September 17, 2019
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Ezeme Kingsley - Missionary Dating

everyone there's an arrow I see in church especially amongst Christian ladies and it's what I call missionary dating so you see they do is a devoted follower of Christ dating a man who doesn't take God seriously or who doesn't even believe in God and usually when you ask them what they are doing the hotel they are teaching the person because they want to change that person that's around nonsense I don't know which version of the Bible they learned that from the question is how do you intend to change someone who has explode you in almost every version of romance and sexuality possible the hard truth is this you don't have the capacity to change anyone only God can change a man so if you want to get into a relationship get into a relationship with someone it's babies whose belief system and life philosophies compatible with yours if you don't want to have a big problem and for God's sake stop making a mockery of the church did your kind representing

Jean Kelley