July 16, 2019
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  • 6:23 pm Fr. Michael Della Penna Luke 10, 25-37- Digital Catholic Missioners
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  • 6:07 pm Ojców noga. MSF 2019
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Brought Near Through the Blood of Christ

that's what we celebrate today to celebrate their ministry as to blurriness and also that ministry death but we are going to continue that that a ministry and that is the ministry is what we heard and especially that second reading says now in Christ Jesus you who were once far off have become here have come near or the blood of Christ that ministry of brain-eater of coming together of bringing people together in God's law through the blood of Christ that's what Jesus did right through his blood on the cross especially he he died fries he shed his blood and his that blood that brought us into God's into you know God's law is that blood he'd sacrifice but open the gates of heaven is that blood that he sacrifice for everyone not just for Christians not just our Jews not just for Muslims but for everyone that spoke so loudly that we are brothers and sisters United in the blood of Christ that's what Jesus did and he did it with his life with his actions he was always talking about those people who people said well you don't belong you're not one of us you're a tax collector you're prostitute you're Samaritan he said that with his actions his life said no no I've come to proclaim that good news that all our blood flows through the blood of Christ if I were to God's love that's what Jesus work was all about

Jean Kelley