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David Wood – Mutah (Temporary) Marriage In Islam | Indonesia Language

last night I watched a BBC documentary
titled undercover with the clerics Iraq’s secret sex trade the documentary
is about muta which is basically halal prostitution if you’re a Muslim man and
you want to hire a prostitute for an hour or a day or three days you get a
Muslim cleric to put together a written or verbal temporary marriage contract
saying that you’re married to the prostitute for an hour or a day or three
days you pay the prostitute and you pay the Sheikh for helping you do things the
Islamic way keep in mind Mohammed did not come to stop people from doing
horrible things he came to show people how to do horrible things while still
pleasing the great like the documentary I’ll be going through Islam’s most
trusted sources to show why so many Muslim clerics believe that pimping out
young girls is morally acceptable and even morally praiseworthy but in this
video I wanted to address the attempts of British Muslims to cover up the
scandal and to have their documentary taken down the Daily Mail reports more
than 17,000 people it’s over 18,000 as of this recording have demanded the BBC
take down a documentary about young Iraqi girls being sold for sex calling
it disrespectful to law-abiding Shia Muslims the corporation broadcast
undercover with the clerics Iraq’s secret sex trade on October 3rd an
investigation into sexual exploitation of children and young women by clerics
in Iraq journalists caught clerics offering
pleasure marriages to girls as young as 9 where men banned from sex outside
marriage can pay a dowry for an interim wife the practice is banned in Iraq but
8 out of 10 Shia clerics who were approached were willing to carry it out
the BBC world investigation found 8 out of 10 Shia clerics 80% were willing to
put together temporary marriage contracts it’s technically banned in
Iraq but the documentary reveals that Muslim sheiks care more about what
Muhammad said is permissible then about what the Iraqi civil courts say is
permissible shocker but now more than seventeen thousand people have signed an
a petition demanding the BBC removes the show from iPlayer the petition to the petition my goodness get an editor Daily Mail set up by McKay
accused the corporation of cherry-picking
misguided men who do not represent Shia Islam in any way yeah Muslim clerics who
oversee muta marriages don’t represent Islam I guess Muhammad doesn’t represent
Islam either since he allowed and promoted muta marriages but a BBC
spokesman told male online it won’t be deleted and said this thorough
investigation was conducted over an eleven month period and it exposes the
sexual exploitation of children and young women
the documentary fully complies with BBC editorial guidelines it claimed the
women and girls in the show did not know that it was being used to belittle Shia
Islam and their words would be used against their faith I didn’t catch one
criticism against Islam or against Shia Muslims in the documentary the emphasis
was on Shia clerics who are pimping out women and girls the BBC have recently
published a documentary titled Iraq’s secret sex trade in which they go
undercover to reveal the heinous crimes committed by a number of men who claim
to follow the Shia faith instead of making a documentary about the world’s
largest peaceful annual pilgrimage held in Iraq hosting 20 million people each
year the BBC have decided to cherry-pick a handful of misguided men who do not
represent Shia Islam in any way shape or form to tarnish the image of Iraq and
Shias worldwide classic response the petitioner included variations of both
the anyone who follows Muhammad’s teachings is not a true Muslim defense
and the if you criticize any Muslim for doing
anything you’re attacking all Muslims defense gotta love the classics but
think about how disgusting this petition is there are Muslim clerics literally
pimping out Muslim women and girls in Iraq the Iraqi government is not
stopping it Iraqi police are not stopping it the Muslim population is not
stopping it so the BBC which historically shields these kinds of
abusers from criticism by attacking anyone who exposes them suddenly gets an
injection of integrity and shines a light on what’s happening in Iraq and
British Muslims respond stop it take down the documentary by criticising
muta you’re attacking all of us well if the BBC stops shining a light on Muslim
clerics pimping out women and girls and no one else is doing anything about it
what happens to the women and girls what happens to the clerics they’ll just
continue doing what they’ve been doing nothing will change if these petitioners
had the slightest concern for the women and girls being victimized by halal
pimps they would want these clerics exposed they would want the women and
girls protected instead they want journalists to look the other way so
that Islam can do what it does best destroy the lives of women and girls as
part of the show BBC Arabic snow wall al McAfee explored claims since 2003 Iraqi
women have been trapped into prostitution and pimped out by the
religious elite one young widow alleged that a cleric sold her to his friends in
a prostitution ring while secret filming revealed another cleric conducting a
pleasure marriage with a girl 13 in Karbala Iraq’s most important
religious city the undercover reporter is introduced to a cleric who claims
pleasure marriage with a child is halal nine years old plus there’s no problem
now it’s up to you how you to do it she’s permitted to you you’re
allowed to perform from behind do what you desire you’re allowed to perform
from behind he was referring to anal sex multiple clerics in the documentary said
that anal sex with the little girls is perfectly acceptable in fact if the
girls are virgins anal sex is considered preferable to vaginal sex because taking
a girl’s virginity carries a bigger price tag
two of the three clerics secretly filmed by BBC Arabic describe themselves as
followers of Ayatollah Sistani one of the most senior figures in Shia Islam
however in a statement to the BBC as part of the show the Ayatollah said if
these practices are happening in the way you are saying then we condemn them
unreservedly temporary marriage is not allowed as a tool to sell sex in a way
that belittles the dignity and humanity of women but thousands have slammed the
BBC for allegedly tarnishing Islam on national television at primetime on
Friday evenings by signing the petition the pits nice tell me more about how
your religion is such a benefit to humanity
notice that the Ayatollah pretends that he’s condemning muta without actually
condemning it he doesn’t say temporary marriage is not allowed he doesn’t even
say temporary marriage is not allowed as a tool to sell sex
he says temporary marriage is not allowed as a tool to sell sex in a way
that belittles the dignity and humanity of women
so tell me Ayatollah how do you pay a Muslim girl or woman for sex for an hour
or a day in a way that doesn’t belittle her dignity and humanity nothing
belittles the dignity and humanity of women and girls like Islam does after we
explore the sexual abuse of Muslim women and girls in Iraq maybe we’ll take a
look at the sexual abuse taking place in Pakistan and in F
aniss tan and in every other part of the Muslim world then we can think about how
this pattern of sexual abuse is connected to Islamic grooming gangs in
the UK finally we can try to understand why the spread of Islam is always
accompanied by the spread of sexual exploitation and abuse hint if you take
one of history’s most prolific perverts as your ultimate role model you’re going
to get problems like this

Jean Kelley