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CoronaVirus (COVID19) How Flying Star Feng Shui warned us about it and what we can do from now on

Hello everyone. Welcome to a quite
impromptu a Feng Shui and Prosper livestream today. We are talking about
pretty much what everyone else is talking about today: the coronavirus. I’m
just gonna I give everyone well but I think we’re good now if
you’re watching me either from Facebook or YouTube,
say Hi tell me where you are watching from tell me how you’re doing with
everything that what the world is facing right now where the COVID-19 virus is
concerned. I know some of my clients and students in Japan and Hong Kong are
doing self-quarantine right now. I know a couple of people in Italy, like a
friend’s friend actually got diagnosed with it they have since recuperated but
you know they’re in their 40s, 50s and healthy but they you know the
pneumonia still kicked their behind. So I just wanted to come on today and share a little Flying Star Feng Shui
interestingly enough maybe interesting to you guys but not so surprising or
even shocking to those who aren’t familiar with Flying Star Feng Shui and
how classical Feng Shui really works so that is what today’s live stream is
about. And more importantly in terms of what Flying Star Feng Shui what kind of
insights they can give us in terms of what to expect for the next few weeks,
the next few months and how we can all prepare for it ok. So let’s just jump on
that for those of you guys who did the who did the Feng Shui 2020 training
with me, you know if 2020 is where I have my end and he’ll get their house prepared for
the year and every year when we go over the annual energy. Those of you who
registered for this year’s you would have noticed that the number seven now
for those of you who are not familiar with Flying Star, Flying Star basically, it
kind of looks like a Sudoku grid but it’s not Sudoku, it is basically
numbers 1 to 9 and all these numbers have a an energy to it. I can let me see
if I can share your screen and hopefully you guys don’t lose me
ok here ok. So this is basically the energy for 2020 and you guys are are you
guys seeing this yep Flying Star sweet okay so this is the annual energetic
chart for 2020 and you guys can see that so you’ll see that number ones till
number nine are all in this 3×3 grid okay. I’m just going over the basics for
those who have never heard of Flying star right before so if you have
been doing fast food feng shui start all this time this is gonna be a really
big eye-opener to you on why classical feng shui can actually forecast what
could happen in the future and it also tells us why certain things happened in
the past as well. So this is the energy for the year okay every direction has a
flying star energy this year. The energy in the center is seven. Those of you who
have followed me for any amount of time and even those who just finished the
certification course it became known that or even those who
follow are. We all know that the number seven usually denotes illness,
stress, as well as chaos even violence okay.
And this being the energy in the center, this affects everyone. I mean these
energies affects everyone and other masters or other teachers might disagree
but what I have seen is the energy in the center really affects the general
population and right now we are seeing the number seven wreaking havoc
worldwide. And again as a student of Flying Star Feng Shui some of you are
aware of the classical absolute um if you guys. If I am new to
you guys, go back to my Facebook or my YouTube page and look for my video on B
gua. This is where I talk about how the classical ba gua is so different from
whatever mainstream media is pushing out for you guys okay. If you guys look
at the ba gua and superimpose it with the lo shu again I might lose some of
you guys but I’m doing this fast and furious here okay if you guys look at
the lo shu, this is the energy of the lo shu okay,
the ones are the red ones to the left then the original position or the
number seven is in the West okay. That’s lo shu wise the number seven
originally is in the West. In the ba gua the classical ba gua when I’m talking
about classical ba gua, the body part that is related to the weight
right in the West is the mouth, the lungs, the respiratory system. Now if
you talk about the mouth, we’re talking about things that come through the mouth
so when usually when we see the number seven combined with any other
flying star usually we see issues with either dietary like you know um food
poisoning, alcoholism and in the coronavirus case it started supposedly
started in a market in China where people are consuming while are you guys starting to see this? Okay
now and that is the delay trigram which is also where the number 7 is in the
classical ba gua and now that the number 7 is pulled in the center here ok now
we’re not gonna go to the lo shou ok so this is the annual energy,
hence back in October, November when we did of last year when we did the
training, flying star enthusiasts already know that this year is going to
be a year where a lot of people are going to get sick very very sick
ok. Now the only thing that is a little interesting is that then the 3 trigram
again related it to the night do a trigram usually affects younger
children, meaning girls under 14 and boys under 16 so that’s the only thing so far
that flying star has yet to explain because right now the corona virus
actually impacts the older ones more they’re the ones who are more badly
affected they’re higher risk. If they catch the virus, it’s harder for them to
bounce back compared to those who are younger um tend to bounce back a little
bit faster, so flying star wise, this is the only thing only thing that’s not
connecting. Now this is the energy what you’re seeing on the screen is the
energy for the year, let’s look at the energy for this month. So the big number
in the center is the annual energy, number monthly energy and this is again
why it’s also important to not just look at the annual energy and do your Feng
Shui that way but you should any proper serious Feng shui enthusiasts need to do
your Feng Shui placements monthly. You need to be aware of the flying star
movements monthly as well. So what do you guys see in this chart here it’s doubled it isn’t it it is doubled so the center has double 7 ok. And another thing
let me um let me come let me pull back a little bit talking about the annual
energy here the number five okay the number five is in the east if you look
at the so the center and the east is affected if you get province area is to the
central almost Eastern sorry Eastern almost central part of China do
you guys see that okay. And now this month we have double
five in the east double seven in the center which is why this month it picked
up because the illness star is now doubled up it’s double whammy.
So you’re seeing even at the tail end remember when I so this month started
let me look at mine this one started March 5th okay the
Chinese mark started March 5th even a week prior to the month already you’re
seeing news coming out about Iran, about Italy
you about all other infections like
confirmed cases because where we were going into March where the number seven
is okay. More illness, more stress, more fear, more
panicking and more because unfortunately situations like this also bring out the
worst in people sometimes so you see a little bit more I want it I don’t want
to say violence because no riot has broken out yet but the energy of the
negative energy of people definitely started coming up. I went to the
supermarket yesterday and this woman literally cuz all the toilet paper is
gone and we have seen fights over toilet paper isn’t that crazy this lady in the are taking I’m thinking paper towels first on two paper towels
so um yeah it has definitely brought out a part of humanity that is not the best
is what I can say and so flying star wise again I’m not predicting anything
okay I’m just presenting to you guys what the flying star chart is is showing
us so with the double 7 and that’s why this month things are picking up really
quickly. So many states in in the US now have have announced a state of emergency
here in in Toronto, I don’t remember if it’s whole of Ontario my province but I
know at least my city all publicly funded schools basically are closed well
we have March break next week but even after March Break those for an
additional two weeks so I think school is definitely gonna open that April 5th.
These kinds of news you’re starting to see a little bit more this month okay
double whammy in the center. Now where do we go from here? Obviously stay safe okay
even though in law of attraction now this is another thing that I don’t agree
too much in that I believe in law of attraction I believe there is um and in
fact my manifesting code my other program is all well not all about is
also includes law of attraction when you feel good good things come when you fear
panic you have more to panic on. When you allow yourself to feel fear or anxiety
then into your life that makes
you feel more fear and more anxiety. What you feel what you think on a cellular
level is what you attract. That is what law of attraction is like where I come
into disagreement is a lot of spiritual teachers say oh if you believe in the
law of attraction then you’re not gonna buy into all this fear and worry.
That I don’t agree on because for me in my personal experience Law of Attraction
you can control you, your life. You control your life with Law of Attraction
but when it comes to something that happens on a grand scale, it’s not your
own law of attraction per se, sure it’s other people’s law of attraction as well
other people’s energy, hopes for prepares for the
worst but hopes for the best if everyone just are able to keep themselves on a
vibrational level of love and hope and bring up the best in humanity then
things will not be so bad. I believe that however if food
from the grocery stores are flying off the shelf no amount of law of attraction
is going to help you, that is my personal opinion. Again people might might say oh
if you’re a spiritual teacher teaching manifesting yet you’re telling people to
stock up you’re not being a line that is I’d strongly disagree with that because
you cannot control what other people do you people are panic buying you have to
protect yourself in more groceries than what you normally
do in order to protect your yourself and protect your family. Law of attraction
will it might it might bring you to a store that still has toilet paper but
like I said you cannot control the energy outside of you okay. So I don’t
have the chart for next month but next month well I didn’t prepare it
and not for this live stream but that next month is the number six in the
middle okay number six in the middle now again in fly star number six is a metal
energy. In fact okay now that I think of it and those of you who took the flying
star certification, you go you see fix Sergey when it combines with
the number seven so let’s say okay I’m gonna take off the March 2020 and let me
just add the number six in the center just so you guys can see it on-screen.
Okay so number six monthly now combines with the seven annually in our school of
feng shui when the number six combines with the number seven they’re both metal
element they are both metal element and metal against metal is what war riot
people really going crazy. And again I’m not here to spout fear okay I know it
doesn’t sound like it but my main thing about life this livestream is to empower
you guys with the right can you yourself okay so number six next
month in the center combining with the number seven of the year is not a good
combination at all. However number five that is
coming up in May it’s where again I’m not forecasting
anything I’m just looking at the chart okay I’m not psychic I don’t know what’s
gonna happen in the future but just looking at the combination of May’s
monthly energy which is the smaller red numbers combining with the annual energy is not a good combination. It is a
worrying combination govern financial systems it on the
economy machine is gonna start chugging along a little slower okay no this is
right now we’re looking at May right now where this chart here is May, okay
however the silver lining silver lining is after May things will get
bette,r at least flying star wise, again I am NOT psychic okay. And this is where I
put my hope and faith for the second half of the year where things will start
getting better okay and hunker down for it make sure you are
covered for a month more if you can okay again don’t go nuts, don’t go crazy but
every time you go out grocery shopping if if you are in a country that’s still
not under lockdown every time you go out grocery shopping just a tiny bit more
than you normally do you don’t need to stock up okay. Those of you guys who are
wondering about the annual the monthly star now go back to your calendar if you
did the Feng Shui 2020 with me, you have the calendar but seven four
again seven as a combination with any number is not no good but I my name
intention is after after May, we should see the panic and the anxiety and we’ll
get more information about the virus maybe a little bit more studies, every going to be more the panic from what I’m
seeing the panic will start dying down and life will start going back to normal
whatever normal will be at that point okay. So that’s the purpose of
this livestream is that hashtag flying stars don’t lie I really need to
register that but flying stars really give us so much information about what’s
happening in the world and so from flying star perspective, we have hope that after
May that the fear and the anxiety will start easing off. it but things like
the government’s they’re gonna realize their health care system, it’s not
prepared for any kind of pandemic, right other things will also change may be
fine I again I’m not a financial guru but maybe we’re banking systems or
e-commerce or commerce as a whole they realized okay this is something that we
were not prepared for let’s put something in place because whoever well
those who don’t don’t follow Feng Shui whoever thought of this that this is
going to happen these are unprecedented times right so hopefully after this
episode is done that all these systems are going to realize we need to do
better. And the people are going to realize we need to do better,
those who stocked up on toilet paper, that you stocked up because no one else
has access to toilet paper nowadays or hand sanitizers right. So take care of
yourselves do not think this is just the flu, do not think that oh the the
mortality rate is so low government’s and the people are freaking out do you
think governments are gonna close schools tell everyone to lock down a
whole city lock down the whole country if it wasn’t serious
you law of attraction people who are only positive positive positive but you are
shielding yourself from the actual reality of what is happening you are
actually shooting yourself in the foot. Okay I believe in law of attraction my
love attraction right now what am i doing for my law of attraction is I
believe that always will happen didn’t know of
what is happening right now globally okay don’t be in denial I’ve
told my friends to start buying a little bit more in groceries since like uh
January, February. I don’t think any of them listened to me okay, look we’ve you
know my husband and I obviously we see we see what’s happening and Flying Star
wise I see what’s happening again, every time we just buy a little bit more buy a
little bit more a little bit more now right now flying star wise we’re good water
wise we’re good medicine if we need it we’re good, if we need to self quarantine
we’re good right and can cancel travels, I still have people who wants to I see I
still see people wanting to travel and that’s just and if you’re in denial and you’re being
selfish and you’re still traveling again this is I might get some backlash from
this right I don’t care but if the doctors in the front lines in Italy are
pleading for people to self quarantine, to watch themselves you don’t think that
– just don’t write this off as a flu it is a pandemic it is much more serious
than that, even those who are younger they may
overcome it but it’ll be weeks before they fully recover right because the you
get the flu it will develop into pneumonia it will develop into
bronchitis like I said I have friends who you know in my Facebook friends but
they’ve they’ve been tested they tested positive they’re in their 40s, 50s it
still kicked they’re behind. It still took them out for I think a week or two
so don’t just poke your head in the sand and think positive thoughts that it will
you know that you can change the world you think positive in terms of what can
affect your own situation positive as in having hope, having faith positive, as in
attracting a more a better shopping experience for you that you can get
whatever you need on your list. Okay positive in terms of let’s say you know
your neighbor is helping each other out thinking positive as in this is a good
time like for me this is a good time for me to teach my older daughter just being more prepared in situations
like these and not just think that life is just
la-dee-da that it’s all you know because I believe for kids they need to leave a
little bit more street smart so I’m using this time to teach my daughter to
be a little bit more street smart and so I’m not just in like a pandemic
situation but in regular situation but to help her realize that wherever you go
you need to be aware of what’s going on don’t just stick your face in front of
the in front of your phone and just you know tune out the whole world that’s not
being street smart you need to be aware of your environment you need to keep
your inner ears and your outer ears open you need to keep your inner eyes and
your outer eyes open. Okay so that’s pretty much with to see the fine line
star patterns and to you know and to share it with you guys but like I said
what I am seeing is after main things will definitely start getting where
we’re gonna start seeing you know the light at the end of the tunnel so again
those who are freaking out don’t freak out it’s not the end of the world but at
the same time those are who are in denial don’t think that your email okay
because this is happening worldwide now so um yeah Christine say talk about
health issues I Tory measure my soul am i right like I ended up in the hospital
last night it isn’t just covid 19, ah Christine
thanks for that reminder here let me show you, leg issues leg injuries this is
not Corona virus now, but if you see okay oh okay
so the numbers on the left is the number of the lo shu which is if you want to
call it the original number chart okay now the number five is in the east and
the trigram in the east is trigram body part wise actually refer to
legs and feet which is why with the number five you’re also gonna see more
people with leg and feet injury. In fact two months ago when the monthly two
months ago so this is January when the monthly seven was there I also had a
couple of people in my 2020 groups I have their feet and their
bedroom happens to be in the East as well so when these things happen again
flying start doesn’t explain everything but most of the time when I look at the
flying star you see – ah this is why things are happening and this is how I
do consultations with my client. This is the power of the right training and I am
so grateful to be in my lineage because how my lineage how my lineage explains
these number combinations is almost eerie and every year when I do my feng
shui updates for my clients and I have it on paper that certain
things are gonna happen like for instance I I told one client be mindful
of the feng shui in your bedroom in do you really around the kidney. This report
I gave it to him I think January or February and then maybe three weeks ago
he emailed me Safrina, you will not believe this well actually I do
cuz duh flying stars but he just passed a kidney stone and he says okay now I
will believe you I will watch out for my health I will take care of my health.
So a lot of things in terms of what’s happening health-wise for instance you
look at what is the energy for the year what is the energy for the month what is
your astrology like Christine is saying she is a rabbit so she’s hit with the
flies all those things come together like little pieces of the puzzle and you
see the big energetic picture and that is why the study of feng shui, the course on my page I say
spend four days and you learn knowledge that will you that can help you for the
rest of your life it is not like in advertising
they call it puff free because you’re just exaggerating it is not an
exaggeration my lineage four days can prepare you for the rest of your life
because you’re going to see all these number combinations and you’re gonna
know and forecast what could happen in the future.
Fast food function doesn’t do that they can’t even pretend to do that this is
classical country this is the power of arming yourself with that information
okay. So you guys um I am very honored that most of you really waited for this
livestream again sorry for the like it’s some food for thought and hopefully
after this you guys will start preparing make sure you are safe, make sure you are
prepared physically, mentally, spiritually. Not just you know because things are
definitely happening fast and furious right now. So any other questions feel
free to drop a comment either in the youtube under the youtube video of the
facebook video and i’ll talk to you guys soon take care.

Jean Kelley