April 9, 2020
  • 11:59 pm From Atheism to Christ
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Salamaleikum,Guys. My name is Dima.Today i wanna tell you about christian thoughts about islam Christian its me in that time First of all, I want to tell you what I believed in Christianity. when I was in Christianity I believed in God I believed that Jesus is the son of God and in the last life when I was little boy, my mother took me to the Orthodox Church,i was baptized there when I grew up I started going to the gospel church when I was 14 years old, they asked me do I want to do water baptism when i was kid ,baptism didnt work on me that time i was 14 years old I could think and make decisions myself and i said yes ,lets do baptism ,why not.. i used to go to church for 10 years every sunday i was in church in my school time i have never seen muslims i only saw some news about act of terrorism by muslims first time i met muslims when i went to china for study there were many muslim from different coutries for me all of them were normal people i did no think something bad about them and i didnt ask them in what they believe once I had lunch with Muslims and asked them why they do not eat pork they said because we are muslims and we cant eat pork good answer even in that time i didnt think something bad about them if they dont eat pork its ok ,i dont care I didn’t even think if they do not eat pork, but drink alcohol it seems our religion holds on pork only because i ve heard words only we dont eat pork pork pork my thoughts about Islam were neutral at that moment I understood that a person carries everything and how he presents Islam there are many people who present islam by hard way always saying you cant this ,that they dont explain way you cant do this there was one negative thing islam is the right way,christians are astray i was shocked ,listening this shit but I understood that everything depends on the person I met people who showed true Islam and it was really wow realy interesting I will give an example in the Gospel church I saw people who were alcoholics people who had a bad relationship with other people outside the church there are many evil people bad attitude towards you when you come to church your soul is filled with good and peace kind people in the church in church people really care about you and listening to you out of church many people dont even listen what you re saying I mean, people come to the gospel church because there is good and peace and there is no negative things you are probably agree with me that the negative things always exist some people will still present Islam by hard way in addition in Christianity there are many people who saying shit they are belivers but they dont ponder I talked with many people and i look at some people like i am looking on tree it seems like he is saying 1+ 1=4 for me it goes like this but he thinks differently for me it doesnt matter if muslim pray or he is fasting or if christian do prayers and fasting too i dont look at this the most important thing is how a person thinks as i know now ,people can believe in god and they can be shit people go back to my thoughts about islam i was thinking that islam was seperated religion and people happy to be in islam I had a neutral position about islam i have friend and he is muslim he has never imposed his religion on me talking to him i realized there are many muslims and christians who are not educated in this sphere and this is a problem people who believe in God saiying something not true but they think its true and other person can bealive what youre saying and this fake information will be walking everywhere we must ponder what we learn and what people are saying we should ponder their words

Jean Kelley