April 1, 2020
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Faith Over Fear – Day 1   Leon Fontaine 2020

hey everyone I’m so excited to do this
14 day devotional of faith over fear in the midst of what is going on the
craziness the panic you know there can be problems that we need to walk through
but we don’t walk through them in fear so today I want to talk about that fear
job says in job 3:25 what I fear but follows me and what I dread comes upon
me there are never any good things that fear does for us fear is not a part of
God’s original design fear is the opposite of faith what job is saying
here is that his fear is attracting these things to his life fear is causing
him to give in to things he never probably would have given in to fear is
causing him to not be creative not be courageous not deal with things properly
and so as believers we must understand that when you look at fear you should
resist fear as as what courageously as you would resist the devil the Bible
says submit to God resist the devil and he will flee from you I would even put
the word fear in there because fear is the tool of the enemy you know any great
leader today I remember listening to a pilot going down in a plane and he was
talking about you know the plane is not controllable we’re trying everything in
our power to do it we are now at 10,000 feet and descending none of the controls
that I am working aren’t we are able to figure out and he just kept talking in
this business tone all the way down and then he says would someone please say to
my wife I love her and my family and in other words he had learned in the midst
of losing his own life that fear does nothing now I want you to know that if
we can have faith in God it’s not just a matter of looking like a good leader
first John 5:4 this is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith faith
accesses the promises of God faith accesses all of the ability of God faith
isn’t asking God to do something because according to the New Covenant God has
already given us all things that pertain to life and godliness don’t let fear in
your life now I talk to people all the time and they’ll say things like this to
me oh I’m going if you’re I haven’t got any fear and I’m looking at them going
you absolutely have fear how could you deal with something you don’t admit you
have the Bible says speak to mountains and they’ll obey you it doesn’t say I
don’t see a mountain there’s not a mountain there I don’t see a mountain
didn’t hiding something doesn’t mean that it’s gonna work faith recognizes
the problem and then tells it to go because it has no right there
whenever fear shows up in my life I just take the word of God and declare that
fear you go in the name of Jesus and then on a daily basis declare I haven’t
got the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind for example
so the word is powerful now job some people think that because it says job
was a perfect man that God did all this to him but the word perfect here in this
is it means mature job was a mature man he there is things in his life that were
going well but job 3:25 very clearly is the key to this entire book job was
dealing with fear in his life and this fear this dread brought in all of these
things into his life what is fear robbing from you
you know the proverbs 4:23 says guard your heart with all diligence it is let
me say guard your heart guard your heart mounted guard don’t let anything into
your heart the heart is the canoe is the central control of
life it’s the autopilot like on a plane it’s the autopilot of your life all the
deepest beliefs that govern everything take place in your heart this deeper
level this subconscious side of you so guard your heart with all diligence out
of it flow the forces of life a force of love can flow out of you or a force of
fear a force of faith or a force of anxiety my challenge to you today is
let’s make a decision any time you sense fear pushing at you
begin to declare the opposite speak the word speak the word and as you pray
God’s word pray it in a positive way that I have this answer and mom and
today my devotion to you is recognized fear and don’t go I’m not afraid I’m not
afraid I don’t have fear I was just talking to someone the other day
I mean intensely fearful and as I tried to help them deal with their fear all of
it I don’t know if they’re I’m not afraid I don’t have fear and that denial
literally stopped me from being able to walk them through that okay how do we
deal with this fear I want you to rise up right now and declare I’m not letting
fear in my heart and I’m gonna continue to speak that the spirit of faith is on
the inside of me and that I submit to God and I resist the devil and his fear
because all fear comes from the enemy there is no good use for fear we can
have wisdom we can know truth we can understand how to deal with things but
fear I’m never letting into my life hey let’s talk again tomorrow as we look at
14 things that are crucial for you and I to live out so that it’s always faith
over fear we can win

Jean Kelley



  1. Tyler Posted on March 20, 2020 at 12:36 pm

    great video my guy

  2. Jaime Rodrigues Posted on March 20, 2020 at 5:01 pm

    Thank you for these messages Pastor Leon! I pray God’sprotection over you and your family. So honoured to have you as my Pastor!!!