October 18, 2019
  • 8:42 pm Compassion in Action: Buddhism and the Environment
  • 8:42 pm Buddhism and Race in America: Buddhism, Race, Structures, & Society
  • 7:42 pm The Israel-Palestine conflict: a brief, simple history
  • 7:42 pm The Judaism is for you!
  • 7:42 pm Самодельная Оружейная и Стрелковая Техника ☬ Homemade Weapons and Shooting Equipment ☬ Сделано рукам
Coming Home by Mrs. Molly Gullage one our missionaries to kids around the world

[Applause] Oh we're at a loss your desire to see somebody slave like an episode don't have with their own cares somebody right I need to know if you quit praying for the devil my brother upgrade for 14 years I'm glad that God will save yourself money God saved you so changed you totally changed his life and God can do that for anybody it just by the grace of God I got saved as a little girl he had the same opportunity but not everybody takes that don't quit prayin no went for you God answers it might be a long time I wonder how many times a prodigal son and they was praying God I'm alive oh God [Applause] Hey

Jean Kelley