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Experts@IoT: Christian Bauer, head of business development at Volocopter

Fifty-five percent of today’s population
are living in megacities – a ratio that will increase to 68 percent by 2050, according to the UN.
So, you can imagine, congestion is a big topic for mega
cities and it’s increasing day by day. We at Volocopter will implement and
provide a new transportation service in cities to improve and enhance existing
transportation and travelling options, and for that also give the customer an
experience – to fly over the city – that is unique. That’s quite simple: You will take your
mobile phone out and via the app you will order the Volocopter
service. You go to a so called “VoloPort”, which is a take-off and landing location,
for example, at a hotel at the mall or at an airport and then you hop on and
fly to your final destination. Our vehicle will fly on fully electric power
for about 27 kilometers, so we can cater for the
whole urban area of a city. Our company aims for a broad target
audience. So, after getting certified and doing a first introduction to the market
we can offer prizes like those for a black limousine or a cab in New York
very realistically to our customers. To be honest, it’s not that much. You need a secured area where you can
take off and land, we need some facilities to store
our batteries and swap them, and then you can get going with that. Of course, at the
node points in a city center or an airport we will need a more complex system
like a hub where processes are slowed down, batteries will be exchanged automatically and health checks are
performed to take off safely. In such a system,
hundreds to thousands of people per hour can be moved, thus really
creating a mass transportation system. You have to understand the market that they are
right now different concepts in the market. So, there are concepts that are
focusing on the inner-city area and concepts that bring people from
one city to another. Our concept is clearly focusing on an inner-city mission
that’s fully electric to perform that. Well, we are in very advanced discussions
with cities all over the world. Examples that we already announced
are Singapore and Dubai. We need, of course as the next hurdle, to get the vehicle certified – and this will happen
in the next two to five years. Having then autonomous systems in place after that period, people can then fully
autonomously fly in our air taxi. Well, first as you know, everything is connected.
So, we too need a connection to our ground stations, we need a connection to
our customers to do that. So, later on, an integrated mobility mix
and system is key to have a seamless travel experience
for our customers. Secondly, what we also
note of course because of safety reasons, is to communicate with operators in
the airspace to make safe travel possible.

Jean Kelley