April 1, 2020
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Faith Over Fear Message (A Word of Encouragement) – Rev. Peter Bingley

Hey everyone, I just want to come to you
with a brief word of encouragement during this time of just fear and panic in our world
that we’re living in today. I just want to tell you today that God is
in control. In fact, The Bible tells us in Romans that
the God of Peace will bruise the head of Satan under your feet. What that tells me is that there’s going to
come times where I have to stand, and I have to stand sure in my faith. I have to stand sure in my belief and I have
to stand sure in just the knowledge that I have of my God’s ability, his power, his grace,
and his mercy. I want to tell you today that we can stand
on that, we can believe in that, we can trust that God is absolutely in control. He knows what’s going on; so I leave you with
this word of encouragement and just tell you: Do not be afraid, don’t be weary in well doing,
but trust and see what God will do through you. I pray that this will encourage you today
that you will go, be encouraged and encourage someone else. God bless you, we love you.

Jean Kelley