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Fires Causing Non-Believers to Pray – We Ask Australians Why

– [Nathaniel] Australia is experiencing some of the worst fires we’ve ever seen. My family and I live in New South Wales and for the third time this season, our government has declared
a state of emergency. But in the midst of this,
more people are praying to God than I’ve even seen before, including people that
wouldn’t usually pray. – [Man] These sirens started up, and at that point, I was praying. (laughs) I was an atheist
mate for 25 years. I don’t pray to the Lord very often, but yesterday I’ve never prayed so hard in all my life! – [Nathaniel] In this tumultuous time, many Christian groups
are gathering to pray. – My church congregation have been asked to pray and fast for rain. – [Nathaniel] And prayer is
extremely important. But how many of us are
actively finding ways to share the gospel in a
country crying out for hope? Watch can be done whilst
at a park with my family. Where are we gonna go? – To the park! – Using three simple questions and a 20-second video on my phone. I’ve been stunned by what’s happened, as I know you guys would have,
in the last three months. There’s fires all over
Australia at the moment. It’s probably some of the
worst fires we’ve seen in maybe even in Australian history. – It’s really scary. We holidayed in Lake Conjola in November, and it’s burnt down there. – Yeah.
– Are you for real? – Yeah.
– Yeah, so the whole entry– – The whole entry into Lake Conjola– – Just on New Year’s.
– Is gone, it’s insane. – My goodness! And you guys, I’m sure,
would agree with this, but Australians, when
things are difficult, they seem to get together and really give each other a hand; have
you guys found that? – Yeah, we actually did
that, we all got together and put some money in and
bought some beers and ciders for the guys at Wyoming. – A lot of people have opened their homes to people that have been evacuated. – Yeah, you band together
to help your fellow man, which is a good thing to see, especially when you’re experiencing scary situations, like the fires. – Yeah, absolutely, and
speaking of scary situations, something I’ve found, that
Australians are doing more than any other time that I
remember, is really praying! Even some people who don’t
usually pray have been praying. Let me show you a little
video example of this. This is just from ABC and Channel 7, have a look at this. – [Man] These sirens started up, and at that point, I was praying. I was praying to God,
I was praying to Jesus to turn the wind. – The team here is amazing,
and it’s due to them (laughs) I was an atheist
mate for 25 years. and the prayers from the whole
country that we survived. – Yesterday I thought I was
gonna die, I really did! And I don’t pray to the Lord very often, but yesterday, (chuckles) I’ve never prayed so hard in all my life! – Why do you think that people,
when their life’s in risk, or they’re in a dire situation
like we are at the moment, why do you think people
turn to God, turn to prayer? – I think it’s a bit
of a natural instinct. – No matter what you believe
in, there’s a creator, and you wanna know that that
creator has got your back, and is there for the people.
– Yeah. – And we’re atheists, and
I would do the same thing, I would pray, yeah.
– That’s interesting. – Yeah, I’d agree with that, yeah. – People run out of options and feel that they have
to look for something, I guess, beyond themselves. – I think it’s also the hope that there’s something else that could help. – It’s often a last hope, I
guess, for people. – When there’s tragedy,
people tend to realize that they’re not always in control, and it gives them reassurance to reach out to someone higher than them. – Have you found yourself at all calling out to God or praying recently? – Yeah, I (chuckles) had a
meltdown on New Year’s Eve, with the fires up at Charmhaven. – I can’t say that I
have; I’m not religious. – Well, I’m Christian, so I
do try to (chuckles) and not just in times
of strife, like now, with the bushfires, but every day as well. – Have you found yourself
turning to prayer in the midst of any of this? – Yeah, yeah.
– All the time, yeah! To be honest, don’t know who to, but it’s to someone out there listening. You just hope for the best for everyone. – Yeah I pray regularly. – [Nathaniel] After just a few
questions and a short video, people were open to hearing the gospel. – It says in the Bible
that God has put eternity on men’s hearts, and we know that we’re not gonna live forever. – [Nathaniel] As well as a presentation
called the Three Circles. – This first circle represents brokenness. We weren’t made for brokenness. We were made for something
called God’s perfect design. But we, as humans, we
turned away from God, and something called sin
separated us from Him. – [Nathaniel] People allowed us to pray with them. Lord, we thank you for Australia. – We just ask that you would send rain to put these fires out- – [Nathaniel] And we were able to
plant seeds in the lives in the lives of those who
haven’t yet received Christ. -I would encourage you not to wait until times get difficult. I want you guys to have eternal inheritance with Him in heaven. say, “Jesus, I need you as my Savior. “Today, I give my life to
you,” just in your own time. We were also able to encourage other
Christians to share their faith. So I encourage you guys
as Christians, as well. People are really ready
and opened at the moment- Do you think a conversation like what I’ve
just chatted with you guys about could be an encouragement to Christians
to step out and chat to people about what’s going on at the moment? Yeah definitely! It certainly is an important
opportunity more than ever to be what we’ve been taught and what we’ve
been committed to do as Christians. – [Nathaniel] An important opportunity
Christians can even take at a park with kids.
(children laughing) Please pray for Australia
through this crisis. But whether your country’s
in crisis or not, if you’re a Christian
share the gospel, and if you’re not sure where to start, try asking people a few simple questions. If you’re a Christian and you want
to grow in sharing your faith take a look at Silence Breakers.
It’s an online course and like all of our content
it’s available free of charge.  head to silencebreakers.com

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    By the Grace of our Lord JESUS CHRIST rains shall come in the next few days

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    You can't fight against God and expect to win. I'm sorry, but you just can't.

    Lev 18:22 A man must not have sex with another man. It is an abomination.

    Jud 1:7 Also, remember the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and the other towns around them. Like those angels, they were full of sexual sin and involved themselves in sexual relations that are wrong. And they suffer the punishment of eternal fire, an example for us to see.

    Jud 1:8 It is the same way with these people who have entered your group. They are guided by dreams. They make themselves dirty with sin. They reject God's authority and insult angels.

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    We have since found out that one of the short clips we played was misunderstood and as a result misrepresented by Australian media. In the snippet, we shared the guy who says, "I was an atheist for 25 years." But we’ve found out that was only half the story. It turns out he has also been a Christian for 25 years now and experienced a miracle during the fires. The man's name is David. We have been in contact with him and after we showed him the video he said to us, "don’t take the video down whatever you do. I’m a bumbling mess after watching that!” He loved that the video was reaching people with the Gospel! He only requested that we put up a link to the full story to give God all the Glory. Here is a newspaper article about Davids towns miracle. https://eternity.news/s/nz8bh
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