March 30, 2020
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People all over the world
are in shock, panic and fear. The leaders of the nations do not know what to do
because they are also afraid of Covid 19. Panic here, panic there,
Quarantine here, quarantine there,
lockdown here, lockdown there,
research here, research there. Different countries are being united,
together with rich and intelligent people
to fight the disease we are experiencing. But still there is no cure. They may have invented the cure
but only a few years later and
another disease emerges. Why is that so?
What must be done to finally have an end to
all these calamities and illnesses
so that people will not have to suffer? For me brother,
There’s one thing that I think is something people haven’t done yet. It is to unite in prayer and include Yahweh in everything you do
for without Him no worth will be the result of our work. *John 15:5 translated in Tagalog* Let’s just trust in Yahweh, my brother.
And we cannot be deceived. *Proverbs 3:5-6 translated in Tagalog* The hard thing is that some tries to separates himself from Yahweh.
Because some thought they are smart and strong where they
can afford to be alone and stand on their own feet. But later on they will realize that they needed Yahweh in their life. And do you know that if we would continue to believe and trust in the Lord,
He will bless us and make us like plants that will never wither. *Jeremiah 17:7-8 translated in Tagalog* So when we are with the Lord, we will not be troubled, weary and scared.
Whatever illness or disaster comes in our lives. So, brothers and sisters, let us invite our loved ones together
to pray sincerely in our hearts and put our trust in Yahweh
without wavering. And I assure you that the COVID-19 will disappear like a bubble and all the sick will be cured
for the Lord will take care of it. Thank you for listening and I hope I have helped you a even just a little.
Again this is Brother Messenger saying..

Jean Kelley