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Faith & Patience Part 1

(MUSIC) JERRY: Hello everyone, I’m Jerry
Savelle and I want to welcome you to our broadcast today and
with me is my oldest daughter Jerriann and she’s going to be
sharing with me today and we’re going to be talking about faith
and patience. Oh, two powerful forces. In fact, I remember
years ago you were in this meeting, you were just a small
girl, Brother Copeland preaching in Texarkana, Arkansas, and he
called it faith and patience the power twins. I’ll never forget
that sermon I was- I’d been serving the Lord for a few
years, but it made such an impact on my life. Faith and
patience. It’s one thing to have faith, but it’s also necessary
to have patience. What does patience mean? It means to be
consistent, constant, never changing regardless of the
circumstances. Now you know, if you live by faith and the Bible
says the just shall live by faith, so that’s the way you
shou be living. Then there are times when it looks like it’s
not working. There are times when it looks like it’s never
going to come to pass. That’s the reason patience is so
important. You know? I had kind of a a vision one time I was
just meditating and uh, on the, on the scripture and so forth
and thinking about faith and patience. And I saw a bridge
going across a body of water and the Spirit of God said that
bridge is your faith. It’s connecting you. And he said, but
the understructure is patience. That’s what holds that bridge
up. And so patience is vitally important. It’s one thing to
believe God for something that he said in his Word, but you
know, along the way, because it doesn’t happen overnight most of
the time I’ve had few times in my 50 years of walking by faith
that it’s happened, you know, the moment I prayed or before
dark, or before the end of the day, I’ve had to stand having
done all to stand stand. I said many times, my name is Jerry
having done all to stand, stand Savelle and, and that patience
is what has undergirded my faith. And I know you’ve
experienced the same thing. JERIANN: Well dad, you have a
sermon called from amen to there it is. And we live in that there
it is place. That middle place is where most of us are living,
but we live in a fast paced society where we want things
now. We don’t like to wait. We want things now. I remember you
telling about um, toss a burger. Do you remember that? JERRY:
Oh yea. JERIANN: Yeah, that we want, if we don’t come
around that drive thru and that hamburger’s not ready. We’re
like upset, but you’re like going to then a place called
toss a burger with a just throw it in your car. JERRY: Just keep
going down the highway, throw the money and then they throw
the burger at you on your way. Don’t even stop. JERIANN: We
don’t like to wait. We want things now. But faith and
patience is, is the name of the game when you’re walking by
faith. JERRY: That’s right. Hebrews chapter six and if you
have your Bibles, I’d like to invite you to turn with me there
to verse 11 Hebrew chapter 6 verse 11 we’re going to read
11 and 12 first of all, “and we desire that every one of you do
show the same diligence to the full assurance of hope unto
the end.” Now notice the same diligence. Diligence is
important. That means making a constant, steady effort to
accomplish. That that also means that you rule out quitting.
You just, you don’t think about quitting anymore. You’ve made
the decision like I did 50 years ago. That quitting is no longer
an option in my life. So notice here, “the same diligence to the
full assurance of hope until the end that you be not slothful,
but followers of them who through faith and patience.”
Notice that once again, “through faith and patience inherit the
promises.” So it takes both, not just faith, but faith and
patience. And once again, faith means you have total confidence
in what God has said. Confidence in his Word and it’s authority
alone. But along with that faith, you are determined that
you’re not going to give up no matter how long it takes, you’re
not going to give up. JERIANN: Can I read that in the message?
JERRY: Sure, that’s powerful. JERIANN: It says, “keep at it
till the finish. Don’t drag your feet, but be like those who
stayed the course with committed faith and then get everything
promised to them.” That’s what keeps us going is knowing that
there’s a promise that the end of that, that my faith can stay
committed because I know that God is faithful to his Word.
That’s where the patience comes in. JERRY: Yes, that’s right.
And you know, it also talks about following them that have
demonstrated faith and patience. You know, a lot of people
say, well, we’re not supposed to follow anybody but Jesus. Well,
the Bible says, follow them who through faith and patience
inherit the promises. You know, Kenneth Copeland was my mentor
when I first came into this in 1969. I’d never heard anybody
preach on faith like he did. And, uh, it, it touched my heart
and it caused me to, to, uh, uh, surrender my life to the Lord
and, and begin to prepare for fulltime ministry. And he talked
about faith having faith. And uh, he said it in such a way
where it didn’t just get your hopes up, but he said it in a
way that caused you to dare to believe that what God said is
true. I never will forget him holding up that Bible at first
service I heard him preach and he said, this is God’s Word. Do
you understand? This is God’s Word. It’s the integrity of God
in print. You are what he says you are. You can do what he says
you can do and you can have what he says you can have. And I’ll
never forget that it made such a powerful impact or impartation
in my life. And, and I remember, uh, that the Spirit of God
impressed upon me. You need to listen to this man. And so I
began to get everything I could get my hands on and back then,
or his reel to reel tapes had a message on each side. And that,
that first message that I heard, he called it the Word of faith.
And I began listening to it. And of course you’d put that reel to
reel tape on that machine, you know, and, and it was not
something you carried around when you set it on a credenza on
a desk. And, and I listened to that, uh, the first time I
listened to it all the way through. And then the second
time I listened to it, I would stop it so I could take notes
and I’d rewind so he could say it again because I knew nothing
about the Bible back in those days. And, um, I’m learning
and he gave great illustrations about he and how he and Gloria
learned to use their faith, how to remain patient, how to stand
on the authority of God’s Word. And it seemed like what he was
describing was the same things I was going through so I could
identify with him what he’d already been through, that’s
what I was going through now. So I could identify with him. And
he taught me how to do it, how to exercise my faith and how to
stay patient, how to just refuse to quit and it would come to
pass. And so I began to follow his teachings. He then
introduced me to the teachings of Kenneth Hagin. I begin
to follow Kenneth Hagin’s teachings. And then of course,
Oral Roberts, and TL Osborn. These were great men of faith
and they became my mentors. And so I was doing what the Bible
said, follow those who through faith and patience inherit the
promises. While I had examples right here on earth that had
inherited promises from God and they taught us how to do it, so
I began following it and praise God what they said, what worked
for them began to work for me, JERIANN: And now you have become
that for all over the world that I mean, not only are you my
earthly dad, but you’re my spiritual dad, and the example
I follow is what I’ve watched. JERRY: Yeah. Amen. Praise God.
It’s exciting life. Hey, listen, we’re going to take a break
right now. Want you to pay very close attention to this
announcement and we’ll be right back continuing
this teaching. ANNOUNCER: Did you
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patience” special package. Your victory is on the way. If
you stand strong and stay the course, you will see God’s favor
and blessing. Call or go online now to
Jerrysavelle.org. JERRY: Welcome back everyone.
Thank you for joining us again today. And listen, I
want to ask you to prayerfully consider ordering
these resources. I know they’ll be a blessing to you. They’ll
help you greatly inspire your faith, teach you how to hang
on and not give up. Praise God. We’ll talk about them at the end
of the program again and let you know how you can order them.
When we took the break, we were talking about how that it’s
important to follow those who through faith and patience
inherit the promises. You know, God raises up mentors for each
and every one of us. Brother Copeland, Brother Hagin, TL
Osborn, Oral Roberts, they were my mentors. And they were such
a great inspiration in my life because they not only lived it
in front of me, they taught me how to live it. And when I
learned how to live it and, and God raised me up to be a mentor
to a lot of people all over the world. And once again, the Bible
teaches us that we are to follow those who through faith and
patience inherit the promises, but also the Bible teaches us
who not to follow. And I want you to turn to Psalm 78 if you
have your Bible and I’ll show you what the Bible says
about those that we are not the follow. Now, Psalm 78, it’s a
very powerful chapter. I love Psalm 78. And it says beginning
in verse 6, “that the generation to come might know them, even
the children which should be born, who should arise and
declare them to their children, that they might set their hope
in God. And not forget the works of God and keep his
commandments,” but then it says, “and not be like their fathers,
a stubborn and rebellious generation, a generation that
did not set it’s heart aright, and whose spirit was not
steadfast with God.” So notice here in Hebrew 6 it said,
“follow those who through faith and patience inherit the
promises.” But over here in Psalm 78, it says, “don’t follow
people that are not steadfast in spirit.” People that are prone
to quit. People that give up too quickly. JERIANN: That
passion translation says fickle. father’s. JERRY: Fickle. Yeah,
that’s, that’s right. Yeah. So the Bible says, follow those who
stick with it. Stay the course. Don’t follow those who give
up because of pressure and adversity. And you know, there’s
a lot of people like that. I mean, I’ve been in this 50
years, and I’ve watched a lot of people come and go. I’ve watched
a lot of preachers come and go. It seems like, uh, like you
said at the beginning of the broadcast, people want things
done quickly. They want it to happen overnight. And if it
doesn’t happen, then their attitude is, I’m not gonna play
anymore. Well, you just can’t. You can’t live the life of faith
with that kind of attitude. I have had things happen, you
know, in just a matter of moments, a matter of hours.
JERIANN: The Suddenlies. JERRY: Suddenly. But that’s not the
norm. That’s the rare. But most of the time, over my 50 years of
living by faith, I have had to stand on the Word of God.
And many times it took weeks, months, and even years. You
know, I remember, it’s one of my favorite stories, and I’ve told
it many times on this broadcast, but it’s my TV program, I can
tell it again if I want to. And so I remember when I first came
to the Lord in 1969, and the Lord said to me during my first
three months of preparation for the ministry, he said to me, you
will not be able to fulfill what I’ve called you to do without
airplanes in your ministry. Well at that time I wasn’t even
thinking about airplanes, you know, and he said, and I don’t
want you flying airplanes with debt on them. I want you
to believe me for debt-free airplanes. Well, I was paying
notes on my car. JERIANN: You were believing God for gas.
JERRY: I was believing God for gas. I was believing God for
food on my table. And now God’s talking about debt free
airplanes. And it never crossed my mind to own an airplane at
that time. Uh, I’d only been in two airplanes or been on an
airplane twice in my life prior to that one flew me to Fort Dix,
New Jersey for basic training. And one flew me home. And,
and I, I’d never even been in a private airplane, you know. But
the Lord put that in my heart. He said, you will, you will
not be able to fulfill what I’ve called you to do without
airplanes in your ministry. And he said, start believing for
them now when you don’t need them and when you need them,
they’ll be there. Well, and then once again, he said, and I don’t
want you flying airplanes with debt on them. And so in the
natural, that was impossible. That was absolutely impossible.
But I wrote it down in my journal what the Lord said.
And that was 1969 and so later, Brother Copeland invited me to
join his ministry, and he was a pilot and I began to fly around
with him and his little small airplane, the first one that
he had in his ministry, just a little single engine Cessna. And
then later, he Lord blessed him with a twin engine Cessna. And
then before I left his ministry, as a full time employee, he had
moved up to a nice Cessna 414, a cabin class airplane. And I
watched how he did that. Now I’m, I’m taking notes mentally
and handwritten notes about how he did this. And every time he
outgrew an airplane he would sow it into someone else’s ministry,
the one he owned and as seed for his next one. So I’m taking
notes, I’m following those who through faith and patience
inherit the promises. And so when I left his ministry at
the end of 1973 and launched out into my own ministry in 1974,
January 74, I was going around different places, driving a
Ford LTD station wagon, hauling everything we had, including
you and your sister and mom. And we’re traveling all over the
country in this station wagon. And it got to the place where I
couldn’t go to all the places I was invited to and get there
driving a car. And so now we need this airplane and we
needed desperately. And so we’re standing in faith. We’re
believing God. Now, He spoke to me about it in 1969, now it’s
already 1974. All that year, we’re still believing. Come 75,
we need this airplane now. And the latter part of 75,
someone blessed me with my first debt-free airplane, a
little Cessna 310. Oh, I was so thrilled about that airplane. I
wanted to sleep in at night, you know, and, and mom said, no,
you’ve got to go somewhere in the morning. You need to come
home and go to bed. You know, and I was so thrilled. I, I
was just overwhelmed at the faithfulness of God. You know,
that this actually worked for me just like it did for other
ministers that I had followed through faith and patience.
Watched them through faith and patience inherit the promises.
Now it’s working for me. And I’ll never forget that
first trip. Saint Simon Island, Georgia, Oh, men were flying in
that little airplane that was debt free, belonged to this
ministry. And, and we were thrilled and blessed and so
happy about it. Well, the Lord allowed me to fly that for less
than two years. And then he told me to sell it and divide
the money and put it into two ministries that needed money
financially, desperately. So now I’m out. I’m without an
airplane, but I’m believing for my next one. I had the seed
sown. How did I know to sow seed? I watched Kenneth
Copeland. I followed his faith and patience. I watched how he
did it. I sowed seed for it, my airplane, and I’m believing God
for my next one. And this one came a lot quicker. You know,
it didn’t take four or five, six years. It came a lot quicker.
And I flew it for awhile and then I sowed it into another
ministry. Now in the meantime, God had began to speak to me
about owning a jet. That there would be a time when, you know,
a prop wouldn’t meet my need. I would need a jet. It took 20
years for that jet to manifest. Now I had other airplanes along
the way, but it took 20 years for that first jet to manifest.
20 years. I wonder how many people are willing to wait
20 years for a promise to be fulfilled. But you know, when it
came to pass, I’ll never forget it. When it came to pass, and
we took our first trip in that Denver, Colorado, a man who’s
cold day, but we’re flying up there above all that weather.
And, and you know, in my first jet I could, I, I was so
thrilled and I kept pinching myself. Is this really happening
to me? I’m just a country hick. Now, I’m flying this jet and uh,
uh, I was just so thrilled and overwhelmed at the faithfulness
of God. And you know, I had forgotten that it took 20 years
because once it comes to pass, you don’t even remember how long
it took. All you remember is it’s here, it’s here. God
honored his Word. And from that example of it happening to me,
many other young ministers began to believe God for airplanes
because they thought, well, you know, I know it works for
Kenneth Copeland. I know it works for Oral Roberts, but it
also worked for Jerry Savelle. I used to call myself the blue
collar preacher. You know, I’m just the ordinary, you know,
come out of a paint and body shop, ordinary typical guy, you
know, all American guy. And, but now there were other preachers
that believe if it could happen for Jerry Savelle, It could
happen to me. So now they were following my faith and patience.
JERIANN: Right? I think too for you, is if you can master the
art of standing, and patience, and you’re not believing God for
an airplane, but it can work in any area of your life. When you
learn to master, having done all this stand and getting a
revelation of that standing in patience because God is faithful
to his Word. Then it works in any area of your life. JERRY:
Well, and this how your mother believed God for the furniture
in our first house. We moved to Fort Worth we didn’t have
anything. We didn’t have anything. And we moved at a
little house that should have been condemned before we moved
in it. It was so pitiful and, but that’s all we could afford.
And then, uh, afterwards we were able to lease a house for a
year. And, uh, uh, and then shortly after that, we began to
believe God for our first house. And, uh, God made it happen, but
we didn’t have much to put in it. There were empty rooms. And
I remember telling your mom, you go to the store, to the
furniture store and you pick out everything you want in this
house, get the price for it. And we’re gonna write a prayer
petition and we’re gonna tell the Lord what we need and ask
him to supply that need. And we put that prayer petition
together. We, we prayed it, we all signed it and we believe
God. JERIANN: And then we acted like the furniture was there in
the room. Like we would have to walk around it. JERRY: Yeah, we
would act like that furniture was, and we’d tell you as little
girls that don’t walk right there because that’s where the
dining room was set, don’t walk over there. Remember Terri was
believing for a piano. Don’t walk over in that corner that’s
where your piano was set. And we were, we were, I know it sounds
silly, but the Bible says that, uh, that we are to have
corresponding actions with our faith and that’s what we were
doing. JERIANN: Faith without works is dead. So we were
operating in it. JERRY: And if you remember, it didn’t happen
overnight. It didn’t take place and the house wasn’t full of
furniture in a matter of a few days. It took a while and then
it began to come to pass, and we began to check off that
list. Every time something would manifest. And then there came
a time where the list had been completed. And I come home one
weekend after preaching in a series of meetings and
everything was gone in the living room, the furniture was
gone, some of your furniture in the bedrooms were gone. I said,
where’s our furniture? Mom said there was a family that just
moved here that needed worse than we did and I gave it all
away. And what did God do? He filled the house up again. It
didn’t happen overnight, but through faith and patience, so
we’re not talking about just believing God for an airplane.
Most of you don’t need an airplane. I can’t do what I’m
called to do without them, but you need a place to live. You
need a vehicle to drive. You need food on your table.
That’s just as important as an airplane. But if it doesn’t come
to pass overnight, don’t give up. Don’t quit. Follow those who
through faith and patience stay the course as the message
translation says, just determine you’re going to stay the
course and God’s no respecter of persons, He’ll do it for you,
just like he’s done it for us. JERIANN: Well, that’s the
awesome thing. Your last name didn’t have to be Savelle, that
he cares so much for you that he wants to do this in your life,
but we have to do something in correspondence with it and
that stay in faith and stay in patience waiting for the
manifestation of that. JERRY: Amen. Praise God.
It’ll work for you. I want you to say that right now. If it
works for Jerry Savelle, if it works for Jeriann Savelle, if it
works for Kenneth Copeland, then it’ll work for me. Amen. God
wants it working for you. He’ll do it for you, so dare to
believe it. Hey, we’re gonna go to our special offer once again,
so make sure you pay close attention because I want you to
have these as resources. They can inspire your faith and help
you reach your destination with everything that
God has promised you. Amen. We’ll be back
in just a moment. ANNOUNCER: Did you know
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promises of God. Today’s special offer includes Dr. Savelle’s
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Jerrysavelle.org. JERRY: We’re so thrilled
that you joined us today. It’s such a blessing
and an honor to be able to bring the Word of God to
you each and every week and we appreciate all of you that
correspond with us and let us know that the messages are being
a blessing to you. And I want to encourage you join with us
again next weekend for the next several weeks because Jeriann
is going to be with me in the studio helping me share these
powerful principles with you. And, uh, I want to encourage
you, make your plans to join us. Don’t forget this special
resource package this week, “Faith and patience” by Jeriann
Seville. Tell us what’s that’s about. JERIANN: Well, exactly
what we’re talking about right now is that middle place of
life, you know, that we all live in is what do you do in that
middle place of waiting for the manifestation of what you’re
believing God for? JERRY: I like to call it between the amen and
the there it is. JERIANN: And I learned it from you. JERRY:
Okay. And also along with it four CD series entitled,
“Quitting is not an option.” This has been my slogan, it’s
been my way life for 50 years now. I’ve made that decision
50 years ago that quitting will never ever be an option in my
life again. I was a quitter. You don’t know that man. He died
long time ago and a new creation came into existence. She’s never
known the quitter, she’s always known the winner. Praise God.
And quitting is not an option. I’ll teach you what I’ve learned
over the last 50 years about how to stand on the Word until
it comes to pass and making a decision that quitting is never
an option. And then my book entitled the “Life of faith,”
the life of faith. I have lived this way for 50 years, and
folks, I can tell you, Jeriann can tell you it’s worked. And I
don’t plan to change the way I live because it’s still working,
and praise God, it’s the way God has commanded us to live. The
just shall live by faith. So I want to encourage you to place
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with the Word. JERRY: Yeah, Amen. Praise God. So be sure to
join with us next week and until then, remember this Jerry
Savelle and Jeriann Savelle saying… TOGETHER: Your
faith will overcome the world.

Jean Kelley



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