April 4, 2020
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Faith And Patience Part 4

(Music) JERRY: Hello everyone.
I’m Jerry Savelle. Thank you for joining me today. I have with me
my oldest daughter, Jerriann and Jerri and I sure appreciate
you being with me over the last several weeks helping me
teach these lessons on faith and patience. JERRIANN: It’s
awesome! It’s what you taught me all my life. JERRY: Amen. Praise
God, and I’m glad to see you living by it and glad to see
God’s working in your life as well. By the way, Jerri has her
own ministry and any of you that have churches, your pastors or
have conferences that you’d like to invite her to, please do
so. We’ll put up her contact information on the screen so you
can contact her. She’s preaching all over the country. You
just got back from. JERRIANN: Arizona. JERRY: Arizona. I’m
proud of you. JERRIANN: Thank you! JERRY: All right. We’re
talking about faith and patience and I’m going to read once again
from Hebrews chapter six verse 12, that you be not slothful,
but followers of them who through faith and patience
inherit the promises. I’m going to ask you the same question
again. Do you want to inherit the promises? Do you want what
God has promised to come to pass in your life? Well, if you
do, then it requires these two spiritual forces operating in
your life. Number one, faith. Number two, patience. What is
faith? It’s simply confidence in God and in his word, and it’s
authority alone. And what is patience? It’s being consistent.
It’s being constant, never changing regardless of the
circumstances. So through faith and patience, you will
experience the fulfillment of the promises of God. And then I
want to read, we haven’t read this verse, uh, on the broadcast
up to this time since we’ve been teaching on faith and patience.
But I can’t close these lessons out without sharing it. It’s
Hebrews chapter 10, and in verse 35, cast not away, therefore,
your confidence without great recompense of reward for you
have need of patience. That after you’ve done the will
of God, you might receive the promise. Now another word for
confidence there in verse 35 is faith. Don’t cast away
your faith. You have need of patience. What is patience?
Consistency being constant, never changing regardless of
the circumstances. So here it is again in the book of Hebrews,
faith and patience. And what will they do? They will cause
you to be in position to receive the promises. Amen? So faith and
patience. Say it with me, Faith and patience. That’s what
is required if you want the promises of God to be fulfilled
in your life. Amen? JERRIANN: That’s so Good. This scripture
in Romans 8:25 The Passion it says, because our hope is set
on what is yet to be seen. We patiently keep on waiting for
its fulfillment. Amen. That’s so good because you can get to
a place where you get really weary. Galatians 6:9 tells
us that it says, don’t become wary. Let us not grow weary of
doing good for in due season, we will reap if we faint not. What
sadly happens though, is a lot of people give up right before
the manifestation or whatever they’re believing for. And I
remember dad telling a story when I was a little girl, you
want to, you’re in Oklahoma city. He was preaching there. He
had to get back to Fort Worth. JERRY: Actually I was in Denton,
Texas that morning. JERRY: Oh, okay. JERRY: And I had to get
back, but it’s the same highway. JERRIANN: Okay, so you’re on
I-35, JERRY: Yea, I-35 north. JERRY: And he had to get back I
think to preach that night. And the storm came, it was a, I mean
he, you said it was a big storm. People were pulling off on the
side of the road. JERRY: It was one of those storms where your
windshield wipers didn’t even help. JERRIANN: Didn’t even
help. but dad had to get back. So he was inching his way down
the highway and he said in just a matter of minutes, it was
sunshine and it was clear skies. And I remember you saying you
wanted to go back and tell those people. Come on, keep going.
JERRY: There was so many people pulled over and it was
dangerous, I mean, if I hadn’t been, uh, committed to be in
that service at six o’clock that night, I probably would have
pulled over too. But I knew I had to get there. I couldn’t, I
couldn’t delay, I couldn’t wait around. I didn’t know how long
the storm would last, so I just kept inching my way through it.
But when I broke through all of that, I really wanted to turn
around and go back and say, come on, guys. You can make it. It’s
just a short distance. You can make it. And that’s, that’s the
point that we’re endeavoring to make about faith and patience.
So many people give up just before the breakthrough is to
happen. And I’ve had the Lord say to me many times, uh, if, if
you knew what I knew, you’d be rejoicing because your
breakthrough is at hand. Don’t give up now. JERRIANN: This
scripture, I think you can relate to it because I certainly
do. This is David talking in Psalms 40 verse one, the passion
it says, I waited and I waited and I waited some more patiently
knowing God would come through for me. Then at last, you may
be at that place right now, but then it lasts. He bent down and
listened to my cry. He cares so much for you that he is
listening. He hears you, but you gotta be patience in that
waiting process. JERRY: You know what I would encourage you to do
with that verse? It’s Psalm 40 verse one from the passion
translation. We’ll have it on the screen, but I would
encourage you to take that and write it down on an index card
if they still sell index cards, write it on an index card or
write it on a sheet of paper, tape it to the mirror in
your bathroom. And when you’re getting dressed every morning,
read it out loud. I waited and waited and waited some more
patiently knowing God would come through for me and underline
that part. Knowing God would come through for me. Then at
last he bent down and listened to my cry. Keep that in front of
you. Why? Because faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the
word of God. Keep the word in front of you and, and it helps
you to stay focused, that no matter what you’re going
through, and no matter how impossible it looks, you are
going to wait and then you’re going to wait and then you’re
going to wait and you’re just going to keep on waiting until
it comes to pass. So what? What are we saying? Quitting is not
an option. Quitting is not an option. Amen. So listen to this
verse in Psalm 30 verse 15, for in the Lord, do I hope. Psalm
39:7 my hope is in the now hope is a confident expectation.
It’s a confident expectation and where’s our hope in God and if
it’s in God, it’s in his word and how long do we keep hoping?
We just keep hoping continually. Keep expecting every moment of
our life. Keep expecting that your breakthrough is about
to come through for you. Watch this announcement.
We’re going to be back in just a few
moments. Continue talking about the importance
of faith and patience. ANNOUNCER: Did you know patience
is one of the greatest keys to receiving from God? It’s through
faith and patience that you obtain the promises of God.
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victory is on the way. If you stand strong and stay the
course, you will see God’s favor and blessing. Call or go online
now to Jerrysavelle.org. JERRY: You’ve to get
these resources, Faith and Patience by
Jerriann. Quitting is Not an Option for CDs that I
taught, uh, sometime back and my little book on
the life of faith. This is a powerful book even though it’s
thin, it’s small, but it’s jam packed with revelation,
knowledge and inspiring words that will cause your faith to go
to another level. So I want to encourage you to place your
order very quickly. We’ll meet, mention it again at the end of
the broadcast. Okay. Now we’re going to get back into our
lesson talking about faith and patience. And Jerriann has some
things written down that she has learned, uh, about, uh, faith
and patience that has been of great benefit to her. So I’ve
asked her to share them with you right now. So, Jerriann, go
for it. JERRIANN: Well, the last year or so when I was believing
God for some things in my life and I didn’t see it happening
and I would get frustrated and like, Lord, why is this taking
so long? I felt like he gave me these things and I want to share
him with you. But before I do, I found this scripture last night.
It’s Proverbs 28:25 it says, to make rash, hasty decision shows
that you’re not trusting the Lord. Ouch. I’ve been
there before or I tried to do something in my own power, my
own, my, my own strength because I got in a hurry because I
didn’t think it was happening quick enough. JERRY: Impatience.
JERRIANN: Yes, impatience. But God’s timing is the best timing.
You want his timing in her life. So a few things I want to share
with you in that waiting on God in that middle place that you’re
at right now in your life. The first one is to remember what
dad and I have been talking about the last several weeks is
remember that God is faithful to his word. When you settle that
down on the inside of your heart that he’s faithful, that he is
not a God that will lie, that he’s faithful to his promises.
Then you can rest in that. You know when my dad tells me
something, when he says, Jerri, I’m going to do this for you.
I don’t think about it again, because I trust his word. I
believe in him because he’s faithful to his word.
Well, think how much more your heavenly father is faithful to
you. So when in that waiting process, when you’re like,
why is it taking so long? Just remember number one, that God is
faithful to his words. Hebrews 10:23 it says that he’s
reliable. He sure any steadfast to his promises. The second
thing that the Lord taught me to do in that waiting process is
recall what he’s done for me in the past. If he’s done something
for you in your life and you remember it, then recall that
thing and say, Oh wait, he did that for me. Then he’s going to
get me out of this thing. Now. JERRY: I got a great scripture
to go that. Psalm 42:5 and the King James says, why art thou
cast down O my soul and why art thou disquieted in me hope now
in God for I show yet praise him for the help of his countenance.
Now the message translation says, when my soul is down in
the dumps, I rehearse everything I know about you. JERRIANN:
That’s so good. That’s the recalling is the rehearsing what
he’s done. You know, years ago I was a CFO here at Jerry Savelle
ministries and we would watch God do miraculous things in
our finances and things we were believing for projects and I had
sitting on my desk this little flip chart, this little Rolodex
thing, and every time we came up against a major obstacle or,
some financial need, I would flip through that chart of what
he’d done then and what he’d done. Then I’d flip it. I
remember, Oh, we did this. Oh, we got the engine for the plane
here, or he got us out of this jam or the finances we were, and
I would just flip that chart, reminding myself that if he had
done it, then he could do it for us now. So you recall those
things that he’s done in your life because the enemy’s going
to say to you, it’s never going to happen. God’s not going to
show up for you. But I know that he has at Some point in your
life. JERRY: That’s exactly what David did when he faced Goliath.
JERRIANN: Yes, the lion and the bears. JERRY: He said, God had
delivered him from the lion and the bear and this uncircumcised
Philistine will not be any different. So he recalled what
God had already done for him in the past and that gave him the
courage and the confidence that God would do it again. JERRIANN:
Right? So good. So number one, remembering that God is faithful
to his word. Number two is recalling what he’s done for you
in the past. And the third thing the Lord dealt with me about his
worship in the waiting. You know you confuse the enemy when
you worship in the waiting. It doesn’t make sense. Maybe you’re
believing God for something right now. Well, just lift your
hands. Daddy talked about this on a previous show. Just lift
your hands right now and thank God in advance. It’s so
powerful. JERRY: Psalm 71:14 says, but I shall hope
continually. In other words, I’ll never give up. And yet
while I praise thee more and more. So while you’re resting in
your hope and staying in faith, then add to it Thanksgiving
and praise. Because once again, Thanksgiving and praise is one
of the greatest expressions of faith when you can praise
God, when you haven’t even seen anything happened yet. When you
can offer God, thanks. When it looks like it’s never going to
come to pass, that’s one of the greatest expressions of faith.
I’ve used this illustration often in a church where I’m
preaching. I’ll walk over to the pastor and I’ll say, Pastor, if
you told me before I left this service today, brother Jerry,
before you go home, uh, I’d like to buy you a new suit. I would
reach out in my hand and take his hand in my hand and I would
offer him thanks right there. I’d say, well, thank you Pash
that’s very kind of you and notice I’m thanking him even
before I’ve seen the suit and then I always add this. What
would you people think of me if I said to this pastor who
just promised me a suit? Well, pastor, if you don’t mind, I’ll
save the thank you a until I see the suit. He has every right
to say, well, going home, boy, you’re not going to get a suit
because you need to learn some manners and you know, but we do
God that way all the time. As soon as it happens, then I’ll
praise you. No, I’m praising or I’m thanking that pastor
before I even see the suit. Why? Because I’m believing. Well, he
wouldn’t have made the statement if he didn’t intend to back it.
Right. Well, that’s exactly what I’m doing with God. God, you
never would have made this statement in the book, your
book, the Bible. You never would’ve made this promise in
the Bible if you didn’t intend to back it. So I believe I’ll go
ahead and praise you in advance. JERRIANN: So good. The fourth
thing I want to talk to you about is to speak and talk and
confess as if that thing you’re believing God for is already
manifested in your life. Now, I grew up learning this. We
talk the word, we know what our confession, I mean your
confession, your words are powerful. And when you put those
words out in the atmosphere, it goes out and it does what you’re
speaking it to do. I know of a girl that was believing God to
have a baby. She couldn’t have a baby, but she kept saying, when
my baby arrives, when my baby arrives, when my baby arrives,
her baby arrived. So I encourage you, speak and, talk and
confess as if that thing you’re believing God for has
manifested. JERRY: You know, uh, I prayed for a lot of couples
over the years that for some reason, medically, physically,
whatever, couldn’t conceive, couldn’t have a child. And
I’ve got literally hundreds of testimonies of people telling me
after I prayed with them, coming to agreement with them that
they did conceive and send us pictures of the child and so
forth. But some of them would even do this. Not only would
they leave the meeting talking it, but they went home and they
started planning for it and they set up a nursery in their house.
They bought the stuff. Faith without corresponding actions is
void of power. And, and uh, one lady even said, we were
believing for a boy and we just, you know, we would’ve been happy
with a girl as well, but we just knew in our heart that our first
child was supposed to be a boy. So they decorated the, you
know, with boy furniture and the colors that a baby boy would
have. And sure enough, they had the baby boy. I mean, one time I
was preaching at a full gospel meeting and this, this, uh, goes
way back. It’ll, it’ll age me, you know, the full gospel
meeting in Decatur, Illinois. I’ll never forget it. And I’m
sitting on the front row and the emcee of the meeting is
introducing me and he says, brother Jerry, come on up. And I
started up to the platform and this lady stood up and held up a
baby and said, brother Jerry, I have you to thank for this. I
said, lady, clarify. She’s, Oh, I’m sorry. She embarrassed. She
said, we couldn’t have a baby the last time you were here and
you prayed for us. Look, we have a baby. That’s what I meant.
I said, thank you very much. JERRIANN: That’s awesome. Well
that’s my next point is to plan as if it’s already here. Plan
and prepare. That thing you’re believing God for is already
happening in your life. You don’t sit around and like, well,
when it happens, no, you take faith steps, put legs to your
faith and do what you need to do to get yourself ready. Dad tells
a story and he talked about his first airplane on it, but he
tells the funniest story about believing God for an airplane,
but the Lord told him, you want to tell about the hangar? JERRY:
The Lord said, uh, you know, based on Mark 11:23 and 24,
what things soever you desire, believe you receive them and you
shall have them. And so the Lord asked me one day, he said, do
you really believe you have an airplane? I said, yes, I do. He
said, why aren’t you acting like it? I said, well, I thought I
was, I’m talking to you. And he said, well, where do you plan
on keeping it? You can’t keep it you backyard. I said, no, I’m
going to keep it at the airport in a hanger. He said, do you
have a hanger? I said, no. He said, why not? I said, well,
I’m waiting for the airplane. He said, I thought you said you
believe he had an airplane. So he got me. He said, faith
without corresponding actions is void of power. That’s in the
book of James. He said, get an, get a hanger for your airplane.
Well, the airplane hasn’t manifested yet. And so I went
out to Meacham field here in Fort worth. I didn’t even
know who to talk to. And so I’ve talked, spoke around, you know,
and I said, who do I need to see about a hanger renting a hangar?
So they directed me to the right person. So I went to his office
and I said, I’d like to rent a hangar. He said, well, we have
a waiting list. He said, uh, I can’t promise you one right
away. He said, but I’ll let you fill out an application. So he
gave me the application and it wrote, it said, name, name of
business, uh, you know, address, phone number. And then it said
description of airplane. Well, I left it blank because I didn’t
know what kind of airplane the Lord going to give me. Said a
single engine, twin engine, turbo jet. I didn’t know I left
it blank. In number. I didn’t know the in number. I hadn’t got
the airplane in the natural yet. I left it blank. So the
only thing I could do on that application that was left on
the upgrade was sign my name. I handed it back to him. He
said, you didn’t complete the application. I said, uh, I
filled in everything I know. He said, well, do you have an
airplane? I said, yes, I have an airplane. He said, but you don’t
know what kind it is. I said, uh, no. I don’t know what kind
it is. He said, you don’t even know the in number. I said, no,
I don’t know the in number. He said, well, is it a single,
twin, turbo, jet? I said, I don’t know that either. He said,
do you really have an airplane? I said, yes sir, I do. He said,
well, why don’t you know these things? He said, we only rent
hangers to people that know these things, and I had my new
Testament in my pocket. I pulled it out and a little new
testement to Hebrews 11. Now, faith is the substance of things
forward. The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of
things not seen. I said, sir, I don’t know if you understand
this or not, but I am believing God for an airplane and
according to Mark 11:23 and 24 and Hebrews chapter 11 I must
believe I receive it before it can happen. And in James chapter
two it says, faith without corresponding actions is void of
power, so I need a hanger so I will have corresponding actions.
He said, no, I don’t understand that. I said, well, it’s not
important for you to understand that it’s important for me
to understand it, so I need a hanger. He said, well, we don’t
have a hanger available, and if we did only rent them out to
people who actually have an airplane. I said, sir, look
at this, and I read to him the amplified verse. Faith is the
title deed to things hoped for and things not seen. I said, I
have a car outside. It’s my car. You want me to show it to you?
It’s my car, but I didn’t bring the title deed, but it is my
car. I don’t have an airplane outside that I can show you, but
I do have title deed to it. My faith is my title deed. He said,
well, I still don’t understand that. I said, it’s not
important. You understand it, it’s important I understand it.
Now do I get a hanger? He said, I can’t give you an hangar.
There’s a waiting list and even if there was one available, I
only give them the people who actually have airplanes. I said,
okay, here’s my final word to you, are you a Christian? He
said, Oh yes, I’m a Christian. I said, when you get to heaven, if
you died tomorrow and you got to heaven and God asks you, why
didn’t you give Jerry Savelle a hanger, you prevented him from
having an airplane. Can you live with it? He said, no, I’ll give
you my hanger. So he gave me his hanger and I had a hanger. It
was just a matter of few days, the airplane manifested.
JERRIANN: That’s funny. That’s a good story. So I just want to
encourage you of course, be led by the Holy spirit. JERRY:
Right, don’t do what I did just because I did it. JERRIANN:
Exactly. Be led by the Holy spirit, but step out and
whatever it is you need to do to prepare yourself and get ready
for what that thing is that you’re believing God for. They
can’t do that. Don’t just sit around and wait, like do what
you need to do. JERRY: Did you get to cover all your points?
JERRY: No, I thought we’d do it when we come back. JERRY: Ok,
we’ll finish it when we come back. Watch this announcement
and we will be right back. ANNOUNCER: Did you know patience
is one of the greatest keys to receiving from God? It’s through
faith and patience that you obtain the promises of God.
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your copy of the faith and patience special package. Your
victory is on the way. If you stand strong and stay the
course, you will see God’s favor and blessing. Call or go
online now to Jerrysavelle.org. JERRIANN: You may be right now
in that waiting process. You’re waiting and believing God and
you’re standing and the Lord has shared with me these six things
is to remember that God is faithful to his word, to recall
what he’s done for you in the past, to worship in the waiting,
and then to speak and confess and talk as if that thing has
already happened. The fifth thing to prepare and plan as
if it’s happened, and the sixth thing I’ve grown up knowing this
is sow seed, you always sow seed towards whatever it is your
believing God for. And that doesn’t always have to be money.
You sow seed in friendships, you should sow seed in your time,
but sow as seed towards whatever your believing God for. JERRY:
Well, James chapter two makes this statement and it verifies
what she’s saying here. It’s talking about Abraham, When he
was asked offer his son Isaac on the altar, Isaac became
Abraham’s offering and it says in verse 22, seeing thou, how
faith wrought with works and by works was faith made perfect.
Now another translation, amplified, another says that
Abraham added some corresponding actions to his faith through
making Isaac an offering. And it says when he was willing to sow
Isaac as an offering, and what was, what was a Abraham
believing for. God had promised that from Isaac would come a
mighty nation, his seed would become a mighty nation. Well,
Abraham knew that dead boys can’t produce that. And so he
was willing to lay him on the alter and he was prepared to go
all the way. And God’s stopped him and said, Abraham, I know
that you trust me. And Abraham’s willingness to, sow Isaac, as
an offering, the Bible says his faith was made perfect. And
another translation says his faith reached Supreme
expression. That’s why you need to sow a seed. If you’re
believing God for a miracle, a breakthrough in your life, not
only talk it not only prepared to stand for it and don’t give
up, not only a praise God in advance, but sow a seed,
because sowing a seed causes your faith to reach Supreme
expression. So do that. Pray about where to sow a seed
and cause your faith to reach Supreme expression and just get
ready. You’ll break through its own its way. Thank you for
joining us today. Don’t forget our special offer resource
package. Go to Jerrysavelle.org and, uh, all the ordering
information is there and we look forward to ministering to you
again next week. So until then, remember your faith
will overcome the world.

Jean Kelley