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Bonus Interview: Pastor Brian Brodersen Interviews Ravi Zacharias on the New Atheism

Hi and welcome to the second season of “Things That Matter.” I’m Brian Brodersen, and we are really looking forward to this new season. We’re excited, and the format for this season will be just slightly different than last season. This season will be having a number of interviews that I will be conducting and then occasionally I will have a host here in the studio with me and we’ll be talking about various things that matter regarding the church regarding the culture the relationship between the two and all of those things so really looking forward to it we’re going to start off the season with a couple of bonus videos a few years back i had the privilege of interviewing both the dr ravi zacharias and dr. John Lennox and so we’re going to start the season by showing those video interviews that I did and I think you’re really going to be blessed and encouraged another couple years old everything is obviously still extremely relevant so I’m sure you’ll be encouraged by that and then we’ve got a number of interviews that we will be presenting i had the privilege of interviewing dr. randy Alcorn recently dr. Christopher un Larry content the author of the book on Christopher Hitchens and so we’re excited about bringing those to you and a number of other interviews that will be doing in the days ahead so glad you’re tuning in and want to encourage you just to get the word out to take advantage of social media find us at calvary chapel com back-to-basics radio.com we’ve got the podcast get out on Twitter and just as far and wide as we can and pray that you’ll be blessed by this new season of things that matter it’s so great to have you with us again no I’ll and I’m delighted to be about right thank you I’ve been looking forward to it telling everybody get out here you go you gotta go this guy just you know I years ago I read your book III think it’s now called can live without God and a different title earlier on maybe did it they were a different one which was called a shattered that changed the face of it ok ok and so my question is it because you’ve been dealing with the subject of atheism for so many years what’s changed since you wrote those books with the ad is amanda and in relation to how Christians are confronted with it and and have to deal with it today so good question Brian nothing in the arguments have changed nothing in the evidence of change no fresh data to muster to defend naturalism but i think the stridency and the capacity to disseminate these thoughts with the modern communication whether it seems to go viral yeah and I think like sort of a political type of venom it’s become so hostile and so adversarial if a person is atheistic or non-theistic Gnostic and wishes to dialogue intelligent your gracious of course we can do it we have this kind of a clenched fist let’s civic three other world view that believes in the transcendent reality that has changed and now they’ve got sort of a masked in a handful of people you know the the Dawkins the dentists and so on yonder the writers that are even from north america and hitches game machine and because he has passed away sam Harris you so they’ve got these relative voices that are you know fighting it with an intensity of passion almost like and enthusiastic yeah evangelists and i quote exhibition good news and the idea that they have the perot the most intense evangelists right yeah so as you’re in your dealings with them because you’re still addressing this issue I see I follow you on twitter so you’re all over the planet your and universities all the time you’re speaking to large groups of people well what’s the response nowadays in comparison to what it was and I resent having to say if anything we’re just drawing big crowds community campesinos at UCLA in January place was packed all of your crowd i was just a short while ago in dartmouth in the famous spalding auditorium this is for the first time in its history did it ever have backed out audience for religious theme settings on the theme of Tolerance we experienced the same at Yale a couple of years ago and all of the big-name guys shortly within a week i will be a Johns Hopkins in two weeks from now actually and they’re expecting a packed auditorium the best way to answer your question is this one of the trustees that he looked at somebody next to him on a color denied was speaking overflow crowd and he said I don’t understand one of these kids and people going on a thursday night but listen to the subject of the difference to the person of jesus christ and his teaching and he happened to say to a friend of mine leaned over and certain do you think it’s because of their souls empty yeah well i think that is best response that’s what I’m noticing there’s an F there’s a vacuum yeah and be it’s only students are coming when we were at Arizona State we had the 9000 analytics and myself and lampson we had 7,000 a weeknight audiences so the opportunities there you have to be wise and careful but a student you think yeah so would say for example the faculty at these universities are you and obviously there’s some Christian faculty really connected there are you seeing any breakthrough with any of the more atheistic professors ne ne thing where it looks like maybe they’re wanting to three things every now and then not that common ryan and i wish i could say it’s very common the faculty of today were trained with the radical liberalism of 20-30 years ago they are the anti-establishment types they want to but if you’re politically conservative when they want to attack your religiously conservative they want to attack you it’s because they’re against an absolutely yeah turtle bread relativists way but the students are beginning to see that the emperor has no clothes yeah so I’m not gonna have the students where they bombarded by faculty members and attacking their faith and so on but you know even even if you silly you have a very distinguished faculty members spent on our behalf of lunch with me to talk and quite open and is thinking and said how much he has changed over the years since his own evaluation of all yeah so with the save the student center you know follow up at you I you probably lecture and i noticed occasionally you do Q&A or and we have that all the time and then even with some follow up with some of the students are you seen some we may be seeing that absolutely and we always do it for officer a black people come because of the current decade so at present talking to the Q&A record an open forum yeah we don’t do debates because i find debate some sort of not really productive yeah if you run into a clever person he or she was staring in the direction of their comfort whether whether or not the real issues and is a smoke screening type of thing open forum anybody can come up and ask a question and you can either defend what you said Dorian oh yeah longer the process we’ve seen results and following up incredibly so yeah tremendous response i don’t think i’ve seen such a response in 40 years the students who write to us the transformed lives and how they keep up somebody living called can see no I’m still skeptical but we have got me thinking yeah at Dartmouth one person came started off saying she was a skeptic and by the time we finish it commitment like to question but that’s after the auditorium please so we’re seeing results and the organizers do the follow-up yeah and if we can serve in any way we do that yeah that’s fantastic so one last question how can we pray for you i know you’re busy you gotta unbelievable schedule well you’re well aware of the hazards of administration you know I think and after 40 years and it for myself and 29 years with RG i am most important thing to pray for is that we work closely with the Lord yeah number two that God will be with our families because i’m on the road so much I really always pray for my family for my wife my children I three grandchildren that that God keep them close to him that is my my prayer and then the ministry that will be wise with a large team based in 10 countries now about 30-35 full-time apologists across the globe and go to keep them humble keep them faithful and making a difference that would be these are some of the prayer requests grade and I’m praying for you as well that God will use you to raise up continue to continue to raise a new generations because we need we need new generation apologist only we really do and thank you for what you do you know this historic church in fact of a strong into the gentleman from overseas driving and you’re telling the story of chucks yeah funding this ministry coming in those turbulent 60s west indies and so on just really love the look of God’s grace in this part of the world and i would multiply nationally and internationally so unless you to thank you for being with us honored to be

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  1. Brian K Posted on February 10, 2017 at 6:56 pm

    Thank You for sharing this! How interesting that just yesterday I met an individual who labeled himself as an atheist. I like it when this happens. Because it helps me understand better the person and the argument. We spoke for about 15 minutes; it was a good talk. The guy hugged me twice! He certainly was not militant, and neither was he dogmatic about his beliefs. Atheistic philosophy has zero foundation, and will naturally move with the wind. I was amazed that the guy would listen to me as intently as he did. I think [no, I know] that he is thirsty and is looking for acceptance. He will find it in Christ! Pray that "Bryan" would seek after God, beginning in the New Testament!

    Oh, here's a great presentation by Billy Graham @ TED–worth watching:

  2. Warrior4Jesus Posted on November 12, 2017 at 3:01 am

    Pastor Brian Brodersen  you are a Wolf in Sheep's clothing, You are promoting doctrine of demons ( no longer Bible prophesy, women teaching, idolatry meaning no longer verse by verse teaching, worship music acoustic with colored lights, no Old Testament teaching) pushing ecumenical movement with the False Prophet Pope Francis which is One WORLD RELIGION WHICH IS PART OF THE NWO WHICH TIES TO THE ANTICHRIST. You are part of the doctrine of Demons for NAR/DOMINION THEOLOGY. You spend time with Satan's gang Rick Joyner Knights of Malta. You  have sold out to the Devil. Beware your churches are going to be Judged by God. Judgment begins in the house of God. Repent and turn back now. You are headed straight to Hell and you will account for all the lost sheep that you took w/you to the slaughter. I am part of the remnant church that Jesus said would expose the truth and the Harlot Church. The Antichrist Obama will be your Father. Turn back to Jesus you first love before it is too late. Also, Chuck Smith was teaching End time prophesy because he was being lead by the Spirit, you my sir are being led by demons I feel sorry for you and your "feel good" church sermons and not wanting to offend children or make them fearful. You better start teaching the young one's not to fear. for the Cowards will have their place in the Lake of fire for it is written in the Book of  Revelation . You want money and big churches you don't care about souls or you would be warning the flocks and Maranatha Church to teach End time prophesy. You have been exposed and I will keep sounding the alarm until people leave your church and start their own home churches. Oh by the way your Pre-Trib Rapture lie was infiltrated by NWO and illuminati doctrines of demons by Darby and Scoffield who are a sham. Learn your history even Hollywood tried fooling the public with the Left behind series. What a joke. Jesus gives his true Saints discernment to see thru the devil and his children. Turn back now for the Lake of Fire is forever. God Bless you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. You have been put on notice and I will do whatever my Abba Father tells me to spread the truth and expose the darkness that you have allowed and you are making the Calvary and Maranatha Church(s) to follow suite. Satan has hijacked my church.

  3. Bobby Robby Posted on November 8, 2019 at 5:31 pm

    Brian Brodersen at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa has gone liberal and he is for women preaching over men. He even does it in his own Church services on Sundays, I saw it. In his article he denies that he does that. Here is part of his excuse for allowing women preacher over men.
    THEOLOGY by Brian Brodersen  Jun 03, 2019 – A few years ago, I ran afoul of some pastors in my tribe (tribe?) for allowing a woman to teach to an audience of both women and men. According to these men, I was in clear violation of Scripture by allowing such a thing. The context where all this occurred makes it even more interesting. It wasn’t at a church service but rather at a music and Bible festival that I’m involved with annually.
    My wife, Cheryl, was often one of the women leading a seminar, and the men would flock to hear her, loving her amazing gift to teach God’s Word. The problems started when we moved her from the “seminar tent” to the “main stage.” That’s when mutterings of “heresy” began to spread, not just at the festival, but all around the world (with the help of social media). By the time I returned to the U.S. a few weeks later (the festival is in the UK), there was brooding and deep concern that I had gone liberal. Now just to clarify, the “main stage” upon which my wife and another woman spoke to a mixed audience was not in a church. Where was it? It was in a cowshed. Yes, that’s right, a cowshed. Our main teaching and music venue is in a cowshed, and somehow, when the ladies stepped out of the seminar tents onto the main stage, they were treading on “holy ground” and violating Scripture by teaching the Bible to a mixed audience of men and women, boys and girls … in a cowshed. Go figure.

    Well, the controversy continued to build and much discussion and debate ensued. The issue is still hotly contended among many in our tribe today. And this brings me to the current controversy concerning Beth Moore. Beth, as many know, is one of the great Bible teachers of this generation and has been used by God in extraordinary ways among multitudes of women and a large number of men also. Beth doesn’t aspire to the role of pastor or overseer; she simply teaches the Bible whenever and wherever she can. But apparently, for many men in her tribe, this is now a problem. She is in clear violation of Scripture because we all know that Paul forbade women from teaching men in his first epistle to Timothy, at least that’s what some are absolutely certain of. I beg to differ but will come back to that later. One of the funny things I keep coming across in the criticism of both Beth and those who have allowed her to speak at their churches is that she was “in the pulpit on a Sunday morning,” or as one Evangelical leader put it, “the Lord’s day pulpit.” Brian Brodersen replace Pastor Chuck Smith who died of lung cancer. Chuck Smith would be rolling over in his grave if it wasn't for the fact that he is with the Lord Jesus now.