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Explanation Of Atheism And Theism

From ancient times till nowadays people
have been thinking about that how the world was created. And there are only two ways of it. The first way of creation is that the world was made by itself during a
long period of time. This idea of the world appearing is called atheism. People who agree with this opinion are named atheists. The second way is that the world was created not of its own accord. This idea is called theism. People accepting this idea are accordingly named theists. Theism is divided by two categories. Division is made depending on the amount of creators of the observable universe or more part of the Universe. If the amount is equal to one than the theism is called monotheism. In other way theism is called polytheism. If you like this video let me know about that by pressing the appropriate button and don’t forget to subscribe my channel if you don’t want to miss my next videos.

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