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FAITH SEEKING UNDERSTANDING: Chapter 9: Why do bad things happen to good people?

Welcome to our next episode of faith
seeking understanding this video series, uh, where, uh, from the perspective
of the crossings community, we address a variety of questions that
are raised by ordinary people about the faith and life and scripture and so on. And the question I want to address here
is a question that I know we all have heard asked by many people in our lives
many times and the final analysis, well, everyone be saved. What about those who have never
known about Jesus in the end? Will they to be saved? I think
one of the concrete examples, this kind of question comes home and
all of our lives is with, uh, you know, both family relatives. You know, the ones that show up maybe at
Thanksgiving and birthdays, you know, like uncle Charlie, y’all have an uncle
Charlie. Everybody loves uncle Charlie. Uncle Charlie was a good
man. He never went to church. I don’t think he was
even baptized. You know, he never really wanted to
participate in those prayers. He probably really didn’t
even believe in God. Never wanted to talk about religion. We all have had uncle
Charlie’s in our lives and uncle Charlie’s are more than just
relatives that show up on Thanksgiving. What do I want? All those
other people in the world, pretty pretty good people like uncle
Charlie but you know they were born at the wrong place and the wrong time, you know, to the Aborigine in Australia at a poor
person that got born in atheistic China or some jungle or desert
and a distant place. Some culture saturated
with other religions, but they were pretty good people
but they never heard about Jesus. What’s funny God going to do about that? So you’re going to write them off in
the end because they didn’t know Jesus. You know, Jesus says I am the way, the
truth and the wife forgot to do so. Seems cruel. Unfair. Come on. If God were fair, I mean, you know, fair treating people and
giving them what they deserve. I wouldn’t all be uncle Charlie’s
of this world be okay. I mean, I really don’t. We sometimes
think that about ourselves. I mean if God was really just fair
with us and life would be okay. I mean a lot of people
would be saved. I mean, maybe every one in the end would be
saved if God would only be fair with the uncle. Charlie’s of this world [inaudible] I mean if we are really honest with
our lives and what goes on around us, I’m going to do, we really want God to be fair with us
when we complain about the bad night manners. I’ve uncle
Charlie and other people, I mean if God were really to
give us to be fair with us, I think we’d be in trouble. I mean
everybody would be in trouble. I mean even Charlie. So what about uncle Charlie? What about all those who were
never baptized, who never believed? When we think we can try to answer
that question, we are in trouble. We are trying to do something
that God does and not us. That’s finally God’s problem, not ours. It is God’s jug job to save people. What is clear about life and certain
and is uninvited on ambivalent, is that God clearly loves all in Christ. And that’s really, thank
God is God being unfair, not being fair with us, not giving
us what we deserve in Jesus Christ. And that is the good
news. That is the gospel. That is all people need to hear. And that is why the
church even has a mission. That is why the mission is urgent and
important to let people know about God’s unfairness, gracious
mercy in Jesus Christ, but the rest is up to God. It is our job to bring them the story. Oh, we know that God loves everyone in Jesus
Christ for the uncle Charlie’s over this world. We pray for them.
We tell them the good story, and then finally turn them
over to the mercy of God. And the uncle Charlie’s over this
world may never got it in this world, but we pray and hope in eternity turned
over to the grace and mercy of God that they will. And that is the promise of what
God is up to in Jesus Christ.

Jean Kelley