September 15, 2019
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Brother Waheed : ” Allah of Islam only knows one language ” – English subtitles

God speaks all languages otherwise , he doesn’t deserves to be called God ! and the god ( Allah of Islam ) who declaims on certain language ( Arabic ) and clings on to a certain language , and he says that his word is considered as holy through that certain language and that the language of people of paradise is that language ( Arabic ) and that ( Muslims ) should pray with that language or else , it will be not accepted by ” God ” ! so , what kind of god is that who doesn’t know the languages ? therefore , I bow down before Jesus once again and over and over again because he the God of all humans and he is the God of all the languages in the world so for example , ( any ) African in Africa prays in their own language which is not known ( by many people ) so the God of the Holy Bible can understand them and the same applies to anyone who has an internationally well-known language and the God of the Holy Bible can understand it as well plus , he knows what they say and he knows what’s in their hearts and he knows their thoughts before they even talk with them

Jean Kelley



  1. Sharon Broderick Posted on September 12, 2019 at 12:54 am

    dangerous to criticize . he is a brave man