April 9, 2020
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Faith, Hope and Charity in time of COVID-19 pandemic

It seems like the unbelievable became a reality as the
entire world has been lockdown by the Coronavirus pandemic. What we have normally seen in the Hollywood movies and treated
as something distant, now we have to face in the real world. The amount of news that we receive through the social media
every single day, turned to a ridiculous number at the moment. In the current days of crisis, fear and paralysis many of us have started
to lose the hope and have no idea how to react for the whole situation. The packed highstreets became empty, the social events have
been cancelled – simply the world was not ready for this move. As we pass on, it seems like the humanity is losing the feel
and a sense of spiritual meaning of the current situation. No matter how we feel about that and how the next days will look like
– only person has everything under perfect control – Jesus Christ. If we look at the story of Israel – the chosen nation by God in
the Old Testament – we can find the exact reflection of us in these stories. Israel was going through very tough times in many
different occasions during a walk through the desert. But they always put a big trust into God’s hands
and that’s why they have survived every storm. Based on this biblical example, of the ancient Israel nation,
we can indicate the inspiration which should be found in our hearts. We, as a community of Marian brothers from our seminary, want to wish
everyone to put their trust and hope in Jesus’ and Holy Mary’s hands, therefore you can receive a peaceful touch
into your heart. In the Gospel Jesus said: Do not be afraid my child, just believe…
and I will take care of the rest. Stanislaw Papczynski, who is mainly known
as a founder of Marians Congregation, survived about dozen completely
different epidemy through his life. I’d like to concentrate specifically
on his epidemy overcoming. We all know, being in the grip of
coronavirus is not pleasant situation, though we believe there is something about
to learn by someone’s life experience. Our founder, in his youth
suffered epidemy in Lvov. He couldn’t provide himself any
safe place to stay and food. Because of his illness, he was imposed to
live on a street and beg for everything. St. Stanislaw claimed that
God showed him mercy by sending archangel Rafael known
from The Book of Tobias. Another time he had to run away because
of alien army approach too fast. After all, his life experience was
touched by suffer and failure, in which he explored that God is absolutely
able to save him and lead to joy and peace. His priesthood was emphasising
the Glory of God. Throughout every epidemy, he celebrated
Masses where people were healed not only spiritually but also physically. During personal blessing
people received cure. What might be remarkable for us,
he was blessing medicines as well, that were used to combat illness. Perhaps, we should think to put
the accent on blessing medicines, due to lack of
COVID-19’s medicine. We want you to know that across Poland priests,
monks, nuns and lay people pray for you. Every day at about 8:30 p.m. GMT +1 we offer a
rosary for those who suffer and who serves them. We hope that God is going
to stop pandemic problem. Let us be hopeful. Our Congregation was established
precisely to serve in this situation. We want to tell you that the love revealed
toward Immaculate Conception of Mary is the same love that God
want to show in your reality. Secondly, our main pray mission is to support
those who are dying and suffering from pandemic – we undeniably want
to fulfil our calling. It’s widely known, the Christianity is all about
the communion and close relationship with Jesus. That is why we’d like to
encourage you to confess, and continue to stay at home and pray, read
bible and also build relationship with family. In Poland we have more and more prayer
gathering through the social media – we use skype or messenger Certainly, in your country
similar process began. It is crucial to stay up to date
with the Church and the Word of God. Eventually, The Bible teaches that
as soon as Israel (equal the Church) come back to God and his teaching,
healing comes instantly. We’d like to challenge you to
confess and throw your sins away. Pease remember, there
is still ray of hope – continue to be patient and wait for
God’s move which will come anyway.

Jean Kelley



  1. Mariusz Mikolaj Janiszewski Posted on March 25, 2020 at 2:40 am

    Great job, Brothers. Keep doing it! God bless you!