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Culture Shock USA! Asian Students in America

they were here to prepare you guys for some culture shock when you come to the US for the first time so greenie here is much different than back home in Taiwan when I first made someone I was simply not my head or keep them a friendly smile here people usually shake your hands sometimes even offer you a hug so at first I was quite shy when people do that to me but then I just realized just a different way for greeting here when people say how are you how would you respond to me to throw away I mean it’s just a simple grading and they just expect you hear it from you I’m good what are you so next point we’re gonna cover is about food food is very important so when it comes to all including the American please remember one thing big means huge so what time I remember when I was first ordering the fontain drinks in the McDonald when I got that it was like whoa when it comes to food another interesting point is that a lot of American students will say oh I love Chinese food it’s not sure it’s true what do you mean I mean get even fighting in China so also the popcorn here are salty sweet or during restaurant foods here as you normally do tipping’s because in Chinese but in the culture we don’t actually take it everything is generating the price in Boston is around like 15% so cannibal you’ve been living here for five years you do cook right um where’d you buy the food yes so for those Chinese stomach here’s your advice when you come to the cooking part you can easily get those Chinese cookies forces or the peppers hot peppers everything easily in an Asian market or a Chinese market however the price of those things are much higher than what it cost in China however when it comes to some American goods say the ice cream you can it can be very cheaper I wanted something really bizarre very strange Oh on a day it was raining and I was holding an umbrella in the street on my way to school but I felt nobody’s holding umbrella and it was raining I mean why what happened did they forget their umbrellas but turn out that no they don’t like umbrellas and and they like the winged bringers so instead of umbrella so every time when is reading to kiss the American have their hoodie um just walk so when I come to the classes in the Universities sometimes the participation in class can come a factor to your final grade of that course so be aware like you definitely need to be more involved in the class this participate in a group discussion more actively and share your opinions a lot of Chinese students like to dress nice and look pretty when they go to classes so when a lot of Chinese students notice that they see their fellow American classmates dress pajamas and flip-flops to go to morning classes will eventually just start dress more casually just like their American friends America students wants to parties all the time on Friday nights that’s why you can see people drinking or partying on campus in their dorms etc so when it comes to drink there’s this thing to check is right if you were 21 or not it’s legal to drink in the US on the 21 so yeah and I also feel the styles of jinking is too different from between the two countries seeing high life Lea as my buddy I have drink with him we have to finish up one by one yes if he doesn’t do that yes happen but in the US is more relaxing and you don’t really push each other to drink your history whenever you want and city chatting chill so there are some things that it’s very common in China but if you happen here you can’t you can stand out the first one that comes to my mind is when you come to the restaurant you order a hot water a warm water because the American Americans never drink hot water like even in winters they had ice water patients before like taking selfie statistics take a picture of their foods yeah whoa my dumplings I’m grandpa wait wait for it let me take a picture where are we gonna take the cure like in China like between girls if there are besties they always holding hands and go together but those things if you’re doing here in the United States be careful you’re gonna be recognized as a couple and if you’re not and try not to hold hands have you heard of the term called Freshman Fifteen so it’s a term that refers to freshmen gaining 15 pounds at the end of their freshman year it’s because them eating all the unhealthy foods in the Cavs such as pizza burgers and fries things like that and then gain 15 pounds afterwards so when I first moved here I have to set up new services for myself such as following cables so when I got on the phone with a customer service I usually is a bad habit I usually say yes to everything I don’t even quite last in so I just say yes to some Adams service I don’t even need I just realized I cannot say yes to everything and then just be careful for the salesperson offer you over the phone and then just be clear on the phone with the customer service has very good advice if you have to keep a piece of device for Chinese students would it be I would say that definitely be more open and talk to people and don’t be shy don’t be afraid of making mistakes because mistakes can definitely make you learn and grow and just try to make some American friends a lot of them are very open and and happy to make friends with you you

Jean Kelley