April 9, 2020
  • 11:59 pm From Atheism to Christ
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  • 10:58 pm Delta Cafés “Estamos Juntos” | #fazatuaparte
  • 10:58 pm Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 17

hi friends so we are with you again
together and this time we’ll talk on a very interesting topic called Fear is the antipode
faith. Do you understand that fear is something feeling or condition which
kills in a person trust trust in god trust in higher powers
there is something that interferes with your consciousness doubts, uncertainty and what
ultimately kills the seed of faith take even a simple example of fear when
are you afraid to tell your friends about what did you take on the Christian way
that Christianity has become your faith your religion
if you are afraid to tell your friends atheist satanist pagans what are you
took this path sooner or later this fear will kill you faith why
because faith in Christ is not just faith in a name means certain values
certain actions certain thinking
which well if you will hide your faith in god
will have to hide their values convictions of some kind
which are, or manifestations of faith then which should change your life or
your actions that is all the principle is noticeable from the side.
yes, and ultimately if you will hide it all from your friends from
your friends then you will suppress the seed of faith
here or right the right values the right thing, well, so that
no one noticed this and ultimately the result in this way you can yourself
kill the seed of faith seed which is calculated to change your life
your consciousness is your relationship to people values ​​therefore fear is that feeling with
which every believer must fight to overcome my life and in my arms
now bible (Metal Bible) and I want to read
one passage from the bible and then we then we talk about what than what
it says not through the bible i understood what is true you have questions what what
mean Metal Bible it’s exactly the same bible just with
preface of all musicians about the importance of God’s word
people there from different groups as we admit there Iron Maiden there accept
like that is people who talk about the importance of the bible that is
musicians who talk about the importance of the bible and how the bible
changed their their lives their attitude towards here is the preface
and then comes this exact same bible As the others
okay so Matthew 8 with 23 verse jesus entered the boat and the students
sat down with him they sailed away and so the storm began that the waves
rolled over aboard a boat and jesus this time was asleep
the disciples woke him saying lord save us we perish
jesus answered little faith well what are you frightened he became forbidden to the wind and
waves and came complete calm the students asked in surprise who he was
that even the wind and the waves obey him imagine here you are in a boat with
Jesus you know him only six months we maybe a year or maybe even a smaller boat
must drown and suddenly he gets up and forbidden to wind and waves and not
subside and you look at it as who is he who is he such a wave and wind to him
obey and then everything turns upside down some prophecies about
christ yes that is about jesus christ here’s what moses
talked about him that other prophets they said
and what should happen in general through it yes here at that moment
jesus asks little faith what are you doubted imagine yourself actually these words
and relevant to this day until jesus to many of us
asks the same question: little faith what did you doubt? I’m with you, so this is very relevant
words for every believer i every believer should on
overcome fear in yourself 2 fear first fear or distrust is not
confidence that God is with you everyone day of this earthly life and second fear
it is fear or uncertainty in life eternal is that faith in eternal life
there is a basis for god’s faith so let’s start with the fact that each of us
must be aware of the moment that God with us every day every day he knows
us our needs our problems are much more than we know about ourselves as
is talking the bible that you even have hair on your head
counted, that is, God knows about us more than we know about ourselves
there is only another question how we trust God and how we allow
God influence our lives Are our doors open?
reason the doors of our heart to god or we through
fear and mistrust close these doors and do not let God enter and change our
consciousness our our lives our relationships to everything that surrounds us if we
close these doors the first thing comes into our our heart at our
consciousness our mind is fear uncertainty
before fear and uncertainty is what are closed doors and fear and
uncertainty gives birth to our heart that depression in
general but a lot of bad that is, we stop seeing a way out
any situation even where way out appears mine do not notice this is what
gives birth or what gives away fear is what imposes fear by awareness of the heart
human so let’s say why we are talking about
let’s trust God every day I became a believer in
the period when the Soviet collapsed union and a state like
Ukraine I love Ukraine. I am a patriot of Ukraine. I
very happy that this has appeared a state like Ukraine, so I pray for
Ukraine I am a patriot of Ukraine but at the same time
I can also say that when Ukraine appeared when it fell apart
Soviet Union and when Ukraine appeared it was a very difficult time a very
difficult why because factories and factories
closed opportunities to earn not was how to live it was not clear people lived in
fear in despair and here is the period I’m with come with my family as god I learn
trust God and you know this period we learned most importantly the difficult period we
Learned the most important thing is to trust God every day of our life you wake up
the refrigerator is empty you don’t know anything you know there is still a whole family to eat
which is also something we need to eat mom dad sister here they are all believers no one worried
nobody twitched everyone started do what he can do here
that is, no one missed the opportunity somewhere to earn something to solve here
but even if it wasn’t possible so spent your time
pleasure walked chatted with friends read the bible
models ultimately but here in during the day everything was somehow solved
and appeared and appeared before God cared for every day i.e.
every day kinda it was like testimony for us that God cares
about us about our family and we did not worry we learned not to worry we learned
don’t worry this wonderful time heavy test time
circumstances when you every day wake up and you understand that God
your task will take care of you trust God your task if you have
the ability to use it if not okay
do what you can end the result
and God cared every day to our family so I want to cheer you up
that never worry you know what happens to people who
constantly worried firstly sometimes was in such circumstances not only
spoil your nerves nerves spoiled nerves lead to
various mental disorders, psychological know there and ultimately
all sores appear that is, you do not need to learn to trust it
To God ultimately the second moment is the fact that the person in this panic
condition ceases to notice
opportunities there to earn something there decide no longer notice these
opportunities stops using these features and
so in the end they also exacerbate their life the second moment is very important
which we speak of fear which is from uncertainty in
eternal life listen to me my friend is It is very important to realize that we are eternal!
we are eternal! our life is our seed life is a seed our life is early or
late breaks no matter how much there in five seconds or a hundred years
but sooner or later it will break off and we must learn to trust God and believe
that this seed must die for in order to give eternal life in order
to sprout a tree in order to germinated sprout that will be
exceed this seed in a thousandfold I listen and in my life I have seen very
many things i saw a manifestation of God i felt like
God touched me I also saw manifestation of demons I participated in exile
demons I saw the manifestation of people’s souls who have already died which are directed
reminded of myself so I understand that there is the spiritual world I understand that the human
it is eternal soul. And the realization that i am eternal
this is the basis of my Christian life if such a basis of your life is not
Of course you will be afraid to doubt total if so the basis is just
the most important thing you should do Now
in this case, it is to strive to were you ready
every day meeting God if breathing lives will leave you so you are ready for
meeting with God so that you are ready to give account to God for his life for his
values ​​for their actions are simply strive to be ready but here
if you don’t figure it out, pray for so that something changes in yours
life if from some values ​​which Well, very doubtful, I pray that
so that God gives you the strength to overcome it you are responsible for your life and
responsibility for your values ​​you responsible for whether there will be fear
rule your heart with your mind or faith and trust in God will be in yours
heart in your mind My friend I bless you so that you fought this fear so you understand
that fear is the antipode of faith begin fight all fears right now
and learn to trust God begin trust God always and in everything. Pray!
Communicate with God! and you will feel his intimacy
his care his love if you don’t you feel the thing is most likely that you
just don’t pray most likely something just do not communicate with God, and if
communicate then your communication is a script claim to god
than fellowship with his Father with his best friend. Friend bless you and
hug! may your life be full of faith faith
and trust in our Father.

Jean Kelley