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Everyday Cleaning Motivation 2020| Staying At Home | Clean With Me

hi everyone and welcome back to Faith
and Flour if you’re new here my name is Robin and today’s video is going to give
you some everyday cleaning motivation while we are staying at home I hope that
you and your families are doing well and that you are coping with our current
situation I hope that my channel will be a place where you can come to for some
respite for some motivation and inspiration and a place to sort of
escape the craziness that’s going on around us having this time where we can
really slow down and enjoy our time in our homes and with our family can be a
real blessing and so I’m trying to focus on that and one of the things that I get
a lot of pleasure out of is taking care of our house plants especially my
orchids i watered the other plants yesterday but today I’m taking some time
to give my orchids a little TLC orchids are such an easy plant to care for and
they pay back with major dividends you get blooms that last for up to three
months mine bloom about once a year around this time of year and all I have
to do is water them once a week like you see me doing I just put a little bit of
water in and let it all run out and then I set them down in the sink so that they
can continue to drain I alternate every other week giving them an orchid
fertilizer and there are tons of different brands out there just find one
that says it’s formulated for orchids and you just add a little bit of that
liquid fertilizer to the water and you water them the same way and I also
spritz them when I’m watering them because we have a rather dry climate
here but they like a climate that’s more humid so this really helps them out if
you don’t have a humid climate and I also found that they really like a sunny
location for most of the year so while they’re blooming I’ll move them to
different areas of our home so that we can enjoy the blooms but when they’re
not I set them on a sunny windowsill where
they can absorb all of the light and this has really been the trick to
keeping orchids beautiful and keeping blooming at least once a year this is
our south-facing window sill and we’re artwork heads seem to really thrive I
almost lost this one last year I think it had some sort of illness but it seems
to be recovering I have another one that is putting out a new leaf which I
believe means it’s probably not going to flower this year but it is still very
healthy I think that once in a while they take a break but this one keeps
coming back here after here and it’s getting ready to bloom so that’s always
super exciting for me so I treat them the same way I’ll take
them into the kitchen give them their water and then return
them to their favorite sunny location now I’m going to catch up on some
ironing and these days I don’t usually have a ton of things to do there are
just certain things that I like to give that little extra added touch and I
actually find ironing to be quite enjoyable I use this small iron steamer
to do all of my ironing actually when I receive this and I figured out how
wonderful it is I got rid of my traditional iron it uses steam and so it
doesn’t get quite as hot as your traditional iron but it works way better
and you can use it like an iron or you can use it like a steamer to steam
clothes while they’re hanging and I always get loads of questions about this
whenever I show it so it is in my Amazon store if you guys are interested it’s
quite affordable and it’s even small enough to travel with ironing along with
folding clothes are tasks that I have learned to really enjoy throughout the
years it’s a good excuse to slow down and because it’s rather mindless I can
do something else I can listen to music I can watch something on TV I can watch
a YouTube video and just take a few moments out of my day to accomplish
something and slow down at the same time now that the schools are closed and
Payton’s work program is closed we are all trying to find things to occupy our
kids and help them feel productive and help them not lose skills that they have
obtained this year so we are all in similar situations when it comes to that
so hopefully we can encourage each other Payton is an adult with special needs
and his work program is called BiG which stands for Brookwood in Georgetown BiG
is a Christian based community that provides work for adults with special
needs they make the most amazing products that they sell and right now
Payton is cutting out labels for the liquid soap that they make Payton really
misses his friends at BiG right now but is grateful for the work that is keeping
him productive so now we are both working from home
we just want to thank those of you who help support us back in the fall when
Team Payton was raising money and so with your help we were able to raise
over seven thousand five hundred dollars so we are just thrilled with the head
and we cannot thank you enough their online store is now open for business
and I want to invite you guys to check it out I will have the link for it in my
description box they have so many gorgeous products that they have worked
so hard on and take so much pride in and I know you guys will love all of it so
they have the liquid soaps like I was showing you Payton making the labels for
they make that soap they bottle it and label it they also make beautiful bar
soaps they are always coming up with new creative enterprises like these
beautiful resin earrings that are also available at their store and dog treats
are something that Payton absolutely loves to make and they are taste tested
by Austin and he loves them at the beginning of March BiG had their annual
art auction the theme for this year was welcome to Holland which was inspired by
the essay written by Emily Pearl Kingsley it was an amazing event and
raised a lot of money for families who can’t afford the tuition to BiG the
table centerpieces were also for sale to raise money and I could not resist
bringing home this beautiful Dutch style pitcher it was filled with these
gorgeous faux tulips and it will be a wonderful reminder of that special night
Payton and I were participants in a video that was presented at the event
and I will have the link for that in the description box so that you can watch
the entire video I invite you to watch it was a wonderful presentation really
highlighting what it means to have a child with special needs and what BiG
has meant to us as parents and also to its Citizens as I mentioned in my last video I think
that sticking to routines is a great way to cope with stress and so I’m sticking
to my weekly cleaning routine I’ll have the video and the cards above if you
guys haven’t seen that yet but today is bathrooms so I am going to be cleaning
bathrooms normally when my schedule is a lot more busy this helps me keep on top
of our housework but now that a lot of that busyness has gone away I can take
pleasure in doing this and slow down a little bit with this as well and
spreading out my tasks throughout the week means that I don’t have to devote
an entire data cleaning and while I can enjoy that from time to time this just
makes for a more relaxing schedule and the house tends to stay near overall so
I am going to be doing the mirrors the countertops the bathtub I did the toilet
but I didn’t film it today and I don’t always clean the shower thoroughly each
week because we like to wipe it down each day with an e cloth microfiber
cloth and that really does keep it clean for the most part so about every eight
weeks or so when I’m doing my zone cleaning I’ll go in there and give it a
good scrub but that part I can skip for today you might have noticed that I knocked
down this little soap dish it sticks on the side of the bathtub with a suction
cup and I managed to knock it down almost every time I clean the tub but it
actually needs to be cleaned too so it’s got a lot of soap buildup in there so
I’m just going to use my microfiber cloth to clean it thoroughly then I can
reattach it after my work for the day was done we
had had dinner and the kitchen was clean we went on our evening walk and the days
are getting a little bit longer so we’re still enjoying some sunlight while we do
that and it was a gorgeous evening to get outside stretch a little get some
exercise and some fresh air where we are spring has arrived so it’s been really
wonderful to just take in all of the beautiful greenery and blooms so if you
are still experiencing winter weather where you live I hope that this will
give you a little preview into what is just around the corner paetynn comes along for the walks as
well and one of the highlights for him is this area where he can participate in
a pokemon battle if you guys don’t know what that is ask your kids if you enjoy today’s video be sure to
give me a thumbs up and if you’re new here I would love to have you as a
subscriber it’s absolutely free and easy all you have to do is click on my
picture thank you guys for spending time with me today I look forward to seeing
you in the comments and in the next video have a great week

Jean Kelley



  1. Morticia Addams Posted on March 22, 2020 at 12:04 pm

    Have a calm and blessed week! πŸŒΈπŸŒΌπŸŒΊπŸŒ·πŸ’

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    Happy Sunday morning everyone! Trying to stay positive and catching up on my cleaning today. These past two weeks have been mayhem in our home. With all children home from school and me working crazy hours (I work in healthcare) it has left me no time to keep up with housework. I am feeling blessed that we are healthy and that I have messes to clean though. Robin, thank you for your videos, I will be watching and following along today. Have a blessed week and stay safe πŸ’œ

  7. Paula Myers Posted on March 22, 2020 at 12:39 pm

    I also love ironing, Robin, it is so therapeutic. Ironing bed & kitchen linens is a way I care for my family & show them I love them. Love your videos so much. I have just fallen in love with Payton, your family is blessed with such a sweet soul. Stay well sweet friend.

  8. Donna Campbell Posted on March 22, 2020 at 12:40 pm

    Hi Robin -I look forward to your videos always but especially now. You have a ministry and you definitely minister to me. We have barely started on this social distancing and I am already feeling the isolation. My girls try to call and FaceTime everyday and I am thankful for that but living alone is hard in our current situation. I usually have all kinds of activities during the week. But I know I will adjust to this and the Lord is so good to show me the way everyday. I can’t even look at my financials now! Your video helps encourage me and I love how beautifully you film. BIG is on my list of things I support now. What a wonderful program and I pray for Payton as he misses his friends so much. Love in Christ, friend.

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    Thank you for sharing ❀ we have got a break in the rainy and cold weather at the moment and have had some beautiful sunny weather the last couple of days 🌞 it's supposed to be around all week, 🀞 hopefully it does stay 🌞

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