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BROKE BY FAITH | Episode 3: My untold story of Sons of God

Two days before he died… …he wrote me a little letter
and he said to me: Stop worrying about me,
I haven’t given up on life. And for me, I took it as a sign. He will be fine, even if he dies. We can raise him up again,
he will be fine. I know, just one touch of God. I’ve seen literally
thousands of miracles. I’ve seen thousands of miracles. So, one touch of God and it’s fine. And… …the night he died,
he actually died in my arms. And as he died,
God said to me: he is not coming back. And I… I just watched this incredible film
called Sons of God… …have you seen it? The lady next to me in church
patiently waited for my response… … yet all I thought: I must have done
something wrong that even… …my fellow church members don’t know
that I’ve made Sons of God. Sons of God was my life project… …and now it was seen
by hundreds of thousands. I loved reading all the testimonies
of people who watched it. It inspired so many
to step into their calling. And how it felt like God
had catapulted me into mine. People would criticize me and say: Why are you sick if you pray
for such a lot of sick people. So I don’t think we pray for the
sick because we are healthy… …we pray for the sick because God
said we should pray for the sick. I was reaching so many people. Yet soon after the release… …I couldn’t cope with the fact
that people had to pay for it. So I decided to give
it away for free… …and now everyone
had access to the film. It spread rapidly around the globe. It was seen in churches
and broadcasted on networks. Naive as I was I just thought
I would reap what I had sown. And in a way, I did reap. The fruit was immense. One young man said the
film literally stopped him… …from leaving his wife
and ending his life. However, while the film took off,
things went downward for me. Making a film was an
ideal medium to inspire… …while I could stay in the shadow. And a voice spoke to me
under the shower and said: Go to church tonight. And the guy that took me said: Come on Kobus, let’s go to the front. And as my knees hit the ground… …the Holy Spirit just overwhelmed me. I started crying
for no reason at all. I cried and cried and cried. Never been in a pentecostal,
charismatic type of meeting. I didn’t know what it was. And as I cried I realized
something was happening to me. I started changing.
Nobody was talking to me. And all of a sudden I started
speaking in other tongues. Nobody is teaching me,
nobody talking to me. I spoke in tongues
for more than an hour. They carried me
out of that church. I just had a mindset that
it shouldn’t be about me. It’s not a wrong thought. But to me, this became a
principal, an excuse to hide. So now everyone
knew about my film… …yet no one knew me. Kubus always explained to us that: God calls everybody, but it depends
on you whether you’re gonna do it. You know, it’s obedience. Jesus, because of obedience He did it. He said it’s like a door. And on the door it says: called. And when you go in and you
look back, it says: you’re chosen. So, if you want to
be the chosen of God… …just be obedient to the calling. It is so simple. Months went by and because
I gave the film away for free… …I had no income anymore. I had to work hard
to start a new business. And when I had just enough
income to support my growing family… …I began making my second film:
Sons of God, the other side of glory. A film that was more
about keeping hope.. …in the middle of difficult situations. And I am really looking forward
to showing you all the footage… …in the film: Sons of God,
the other side of glory. And for now I’m saying goodbye,
leaving for Mozambique. The moment I started shooting
the second film I got into debt. And a few months later
I was personally bankrupt. And I felt like such a failure,
I couldn’t support my family. And the vision I had,
to reach the world… …now felt like a foolish
thought from the past. Bye bye, thanks. It was only in my
quiet time with God… …where I was able to overcome
my self-pity and small-mindedness. Every time when I chose
to seek Him, He rebuilt me. And He simply ignored my self-pity. Yet my circumstances
didn’t change for a long time. My business was not growing
fast enough to pay off my debt. So I took an extra job as a passenger
assistant at Amsterdam airport. Dokter Johan,
Something is wrong with me. And he said, come quickly,
let’s go to the bathrooms. And when we walked out
of the church, I collapsed. And I realized, I was dying. And they started taking my
shoes off, they took my shirt off… …started rubbing me,
massaging me, pumping my legs. The doctor took
these veins in my neck… …and started pushing
these veins hard. And he leaned over and
whispered in my ear and said: You are going, we are going
to try our best to keep you back. And I realised: I’m dead, I’m dead. And I looked down. And I saw the
preachers pumping me. The doctor pushing my veins. I saw them with bibles,
praying, crying out to God. Nine preachers around me. And I heard the worship. But I was far away. And I heard my son Petrus:
Daddy don’t go, daddy please don’t go. And I looked down. And it was long, it was long. They struggled, they struggled. And I was in this grass and
I came a bit closer to my body. And all of a sudden
it was like: Bahm! A shock. And I was in my body. And this was the
weirdest experience ever. When I came back into my body,
I felt like a young man of sixteen. I stood up and I said:
Where is my clothes? I got dressed,
I walked to the pulpit. And I preached for 2,5 hours. I was independent. Not willing to ask
help for the risks I took. It was my risk and
no one else’s. At that time a successful entrepreneur
came to me and said: Name a figure and it will be on
your bank account tomorrow. I knew he was serious,
but I kindly refused it. It was only when I finally
reached rock bottom… …that I began talking bits and pieces
with people about the trouble I was in. I was at the end of my rope
and my second film had failed. At this point, I was finally able
to surrender my independence. Kindly God showed me in the
weeks and months that followed… …how His mercy can
flow through His people. Even strangers that didn’t
know me began blessing me. I was sent to different places in the
world just to gain some spiritual weight. Just to relax and enjoy. I was blessed financially
ten times more… …in this season when I finally
learned I couldn’t do it alone. Not even alone with God. What’s that? Medicines. People leave their medicines
and their dokters reports. They got healed and
they went home healed. I could never understand… …how could someone… …that has so much
miracles in their life… …how could Kobus die with cancer? I don’t know. But what I know is
that Jesus is the healer. And I will not stop
praying for sick people. I had to learn to grow past myself. Past my ideals and insecurities. Even making this video… …talking about my
flaws is only possible… …because I chose to
rise above my self-doubt. There were so many
crutches lying around. So Petrus made his
own sculpture here. He just tied all the crutches together
and made a frame and a cross. Isn’t this what Jesus died for? When things go wrong in our lives,
it’s not the end of the world. If you’re struggling with something,
well, get your eyes on Jesus. Jesus didn’t come to give us an
existence, he came to give us life. And life is to enjoy. So even through this sickness,
I’m concentrating on life. Jesus died, how He hung on the cross,
how He was wounded, how the blood was shed. All to get us out of the kingdom of
darkness into the kingdom of light. That’s why we preach life and healing. And you know, sometimes, we must
realize we are in a fallen creation. But, His plan is for a generation
to take what He has done on the cross. And I think it’s our time. I really believe it’s our time. And I… …I want to run my race. So when meditating on all
I went through I can truly say: what a privilege. Cause in every circumstance
God introduced a side of Him… …that I could only have discovered
in that particular season. That being said I’m eager
to tell you more about… …how God literally prepared
the way when making the film. So I hope to see you next time.

Jean Kelley



  1. Tom Posted on March 25, 2020 at 12:18 am

    Manuel, This is where I am supposed to describe how I feel after watching this piece. After all, that would be the polite thing to do. We say thank you for a good meal but words escape me now. I don't know what I feel, I'm numb. I knew before I finished watching this that I would have to watch it again, possibly a few more times and I don't know why but I must. There is so much depth to this short video. It's like deep is calling unto deep. You hear the voice from afar… someplace unseen but a voice none the less. I will also share this video with friends of mine. Thank you so much for your sacrifices. I understand all too well that the things we learn from hardship can only be learned through hardship. God Bless You…

  2. Duan Van Schalkwyk Posted on March 25, 2020 at 7:18 am

    Thanks for sharing this Manuel, it's really encouraging!

  3. rwmintl Posted on March 25, 2020 at 8:29 am

    I saw this mini clip and all I could do is kept on crying….God Bless you brother Emmanuel…..I owe you a lot in my life…..You are an inspiration to me and many others…..this second movie would bring even greater harvest I believe in my spirit and will make many believers stronger in their calling and will encourage many to step in faith…..I absolutely am lacking words to express my emotions….What I could say is Lord Bless you more in all. Amen

  4. Adam McCary Posted on March 25, 2020 at 7:47 pm

    Manuel, I been so blessed by film sons of God and obedience into faith journey! Thank for sharing!