April 9, 2020
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That is the… first SkySauna in the world. And the sauna cabin costs 240 euros per hour, so good luck. So basically what we have here is 5 million people in Finland and about 3 million saunas. So that gives you an idea of how important, and how everyday, and how everywhere the sauna is. Actually it’s so Finnish that ‘sauna’ is actually a Finnish word. ‘Sow-na’ is the Finnish pronunciation. It’s basically in every lanaguage, except Swedish who have to have their own word for it. What we do is we stay in the sauna for some time because it’s quite hot, about 80 degrees Celsius, and then you go out to cool off. If you have a summer cabin like most Finns do by lake somewhere in the forest, you jump straight into the lake from the sauna, and if it’s winter, you just make a hole in the ice on the lake and still swim there or you roll in the snow. So that’s the Finnish experience. And then you go back to the warm sauna and it’s good for circulation and it’s healthy. And then we beat ourselves with these kind of branches of birth tree, gives a nice aroma… Most Finns were actually born in the sauna in history. You were just living in the forest and you give birth to the children in the sauna. And as everybody’s born naked, right, so we go to the sauna naked. It’s all equal. A place of equality. Equality is very important for the Finns… First country in Europe to give women the right to vote. And so in the sauna, you’re rich or poor, you’re the same. And then you also start having these kind of deep conversations. Business can be done in the sauna, so in work places you have saunas. Some political meetings have taken place in the sauna also. And it’s possible to really talk about anything because, then, in the sauna the bare truth comes out… You’re not hiding anything. Indeed, sauna culture may be why Finland and its Scandinavian cousins have developed a culture of equality and truth as measured in the Social Justice Index and the Corruption Perceptions Index and not forgetting the saunas primary function for health and well-being, Finland takes the top spot as the world’s happiest country.

Jean Kelley