April 4, 2020
  • 2:58 am Frontline at Znamenka: Watch in the name of Culture
  • 2:58 am Jesus Culture – Love Has A Name ft. Kim Walker-Smith (Acoustic)
  • 2:58 am Rituals 1977 Hal Holbrook Lawrence Dane Full Movie HD
  • 1:59 am The Terror of Islam
  • 1:58 am How I Changed My Life with Daily Self-Care Rituals

– Hey everyone. What a crazy week. We continue to pray with all who are finding
their way through this, from people preparing and being at home to people who are struggling deeply with job loss and ambiguity
and financial concern, employees and employers, people still hard at work
to keep us safe and healthy, those who are struggling with illness and concerns about that, and many, many, many more. Here in Vegas we’re feeling the impact more than we could have imagined. We also celebrate alongside so many who are giving and receiving help. We’ve heard some really amazing stories of generosity and love. In fact, I think that’s one of the things we as the Church can do the very best, it’s tell the stories of beautiful things happening around us. So I just wanna encourage you keep going. Great stories of connection
among friends, family, staying home together
and connecting online. God has some great things in mind, so let’s not lose sight. This is a time when God’s people, the Church can really shine. In fact, I was just talking
with a friend in Asia and, as we considered
together what God is up to, we were just kinda
celebrating and anticipating that right now we have this
unique and awesome season to plant seeds of love and generosity in really unique and awesome ways. In these coming weeks, months, and years, we may see more and more
people come to know Jesus because of the way we act and
love in generosity right now. It’s awesome. Let’s all think about
the circles of people we would normally be seeing and find the most
creative and generous ways to keep connecting through text, phone, FaceTime,
Google Hangouts, Zoom, whatever your platform of choice is. Let’s find good ways to connect. It’s gonna be more important
than ever to love people well as we’re apart. Our normal schedules,
patterns, and systems aren’t there to help us,
so let’s get creative. You know, it’s said that necessity is the mother of invention. Let’s be the best, most
loving, fun, caring, and generous inventors. We’re gonna get together
online to worship together at our normal service times this weekend. Saturday at 4, Sunday at 9, and 11. Head over to canyonridge.org
to jump in with us, or on YouTube or Facebook. Take some time to head there now. Copy the link and share the
post and invite people along. We’ll have a chance to sing,
take communion, give together, and look to God and the life of Jesus. It’s gonna be awesome. We may be spread out right now, but we can still be together
and be inspired and encouraged as we look for every
opportunity to be life bringers to our neighbors, friends, family, and all of our social media connections. We love you, we’re with
you, we’re for you, and we’ll see you soon.

Jean Kelley