August 25, 2019
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Fair Housing: Religion and Creed

Oh, heh. Howdy, friends! Preacher, here! You know, friends, we are gathered here today to recognize that Fair Housing laws in the United States give you the freedom to worship following your own beliefs and to live where you want to! Have you ever felt like the enemy rose up against you to reject your housing application because of your beliefs? Have you ever been denied the chance to live in an available rental unit because of your religious expression? Have you been harassed at your apartment complex because of what you believe? Well, friends. If so, just call 1-800-765-9372 to file a complaint. Now, Fair Housing laws protect you from religious discrimination. How you worship should not limit where you live. Now, this video is brought to you by the Fair Housing Implementation Council & Housing Link. God bless you, friends! Amen!

Jean Kelley