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[ENDLESS SKIES], Introduction to the new Endless Skies TCG available on Kickstarter

Hello everyone and welcome to The Sorcerer TCG Today I would talk about a new trading card game: Endless Skies. I found this game causally on Instagram and I immediately like it. I’ll explain why: as the creator himself wrote on Instagram Endless Skies is not meant to be an innovative card game simply, it wants to recall what we could call “Oldschool” in Magic the Gathering and Yugioh. This is clear seeing the beautiful artworks, the artists are really good. Here are some examples: I’ll explain to you soon how to play, but now I want to clarify what this game really means: not an innovation, but a nostalgic oldschool game. This is certainly fascinating, expecially for someone like me who likes to play Revised40, Premodern in Mtg, who invented with Scalog the format Base40 of Pokémon, an alternative to Oldschool that we have presented to you yesterday in the video I hope this game can fascinate lot of people and that it can reach its goal: from now it’s opened the crowdfunding of Endless Skies on Kickstarter. Please, if you are interested watching this video or searching Endless Skies on Instagram search Endless Skies TCG on Kickstarter and buy some decks. Now, it’s time to give a look to the game itself. So, how to play Endless Skies? First of all, the game has two players The decks are made of a min 50 to a max of 60 cards 3 copies per card. Players start with 10.000 HP (Health Points) At the beginning we have to decide who starts first and we draw 5 cards When the HP of a player reach 0, that player loose the game The structure of the board: there are different zones where you can play Beasts There are 3 zones in the center for the Beasts that can attack AND defend (the yellow zone underlined) On the sides of these, to the left and the right, there are the zones of the Beasts that can ONLY defend (the yellow zone not underlined) These zones of Beasts who can only defend are infinite so, you can call infinite defending Beasts in a game, there are no restrictions Same thing as Yugioh happens with the spells you can play only 5 spells during the Action-phase exactly like Yugioh The zone of the spells is below the Beasts’ calling zone (blu zone) between the Deck zone (dark green zone on the right) and Grave zone (dark green zone on the left) There are two types of spells: Normal spells are played from the left these spells are characterized by the Pentagram symbol at the bottom of the card These spells, when you activate them, resolve and go to the Grave Then, there are the Endless spells that have the Infinite symbol played from the right These spells are permanents like Enchantments in Magic or the Trap cards in Yugioh Now let’s look the phases of the turn There are 3 Phases: the Start Phase the first phase of the turn in this Phase you have to draw a card and resolve the abilities that trigger in this phase (if there are any) The Action-Phase is the second phase of the turn in this phase you can call Beasts and activate Spells Lastly, there is the Battle-Phase in this phase you can attack with your Beasts the opponent’s Beasts There are no “end phase” or “end of turn” like in Magic but, once the Battle-phase is over, the turn automatically ends and the opponent’s turn begins, like in the Pokémon TCG To call the Beasts you have to declare the call, you reveal the card from your hand you pay its calling costs and you put it directly in its zone Like in Yugioh, you can Normal call a Beast once per turn Also in Endless Skies there are Normal evocations and Special evocations. Same thing for the Spells: You have to declare that you activate a spell you reveal the card from your hand you pay its casting costs and put it in its zone the left and, so, the Grave for the spells with the pentagram, like instant and sorcery in Mtg and spells in Yugioh or, for the Endless Spells with the infinite symbol, in the right zone of the Spell-zone, permanently Attacking with Beasts is very similar to Yugioh, but you can do it only in the Battle-phase, like in Mtg. One of our Beasts can attack one of the opponent’s Beasts during the Battle-phase there isn’t allowed playing cards during the opponent’s turn like in Mtg unless, I think, there are Endless spells that trigger in the opponent’s turn. If the opponent has no Beasts in play you can attack directly him reducing his HP. The defending Beast dies only if our attacking Beast has more attack than the defense of the opponent’s Beast If we have a Beast with 1.100 of attack and 800 of defense (1100/800) and it attack an opponent’s Beast with 700 of defense (like a 800/700), the opponent’s Beast dies, no damage to players dealt (our: 1100/800; his: 800/700 ->his dies). If we have a Beast with 800 attack and the opponent has a Beast with 800 defense no creature will die, no damage to players dealt (our: 800/700; his: 300/800 ->no creature dies) even if the defending creature has more attack of the defense of our attacking creature, our beast doesn’t die (our: 800/700; his: 1100/800 ->no creature dies) If we attack with a Beast with less power and defense than an opponent’s Beast, no damage is dealt to Beasts and to players (our: 700/300; his: 1100/800 ->no creature dies) I hope you like this video and you like also this game I recommend you to visit the page of Endless Skies on Kickstarter available on this platform starting from today consider making a donation and buy some decks It is an interesting game especially for fans of oldschool Mtg and Yugioh, who have played since the release (or nearly) of these games. Now, I greet you, I recommend you to visit our Instagram: thesorcerer.music our Youtube: The Sorcerer TCG, and see other videos I promise you we will make gameplay videos about Endless Skies as soon as this bad situation (Covid19) will be ended. Thanks for watching, see you soon

Jean Kelley