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Fiona Barnett – VIP Satanic Ritual in Bathurst 1985 ( Deutsche UT)

Beasley was up commentating presiding over things when they dragged onto stage they dragged a heavily pregnant woman onto stage here and she’s screaming a head off because she wasn’t drugged and she wasn’t unethically hypnotized and I remember sitting over there thinking oh my god she’s not drugged she’s not hypnotized and she’s this is it was horrendous so there’s adrenaline going through her system and adrenaline going through she’s her body and she’s heavily heavily pregnant and naked and she had a brown bowler cup haircut and she’s one of the what they call a breeder and she’s used just for breeding for these rituals and for child sex trafficking and they drag her under the stage and they lay her down and the head for a sacrifice is always here so they’re late in the feats at end and where she’s screaming right Beasley’s over here and he goes he goes to us I’ll never forget this he goes she’s screaming and making fires and he goes oh he says you know it’s back like this and he comes forward and he goes yes he goes excuse us for a minute and everyone laughs everyone thinks that’s Larry’s except for me and then they’ve got because they had too big security guards dragging her onto stage and they needed extra help so it was like usually the thug type who likes to hurt people and the cop he use what he knows about holding people down and the for them pin it down and they holding their legs and in their arms and whatever shoulders and and then Benno has a ceremonial dagger and he he’s like it’s further back to shame this is here because he’s further back and he does his usual crap you know they they they worship their gods you know ball Lucifer hail Satan son of the morning and and all the other gods and goddesses you know and and then he has this knife and he slams it after he’s done all this ritual you know ritualistic sort of chanting and words and whatever and people chanting or whatever and he slams this dagger ceremonial dagger two hands into the woman’s around about here whether where the bone ends and she can he can get in and he he tears her open with the knife right down to the pelvic bone and blood just pisses out everywhere it’s like a be a waterfall and just everything and and then they pull the baby out and and then they’re people assisting and they’ve got a gold platter and they’ve got chalice and they collect the blood of the baby they drain the baby’s blood in the chalice and then they chop the baby up and put it on the gold platter and and then they pass it around for Holy Communion so it’s it’s the black mass the real typical old-fashioned black black mass that the Catholic Mass is based on right the Catholic Mass is a the Latin Mass is a sanitized version of this there’s nothing Christian about Catholic Mass and so that’s all going on and then the next thing I remember is they lined up this stage was lined with children who must have been about they they looked about maybe 8 9 10 years of age that sort of thing and they had them lined up like these on the stage they went like this they lined the children up and the children were hypnotized and the children came forward and they’re like this they’re just like this they just you know as they’re told they did nothing and they just stared straight ahead and they’re very attractive children and then had a samurai sword it was incredibly sharp and he he’s crap he doesn’t have any stall about him but the basic thing is he goes along each each child and he has a certain stance about him is it that way was it that way and he slices off the heads of each child I don’t know if he turns or I can’t know what it does but then he you know goes long and you know like this and he goes along and chops off each head and each kid folds the body just Falls and blood is going everywhere I mean if you do nee tested this area they would have to be remains of someone’s blood and DNA in here they’d have to be somewhere yeah anyway then then they break out into a bloody dog now these people the whole point behind doing the having the woman not drugged and not hypnotized is to pump as much adrenaline through her blood as possible because these people are addicted to to adrenaline and and when they drink the blood you know it’s you know the baby’s blood you know the baby’s in distress so it passes on somehow to the kid and that’s why they you know have this sort of situation going on and they collected some other blood from her or something you know on the way but I’m at the end I was over here and a bloody orgy broke out and everyone started having to sit there sexually aroused by this stuff you’ve got to understand that they are sexually aroused by this crap and I go down by now I was over there but they kind of clear the floor and I know everyone’s just having sex with people and and Kim Beazley senior was down here and I was there and he came down and he picked up a head of one of the kids that had dark hair and I’m I’m standing here so all the tables in the way but I’m here and Beasley picks up this head and he shoves it in my face like this and there’s this decapitated head in my face and he says take me eat and he made me take a bite out of the face and then everyone just had an orgy it was just disgusting and most vile vile thing you’ve ever seen in your life and that’s better City Hall you

Jean Kelley