? That’s
crazy.” You have to be so focused in your face and–faith,
and unwavering in it. We have to be–take an unwavering stand
because, again, Verse 8, “A double-minded man,” a man of two
minds, “is unstable–” GLORIA: Wishy-washy. GEORGE: “–in all
of his ways.” GLORIA: We would say, “Wishy-washy.” GEORGE:
Yeah, wishy-washy, exactly. But, you know, one day, we were in
the–the dining room the–the–over at the
headquarters building, and I was having lunch with you and
Kenneth, and there were some guests there that day. Well,
Kenneth got up. He went to get something to drink. He had his
Bible open to this chapter. And I just moseyed on over to–
GLORIA: Started reading the margins. GEORGE: I just started
reading the margins. GLORIA: Did you see where he had
drawn–he’ll draw a–Ken’ll have a good verse, he’ll draw a
finger that points to it. GEORGE: A finger that points to
it. I think he may have had a finger pointing to this one
right here. GLORIA: Mm-hmm. Yeah. GEORGE: And he wrote
there, “A single-minded man is stable in all of his ways.”
GLORIA: “In all of his ways.” Yeah, that’s right. GEORGE:
Single minded, single minded on what? Single minded on the Word
of God. GLORIA: Word of God. Mm-hmm. GEORGE: Single minded on
the desired result and not the dreaded outcome. GLORIA: Single
minded. Oh, I’m so thankful the Lord taught us how to live by
faith. GEORGE: And that’s a major key. That is a major,
major key. I’m–I’m looking here on our notes in Verse 6, the
Amplified Translation, “Only it must be in faith that he asks
with no wavering (no hesitating–)” GLORIA: See,
that’s single minded. GEORGE: Single minded. GLORIA: Just one
mind. GEORGE: One mind. “(–no doubting). For he who wavers
(hesitates, and doubts) is like a billowing surge out at sea
that is blown hither and thither and tossed by the wind.” But if
you are focused on the Word and stable on the Word, then your
faith is going to get stronger and stronger. And you will not
be driven. You will not be pushed. The devil drives. The
devil pushes. The Holy Spirit leads. The Holy Spirit guides.
The Holy Spirit directs. And so, if we are single minded, focused
on the Word–and you know what, Gloria? There are some things
around here we’re–things we’re believing for in the church.
Brother Copeland set before us last year a challenge and that
was to believe for $300 million a year. Well, the church runs
about 10 percent. We run about 10 percent of what KCM does. So
we are–we are believing for $30 million. Now, I’m encouraging
pastors. You need to get up on your faith and believe God for
what you need in your church. And, Gloria, we are aggressively
believing and focused on that. GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: And I’m
not hearing anything else. I’m not listening to anything else.
I am totally focused on the fact that we will have $30 million.
Kenneth Copeland Ministries will have $300 million. There is no
question about it. We’re not wavering. GLORIA: Well, we’ve
done it before. GEORGE: And you’ll do it again and again.
GLORIA: We’ll–and God–God’s done it before. GEORGE: He’s
done it before. That’s right. GLORIA: Let me just say that.
He’s done it before, and he’ll do it again. GEORGE: He’ll do it
again. GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: Let me–let me read a
couple of my notes to you in that first section there,
Gloria. GLORIA: This is great. GEORGE: “A single-minded man is
stable in all of his ways.” “Single minded” is focused. It
means to concentrate– GLORIA: What page am I on? Excuse me.
GEORGE: You’re here on the–we’re still on the first
page, right about down there. GLORIA: All right, “Focused.”
GEORGE: “Focused, to give total and undivided attention to.” And
I wrote this in point four, Gloria, “Bulldog faith is
laser-beam focused on the desired result instead of the
dreaded outcome.” GLORIA: That’s right. You know, I had an
interesting thought. GEORGE: Tell me. GLORIA: Don’t let me
get–don’t let me get you too off. GEORGE: Tell me. No, no, go
ahead. GLORIA: But what we learned was faith first. I mean
we–we–we operated in faith on our finances because that was
our biggest problem. GEORGE: Right, right. GLORIA: We weren’t
terminally ill or anything. GEORGE: Right, right. GLORIA:
And–and so that was what we–we really learned how to believe
God “where the rubber meets the road,” as they say on our–
GEORGE: (Laughs) Yes, that’s right. GLORIA: –on our money
situation, because–in the ministry, because we went on
every available voice. GEORGE: Every available voice. GLORIA:
On radio– GEORGE: Yeah, yeah. GLORIA: –and television, just
as the Lord told us to. GEORGE: Right, right. GLORIA: So–so
we’ve–we’ve had some experience at this. You get a–what–I
don’t know what the bills use to be, 200,000 a month or 300,000 a
month. GEORGE: When–when you first began with radio, yeah,
yeah. GLORIA: With radio and television before. And so we had
some good–we had a–we had a challenge. GEORGE: Yes, yes.
GLORIA: I mean we weren’t just trying to get groceries and, you
know, have–pay rent on a house. GEORGE: Right, right. GLORIA:
But now we’re on–we–we had to go on worldwide TV, which was
millions of dollars a year. And it–if–it doesn’t matter
whether it’s buttermilk–(Both Laugh)– GEORGE: That’s true.
GLORIA: –or television– GEORGE: Yes, yes. GLORIA: –or
the radio; food or radio or TV. GEORGE: Yeah, yeah. GLORIA: It
doesn’t matter whether it’s $10 or $100,000. It’s the same
operation, and it’s supernatural. GEORGE: That’s
right. That’s right, yeah. GLORIA: You know, it has–faith
brings in the supernatural. So when you begin to believe God
for your home or some big ticket item that’s really a challenge,
you start sowing and you start reaping and you start saying.
GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: And–and if you–you know, you
can–you can sow, but if you don’t sow–you can sow money if
you’re in a situation or if you are believing for something. You
can sow money, believe for a return, but you’ve got to sow
words with it. You can’t–just–just giving–
GEORGE: Yeah, yeah. GLORIA: –and then keeping a negative
confession, “I don’t know what we’re going to do. I don’t know
how we’ll ever have anything.” GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: You’ve
negated your seed. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: You’ve dug up your seed,
let’s just say that. You planted your seed– GEORGE: Mm-hmm.
GLORIA: Let’s say you’re believing for a home. GEORGE:
Mm-hmm. GLORIA: You’ve planted your seed, you’re believing God,
you continue to plant and believe God and confess that you
have it, that it’s working. But then if you decide, “Well, you
know, I don’t–I don’t really believe that. I can’t see that I
am getting anywhere.” GEORGE: That’s where the wavering comes
in. GLORIA: And so then you just let it go. It’s like the–you
just give it over to the storms of life and you let it go.
So–the–it–it just takes faith and it takes patience. Isn’t
that what the–don’t–don’t we say faith and patience– GEORGE:
Yes, yeah, the power twins. GLORIA: –that’s the power
twins. GEORGE: Power twins, yeah. GLORIA: Because you are
believing God for something supernatural. Now, I–you–you
know, we’ve heard lots of outlandish testimonies– GEORGE:
Mm-hmm. GLORIA: –of how people have sown– GEORGE: Or come this
time. GLORIA: –and supernaturally reaped a harvest.
And, I mean, it happens. GEORGE: Yeah, it does. GLORIA: It
happens in–in your life, like if you’re believing God for
safety, for protection. I mean you–you can see pictures where
cars are just smooshed up, but those people walked away. It’s
faith that does it. GEORGE: It is. It is, Gloria. GLORIA: And
whether–in every area, your safety, your blessing, your
increase, your car, you need a car, whatever it is, faith
works. GEORGE: Yes, it works. GLORIA: And I’m here to tell
you– GEORGE: And it’s– GLORIA: –we’ve tried it all and it
works. GEORGE: And I’ve seen it in the 40 years I’ve been here.
I’ve seen it. That’s where I have taken my–my training from,
is watching them in those–now, I wasn’t here when you first
started in ’67, but I was here nine years later. And– GLORIA:
Well, in ’67, we were believing for our station wagon. GEORGE:
Right, right. GLORIA: So you can compare that to what we do now.
GEORGE: But you know what? When I came–the–when I came in June
of 1976, you were–we were right on the verge of sending out a
mailer to the partners. And that’s when Brother Copeland had
heard to go on every available voice. And we were starting with
radio. And, I mean, when I–when I got there–and in that first
year, we were on 300 stations. Then we were on 600 stations.
And at that time, your brother, Doug, was in charge of
the–the–of the business of the ministry. GLORIA: Mm-hmm.
GEORGE: And I remember–I remember sitting and talking to
him and saying “We’re going on 10 stations. We’re going on 12
stations. We’re going on 20 stations now.” And, I mean, it
was–it– GLORIA: Amazing. GEORGE: Everybody was focused,
totally and completely focused on–on the mission that we had.
And I’ll tell you–what’s your mission? What’s the mission that
you have set before you? Is the mission to believe God for a new
house? Is the– GLORIA: Is the family focused? GEORGE:
–mission to get out of–is the family focused? That’s exactly
right. That’s a great way to put it. Is the family focused?
GLORIA: What are you saying? What are you seeing? You better
be seeing the Word– GEORGE: Yeah, yeah. GLORIA: –keeping
your faith going strong all the time. What are you saying? What
are you focused on? GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: Are you staying
with it, or did you go six months and say, “Ah, this is not
working”– GEORGE: And what you say– GLORIA: –and give it up?
Don’t give it up. GEORGE: Don’t give it up. And what you say
keeps you focused. That confession of your mouth keeps
you focused on the–the desired result that you’re looking for.
And we can’t–we cannot confuse–we have to stay focused
on our speaking. Life and death– GLORIA: Oh, do we ever–
GEORGE: –is in the power of the tongue. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE:
And we have to stay so focused on what we’re saying. And so
many people do not realize that. They don’t make the connection
between their words and the outcome of their lives. GLORIA:
That’s right. Think about, George. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: If
you were–if you were believing–say your–your–you
and your family are believing for a car. GEORGE: Mm-hmm.
Mm-hmm. GLORIA: And you get the Bible and you stand on it–
GEORGE: Right, right. GLORIA: –and you–you’re believing God
to buy a car. And then a month goes by, two months go by, and
you can’t see you are making any progress. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA:
What do you do? If you’re smart, you let patience have her
perfect work. GEORGE: Oh, Gloria, that’s good. That’s
good. GLORIA: It says, “Patience makes us entire, wanting
nothing.” GEORGE: Wanting nothing, that’s good. That’s
good. GLORIA: And we determine. The devil can’t make me give up
on what I’m believing for. He can’t make me give up. GEORGE:
Huh-uh, huh-uh. GLORIA: He can talk me into yielding to it–
GEORGE: Yeah, yeah. GLORIA: –if I listen to him. But, of course,
I know better. And you should know better, too. You stay with
it, it’ll manifest. GEORGE: Stay with it. That’s what– GLORIA:
It will manifest. GEORGE: And that’s what bulldog faith does.
GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: It stays with it, stays with it.
Let me read one more scripture here. If you would, turn to
Proverbs 4. Let’s look at Proverbs 4. GLORIA: “Attend to
my words.” GEORGE: And–so–what did you say? GLORIA: “Attend to
my words.” GEORGE: Oh, attend–yes, it is “attend to
my–” I thought you said, “10.” And I thought, “10?” GLORIA:
Yeah, you thought–no, George, “attend, attend, attend to my
words.” GEORGE: So “attend–” Proverbs 4– GLORIA: That’s the
key. This is what you have to do to walk by faith. GEORGE: This
is such a great scripture. When it talks about focusing–
GLORIA: Look at this page. GEORGE: –staying focused–
(Both Laugh) Go–we have got to make this into a Bible that we
can– GLORIA: It’s awesome. GEORGE: It really is, Gloria, it
really is. GLORIA: Okay. Where are you, 4:20? GEORGE: Okay,
4:20, it says, “My son, attend–” Or you could say
there, “focus.” “–focus on my word; incline your ear,” listen,
“to my sayings. Let them not depart from your eyes; keep them
in the midst of your heart. They are life unto those that
find them, health to all their flesh.” Now look at this in
Verse 23. GLORIA: Keep. GEORGE: “Keep your heart with all
diligence.” GLORIA: Who–who does that? GEORGE: That’s what
we do. GLORIA: Pastor keep your heart? No. GEORGE: Nope. We have
to keep– GLORIA: Pastor keeps his own heart. GEORGE: That’s
right. GLORIA: You keep it. GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA:
You keep your heart. GEORGE: “–with all diligence; for out
of it are the issues of life. Put away from you a froward
mouth, and perverse lips put far from you. Let your eyes look
right on–” GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: “–and let your eyelids
look straight before you.” GLORIA: Yes. Glory to God.
GEORGE: Now, the–the Amplified Bible says, in Verse 25, “Let
your eyes look right on with fixed purpose–” GLORIA:
Hallelujah. GEORGE: “–and let your gaze be straight ahead.”
So, Gloria, we have to–bulldog faith is focused on the Word. It
doesn’t look to the left or– GLORIA: It won’t–it won’t get
off. GEORGE: As it says here, in Verse 26, “Ponder the path of
your feet, let all your ways be established. Turn not from the
right hand or to the left: and remove your foot from evil.” So,
bulldog faith is completely focused on the Word of God.
GLORIA: That’s right, that’s right. GEORGE: Totally focused
on the Word of God. GLORIA: I’ve got–how much time do we have?
GEORGE: We have a minute– GLORIA: The law of receiving I
have– GEORGE: –or less. GLORIA: –is “Whatever you made
your own with your eyes–” GEORGE: Yeah, yeah. GLORIA:
“–your ears, and your mouth–” or in other words, what you give
attention to– GEORGE: Okay. GLORIA: “–will come upon you.”
If it’s the Word, it’ll come upon you. If it’s unbelief,
doubt, the world system, it’ll come upon you. It will come. It
is a law. Whatever you major on with your eyes, your ears–
GEORGE: Yeah, yeah. GLORIA: –and say with your mouth’s
going to happen in your life. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: You get to
choose what–what– GEORGE: Outstanding. GLORIA: –you get
to choose your future, in other words, about what you say.
GEORGE: Outstanding. GLORIA: But now you–to do that,
eyes– GEORGE: Yep, yep, yep. GLORIA: –ears, mouth,
heart, you’ve got to keep your eyes on the Word.
GEORGE: That’s it. Stay focused. GLORIA: “Attend to
the Word,” the scripture says. Amen? GEORGE: Yep.
GLORIA: We’ll be right back. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and
remember Jesus is Lord.

Jean Kelley



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