March 30, 2020
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It has been a long time. Welcome back. So happy to see you. So it’s been 14 years. That is a long time to
take a break and not– obviously, you’ve done
some traveling, some music. But first album in a long time. Why? [LAUGHTER] We have nine kids, and we have
been raising our children. I know for me, I have
the oldest kids– Emily has the second-oldest son. But when they got to
the age for school and to have their own lives
and their own friends, I just really wanted to
be a stay-at-home mom and make their lives about
them and not about me. We wanted her to made
her life about us. [LAUGHTER] Are you ready now? Are you ready now? Was that happening? Really? We were antsy. We didn’t want to stay home. I love my kids, but I– So we were following– [INTERPOSING VOICES] daily. Yeah. But that’s amazing
that you did that. Because a lot of– you had a huge career,
yes you have a huge career and then a lot of
people can balance both, and want to balance both. Everybody does it
differently, but I think that’s very admirable that
you said I’m giving this up. I want to be honest. I think after the
whole controversy– and that feels like eons ago–
but we were pretty worn-out at the same time. And I think we needed a break– maybe not 14 years, but– We needed to get mad again, and
have something to write about. But haven’t you been
mad for a while? I’ve been mad. That’s the perception. That’s the perception. So that is weird. So 17 years ago is
when this happened, when you were blacklisted for
just speaking out and saying something that–? Right? Yeah. We were just told today. We didn’t know it, but
today is the anniversary. Wow. That’s amazing. And how do you feel about that? Because now it feels like we’re
in an even worse time where everybody is just– Imagine what she would say now. Yes. We are. [INTERPOSING VOICES] But a lot of people– we
are living in this culture now where you say the wrong
thing, and you’re canceled. We’re living in
this cancel culture, and that was 17 years
ago that happened. Yeah. I think we were one
of the first people to feel that cancel culture. And I think what we said back
there–or what I said back then– would not even
be a thing today, because it was really mild
compared to what people say today. But so on one hand
everyone has this platform where they can say
whatever they want to say, but on the other
hand, this platform can move really quickly
and ruin people’s lives. Yeah, and it’s sad. I think we need to get back
to where we all just celebrate our differences, and we all
have different opinions. And it’s OK to have
strong opinions. As long as you’re not
hurting somebody else so you can speak your opinion. Are you going to
run for president? [LAUGHTER] Seems like a great job. [APPLAUSE] I’ll consider it if you’ll
answer this question– what did he do on the boat? [LAUGHTER] Who? [LAUGHTER]

Jean Kelley