March 30, 2020
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Faith Over Fear Day 3 – What is your VISION SET ON?

hey everybody I’m so glad you’re with me
again for our third morning as we continue in our devotionals things that
will cause faith to rise up and dominate the fear push it out of our life today I
want to talk about vision you know it’s interesting right now as you are
watching me a television camera is focused on me and it is recording this
image of me now did you know that your eyes your five senses your eyes your
ears what you smell what you taste touch feel etc that they are recording things
and you can say well doesn’t mean a thing to me but that’s actually not true
what that camera focuses on is what it’s recording so if that camera is focused
on me then it’s recording me so if you’re gonna continue to stay focused
and have your vision set on problems and issues and struggles non-stop that’s
what’s being recorded in your heart the power of vision the power of what are
you focused on is something a lot of Christians don’t realize if you’re gonna
watch horror movies that have demons and ghosts and vampires and slaughtering and
killing and it’s just fear fear fear and you think you’re not gonna struggle with
fear at some point that that’s ridiculous your vision what you see what
you focus on is what is continually being recorded okay on the tape in your
heart so we need to make sure that we have a new vision in Romans 12:2 it says
don’t be conformed to this world’s way of thinking but you be transformed by
the renewing of your mind this word transformation is a word that
doesn’t mean just a little bit better it means a complete change literally like a
change in identity a change in the makeup it is the word that we use for a
caterpillar becoming a butterfly this ability to not just crawl a little
faster as a caterpillar but a cocoon experience where this it spins a cocoon
and inside it begins to change it begins to develop wings it it’s a complete
change did you know that if you’ll set your sights if you will set your vision
on God’s Word you’ll begin to think differently you’ll begin to see yourself
differently how do you see yourself are you just a person who just barely get by
and well I’m sure hoping we can do things or do you see yourself as someone
made in the likeness and the image of God you know whoever designs something
or make something is almost a key to what you’re gonna use it for if Ford
designs something and creates something it’s probably for cars or trucks okay if
Motorola designs something creates something it’s going to do probably with
phones or equipment that dictate because that’s their area if craft is going to
design something it’s probably going to do with edibles and with food you you
were designed in heaven you were made by God get your vision off of your failures
off of the things that have happened to you so many people live in the fear of
the past of their failures their inability to produce results and so when
they look at themselves they look at their past and you know what your past
doesn’t decide who you are your failures don’t decide who you are you know just
because you are failed doesn’t make you a failure sitting in a garage doesn’t
make you a car okay so when a little child lies to you don’t
say you are a liar no it doesn’t make them that that is their identity and
that’s what I want to say to you what is your vision set on did you know the
God’s Word is so powerful but if you’ll begin to look into God’s Word and
discover that you’re made in the likeness in the
of God cows they have calves okay they don’t have puppies cows don’t have
kitties cows have calves cats have kitties cats don’t have puppies cats
don’t have calves cats have kitties okay everything is after its own kind and you
and I are made in the likeness and the image of God that means you are
beautiful you are brilliant you are courageous you can operate in the same
faith that God has that Jesus has that’s what it says in Romans 12:3 that we give
our lives to Christ we get this measure of faith and then we can use this
god-kind of faith so get your vision set on who you are according to the Bible
not according to your ante not according to your uncle who thinks you’re the
black sheep of the family what is your vision set on who are you your identity
is overcomer born of God when the smoke clears you’ll still be standing so I
want you to begin to declare I am a child of God I am righteous because
Jesus gives it to me as a gift I am the righteousness of God in Christ
I’m an overcomer born of God and as you begin to pray aloud the Word of God
you’ll notice that your vision is on the word your vision is on winning your
vision is on overcoming I remember playing football it was an important
game like provincials or a big game and everyone is you know in the locker room
waiting to go out onto the field that there’s one group of people all they can
think about is failure and failing and we’re not gonna win we’re not gonna win
and I hope I’m not the guy that loses it for the team and you know boy this is
not gonna work out and then as a group of men who are we’re gonna win this then
we’re gonna have the trophy I’m gonna help make that touchdown one has their
vision set on overcoming and the other is trying to manage their defeat UFC I
like to watch the techniques of people defending themselves and fighting and
often as I watch a battle between boxers or wrestlers or UFC fighters then
certain point in the battle you can see the demeanor of one person and it’s
already I’ve got to just kind of save face and try to get through and the
other person knows they’re gonna win I want you to know that as you get into
God’s Word as you finish listening to these every morning with me something’s
gonna take place on the inside and your vision will change you will see yourself
as an overcomer born of God you will see yourself with God’s faith with God’s
righteousness and all the things that he’s given you what is your vision set
on make sure that it’s set on who makes you for didn’t make you Honda didn’t
make you craft didn’t design you you were designed in heaven created by God

Jean Kelley



  1. Monica Utz Posted on March 23, 2020 at 5:56 am

    Thank you for caring and creating these videos! I am definitely encouraged and fired up 💪❤️

  2. Iwa Harder Posted on March 24, 2020 at 9:41 pm

    Thank you for today 🙂 appreciate this so much