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End-of-Year Ritual: Review, Reflect, Celebrate, and Future Plan!

hey besties and bosses how is everyone
doing how’s everyone’s holiday been I wanted to pop in and say hello I know
some of you are taking the week off and relaxing in which case I hope it’s been
wonderful and I know a few of you have been working throughout the week even if
it’s been a lighter schedule so I hope you’ve had a chance to get some of those
projects maybe wanting to do done or at least a start on those I don’t have
planned content for today but I was getting ready to start on my end of year
ritual that I do at the end of the year and I thought it might be really fun to
share with some of you to maybe inspire a few of you who don’t have a ritual to
close out and bring in the new year and for those of you who do I’d love to hear
from you what your practice is so hang with me and we can we can talk about
that so at the end of the year I think for a lot of us in the new year
we hear all about resolutions and it can be the first few weeks we go really
strong we come up with that list of those 10 things we’re gonna change this
year and statistically and what I find with my clients and myself what happens
for most of us is after the few weeks pass we revert right back to where we
were before that laundry list of things were gonna change our things we’re gonna
do those resolutions fall by the wayside so a few years ago I started a bit of a
different ritual that I find for me works a lot better it feels a lot more
aligned and I find at the end of the year when I reflect back on it I’ve
created a lot more of what’s on that list and become a lot more of that
person that’s on the list so let’s dive in so what I like to do and start with
is I pull my my practice from the year before my list that I’ve greed and I go
through and I review it and I reflect on what I have accomplished what I have
went through and created from that list and then I have it I have it right here
with me and what I haven’t and if you don’t have
anything like this from last year you can do something like this just by
taking a look back on the year and some of the things maybe you’ve wanted to
create mr. just checking and this is all just about a check in a review and
reflect this isn’t about judging this isn’t about coming from a place of
criticism or I haven’t done this right have done this but it’s really just
taking a temperature on what has and hasn’t happened that I intended to and I
find this to be really helpful because some of the things that maybe I wanted
to create I have and I’ve forgotten about or some of those things that I
haven’t created it gives me an opportunity to look at maybe what the
challenge was there or what the obstacle was there where there still room for
growth so I find that to be a really great place to start with and then from
here I get out my I have my let’s see if I can pull this out yeah my trusty
notebook just regular old paper and I think a lot of you guys know that I love
celebration and I’m a big believer in the power of celebration and I won’t
dive into that too much today but there’s just so much power and
celebration of what it does for our brain and how it affects our happiness
and success and neurologically what that does for us and I find this to be a
great opportunity from a celebration standpoint to celebrate what I’ve done
in the air but also as a way to close out the year so I’d like to get on my
notebook and go through the year starting from last January so or even
this time last year and to go through the celebrations I have the winds I have
and I look at the different areas in my life so my personal life my
relationships my health my physical well-being my heart taking care of my
mind I look at my business I look at my finances I look at all the different and
call them categories of my life and I go through month by month and what are the
things I’m celebrating what are some of the they can be achievement they can be
wins but they can also be markers of growth that I’ve seen in myself or
things that I’ve created and these are both the small ones and the big ones I
think we often forget when we look back those baby wins those small wins we’ve
had that have helped lead us to some of those bigger wins that we’ve had so I go
through and because I tend to celebrate regularly I go through my my journal my
planner as well and I’ll look through there just to help jog my memory on some
of those because sometimes looking all the way back can be a little tricky and
I go through and just brain dump all of those and take a moment to reflect on
all of those and again what this helps me to do is to look back and see how
much I’m capable of in a year we’re all capable so much more than we give
ourselves credit for and I think when we do this we can really see what we can do
in 365 days what we can do in a year so it really gives me that that look back
to see but it also allows me to take a moment I take a look at that list of
celebration I thank myself for it I show some gratitude for that me that has
already come that previous me I show some gratitude for it and it allows me
to close a chapter on the year to close a chapter on that door so celebrate
celebration is a form of gratitude I show some gratitude
thank you for Kim for all this that you’ve created this year and from this
pen I want to close the chapter because then I want to look forward because we
can’t live in the past that’s already happened so from this space then I like
to now I’m feeling positive I’m feeling all of the benefits from the celebration
I’ve closed that chapter to the last year and from here this is what I really
like to get into this practice of looking into the next year I’m gonna
talk next week I’ll talk a little bit more about than mindset of future
planning but today I’ll talk about the actual practicality of it I like to then
on a fresh sheet of paper go through and I like to project myself from a year
from today so this time at the end of the year next year and I like to think
who do I want to be when I sit down next year and I do this same exercise and I
review and I reflect and I celebrate on what I’ve done what do I want to
celebrate what do I want to look back and have that gratitude for who do I
want to step into what do I want to create and I again hey how are you I’m
talking I’m talking all about my personal ritual for closing out the year
and bringing in the new year so I’ve just talked about how I spend some time
reviewing and celebrating the year pass to show some gratitude for the past year
what I’ve done and to celebrate all of that and to close that chapter and then
moving into the next year I really like to take a look at the
different areas in my life and this is a I think this is a blend of a little bit
of a painted picture and dr. Ayman he has what he calls a one-page miracle I
think is a bit of a blend of that exercise and I take the different areas
of my life so again my relationships my person
if my mental well-being my emotional well-being my physical health my
business my finances those different parts the pillars of my life and I go
through each one and I project myself to this time next year and what do I want
to celebrate in myself what will I want to have created this time next year when
I’m looking back and reviewing and reflecting and so I go through and I
write each area in the present tense as if it’s already happened so kind of like
an affirmation how you might write an affirmation so I write this in a
positive form in the present tense and if as if it’s already happened once I’ve
gone through all of this if it’s really long sometimes I tend to be a long write
or I’ll condense it to one page so that it’s a little bit more brief and this
becomes a part of my daily practice and my daily ritual so this is actually my
my journal my planner that I use every day I transfer it into a one-page form
of this and this is taking a bit of a page from that that one page miracle and
this has been something I review every day so in the morning whether it’s
through visualization or just reading that I read this intention this
declaration this version of myself that I’ve said I want to step into in the
next year everyday and this allows me each month to help me set my monthly
goals my weekly goals my daily goals so that throughout the year I’m stepping
into and creating this version of myself and I’ve done this for a few years now
what I find to be really cool and fascinating is when I look back at the
end of the year so today when I look back on my version I created of this
last year I’ve become this person or I’ve become if not all of it a lot of
this person that I set to be last year but when I wrote this yeah it’s so fun
it’s really cool to see and be a part of it when I wrote this last year it was
still something that was in my head it was something I hadn’t become yet I have
to remind myself that when I look back and review and reflect that while right
now the present me looking back is what I’ve written at the time I wasn’t so I
find that to be a pretty neat thing it really works and it really I think more
than just having a laundry list of resolutions it really sets an intention
not just for the beginning of the new year but that we can take into everyday
moving forward and that we can continue to step into so that we’re
continuing to grow and we’re continuing to evolve to evolve and absolutely I
will say that there are times when I review it there’s certain things change
it’s a very you know – living breathing it’s a valuable thing so this is not set
in stone so what I going to be working on this tonight and over the next few
days for the new year something might in three months I might find that something
on here no longer resonates with me or is no longer aligned I change it that
happened last year I created a program at the beginning of the year that wasn’t
aligned and I had written something about that and so I just shifted it
that’s that’s not a big deal I think as we continue to grow and as we continue
to walk down our path sometimes we turn a corner and we see things that weren’t
in focus before and so as things come into focus we can we can shift things
around move things around and I don’t think anything has to be set in stone
bring them on camera what do you what do you mean oh that means I can bring you
on camera sorry I don’t know how to space book live always works my computer
is saying I could bring you on camera so that’s just a little insight into what I
personally like to do for my ritual to close out the year to bring in the new
year and to set myself up not just for the first few days or first month of the
new year but for the rest of the year ahead and to intentionally create that
person in that life I want to be and I love it it’s also really fun to do so
there is no right or wrong here just because I do this it does not mean that
this is the right way to do it or that you should do it but I hope this maybe
inspires you if you don’t have a ritual or practice like this to adopt a
practice of your own if you want to steal mine absolutely have it if there’s
something from it you want to take and if you have your own ritual or practice
you want to share I’d love to hear it you can just pop a message down below
and share with us I think it’s really fun to hear everyone’s different
practices and that can inspire all of us to to continue to add on to our
practices and to grow into those so thank you for being here today I’m glad
I got to pop in and chat with a few of you I hope you’re having a wonderful
last few days of the end of the year 2017 and I’m wishing you the most
wonderful 2018 and I will be back next week with some fresh content and we’ll
be diving back in going strong I can’t wait to be back and
chat with all of you and send you lots of love

Jean Kelley