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Christian & Oliver Part 66 – 18.09.12

Clarissa von Anstetten. What does that mean? Looks like she is Baby Bella’s mother. Alright. At least it eliminates the
theory that Bella is your sister. Why? What? You think your father
had an affair with Clarissa? Why not?
– Olli! Come on, that’s totally constructed! But in his first letter to me Arno mentioned a sister.
– Arno had Alzheimer’s. So what? That makes it even more possible that
he remembered things he suppressed long ago. My God, you don’t give up, do you?
– Right. And now?
– And now I have one more chance. Which is?
– Talking to Clarissa. Wait a moment, you can’t just walk in there.
– Do you have an appointment? No, but I still need to talk to you. It is about a letter I found among Arno’s things.
– And? It says something about an illegitimate child. Arno is supposed to have an illegitimate child?
I don’t know anything about that. I think you do know something.
Look. The letter is addressed to you,
the writing came through. I have no idea how my name got on there.
Will you excuse me now, I have work to do. Not so fast. It is about this child, her name is Bella. I won’t
leave your office until I learn more about her. You know this child!
I can tell by the way you just reacted. Why are you interested in this,
why are you concerned with Arno’s old letters? Shortly before his death Arno
hinted that I might have a sister. I have to find out if that is true
and if Bella is that sister. You know as well as I do that Arno’s
mind wasn’t clear before he died. I know there’s something to this story
and you will tell me what it is. If you don’t leave voluntarily,
I’ll have to call security. Security. Why is this such a big secret? Please send a security guard to my office, thanks. Frau von Anstetten, please. I have a right to know
if I have a sister. Tell me if you know that child. No, I don’t.
– You’re lying! Please escort this young man to the exit.
– Don’t touch me! I will find out if there’s anything to it,
I promise you that. She denies everything! What did you expect? That she’d simply
open up and tell you her lifelong lie? But she was nervous. Very nervous, actually,
which means she recognized Bella. It still doesn’t mean that Bella is your sister.
– No, but… Christian, don’t you understand? I don’t know if she
is my sister, but I at least want to be sure she isn’t. Hey.
– Hey. Hello Timo, come… come in. Uhm, I… saw you at LCL awhile ago. I know it’s not really my business
and I don’t know what happened, but did you have trouble with my grandmother? Perhaps he can help us.
– What it is about? Okay, I know from Arno that
I might have a sister and… a picture of a baby showed up among
his things and a letter addressed to Clarissa. And you wanted to know from
Clarissa what she knows about it. Yes. If that baby is Olli’s sister at all, because it would
mean Olli’s Mom or Dad had an affair with whomever. I see. And you don’t want to
ask your mother directly? If she really had an affair she
won’t tell me after twenty years. If my father had an affair she
probably doesn’t even know it. Or she wouldn’t want to speak badly of him. Anyway, did you ever notice anything,
at any point, from Arno? Her name is Bella. No, but if Clarissa knows anything, I’ll find out. And why are you so sure about that?
– She still owes me. That means you’ll help me.
– Yes. Thanks! Do you want some water or alcohol?
– Yes, very much so. If you don’t get any info from Clarissa with
Timo’s help, will you end your search, then, and be approachable again? I don’t know.
– Olli! My God, why is this so important
to you all of a sudden? You’ve managed to live
without a sister all these years. Only so-so. Actually, I always wanted siblings. You never said anything. I guess I suppressed it. You see, when my father died… I was so young and totally overwhelmed, especially
when my mother was clinging to me that much. With someone by my side,
I think it would’ve been more divided. And later, when I told my mother I was into men… I really thought that there was no one
in this world who understood me. I know that I was scared to tell Gregor about us,
but I was much older than you were then. But his reaction was great.
Thanks. That was my wish, too,
a brother or sister telling me… “Hey, Olli, you’re my brother, you’re super just
the way you are. No matter what you do or say.” Without Gregor, I probably wouldn’t have made it
through the time when we were alone with our father. No way. I constantly see different images in my head… of me and my half-sister, her with
my father and an unknown woman and… Then I ask myself how long
this affair my father had lasted. Olli… Don’t stress yourself out, okay? I know, so many questions,
no answers, that’s horrible but… maybe you’ll get your
answers in a little while, hm? Hello Clarissa.
– Hello. If you want to put my grandson at odds
with me, you’re playing with fire. Calm down, we just want to talk. Did he talk your ear off, too? Olli has some questions and
I understand that he wants answers. Questions that I can’t answer. Clarissa, this is your chance
to make me see your good side. I have no idea who it is that you want to protect. But if it is about Arno, I’m sure he would’ve
wanted me to know if I have a sister. Clarissa, your secrets caused sorrow for
so many years. You can do better this time. Please excuse me a second. Yes, it is true, the baby in the picture is
your half-sister, but I am not the mother. I’ll be right back. If Bella isn’t your daughter, whose daughter is she? Well… A friend … of Charlie and I… had… an affair… with your father. And… when she got pregnant
he wanted her to have an abortion. But she gave Bella up for adoption. I arranged it, that’s why
the letter is addressed to me. Charlie knew about it? Why did
she hide it from me all these years? Probably to protect her identity,
some adoption rule. Clarissa, if you know her name, please tell us. Please. Her… her name is Jacobi,
the family used to live in Tübingen. Jacobi. Thank you.
– Thank you. Thank you so much for your help.
I definitely have some promising hints now. Good luck with the search!
– Thanks. I’m sorry!
– About what? That I didn’t believe it. That there were
moments when I thought you were bonkers. Yes, that was hard but I’ll forgive you. Everything okay? I mean, do you want to talk?
It’s not easy to cope with something like this. Thanks, I’m fine. No Bella Jacobi in Tübingen…
or in the neighboring towns. Maybe she changed her name
because she got married or something. It’s not going to be easy but…
I won’t give up.

Jean Kelley



  1. brycool viva Posted on September 28, 2012 at 5:53 am

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  2. Lan skyflakes Posted on September 28, 2012 at 6:16 am

    i think Oliver was matured enough, he didn't make a big issue on Christian's being not so cooperative about ollie's situation or maybe he was just more exited to find his half sister than to argue with him….

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  4. sfvniceguy Posted on September 28, 2012 at 7:02 am

    Here we go again–Olli becomes obsessed one more time, ignoring everything & everyone else in his single-minded pursuit. Even Christian hasn't found him "approachable." Looks like the writers aren't going to let him have learned anything from the damage done by his obsession over having a child last year. Still, at least it keeps him front & center in a storyline…

  5. nvy143 Posted on September 28, 2012 at 8:19 am

    They mentioned Gregor's name!!
    It brings tear to my eyes when i suddenly remember all those lovely characters who gave Chrolli a big fat support.
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  12. Chrolliworldwide Posted on September 28, 2012 at 2:24 pm

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