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Family Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) For Kids  | Hazrat Fatima (RA) | Islamic Stories

Assalamu Alaikum! Walaikum Assalam! So are you ready for today’s story? Yes I am! Which story are you
going to tell me today? Inshallah, I will tell you the
story of Hazrat Fatima (Rali Allahu Anha) Bismillahirrahmanirrahim! The Story of
Hazrat Fatima (Rali Allahu Anha) Hazrat Fatima (Rali Allahu Anha) was the daughter of Prophet
Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) and Hazrat Khadija (Rali Allahu Anha). She is a vital character in the religion and considered a role model
for all Muslim women. She was noble, kind, generous
and always truthful. She was known by other names
such as Butool, Insiya, Azraa, Masumah, and many others. She was the wife of
Hazrat Imam Ali (Rali Allahu Anhu). Through her words and actions, she showed
the world how to live as a true Muslim. Bibi Fatima (Rali Allahu Anha)
was born on a Friday. The holy prophet named her Fatima. Both the parents were very
happy when she was born. Bibi Fatima was looked after with great
care by the Prophet and his wife. Islam was spreading those days, and many people now followed
the teachings of the Prophet. The enemies too grew by the day. The life had become very difficult
for the Prophet and his family. It had become a routine for
the enemies for Islam to throw garbage at the prophet,
whenever he passed by their house. One day, on top of throwing a
garbage at the prophet, they placed thorn in his path, and the prophet’s legs were bleeding. When Fatima saw her fathers bleeding leg,
she was sad. She washed the wound with water,
and cleaned his clothes. The Prophet had to face several hardships
while preaching Islam in Makkah. The enemies, mostly comprised of the
Quraysh clan, belonged to the upper class. They were scared that people
would not respect them if they started following Islam. They arranged men to throw
stones at the prophet. But the Prophet continued to call people
to Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala ) patiently. When all the efforts of the Quraish failed, they decided to impose a ban
on Muslims in Makkah Abu Lahab, the uncle of the Prophet,
was also the leader of Quraysh in Makkah. He was a very evil man,
and the worst enemy of Muslims. He ordered a complete ban on the
Prophet’s family and their followers. No one in Makkah was allowed to
buy or sell anything to them. They were not even allowed to talk to them. It was very difficult in those
days for someone to live without the support of their tribe. For three long years, the Prophet labored
quietly to deliver the message of God. Idol worship was deeply
rooted among the people, and the Prophet tried to convince
as much as He could After three years of struggle, He was
only able to secure thirty followers! Even His companions had now
started questioning His sanity! By now His enemies had started
plotting against the Prophet The Prophet preached that everyone
were equal in front of God, and this challenged the
authority of local priests! One day,
they gathered together and decided to suppress the movement of Prophet. They decided that each family
should take upon themselves the task of stamping out
the followers of Islam. They banned the muslims from
entering the city of Makkah The Prophet and his followers were
forced to leave the city of Makkah. They set up a camp just outside Makkah. They made tents and lived in
it for three long years. They were not allowed to enter the city to buy anything, neither could
they sell anything as well. Bibi Fatima witnessed the people
living in extreme poverty Hazrat Khadija (Rali Allahu Anha)
spent most of her wealth in buying necessary goods
to help the Muslims. But she had to pay a high
price for the goods as no one was willing to
sell anything to them. Their only support was the Prophet’s
uncle- Hazrat Abu Talib, the father of Hazrat Imam ali. He refused to give up on his nephew. In spite of all this, Prophet
continued his preaching. As days went by more and more
people were joining Islam. When the Quraysh realized that, banning the Muslims was not going
to be of any help at all. So they lifted the ban, and Muslims
were allowed to return to Makkah. By now Khadija was not doing very well. Living in the desert for three long years
had taken a toll on her health. She was sick by the time
they returned to Makkah. Fatima loved her mother very much
and she took great care of her. Little Fatima was only seven years old
when her mother fell sick She knew that her father loved
her mother very much. His uncle, Abu Talib,
who was always kind to him, had passed away just a month ago. And now his wife was sick. Khadija (Rali Allahu Anha) knew
that she was going to die soon. She kept thinking about Fatima. She wept for her thinking about
her lonely life after she dies. Khadija (Rali Allahu Anha) passed away
on the tenth day of Ramadan. Fatima had lost her mother
at such a young age. The prophet had lost two most important
people in the last few months. He declared that year as
‘the year of sorrow’. By now Khadija was not doing very well. Living in the desert for three long
years had taken a toll on her health. She was sick by the time
they returned to Makkah. Fatima loved her mother very much
and she took great care of her. Little Fatima was only seven years old
when her mother fell sick She knew that her father loved
her mother very much. His uncle, Abu Talib,
who was always kind to him, had passed away just a month ago.
And now his wife was sick. Khadija (Rali Allahu Anha) knew that
she was going to die soon. She kept thinking about Fatima. She wept for her thinking about her
lonely life after she dies. Khadija (Rali Allahu Anha) passed
away on the tenth day of Ramadan. Fatima had lost her mother
at such a young age. The prophet had lost two most important
people in the last few months. He declared that year as
‘the year of sorrow’. The Prophet continued calling people
to Islam, and the Quraysh were fed up. One night they came up with
a plan to kill the Prophet. They sent their men to kill
the Prophet during the night. When the men reached they saw that the
prophet was not alone inside the house. They knew that the prophet would come
out his house early in the morning. They decided to wait till next
morning to kill the Prophet. Prophet
Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) realized the situation and decided to
get out of Makakh that night. He asked Ali if he could sleep in his bed
to confuse the attackers. “If I sleep in the bed,
will it save your life?” asked Ali The Prophet replied yes,
and his nephew readily agreed. He slept in the bed in the
place of the Prophet, and covered himself with
the green blanket. The attackers could see someone
sleeping covered in green blanket, and they thought it must be the prophet. They decided to wait till dawn
to make their move. In the meantime, Prophet left his house,
and rode toward Medina. This was known as the first Hijrah and
marks the start of the Islamic calendar. When the enemies came into the
house the next morning they were shocked to find Imam Ali (RA)
in the bed, instead of the Prophet. After a few days, Imam Ali (RA) took Bibi
Fatima and others and travelled to Medina. The Prophet who had already reached Medina, was waiting for them outside the city. He was so happy to see his
closed ones again. When Bibi Fatima reached the age of nine, many men came forward asking
for her hand in marriage. Some of the men were rich and wealthy,
some were from noble families But the Prophet refused, and kept
waiting for the right man. One day, Imam Ali (RA) came to the Prophet
and asked if he would let him marry Fatima. The Prophet was happy at this proposal as
he knew Hazrat Ali was a good man. He was a good muslim, and the prophet
knew him since he was a child. Once Ali left, He asked his daughter
if she was willing to marry Hazrat Ali. She bowed her head in modesty
but she was happy. The Prophet stood up and said
“Allahu Akbar” He called Imam Ali (RA) and conveyed
him the good news! On Friday, the first day of Zihil, in 2 AH, the wedding of Bibi Fatima (RA)
and Imam Ali (RA) was celebrated. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) placed the hand
of Fatima in Ali’s hand and said “May Allah bless his messengers daughter. Ali, this is Fatima.
You are responsible for her. What an excellent wife Fatima is.
What an excellent husband Ali is. O Allah, bless them and their children” Bibi Fatima (RA) now began her
role as the wife of Ali (RA). They led a simple life, and they loved
and respected each other. Hazrat Ali would go out to do his work,
and Fatima did the chores inside the house. Ali would also gather firewood,
and buy goods for his house. They were happy to share their food and
belongings with the poor and needy. No one ever returned empty
handed from their door. Allah blessed them with four children,
they were Imam Hasan (RA), Shaban, Imam Hussain (RA), Hazrat Zainab (RA),
and their youngest one Umme Kulsoon Prophet appointed a maid Bibi Fizza to
help Fatima with their household chore. But the Prophet gave
them strict instructions. Bibi Fizza was allowed to
work on alternate days. Fatima used to do all the work
when Bibi Fizza was on leave. Prophet was very fond of his grandchildren
and named each of them himself. He would often visit the house of
Fatima and played with the kids One day Prophet
Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) came to her house, said salaams to her. Fatima returned his greetings Prophet asked her to cover him with the
Yemeni blanket as He was feeling weak. Fatima did like He asked Her,
and covered Him with the blanket. She noticed that Her father’s face
was shining like a moon! Some time later, Her son
Hasan (RA) came and salaams. He could smell the fragrance
of his grandfather and asked his mother if he was here. Fatima returned his salaams and told him
that his grandfather was inside the blanket Al-Hasan moved towards the cloak and said, “Peace be upon you, O grandfather. Will you allow me to be with
you under this cloak?” Prophet replied, “Peace be upon you too, my son and
director of my Pond. I allow you.” Al-Hasan then went under the
cloak with his grandfather Shortly afterward he son
Al-Hussain came in, “Peace be upon you, mother!” he greeted. “Peace be upon you, too” she replied. “O mother,” he said, “I can smell a
pleasing scent of my grandfather.” “Yes, it is,” I answered, “Your grandfather
and your brother are now under the cloak.” Al-Hussain moved towards
the cloak and said, “Peace be upon you, O grandfather. Will you allow me to be with
you under this cloak?” Prophet replied, “Peace be upon you too,
my son. I allow you.” Al-Hussain then went under the cloak
with his grandfather. At the same time, Hazrat Ali came in,
“Peace be upon you” he greeted Fatima “Peace be upon you too” she replied. He then said, “Fatimah,
I can smell a pleasing scent, as if it is the scent of my brother and
cousin the Messenger of Allah.” “Yes,” she answered, “He is there with
your two sons under the cloak.” Ali moved towards the cloak and said,
“Peace be upon you, O Allah’s Messenger! Will you allow me to be with
you under the cloak?” Prophet replied,
“Peace be upon you too. I allow you.” Ali thus went with them under the cloak. Fatima then said,
“Peace be upon you father, Will you allow me to be
with you under the cloak?” “Peace be upon you too, my daughter
and part of my flesh. I allow you.” This way Fatima too went
with them under the cloak. When all of them were together
underneath the cloak, the Prophet held the two ends
of the cloak and raised his right hand towards the
heavens and prayed “O Allah, these are the people of my
household, the Ahl-ul Bayt. They are of my flesh and blood. Whoever
makes them unhappy, makes me unhappy. They are from me and I am from them. Send your blessings and
mercy on me and them. Repel all blemishes from them
and keep them pure as pure.” Allah then spoke to His angels and said he had created the whole of the
universe for the love of the five who were under the cloak. Angel Jibraeel asked
who was under the cloak. Allah replied that they are the
household of the Messenger. Jibrael was then sent to
the house of Fatima. After getting the permission of
the Prophet, he entered the cloak. Angel then told them what Allah had said
and recited the Ayat e Tatheer sent by Allah in praise of the Ahlal Bayt. Hadees e Kisa brings many benefits. One’s sins will be forgiven,
and his hurdles will be resolved. The Hadees e Kisa shows that
Bibi Fatima (RA) is the link between the
Prophet and the Imams. She is the centre of Purity
and the Panjatan e Paak. One must recite this hadees
atleast once a week. One day, a rich jew came to the
Prophet’s house for inviting Fatima to his daughters wedding. The Prophet told them that he will ask
his daughter and inform them. He told Fatima about the invitation, and she said she will seek the
permission of her husband. Hazrat Ali (Rali Allahu Anhu)
gave his approval and Fatima(Rali Allahu Anha) was
ready to go to the wedding. But the jews didn’t have a
good intention in their mind. They wanted to make fun
of the poor state of Fatima when she arrived for the wedding. It was the day of the wedding. Fatima (Rali Allahu Anha) arrived
wearing a bright dazzling cloth. It was sent to her by
Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala). When people looked at her,
some of them fell unconscious! Even the bride fainted, and there
was no sign her waking up. The mother of the bride begged
Fatima for her help. Fatima (Rali Allahu Anha)
prayed two rakat namaz and prayed to Allah to
restore the bride to life. As she finished her dua, the bride opened
her eyes and looked at Fatima. She stood up and shouted to everyone “It is only because of her dua
that I got my life back!” She then recited “Ashadu an La Illaha
illAllah Muhammadan Rasulullah” and she declared her faith in Islam! When the other guests witnessed this miracle,they too announced
their acceptance of Islam. Bibi Fatima (RA) led a simple life eating
simple food and wearing plainest clothes. Hazrat Ali (RA) noted that
she had blisters on her arms after working on the grindstone for hours.
Yet she never complained. She never asked or demanded for anything. One day Bibi Fatima (RA) was ill,
and she was lying on bed. Ali (RA) went to her and asked her
if he could get a fruit for her. But she kept quiet and
didn’t answer at first. When he repeated the question again, she said that it would be
nice to have a pomegranate. Ali was happy to hear this. Finally his
wife had asked him for something. He went to the market and asked
a shopkeeper for pomegrenates. But the seller said that pomegranates
were not of that season, and he didn’t have any stock. Ali went to another another shop,
but there too he was disappointed. One by one, he kept visiting different
shops searching for the fruit. And finally he got one, and he returned
home to give the fruit to his wife. As he walked home, he heard a groan. Imam Ali went to see who
was making that sound. He found a poor beggar lying down. From the looks of it, he could see
that he was down with fever. “Are you ok” He asked the beggar.
“Can I help you” The beggar said
“I have been sick for many days. My mouth is so dry! I wish someone could
give me a pomegranate. “ Ali was bewildered.
He always loved helping others, and he could easily give the pomegranate
in his hand to help the beggar. But his wife asked something of
him for the first time! “What do I do” he thought. Finally, he broke the fruit in half,
and gave one half to the beggar. He then walked home. But after sometime,
he met another beggar on the road. This time he had to give the other
half of the fruit to the beggar. Hazrat ali was sad, and walked back home. When he reached home, he was surprised. His wife was sitting outside the house, with a basket full of
pomegranates in front of her! She said “There was a knock
on the door just now. I came out and saw this whole
basket full of pomegranates! Thank you for sending these!” As soon as he heard this, he realized that those fruits were
from Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala) Mashallah! That was such a great story I’m glad you liked it my son Are there any more stories of
Bibi Fatima (Rali Allahu Anha) uncle? Yes my son, there are many
other interesting stories. I will tell you those later. It is time for me to leave.
Good bye! Good bye!

Jean Kelley



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