April 9, 2020
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well I was not expecting this if you’d have said to me just a couple of weeks ago that I’d be introducing our first ever Welcome Church online just wouldn’t have believed you but here we are
a lot has changed in the last couple of weeks nations have been shut down the coronavirus is spreading and our government have put the greatest restrictions on this nation since the Second World War a lot has changed in a short amount of time because of the government recommendations
we’re not able to meet together as a church but I am excited to be able to present to you this morning Welcome Church online and we’re gonna have a great time together this morning we’ve recorded this ahead of time so we can put subtitles on it for those that need them we also are launching this as a watch party that means you can interact you can click emojis you can comment on the side why not invite someone to join you to watch Welcome Church online this morning we are gonna have a great time together let me tell you what you have got in store this morning shortly Steve Petch our Lead Pastor is going to give us a great message of hope in this time of uncertainty and later on instead of live worship as we would normally do on a Sunday we’re going to provide you with links to
YouTube and Spotify to some worship playlists for you to enjoy as this online meeting comes to a close we will also provide you with some links to help you know how you can stay connected or begin to connect with Welcome Church
during this time but for now I’m really pleased to introduce Steve Petch who’s going to bring a message that’s going to do you
good this morning okay hi everyone thank you so much for listening today
thank you so much for for watching this video I’m Steve Petch, I’m the Lead Pastor here at Welcome Church based in Woking it’s great that you’ve taken some time out to be with us today let me start by saying a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums and the grandmas out there I’m sure this is not the Mother’s Day that you were expecting but I hope you manage to have a lovely day anyway what a season we are in at the moment I’ve never known a time anything like it our country and our
world is being turned upside down by something that’s actually too small to
see with the naked eye a tiny little virus called coronavirus or COVID-19 it may be tiny but the truth is it has absolutely had a huge impact and I guess none of us have experienced this within our lifetime now because of this crisis our current preaching series has been put on hold we were talking about living life with contentment but instead I’m going to talk to us about facing this giant challenge because that’s what this is as I said the virus may be tiny but the challenge it’s created has affected all of us now let’s just reflect for a moment on some of what’s actually been happening some of the key things that we’ve seen I mean events all around the world have been cancelled including sporting events and festivals and holidays and even people’s weddings that have been cancelled and postponed stock markets have crashed to crazy low levels supermarkets have found that the shelves have been completely stripped of goods social interaction is now being discouraged between us and we’re supposed to be at home working from home if we possibly can school children or most of them are now at home and that’s going to be interesting for parents up and down the country for sure some businesses are facing ruin and I know that people have already lost their jobs in this crisis travel is being discouraged in some places it’s shut down altogether
countries have closed their borders perhaps more seriously hospital operations have been cancelled for some as well to free up resources for the National Health Service worst of all many thousands and thousands of people all around the world have become ill and many thousands have also died including some in this nation so can we please today take some time to pray after this message why don’t you take some time to pray pray particularly for those who are still out working and not actually at home because of their job I’m thinking for a start of the National Health Service workers but it’s much more than them let’s think of of teachers who are going in to keep schools open for those that need to be there let’s think of emergency service workers, of cleaners, care workers, shelf stackers in supermarkets, delivery drivers, till workers, refuse collectors, postman and post women, transport workers there are so many people who are still keeping this country running and going out and about while this is on I would encourage us to pray for them today for their safety, their protection and their well-being and if you know one why don’t you thank them my wife Jo is still required to go into work every day as a head teacher even though with asthma she’s on the at-risk list and I know she’s not alone in serving our country in that way like many others we need to be keeping them in our prayers and let’s be praying as well for people who have lost jobs already or who are at risk of doing so we’re hearing about those situations as a church as well now we’ve been warned that this may get worse before it gets better coronavirus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and the disruption to our lives is
going to continue for some time ahead perhaps the restrictions may get stronger and perhaps be enforced in different ways as well and of course along the way in all likelihood some of us are going to get ill we could even lose people who we know and love to this virus we now actually do have confirmed cases of coronavirus affecting people who are part of our church family so we need to be praying for them as well and if you want to do that do join in with our online prayer meetings that we’ll be doing through ‘zoom’ and if you need to know more information about that do please ask us now let’s get into the Bible truth is challenging times like this have happened all the way through history this isn’t the first plague or the first disaster to affect our nation or our world they’ve happened lots of times
before a good example that comes to mind is one that was around exactly a hundred years ago right now because from 1918 through to 1920 there was an influenza pandemic that was called the Spanish Flu in fact over 50 million people died
during that influenza pandemic in fact it started just as the First World War came to an end but it killed two and a half times as many people as that conflict did and that particular pandemic particularly affected people who are in their 20s and 30s they were the ones who died the most that makes it different from coronavirus which seems to mainly be affecting older people though we should be warned not exclusively but these situations will happen through time and although they’ve happened through history this is a first for our generation of course the greatest impact that anyone of us is going to feel is the impact on our own life personally cancellations, disappointments, financial challenges, sickness day by day I know people are living with the fear that someone that we know and love might be struck down by this or maybe it’ll affect ourselves and then there’s the need to put food on the table when supermarket shelves are genuinely empty and this picture I want to show you right now was taken in Morrison’s in Woking on Thursday so that is just this week and then of course we’ve also got the worry of what might happen to our job or what might happen to our finances so many worries as I said the virus is tiny but the challenge for us as individuals, and as a church, and as a town, and as a nation and even as a planet is huge so how can we face the giant and get through these days well well the people of Israel in the Bible had a time when they had to deal with the giant as well and there’s an amazing lesson that we can learn from that moment and that will really help us as we deal with what we’re dealing with so what I want to do is I want to read
the story from the Bible it’s a story that many of us have heard of and maybe familiar with the story of David and Goliath and it’s found in the Bible in 1 Samuel Chapter 17 and I want to read some bits of it won’t read every word but I’ll read some of it and comment as we go and then I want us to find this huge lesson that we can learn, that’s gonna help us each one of us personally to cope with these challenging times and to face them with grace and with confidence so I’m going to start at Verse 1 it says this: “now the Philistines gathered their forces for war and assembled at Sokoh in Judah…” just to help set the scene by the way the Philistines were enemies of the nation of Israel at that time so Verse 2: “Saul [was king Saul] and the Israelites gathered they assembled and camped in the Valley of Elah and they drew up their battle line to meet the Philistines the Philistines occupied one hill and the Israelites another with a valley between them the champion named Goliath who was from Gath came out of the Philistine camp his height was six cubits and a span” let me just clarify that’s a lot of height six cubits and a span apparently adds up to about
9 foot and 9 inches so this is a giant of a man I mean absolute freak of human nature, he’s huge, he is terrifying verse 5: “he had a bronze helmet on his head he wore a coat of scale armor made of bronze that weighed five thousand shekels” and apparently that’s about 58 kilos so a really heavy weight there “on his legs he wore bronze greaves and he had a bronze javelin on his back and his spear shaft was the size of a weaver’s rod” which I’m told he’s big I don’t know exactly what that is but apparently that’s big and it’s iron point weighed 600 shekels, which is about seven kilos just imagine that guy he is huge, he’s nearly ten feet tall, he’s terrifying and he is ready to kill verse 8: “Goliath stood and shouted to the ranks of Israel “why do you come out and line up for battle? am I not a Philistine and are you not the servants of King Saul? choose a man and have him come down to me if he is able to fight and kill me we will all become your subjects but if I overcome him and kill him you will become our subjects and serve us” and then the Philistine said: “this day I defy the armies of Israel! give me a man let us fight each other” on hearing the Philistines words, Saul and all the Israelites were dismayed and terrified now this scene is easy enough to imagine
you’ve got two armies facing each other across a valley and this giant of a man steps forward and makes the challenge he’s big, he’s scary, he’s all muscles, he’s armed to the teeth and he’s looking forward to slaughtering someone,
he’s really gonna enjoy this moment and then he makes this crazy offer so instead of both armies having a full-on war how about we settle it with a battle just
between the two of us me versus absolutely any one of you you choose winner takes all now that sounds like a reasonable way to avoid a whole lot of bloodshed except we have to realize it’s not a real offer Goliath is actually taunting them, he’s enjoying it his aim is simply to fill them with fear that’s his whole goal is to make them afraid 9 foot tall, built like a gorilla, this isn’t a fair fight Goliath is gonna annihilate anyone who steps forward so the whole army of Israel became too terrified to do anything and as we read the story it tells us that this standoff went on for 40 days and this is just putting terror and actually shame into the whole of Israel’s army now to get out of this situation what Israel needed to find was a champion and they found one in someone you just would not have expected it was a young shepherd boy his name is David who wasn’t even part of the army and he stepped forward I’m going to read from Verse 32: David said to King Saul “let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him” now that sounds great of course except David was just a teenage boy and if he lost they all lost if David went down, Israel went down Goliath would be coming for them next so Saul replied “you are not able to go out and fight against this Philistine you’re only a young man he’s been a warrior from his youth” but David said to Saul “your servant has been keeping his father’s sheep when a lion or a bear came and carried off a sheep from the flock I went after it struck it and rescued the sheep from its mouth when it turned on me I seized it by its hair struck it and killed it your servant has killed both the lion
and the bear this Philistine will just be like one of them because he has defied the armies of the Living God the Lord who rescued me from the poor of the lion and the poor of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this
Philistine so Saul said to David “go and the Lord be with you” now to me that creates a question and it’s this how desperate did Saul really have to be to send a teenage boy out as the representative of the army of Israel a young lad who’s never been trained never been in the army, he’s the one we’re
going to send out to fight Goliath we’re going to put all our hopes into this
teenager lad I mean David’s not a soldier, he’s a shepherd but there was something here that convinced Saul this was worth the try and you have to wonder why well actually here are my thoughts and it’s
not very pretty you see a lot of men in Israel’s army were probably waiting for Saul to step up to this fight Goliath was a giant man but we’re told in the Bible that so was Saul you see in the Bible it tells us that Saul was very tall it actually says this that Saul stood head and shoulders above all the rest of the Israelites he’s a tall guy himself there are two Giants in this story the problem is one of them is an absolute coward King Saul wasn’t quite as tall as Goliath for sure but he was the tallest they had he was a trained soldier he’s the king he’s got his armour he’s got his weapons and yet he sends
out a young boy instead why does he do that? I think it comes down to one thing and it’s fear in fact in the story as you read it you find that Saul actually makes David what looks like a lovely offer he says would you like to wear my
king’s armour to go out and fight in sounds lovely till you think what’s going on probably what Saul is thinking is this if he goes out in my army, in my armour sorry people will think it’s me I think I’ve gone out to do the job David isn’t taken in by this he actually refused the offer saying that your armour doesn’t fit me but it’s amazing what lengths fear can drive us to let’s see what actually happened when the battle took place this is verse 40 David took his staff in his hand he chose five smooth stones from the stream he put them in the pouch of his Shepherds bag and then with his sling in
his hand he approached the Philistine the Philistine looked David over and saw
that he was little more than a boy glowing with health and handsome and he
despised him he said to David “am I a dog, that you’re coming at me with sticks?” and the Philistine cursed David by his gods “come here” he said “I’m gonna give your
flesh to the birds and the wild animals” but David said to the Philistine “you
come against me with sword and spear and javelin I come against you in the name
of the Lord Almighty the God of the armies of Israel whom you have defied this day the Lord will deliver you into my hands and I’ll strike you down and cut off your head this very day I will give the carcasses of the Philistine
army to the birds and the wild animals and the whole world will know that there
is a God in Israel all those gathered here will know that it is not by sword
or spear that the Lord saves for the battle is the Lord’s and He will give
all of you into our hands as the Philistine moved closer to attack him
David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet him reaching into his bag and
taking out a stone he slung it and it struck the Philistine on the forehead the stone sank into his forehead and he fell face down on the ground so David triumphed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone without a sword in his hand he struck the Philistine and killed him and we discover as we read on that he drew Goliath sword and cut his head off and took it to King Saul what a story what an amazing moment that is an iconic
moment from the Bible one that’s into our common culture of David and Goliath
the situation we might talk about David the shepherd boy kills Goliath the giant
with a single stone from a sling shot David saved the nation in time he actually went on to be the king of Israel and is still considered to have
been Israel’s greatest ever King he went from being a shepherd of sheep to being the shepherd over God’s people so what can we learn here how can we apply it to the situation we’re in right now well the first thing to say is this we are not going to destroy coronavirus with us slingshot and a stone hey it’s possible in time that someone will come up with some kind of treatment something in science, a vaccine, antibodies and we’ll be able to deal with it that way I hope that happens but the solution for us facing this crisis down is not simply to be braver not simply to have more faith we actually do need to take care to avoid this virus that’s not a lack of faith, it’s wisdom I said last week we believe in the power of prayer,
we also believe in the power of soap so lets be washing our hands and following the guidance that we’re given but what then can we learn? well the first learning for me from this is this facing a big challenge reveals what’s actually inside us just imagine the scene as Israel actually went to war I mean war wasn’t new for them like they did this all the time they were soldiers, it was actually a time of year when all the nations went to war in the spring is even talked about in the Bible there would have been bragging, there would have been swagger there would have been brandishing
weapons I mean it’s just a bunch of squaddies all trained up and ready to go
and fight and when the giant came forward what was hidden in their hearts
was revealed because under all their this their swaggering fear had a hold on them any bravado, any bragging they may have done as they walked up to the front line was long gone their fear was uncovered but I want us to consider a question what has coronavirus revealed about what’s in your heart? just pause and reflect what’s your response been? how have you behaved in response to it? more than that what are your feelings about this been? has it being anxiety? what changes might be ahead for me? has it been stress? just trying to adjust life and hold life together somehow and dealing with these kids at home under my feet for weeks has it been disappointment? maybe something important’s been cancelled or in your life I mean these
things are all normal perhaps it’s been selfishness the truth is there’s been a
lot of that on display as you can see from that supermarket photo I showed
earlier but the biggest thing I’ve seen the thing that has been most on display
and nearest the surface with everybody I’ve spoken to has been fear will I have enough to eat? will I lose my job? will I get sick? what might happen to me and the ones I love?
and in particular my children will someone I love actually
die? I actually think the biggest giant that we face here is not coronavirus but
fear that’s the big one that’s gripping us now part of the reason for bit fear being so prevalent is that what’s happened is undermining lots of things we usually can trust in things that we have taken for granted as the basis of
our daily lives have been swept away and it’s absolutely rocked our world maybe
those things are not as reliable as we thought they were no wonder we feel fear now of course Christians are called to trusting God the Bible tells us that God is our Father, our provider and our protector perhaps this kind of event really exposes how much we actually do trust him as our other supports get
taken away just worth reflecting in each of our lives what has this revealed to you about your own life and your own faith? you see if our faith counts at all it counts in moments like this to experience fear right now is absolutely not a surprise at all but if we stay in that place that’s a problem and we don’t have to stay there I believe we can all overcome fear and Jesus wants to help us do that His offer of help and strength is available to absolutely all of us He invites every one of us to put our trust
in Him that won’t make us immune from the disease it’s not a guarantee that nothing bad could happen to us Jesus never promises that but He does promise to walk through all of life’s challenges with us that we can know his presence as a help in times of trouble when when Jo and I had small children, they were all grown up now, but when our children was small they would sometimes wake up in the night upset it would be dark and they might shout or cry from their bedroom but mum or dad coming into the room
would really calm their fear just putting on the lamp sitting with them fear would be banished very quickly right now a lot of people are terrified they feel that there’s darkness ahead and they can’t see where they’re going and and people are kind of thrashing around in the dark in many ways that’s true but through faith in Jesus we can know
the presence of a Heavenly Father who brings light into our life and banishes
our fears so how do we deal with this giant called fear right now? you see the story of David and Goliath reveals an amazing truth to us but to access that
truth we have to understand the story properly and there are a couple of ways
that this story has often been misunderstood and you know I’ve seen it done in churches and preaching as well so a couple of misunderstandings the first misunderstanding is this is that this story points us towards courage the Israelites were afraid David was brave we need to be like David,
you should be brave if we’re brave, if we’re courageous enough we can face down the giants in our lives all we need is enough courage and a belief that God is with us come on, be brave, you can do it you’ll probably even find that the giant was not as bad as you thought it was you might feel small in this situation or that
situation but if you’re courageous you can overcome any problem sounds simple – a nice morality lesson for children about being brave that is not what we’re meant
to take away from this story at all there’s another misunderstanding I’ve
heard which is this this story points us towards faith the Israelites were afraid because they lacked faith but David had faith in God so David triumphed over his fear by faith we need to have faith in God like David did we mustn’t give in to unbelief in our lives like the Israelites did if we’ve got enough faith anything will be possible we can see giants come tumbling down so have more faith you can do it if you believe and trust God enough any of the Israelites could have done it but only David actually did so be like David and step out in faith again absolutely not what we’re meant to take from this story but those two misunderstandings are very common it points towards bravery it
points towards faith no, no, no… now I’m not against courage and I’m not against faith and perhaps there are other parts of the Bible we could go to, to talk about that they’re good things but they’re just not the point of this story to understand this story and find its true meaning we have to realise something else this story actually points us towards Jesus you see the Bible is really a book about God it all points to Jesus all of it does from beginning to end and this story which was a real event that really
happened in real history it’s not a myth or a fable it’s a real story what we’ve got when reading the book of 1 Samuel is a book of history the author is telling us what actually happened but to find its true meaning we have to
understand that God used the history of his people to talk to us all about Jesus it’s all about Jesus he’s a centre point of human history God who’s in control of history designed it like that now think about this question just to help you understand it in this story, what part do you think that you or I might be playing? if this story reveals truth about God to us where are we in the story? do you see yourself as needing to be like David? I’ve got to be brave like that young
shepherd boy was up against the giant, is that our role? no it’s not our role in this story we play a different part we get to sit in the seat of the scared and terrified Israelites that’s where we belong we are the ones facing a giant that terrorises us and which we are completely unable to deal with on our own Israel was faced with a fear they couldn’t overcome a problem they did not have the resources to deal with and the bottom line is this Israel needed a saviour and so do we! our town needs a Saviour our nation and the nations need a saviour and you and I need a Saviour too Goliath when he stepped forward demanded something he demanded that one representative of the
people was put forward to stand in the place of them all he demanded that one person step up and said that the fate of everyone would be decided by what happened to that one individual his defeat would be the defeat of the whole
nation his victory would be the victory of them all and as David went forward to that battle he risked his life on behalf of all of Israel all their faith were rolled up into what happened to David what was attributed to him would
be attributed to them all now David did an amazing job that day he actually had
incredible courage and incredible faith and that stone flew right to the
correct spot and the giant came straight down probably guided by the hand of God but that’s not meant as a model for how we can defeat the giants in our own lives as though we can slingshot a stone of faith that our problems and all will be well it actually shows us that what we need is a saviour we need someone to come and defeat the giants in our lives on our behalf and the Bible tells us that that person exists in fact the Bible tells us that there was a greater
David who David’s whole life pointed to and that greater David is called Jesus David was king of Israel Jesus is King of Kings Jesus was born as a physical descendant of King David but he was greater than him he was actually the Son of God Jesus is the eternal Savior and he’s the saviour we really need we can’t battle the giants and our lives on our own the giant of fear is far too big for
you were right to handle on our own we could try to squash it down but it just
gets back up again and starts trampling around on all our best intentions to win this battle we need a champion to win it for us we need Jesus and Jesus is so much greater than David David risked his life to rescue Israel Jesus gave His life to save and rescue us the giant David defeated was really just a big man but the giant Jesus defeated was so much more than that what Jesus really overcame was the giants of sin and death on our behalf every spiritual enemy ever
ranged against us was defeated in Jesus and as he died on that cross as Jesus was crucified he paid the price for all our wrongdoing so that everything that stood between us and God was dealt with and now he offers a relationship with God to us John 3 verse 16 and 17 says this it says “for God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him might not perish
but everlasting life for God didn’t send his son into the world to condemn the world but to save the world through him” that’s why Jesus came our new David he came to rescue us like David with Israel Jesus stepped forward as our representative to deal
with what causes us fear including the greatest fear we have the fear of death and what lies beyond which really is often at the root of all our fear if we put our trust in Jesus he promises to forgive us, he promises us an eternal life that goes beyond the grave once we know we have that we can’t lose because even if we die, we live in the Bible,
it tells us that when we put our trust in Jesus we are seen by God as being “in Christ” that’s actually the phrase it uses “in Christ” Jesus, it means stands as our representative and we are in him in the same way that all of Israel was caught up in in David as he went forward to fight that day what Jesus did counts for us his victory over sin is our victory over sin his victory over death is our victory over
death you see Jesus was perfect he never sinned, he never failed,
yet he gave His life in our place but Jesus didn’t stay dead by his resurrection he defeated death death no longer has the final word in our lives we have hope we may suffer all sorts of challenges in these days ahead we may end up mourning but we will not mourn like those who have no hope because Jesus was raised to life and if we’re in him if we put our trust in him we can be raised too you see the real message is this that what Jesus won can be credited to us and if we believe in him
we get to share in his eternal life he’s the saviour that you and I really need and that our town and our nation really needs Jesus has opened the way for us to know God as our friend and our father and it really changes everything you see when God’s your father in times of fear you can know him walking into
the room of your life in the darkness and switching on his light which
banishes all fear and calming your fears David was a shepherd who became a king
over a nation but Jesus told us he was The Good Shepherd he’s the King of Kings
and he wants to be the king over your life and your friend as well I just want to read Psalm 23 to finish with It was written by King David but really it points us to Jesus and it’s a perfect Psalm for this season in the life of our nation it says this: the LORD is my shepherd I shall not be in want he makes me lie down in green pastures he leads me beside quiet waters he restores my soul don’t you need that in this time he guides me in paths of righteousness
for his name’s sake even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me your rod and your staff they comfort me you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies you anoint my head with oil my cup overflows surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever my friends this virus is going to run for some time it will run and run it’s going to have a huge impact on all of our lives it’ll make some of us sick some people may die others of us are obviously going to face challenges around jobs and employment there’s all sorts of challenges ahead and Christians are not promised immunity from these things but I want you to know as I said before that our church and our faith was made for a time like this we can walk through this season with absolute confidence our Heavenly Father is watching over us and will provide for us every moment of our lives is in his hands
even if we die, we will live and every one of us can know that maybe you’ve never given your life to Jesus there’s a great opportunity to do that
right now and I’m going to pray and I’m going to lead us in prayer for a couple of different things but first of all I want us to pray for putting our faith in Jesus let’s just do that together I think we can all do that whether you’ve been a Christian for 50 years or never really been to church at all I think
every one of us needs to take a step right now in this new crisis of saying
Jesus I’m going to put my trust in you let’s do that together I’m going to lead
us in a prayer why don’t you pray with me you could just if you want to you
just close your eyes and bow your heads you don’t have to do that but I’m gonna
do that and I’m gonna pray so Lord Jesus during this time of real challenge in our lives I pray that you would draw near to us Lord Jesus I pray that you would be the Shepherd over my life King Jesus would you rule over my life Lord I want to put my trust in you thank you that you so loved us that you gave your life that whoever believes in you won’t be lost but will receive eternal life Lord Jesus thank you that you didn’t come to
condemn us but to save us Lord I pray you’d forgive us for all our wrongdoing
our selfishness our fears and insecurities I pray that you come into
our hearts every one of us and rule over us and I pray you’d help us to know your
presence to know the presence of your heavenly father in our lives and to walk
through this time with peace and contentment Lord Jesus draw near to us, I pray amen I also just want to pray for the situation that we’re facing and I’ll encourage you to join me with that as
well I want to pray that we would be able to overcome fear And I want to pray for the specific things that are going on so join me again as I pray
right now and I’m going to pray for us and I want to pray for the town and the
nation as well so let’s pray Lord Jesus I want to pray for each one of us that
you’d help us to overcome the fear that so naturally comes to us at this time
help us to walk in a faith and confidence knowing that you’re with us Lord I pray for our specific needs I pray that you would protect our jobs I pray that you’ll protect our incomes and our livelihoods Lord I pray that you provide every bit of food that we need I pray we would not run short of what we need to eat Lord we pray that you’d be with the people running supermarkets and supply chains that you’d help them to keep on top of it all I pray you’d help
us each to keep our selfishness in check Lord I pray for people who are alone right now and are just lonely and haven’t actually seen a person to talk
to or hug for some days Lord I pray that you’d lift their loneliness right now
that they would know that you are with them Lord I pray for anybody who is sick right now including those from our own church community Lord I pray for your healing upon our town and upon our church Lord would you spare us from this let this pass over us Lord I pray you would spare us but I pray for those who are unwell that you would heal their bodies Lord I particularly want to pray for
protection for those who are out working to keep our community safe and provide
our essential services Lord for the NHS for the teachers for the police and the fire for the paramedics and the ambulance services Lord Jesus for those who are emptying bins and stacking shelves in stock in shops and processing
payments at the tills and and sweeping roads and all the different things that
people are doing that are just essential and so many things transport workers Lord, the train drivers, bus drivers or whatever is going on I pray your protection on them Lord I pray that you would keep us safe and stop the spread of this virus in our
nation and in the world watch over us Heavenly Father I pray you would show
your power in this time and Lord I pray particularly on this Mother’s Day for
your protection over mothers and grandmothers and upon our children Lord would you watch over us we pray in Jesus name Amen I want to thank you for watching hope you found today helpful we will be online again tomorrow at 4 o’clock for our encouragement video we’re doing those every day Monday to Saturday
at 4 o’clock you can find them on our website which is allwelcome.uk under daily encouragement videos we’re putting them on our Facebook page as well We would love you to look at those,
we’d love you to connect with us you can email us on [email protected] we’d love to hear from you tell us how you’re doing how is coronavirus affecting your life? how can we pray for you? I just want you to know during this time that
Welcome Church is with you and for you and you’re not on your own thank you so much for listening see you online again soon thanks so much for that Steve what a great encouraging message
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Jean Kelley