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Faith & Patience Part 3

(Music) JERRY: Thank you for joining me
today. I’m Jerry Savelle and I have my daughter with me
Jerriann Savelle, and we’re both talking about this week as we
have the last couple of weeks. Faith and Patience, how
important your faith is, how important patience is. Faith is
just simply confidence in God, confidence in what he has
said, confidence in what he has promised and patience means
you don’t ever give up. You’re consistent, you’re constant,
never changing regardless of the circumstances. And if you’ve
ever endeavored to live by faith at least once, then you have
discovered there will be some adversity. It just doesn’t
happen overnight. Many times you just have to make up your mind
that you’re not going to quit. You’re going to keep standing on
the authority of God’s word, and if anybody’s going to quit, it’s
going to be the devil and not you. Amen. Praise God. So Jerri,
thank you for joining me again today. And we’re going to go
back to Hebrews chapter six if you have your Bibles and we’re
gonna read verse 11 and 12 and then I’m also going to talk
about verses 14 through or 13 through 19 on today’s broadcast
as well. So verse 11 and we desire that every one of you do
show the same diligence to the full assurance of hope unto the
end that you be not slothful, but followers of them who
through Faith and Patience inherit the promises. Now the
first thing I want to remind you of, particularly if you’ve
been watching these last two broadcasts, that it takes Faith
and Patience to inherit the promises of God. Faith is
confidence in God. Confidence in what he’s said, confidence in
what he’s promised. And once again, patience means you just
don’t ever give up and you stick with it until it comes to pass.
So notice it’s through Faith and Patience that we inherit the
promises. Now ask yourself again today, how important are the
promises of God to you? How important is it to you that the
promises be fulfilled? And they come to pass in your life. Well,
it’s important to me. It’s very important to me. In fact, I’ve
lived my life over the last 50 years depending on those
promises. Coming to pass. JERRIANN: Well, I was reading
right here, it says, um, verse 18 it says, so it’s impossible
for God to lie for we know that his promise and his vow will
never change, right? That’s what we stand on. JERRY: That’s
right, Amen. And that leads us down to verse 13 if you have
your Bible, let’s read all the way down through verse 19
for when God made promise to Abraham, because he could
swear by no greater he swear by himself. That just simply means
if you’ve ever been in a court of law and they ask you to raise
your right hand and take an oath, and you swear to tell
the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Now
notice it says in that oath you’re taking, so help me, God,
what does that imply? That means you are taking this oath in the
presence of someone higher than you, but the Bible says because
there is no higher than God. He swore by himself. In other
words, he’s saying, if I ever break my promise, then I forfeit
being who I am. I forfeit owning everything I have. In other
words, it’s impossible for God to lie. He cannot lie. He will
not lie. So what is he said? And you know, it’s important for you
to find out what he has said and how do you find out what he
said in this book. This is God’s word, in print. This is God’s
integrity. This is God’s oath. And God promised that by
himself, He will not lie to you. And that’s very important. In
fact, many times, uh, when I’m, when I’m reading the word and I
find a promise and I’m believing for that promise to be fulfilled
in my life, I just close my eyes and I picture God standing right
in front of me with his hand lifted and say, Jerry Savelle, I
promise you, I will not lie to you. Here’s what I’ll do for
you. And that just inspires my faith. Seeing God take that oath
and promising by himself because there is no higher than God. I’m
going to do this for you, Jerry. You can depend on this. I will
not let you down. You need to do that sometimes. Just close your
eyes and say, God, here’s what you promised, and watch God in
your mind’s eye, in your spirit, raise his hand and take an oath
and call your name and say, I will do this. I promise you I
will not let you down. I’ll tell you, I’ve done that so many
times and it’s inspired my faith and caused me to just to be
dogged, determined as they say that I am not going to give up
because God is reliable. Amen. Now notice it’s saying, surely
blessing, I will bless thee and multiplying, I will multiply
thee and I love that first word, surely. Surely. In other
words, this is reliable. This is dependable. This is what Abraham
was hearing God say to him, Abraham, it is a sure thing. I
like sure things. Abraham, this is a sure thing. I’m not
lying. I will bless you. I will multiply you. And verse 15
says, and so after he patiently endured, he obtained the
promise. So notice God made the promise. He said to Abraham,
surely I’m going to do this for you. I, I promise you, you can
rely on me. I’m dependable. You can exercise your faith in me.
And the Bible says after Abraham patiently endured. In other
words, what it’s saying is he refused to give up. He would
not let go of his faith. He staggered not as Paul said in
Romans chapter four and after he had done those things, he
received the promise. So once again, this is the Bible telling
you how that you can inherit every promise that God’s made.
God promised you that he wanted you to prosper and to be in
health. And the way that that comes to pass in your life is
the same way it came to pass in Abraham’s life. The promises
that God made to him, he patiently endured. Now are you
determined today to patiently endure? Are you determined today
that you’re not going to give up? You’re not going to throw in
the towel, so to speak. You’re going to stick this out and
wait for it to be fulfilled. If that’s your attitude, then you
can rest assured God is going to make it happen for you.
JERRIANN: That’s so good. But in that you and I, we have a part
to play that’s staying in faith, but it’s waiting patiently.
So it’s not just like waiting around doing nothing, but it’s
waiting in faith. Knowing our faith is in that assurance that
he’s faithful to his word, but there’s an enemy called the
devil and he’s called the father of lies and he’s going to try
to come and tell you completely opposite of what the word
says, but when you stay in faith waiting patiently, then it says
right here that he succeeded in seeing the promises fulfilled
and you can have that very same thing in your life when you wait
patiently in faith. JERRY: God wants his word, his promises
to come to pass in your life. Settle that in your heart. God’s
not the one holding off. He’s not holding back. He’s the one
that wants you to experience it. So determine that you’re going
to stay in faith and you’re going to be patient never
changing regardless of the circumstances I’ll leave you
with that, we’re going to take you into a special announcement
about some resources we have available to you and watch it
closely. Make sure you write the information down so that you can
order these resources in. Moving right back and
continue this lesson today. ANNOUNCER: Did you know patience
is one of the greatest keys to receiving from God? It’s through
Faith and Patience that you obtain the promises of God.
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victory is on the way. If you stand strong and stay the
course, you will see God’s favor and blessing. Call or go online
now to Jerry JERRY: Welcome back
everybody. Thank you once again for
joining us today and we’re going to
continue this teaching on Faith and Patience and how that it
will position you to inherit the promises of God. Don’t forget
the resources that we have available, Jerriann’s Message on
Faith and Patience. My messages on Quitting is Not an Option.
And my book on the life of faith, we’ll talk about that a
little more at the end of the broadcast, but uh, be sure you
have a pen and pencil ready or something so that you can jot
down the address and place your order so that we can get them to
you as quickly as we can. Once again, we’re going back to
Hebrews chapter six and verse 17 says, we’re in God willing more
abundantly to show under the heirs of promise. The
immutability of his counsel confirmed it by an oath. Now,
what this means is God was going to, uh, what God did for Abraham
was so that he would have something to rest his faith
upon. So the, his faith would become unshakeable. God took
an oath and he promised in the presence of Abraham, I will do
what I said I will do. You can count on me. I’m confirming this
promise with an oath. Amen. And I want you to picture God doing
that for you as well. Every time you experienced some adversity
and it looks like it’s not going to come to pass, just close your
eyes for a moment and just see God standing in front of you
with his hand raised up, calling your name and saying, I am
confirming my promise to you. I take an oath that I will not
lie. You can depend on me. I will not fail you. You know, I
remember, uh, when your mom and I first moved to Fort worth
and, uh, we’d moved in our first house that we’d purchased, uh,
prior to that we was renting a place and so forth. Then we were
finally able to purchase a home. And we believed in God for the
furniture in that home. And one night we were, we were in bed
and uh, it had been quite some time since, uh, we had prayed
for the furniture and sowed seed for furniture and so forth.
And Carolyn said, Jerry, is that ever going to come to pass? You
know, you get weary, sometimes weary in well doing and you
start wondering and you start questioning and we’ve all done
that. I’ve done it. You’ve done it and I don’t care who you are.
You’ve done it at one time. And, and so she said, is it ever
going to come to pass? And I’m laying there and suddenly
this thought came to me and I repeated it. I said, Carolyn,
your dad was an honest man. And of course her dad was still
living at this time. And I did say was he’s, I said, your daddy
is an honest man. Your daddy is a man of integrity. You know
that. If your daddy stood right in front of you right now and
said, Carolyn, I’m going to buy every piece of furniture that
you need, I promise that you will have it. Don’t give up.
How would you react to that? She said, I would never doubt again
because I know my daddy. I know that he’s a man of integrity. I
know he’d never lied to me. I said, Carolyn, God just stood
in front of you and raised his hands and took an oath.
Sweetheart, I will promise you that everything you asked for,
I will make it happen for you. Don’t doubt me. Don’t give up
on my word. I take an oath. She said, wow, that’s settles it.
You know, cause she had this confidence in her dad that
he would not lie. Well, your heavenly father, he’s not going
to lie. He’s going to confirm to you by taking an oath and giving
you a promise that he will not lie. It is a sure thing. It will
come to pass. All he was asking you to do is stay in faith and
don’t give up. Amen. That’s your part. You know, God has the hard
part. The hard part is making it happen, you know? But it’s not
hard for him. But it’d be hard for you and me to make all this
happen. But God, as far as I’m concerned, he’s got the most
difficult part. He’s got to make it happen. My part is just
staying in faith, believing he will, believing He can and don’t
give up. And if I’m determined to not give up, then he’s going
to see to it. It comes to pass. JERRIANN: That’s so good. Let
me read that in the passion translation. This is verse 17
it says, so in the same way God wanted to end all doubt
and confirm it even more forcefully… JERRY: Read
that again, what did he in what? JERRIANN: He wanted to end all
doubt and confirm it even more forcefully to those who
would inherit his promises. His purpose was unchangeable. So God
added his bow to the promise. JERRY: Yeah, and then it goes on
to say in verse 18 in the King James, we have two immutable
things. Immutable means unchangeable. You can’t alter
them. And what are those two things? Number one, God’s
promise. Number two, God’s oath. Those are two things that God
gave you and me. He not only gave them to Abraham, not only
Abraham’s seed, but he gave them to you and me. Number one is
promise number two, his oath, they’re unchangeable and God is
saying, if you can believe that I promised and I will not lie,
and you can believe that I took an oath confirming that I will
not lie. Then you just rest on that and I will bring it to pass
for you. JERRIANN: Well, right now where you’re at, just say,
God’s got this, he’s got this. You don’t have to figure it out.
You don’t have to try to reason it out. You don’t have to
question anymore, but trust him that he’s unchangeable and he’s
got it. He’s going to figure it out for you. Your part is to
trust him. Stay in faith. JERRY: That’s right, and I close
that with verse 19 from Hebrews, which hope we have as an anchor
of the soul. In other words, the soul is made up of the mind, the
will and the emotions, and God is saying, if you can picture me
giving you a promise and taking an oath that I will bring it to
pass, then that begins to be an anchor for your soul. It causes
you to to rest in the assurance that God will bring it to pass.
In other words, to keep you from drifting, to keep you from
doubting, to keep you from wondering if it’ll really come
to pass, to keep you from giving up God’s oath, God’s promise
provide you with an anchor for your soul. So take advantage
of that. Praise God. Keep the promises in front of you and
keep this image in front of you. God raising his hand and
swearing. I will not let you down. I will not fail you. Amen.
I’ll tell you that blesses me and it still blesses me to this
day and I continue to use it, particularly when it looks
like it’s never going to come to pass. You know, there are things
here in this ministry that we’ve been believing God for for years
and years and, and things that, that we believe for personally
for years and years that look like they’d never come to pass.
And when it, when it gets to that place where it looks
like it’s never going to come to pass, and it’s not, you know,
I’m not, I’m not on the verge of giving up because giving up is
not an option. But you, you at the place where, uh, you’re,
you’re asking on the inside, how much longer, how much longer is
this going to take? What, what, what do I need to do next kind
of thing, you know, and I’ll just stop and I’ll just close
my eyes and see God raising his hand and saying, Jerry, I took
an oath. I gave you a promise. I will supply all your need
according to my riches and glory. Jerry, I took an oath. I
promised that by the stripes of Jesus, you are healed. Jerry,
I took an oath that you are blessed by me and you’re highly
favored by me and I’ll make it come to pass. I took an oath.
And you know, it just seems to bring a peace of mind, a peace
in your spirit and you can just continue on and I want to
encourage you to start doing that. Just picture in your mind
and in your heart, God taking an oath and calling your name out.
I mean you don’t, don’t, don’t say, well you did this for
Abraham. Well you can say that, but make it personal. Say God,
you did this for me just as much as you did it for Abraham and if
you swore to Abraham, you would not lie to him. Then praise God.
You’re swore to me that you will not lie to me and I’m resting on
that promise and I’m resting on that oath and I will not give
up. It will come to pass. It’s just a matter of time and
I’ll be here when it happens. JERRIANN: That’s so good. I
think it’s interesting that the scripture uses that hope is an
anchor to our soul and like dad said earlier, our soul is our
mind and our will and emotions because your emotions are
fickle. They can go up and down your feelings. I mean one minute
you can be strong in faith and the next minute, why is this
taking so long, but it says that hope is the anchor to our
soul. Again, you’re not going to drift. When you stay in faith
and impatience in that waiting process, then it becomes a hope
and an anchor to your soul. It’s because of his word that he’s
faithful to his word. JERRY: Amen, and you need that
anchor. You know the man is the battleground. That’s where
the real battles are fought. I’m going to read to you from second
grade. This is chapter 10 it says in verse four for the
weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to
the pulling down of strongholds. Those strongholds are those
imaginations and those thoughts that Satan puts in your mind
trying to convince you that it’s not going to work. But the Bible
says in verse five, casting down imaginations and every high
thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of God and
bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of
Christ. So you see, this is, this is where Satan wages, his
greatest battles against us is in our mind. And I remember, uh,
one time, uh, shortly after I left brother Copeland’s ministry
and you know, I hit the ground running. I mean, man, I’ve got
more invitations. Uh, God is blessing me. I mean, I, I
literally hit the ground running. I’m in my own office.
Everything in it’s paid for. I’ve got money in the bank, I
got invitations to preach all over the country. I mean,
what more could you ask for? And then, you know, after a short
period of time, maybe several months down the road, it looks
like the bottom fell out, you know, and, and, and, and, uh, I
remember coming home one day and feeling like a failure. I wasn’t
a failure, but you know, I was feeling like a failure and I
thought, man, I blew it. I should’ve never left Kenneth
Copeland’s ministry. I wonder if brother Copeland would like to
have me back. You know what I mean? It’s like nothing was
working. Well, that’s Satan seed trying to create a stronghold.
And, and so I went home with all that on my mind and uh, uh,
I said, Lord, I feel like a failure. Did I leave too soon?
Did I make a mistake? He said, no, you didn’t. You, you were
obedient to me. I’m the one who inspired you and told, told you
it was time for you to launch out. And I said, well, why is,
why is nothing working now when it was working so well when I
left, gave me every indication that I’d made the right
decision. Why is the bottom falling out now? And he
said, it’s just Satan trying to discourage you. And I said,
well, Lord, I feel like a failure. He said, well, where
did that come from? It didn’t come from me. He said, I’ll
never call you a failure. I said, well, I know where it come
from. It come from the devil. He said, well, if the devil is
trying to tell you you’re a failure, then put it back on
him. He’s the greatest failure that’s ever existed. He was
convinced that he could take Jesus to the cross, cause him to
die, take him into the very pit of hell, torment him for three
days and nights, and take over the universe. And he said, and
the Bible says, had the princes of this world known they would
not have crucified the Lord of glory. So after three days,
three horrible days and nights, Jesus was raised, he was
justified and raised from the dead. And Satan realized what a
failure he was. So this failure business, it’s coming from
the devil. So if he calls you a failure, put it back on him.
Tell him he’s the greatest failure that has ever existed.
So I just got up and said, Satan, you don’t have any place
to call me a failure. If you want to talk about failing,
sit down. I’ll tell you how you failed. And he just got up, run.
Off. I said, no, you started this. Just sit there and I’m
gonna talk to you about what a failure you are. I heard him
say, I don’t want to hear it. I said, you’re going to hear it
today and you’re going to hear it for the rest of my life. What
a failure you are. And boy, that changed everything. I got up out
of there feeling so inspired, so energetic, so full of faith, and
praise God, the circumstances changed immediately.
JERRIANN: That’s awesome! Second Corinthians 10:5 has become my
daily motto to live by because it all starts right here in
your thought life. So if you’re struggling right now with this
thing is never going to change. I don’t know how I’m going to
get out of this. I don’t know how God’s going to do. Starts
right here in her thought life. Shut those thoughts up right now
and you begin to speak the word. You speak the word over your
situation. JERRY: And what your brother Copeland teach us years
ago. You can’t battle thoughts with thoughts. JERRIANN: Battle
thoughts with words. JERRY: When you get out of your mouth. Amen.
So if you’re battling thoughts in your mind right now being a
failure, and this’ll never work for you, that don’t just sit
there and let it continue to build a stronghold. Speak the
word out of your mouth. The Bible says, I believe,
therefore, have I spoken, so speak the word right out of your
mouth and you tell the devil, if anyone’s gonna quit, it’ll be
you, not me. I am not a quitter. I’m a winner in the name of
Jesus. Amen. Praise God. I want you to make your pledge to
join us again next week as we continue this study and it’s
going to be a powerful closing so you don’t want to miss it.
But before we leave the air today, I want to take you back
into the announcement about the special resources that we have
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please send in your prayer request. We’d love to pray
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him. So once the announcement now we’ll be back in
just a few moments. ANNOUNCER: Did you know,
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through Faith and Patience that you obtain the promises of God.
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Join us again next week. Jerry will be with me again. We’re
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And remember, as we leave the air, your faith will
overcome the world.

Jean Kelley



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