April 4, 2020
  • 1:59 am The Terror of Islam
  • 1:58 am How I Changed My Life with Daily Self-Care Rituals
  • 12:59 am “I PRAY YOUR FAITH WILL NOT FAIL!!!” | TB Joshua Viewers Prayer
  • 11:58 pm Have you ever talked openly about religion in Singapore?
  • 11:58 pm Alcoholics Anonymous | Is AA a Religion? | How it Works AA
Bob Jones and Damien AtHope join me on The DAM Show 🌞 3-23-2020

a young guy of the original
along hardly worth of work all
the Indians, old and ripping us
all to be one big fish will
represent . Robbers all three bear a
united with the older are all
these are our most are yet when I say it is a well they did it does have a
funny because there are some
things about the Indians that
without the whole area and find
you are are down the aisle would
probably buy into Julienne or
the navy and a video with all but ignoring and an annual
reading an article in the
southern Siberia Muscat wine
like greed our beginning now
became innocence any more and more you have only a lot of all time entered
into a mountain of those are
just a thought in online or
equipment will head into rollback of our great a longer believe ideal of a
couple of those enough now it is
that a scout for funded either
end on what I read because of Disney
and its are young and I will add
you are also read it and when a when I are we going on in addition I should go through
land until I had written well as
originally one really wanted was
a law could read but from IE o about flat on world that are
already your sorrow and said Ron
Wyden released and not to lose her beer and wine and wine license isolated because of
what I am a month on that record
obliteration of a more subtle
folded or more because I realize a 97 to 5 and on many fishermen
have to wait his face and is on
by another one and another one
belong to anything because most to find the time II do what
rules on one leg was rules of
the 1 to 1 of the one too well and are
working for months on both were
mile for shortened form of the
end of a dollar spent on appeal
for y a 2000 phone calls with crab all relate to it because the
liability on my way of the
location and on my own non and my own the bible by a rule
Trojans coach and then sometimes I travel a people know
exactly what controls are by
Moore said all be just as they
can be lawyers realize that everybody is is the wrong person
and all but the guidance of my
father’s reduction withdrew the
wide angle shots across the rout the avatar of rock (R and in our zeal and broke a ring the mother was wrong until that
my father restrictive in 191
look and my mother didn’t care
because she eventually children with using our self and
a wife other end of 1980 was
afraid he was an absolute
Anglican tyrant my mother died
almost si while she felt like I could
write a book about row read and we should be a good
operation in all the right to design and having one
of work and a couple hours ago a total of five runners on a zero length of the
picture of that writing a book
of the ballpark and Walter are
many of the great I don’t know
wha one of the largest know a value to you know what
was that he met line right now to 11 to a little old Anna like to know we
are idling occurred was Diablo
Eagleton dollars being a though so when it not all are not as you wish you
were just wanted to do not buy a
gun at what about what was a
garbage eagles best of all
designe that you and reinstalled in
quiet tonight at Napa but new German soccer reading our mail when the Moreno wonderful yourself and a wrong headed in the hallway by the memory and it’s a column for all
rights to the charter to the four years in a mom will ever came of the
Carnegie endowment record 54
years worth of lifelong TV is
from boarding fees for actually
a phen if you claim to have knowledge
of god I want you all wanted it
for that you have to show and
bridges said extraordinary
claims r and deflected it was another
topic or come back with a stupid
questions and im in the business
of demanding proof that the Ira way. But IBM on the wine
that turned on or the unit to
commune with our reader below us: squirm is
religious test negative climate
on separate law would always
tell what you see are not a
witch, what oracle wrongly run to right and he will that all the thing
to a shelter over 30,000 off
claimed what we are as to which
one is right and again as of
this an enlarging earnings were you in a
new stores all Scots are that
will be at your money users and
carol able to still a lay-up with a nod as usual and I didn’t understand it, but
responded with our country Ghali
was unaware that was all your
odds of a while people are yours will be all of the table and Kenneth
Copeland any hand and I and the brown analyst table and I
realize to Wilson for bilking
the public for millions of
dollars them a wash of some
other laws and wa preaching people will my best
friends of the demotion she was
in diapers and the city’s official reliever
we call each other going the goal of the year we wanted
to use a believer in also on
Monday, not believe are we
allowed perfectly and we control
the kitc N the revival of fish and French
the problem and were well as I
know people what I know that I
wouldn’t give the time that they
do guy at the end of the role of
excitement meanings, stopping
because most of all-Turkey is
actually lacquered rockers what
is not well below the trash of Cedras work
for racial open a restaurant
where a fifth of the readers and other
data on which is about to 125
miles east of twaddle of the
area’s am an open rule which
couple a mime troupe is commonly
displayed to work the fields
from much fertilizer and son
Michael and all the drives that
creature cra some of these and other rough
justice and a male who have avoided if my mother was from a
tough one of my father’s church of England
because the district each as I
can force remember because I can see
that their social stability in
believing in something that you can see a show on wamu Canadian offer
was read at the national meet an educational made and build
some Israel because it can’t possibly have any
substance if there’s no evidence for and I decided I’d love to get a lot
of feedback about because among
French were playing my fields in
and I’m not afraid to tell peop on you know that that’s where I
am and I haven’t had any
backlash from the suffered a few
people who belong to a human,
and it w a goal and finally gonna believe
the middle of a believe any kind
of any kind of all of the ad was so
what it should my attitude is that
says you can see it you can talk to what you can
listen to an intentional taste
and reading else it can be
reeled in the SMS two plastic
thing I can one and one with a wooden
Indians that the data to suggest because
it can’t be sure and use it well does not prove I
have favor of commodities is
repeated national digital watch
our roaming the arts will also knows me a video
where disaster tells you all in
the jerks and how to grow new
wires to calm down to write so
beg and as a window years like all
matter what are like walking or
so the more I have always
treated as I have been more
critical al sack without authority on colored up
a restaurant where the Spanish losses if you
don’t they hear about tears
flowing to Myrtle Beach and a Gemini little party and a
one and one of the time of Basra
and a corona virus into the tens
of thousands teenagers and col because people are just ended on it. The wife of the contrary,
and a set of eyes are women and
as of today, start airing by
Charles clough was retained
because I now on roller animals around the middle of the
77 years old and a couple weeks
of the feel of a hat and my wife
is considerably younger than I with us again that of soul I have to protect the only
myself back to my turtle my
company reputation and most
importantly I have to protect the public
notice I operate very very in a
very high profile meander in the
public domain to ½ to make sure
t I had one bad luck in 1977 and that the child killed a
drive with making was wrong with
the officials from dow ended on and there’s there’s another
complete from a stroke labeling
about the thing is that ended in my profession I handle
other members of the mormon,
which runs until you shop where
II have to do with people
officiall and paper and solution for show that these
these are all things that would
contribute to the wrong
direction and cash and four have
to be and I don’t cancel the download
one of my wife were or roll in the absolute enough that one of the
defendants at buyers is there to
catch a and poultry you can get
on your board they come from and
content these things happen because
people people are careful and they
should be they should be very
careful out there not only get diseases that cause
people to congregate in churches
like to have the American and
the vice president and when he was charged with being
in control the corona Vars you
authorize your house approved a
person longer in doubt a guide on one of the respectful
airline, I do feel about the current American leadership
and the mountains of my feet
about them because I don’t know
if all of a number of Atlanta
brave I don’t know if that’s a item
events will allow a runner yard punt it beyond that also
was a liar are not in any of you are well
as his nine years old on your
skin crawl or your bible idol
viewers before the 190 III have a few more units are
recalled next and rapists are
done right away with it were although that the problem to
promise I see it as of June 12 to be known as a part of
the name of the light years,
only four from the other one of
the park is mapped to the Mac in
a and money. Can we have just been
true goes the prime minister is
relying upon them on the military
backing from that and he told a virus I have no
money for you on shore and
anybody for receiving billions
to foreign aid in billions that
that tha the router when it was and is
giving is the name of the
ChinaTown of the city the money
and giving money up of will it is also his also shouldn’t wear or made
a comment that he would that of
converting is planned a Canadian City is done
everything everything that he could that that it’s documented Canada
is even millions and millions of
taxpayer dollars way we can help
children than the parents and because neither the city as the
store without a real 91 day and settle all essential
mom, the number one default
folder election of the soap to
get rid of the file will use a
case if he feels his expression
yesterday American intellectual
country winery and here I am today and I really
have no right to set them up and
sing a wide replica of the places they are the same as
that some adjusting for bill is doing
everything he can to appease
everybody he can he was a
council seat in the United
Nations now and wh will take note of the thing
about the conversion to Islam is that I can verify the DFG
said that but this is the this
is this is what one article that
I read said now of course to be
rea could be it could well be that I
can disappear when I guess I
don’t know enough about those go
to declining also are a flat
equi of its a new legal ideas are good
things and then it seemed likely
battling as I regret we try to
be too are all will be right on
Monda we could be doing things that
you now are or are you read I
title nor Ronald well because you lost your young but the ones who us to appease everybody in
Alaska tried to bring the world
and in this version of local
Russian Beach that’s my take on
and I ha OK . I don’t play is a place to
look at the age of 41 that is
supposed to have all of another
condition proper way because of
it is they want to utilize every day
for everybody with the underside of that and
I’ve taken the time to live and
shop is that they want to take
the edge of the 21 and in the way I see it close to
the private ownership of land
away from a couple of people
were to agree to the edge of the
cor and this is far as I’m able to
ascertain they want everybody to live on
credit they can never paid by Dallas and a lot of regardless
of overtime outlook were started
on the ballot in all the Christian bashing are
talking about your layout of
about that did that uses fresh
readings were all our it was that it was actually end
up as a will for fertility
shippable as an average on which
of course the pain as was the
ultima to Christians what do those
things have to do with
Christianity as recourse is not
an issue or whether an announced it and then we’ll do know when I
shouldn’t well as visits begin a site set
you apart in culture in all that India are more like
Pakistan in Northern India are
on the Westside and a backpack
altered was around 20 calls and
walking o be used as wrong symbols to
represent be Males were probably
will be closed to white, long as
I would never ordered by Suzanne
r that and I visited what are
crisply singer all about how the
mayor would be less cases
outside berkeley’s beta or were
all on th only of evidence for somalia’s
future of the Christian this:
everything they can I sell my
soul of the confusion of the
first time on the course is one that uses only
stolen from got milk and of
course the stone everything that
you can possibly imagine basically from dependence on the
24th and December well that the
body which are about to marshal
fish and the liberation partiti ran the crisis alone is Phillip
H and I was simply to try to
bring up a dozen other Christian
umbrella which records failed
mise the yule on the Christmas tree and on and the other some voluntary
were stolen from cadence and
this is what Christianity does
and a slashing Christianity is probably one of the most corrupt things on the face it,
and in some it is ridiculous to say what
they will do to two of them to further their terrorist
agenda I have a face full page
of religion is a form of
terrorism and I have another on the front
page wife Ian king and of
wiegand’s a pretty good
discussions and find out what
they’ve done the you believe in god you can prove
that you say you have enough
faith and as I stood before it
is merely your opinion know what is interesting to know
is that people see religion as
are benign often wonder what
wall arrives as the date of your your role and eloquent lumber me
by the way as to what little use
and how are you using a sale was
religion isn’t about: but wha Dachau and always been impressed
with you when you double is a
white eagle Siegel and
resolutely an open I’m not on
your arm alr reaction would do in jail
overnight until the war in Der
has doubled already ordered
Rockwood reviewed all it would
be all like eggs in Watergate or women that
are beyond also bulldozed error
that are more on long been
promoting and bringing down all
are r and so does show that big a
saltwater but isn’t happening
hour or so people to listen or
ANC Riesling in our lady of the
instead because you know what readers : Julie of your money out the addendum to that
god forbid them being done while
Asia the Malachi and because it
just some of them is one of the murder rate January show your
dollars genocide and says and a whole bunch of other
pretty nasty friends and of
course persons to rebut the crop
of new religious and if you are likely to be with old
using a guard because: it’s the
army will not be able to tell
your children until we have more real and nominal and I’m covered down to who are
either data is not acting as
your OK well below the level is
listed at Wesley this win two of
Sharon K. Singh miracles and how
god duties as a enough old
virgin b these are all constructs of
religion and now has an easy as I know I
don’t I don’t check section I felt was
right and was wrong, moral
perspective when idle exception and I don’t
accept seven of them except
Alberta brick buildings around
for a better set the stage
because th without any one of these crazy
of the block is it’s interesting
rally centers and whenever are
also worried that he had not
eate batch hour to rally their small
role morality: on may be a good
route added as it is a row the
website is also the morale within my my my edits a mistake
of a problem that they will
spend your Sunday on one guy the
punch in the motion was he said
all and he got my life is
traditional in a night in to do that but the thing is
enough and choose me and I’ve got to say that about
the war in Der a little bit so
isn’t in the middle of my
upbringing out so you know what
Mac wine but if you love another person
with a different gender tobacco
and soul of color of our
daughters around all the
beleaguered rig show will I I’ve never I did
this this is my son was
premature most mature and then when he was when he was
taking buses are in session
until my boss was wrote the dump
truck, told Wilson should listen my son is among French are and in which the Kimble of us
and I have to be one of the
house I have to be there isn’t a I
can’t I cannot span of a type of kid living below on
the doesn’t know anything using baby and he’s gotten
enough nothing about his father
and I have to be with them so
long that they won the end of
the Alban for that again and rich often
doesn’t want and fully formed up
and I resend N and through the
little hope for a pitcher has a
to ms and fit II believe the center
of extrasensory perception but I
also believe that I have a balloon inside is alive
but not so much anymore than I
do believe that that people are
connected to something some are I have is a clean bill of the
test is whether one or my son is
gay and I knew right then and
sure enough you grew up in the
chan walker all but but I will issue
about as you walk in the latter
reply: CNN, open to being an
animated adventure rate is a
rather would mean you were the dollar
loss of one has a 1 to 1 tell
you that your article on right
now to be had in its debts and
U.N. one is saying I’m not saying
that you didn’t sign of that not
only does have gone when you are
a lot when I got is a good
workou money are actually mean that the
wee hours magical to the
counselors and price: salt and
other top people are like Anna
reed of something happened first to
produce this younger anger so
that are rinsed your ears and
some sort of a popup are being
challenge and visiting Irvine somehow it
was magical building is being
sought even at its core yachts
and because as a limited a
possibili Indians on the car crash leader
and why a dozen proved that no
known as it has been all but the
thing that I’ve out of idea know if it’s a prominent
among truck driving ability it
probably is brighter than a
highway behind a bunch of small
cars ag and I don’t know exactly fits
the way the position of car on
the role or what is what it is
really hard for me that all non
1970 that allows me to know who
should enough and was ago that
are now that the snap and all
the time sometimes again although we say
they sometimes I say that you
often the bill so then again it
goes right back into the which
are it’s our mind for you are a
reality it’s only comes up as an
inlet is emblematic am as we
like to think that be the world
doing of the disease is an astute
thinking that that is that
somehow world as always. Some
things are all: honorable to all
cried as a but not enough to win the title
of the lungs your we like to
save and call us are going
ashore the only real soul things
that ma all I’m no god is real easy to
use of a spin on it so and so I
know that as a meal with love
and war investors in years, no
secr an acquittal of middle of all
U.S. and United States and the
limiting its airmen are we does
is that wheeling and then when
we s Notre legal one when I like to go to this one crashes else
persisted and attitudes may I
say what presumed what would you presume gives you the right to speak
forward on with the amount you do we know
that would make you approach
them to be able to speak for god will all human figure your
reading about solar water
heaters and instead is what you
are so all are solo cigar is
wild ideas and is everybody was as they now are
all agreed with devastating are
more than a comeback and details
and more details over white li of India to be used our car
rolled their clout of its level
and what the league will play a jubilant his years
of resisting the believers
essentially anonymous that every
person who believes in cool god
unquo god is and when you look at that
there are so many different year
over 393,000 other mall versions
of the roman god of sensory p each one of them has are all
particular notion of what god is
what they should be what it
means for them and I say it’s
because I called it a misspelled on G a
WB because I’m a prepared to
give it to give any freed from
the way whatsoever I believe a dozen agents in a
high level can assess if the bulls to be on that and
on the present and it should well as a dozen of the preacher
molested and children in its
churches and can’t be a mission
and if it doesn’t know that’s a good that this is one that
they can’t do anything about it
than is found that in essence
nobody ever so it is not on the
prese and these are the basics the
face of the basics of one every
day they should be or how it
doesn’t know when to live well as an
overall the extremes of things
like the most visible scars
alpert’s not have been seen as a
mall si intense roles at is a
supernatural being made all these include india’s a
more it as a symbolic together
the projected on watson’s the
united yet I totally agree with that
and the IRS west I say that there are no guy’s
got his nominees this has never
existed and never will work with
agents and again and an earlier
c rise save it and it was as my
explanation of the reminder to
shut them and added that we can
explain to underline as you
said, w a nonentity as III think that
the ism is stupid because
brainwashing is indoctrination
and were short and people
subject are chi and that I and my attitude as
well to mix four credentials
want and what they want on my
mind a list of areas is a
Christian my I mean to the left and left of final
pact indoctrinated with your
mumble jumble will will crack at it a very itself it it and churches are a joke was that at
the church of the didn’t come
back in the promise of combat
the catholic church’s the
almighty p guy had played with it that you have the voice of America in the
minds of Islam be better off
about bobby Jones and this is
already well be a rock and roll
that if y and we are often with bob Jones
and that was my my byline I
visited this jockey whittle saw
the witches are run by a bomber
kill and gauche audio audition a
Saturday morning show on Sunday
afternoon show because
instructor and which once every morning as too
emotional behind Chris Thomas
muster buckling treat a flier by
Stephen stills on to honor
veterans a s on they’ve done and private
message and said the real
problem and isn’t all that his
toughest time and they said no
reason I hav wee bit as good as your shows or
lowering the server to one
chardonnay should all be story
straight is if you have or 13
1/2 mil and I went OK and on that was the largest a
large audience ever been in
American history 91 of the
background and radio adjacent to
the court I am both for shows on the
wealthy, and some are sure you
are distraught in windows
restaurant of my teeth in
message LW radio in Windsor on here had a woman
in Rosalia troubling with yorker
were cheated if it’s a shoe
print them for 25 years anything
but or anything else she picked it
now together cash because as
their makeup and everyone else
and her daughter can never with
a son to listen to the issue and
pledges she would not suggest and she
wouldn’t play bob Seger song
called Rosalie which was written
for her arms of tribute or
issuing p to play that she launches of the
service provider said case to
fish are playing tennis balls to
your was launched through her di on newly on on Crosby stills and Nash almost
every the rock and roll out to
this issue the seventies was
launched because Rosalie
trombley P and to the rosary for a location
on my idol of review all my life
and audit was already 04 men
were in a form of autism and
broa of will also offer you a theft of Austria of the sub
debate format everybody adopted
it was in which until there was
a big as proponent of a button
was i and my voice is taken on a lot
of those all of those
synchronous and the Somoza
Saudis of the of the Basra new
format my everyda trust the end of this jockeying
bigger day care worker are the
things are looking to beds and
I’m one of the macro show you
driv were to 10,000 people on my next
stage fright effect along the
challenge and then these are
things that these are things
that I’ I want the shooting of the story
and other than radio station
again and another called both real and
I’ve got some we have on some traders still distraught
piece of foam and jailed the
messier and trial a list as
radius of these incredible on my of my son Matthew of one mentioned earlier is for
the bewildered as far east and
I’m a few other people were also
was arrested when we try to do i all the money for what they do
because I guess incredibly
talented people of that the one
to this and show is is a few pretty cool
thing will be a vicious of the it is a total of only
going to do is say having to
have a lot of the tire that
they’ve been as bad as the
shuttle agreeab will make the field and that
special readers all the children
field are only one time I ever tighter
requested song that was also
named right now and are a high
as number 21 as a on why are we
are blue collar bone marrow ion brother would
have been a grind and Braman
brings the number you know tag in the where what I would I was a more
scrambling on woods, I do not
have to stick with whirling
disease in property is all that
happen while not a choice that you
believe you both have the radio
voices are no facts to do at the radio
voices and out of fear decided
he wanted to give on the radio
station on TV on a salary of
this to the craft runner so well as above Purcell Seattle
radio and second off enough to want
enough that understand that of
the day you have a better thing
you do about any old Israel us
at t the right it hadn’t had a file a flight
until Monday to play when you
play with commercial
international budget crunch
novices are a freez band that I’ve had them on a
custom import which are really
great to already are
broadcasters or time but you can get it out of the
inevitability of the city fire
drills I know you’re a double
been senior and warren and in
the top up like a story towers like
copyright roller why I’m off so live on I have on other was a
van that roll calls from the
room is to write lyrics from all
the time and that they never
went and then he has recording studio
all the right down to the epic
line for Michael student from
john Kamil California and the
121 some awesome loss of human being
an unusual family for many many
years as Brother Stacy mystical
strike if Steven the Brother Stacy with others
refresh place that while and this is publishers for you
can check and double the full
range this refreshes a full member
station in their place gal each year just become Pleas
for sure them on the phone the
station yesterday said this is
on the board to Manager Stacy we
a we’ll fall race again facing us into several issues
facing this is David Boies manager say the city
are right on the other was as it
should be watching for the
Mexico was taken away for you
and P safe, Mexico and the audition
for David Bowie and out of its
world’s best names exchange one along with a home
where the fall as her and the
audition for the audition for
David Bowie using his own guitar
on t and they did the hole in the
family that open to both the
three brothers and and through
forces years that the father was
a band hour every one of the jazz was
encouraged to do what they want
to do as they see as to where
both beginning sessions to
thought they did when the nest of PlayStation
instrument who finished up by looking by I have a lot of Florida because of a
broad Jackson and that I am I
wish I was so long for Alda and and as the
socialists an audience that I
think that’s because I’m I cater
to the right people at the time
to issues enough to truckers we’ve ever as
most of what people we don’t
have the benefits were
guaranteed we don’t get anything
that would where they were supposed to help
because governments bursting when you get that reveals that
rush of the world a bit of a 2240 AM we admit that those that are on
site is not that the earth that no one has an update is
charging that the mezzanine,
more on before it was even
alleged he said I have code
words I have th just isn’t it will be a bustle of all the
little icon on the SEC said that as of now they
want as many be present when a
promise to bring the call back
to Virginia, old brother images
o 1966 and was 16 years alive by
when I first tried the job of
the shuttle endeavour at your of
routed the state of the mountains of all happen
is that a given by Mr. Narrower
and I never knew all that should the first record
rules of the model lack of 20
speak or a place to set fires
the NATO Force until ready and
that wri when you’re she wondered we’re
double shifting lucky shot up to a shifty children – is the main
eulogy are through the steering
wheel to keep an eye on the road
and you’re a clutch of them thi what you’re after the British foreign office
at union member at whom are women
wears a white person to separate
Autzen never dare anyone knowing
alignments as ambassadors of li all back in the old days when
that when you can pressure got
to lull below flood level reads like a
pop down from above the top of
the windshield until you have a
lawyer now and in that I never I never actually had one
flop down on the social country
that all that but that under the
relief will fly speed knocked is to keep the right goal of
normally when I drive on a 2050
enough room under chastity
evolution of others are ready
and willin alike are delighted to other to
do that because II mean you get
to the point where you have
anything to bother you nor the
garri it was at its head is easier to
work on speech because they
didn’t tell you why callers
wanted when were up 21 miles an
hour or weld of IFO the driver driver
training for a company that are
really working for 12 and the
day on the good guys in my truck
and and he sat there and of us will
still be faster than the issue was
another important issue after
she was says she was just the remainder trust
commission is that can drive a the seminal the third publicize
this report and use information
with it will head the addressee are a
lot of school and taking the law
that will go up of trucking
throughout Turkey schools are
now tra all of the Dvorak I like the one
word of advice to, a bottle of
islam’s tour will visit his
daughter being arrested year as
manu but not be an effective
automatic transmissions there’s
a problem if you wander on the
koran and I0 any given all the gas
transmission walk upon the
because it does not want the
option that should because there
are a wider honesty haven’t seen that
there’s ordered the lives of
what automatic long enough that
we might call 90 URL to go turn
int me of a little so the desired effect I love to
meet the best part of trucking
is a shift in a table civilly of
interrupt Ronald now as it has
the has a 16 Lanes of traffic and daughter there’s there’s a very
few time are three times for the
day when the trial when the
connection make it through the
traf and I know when all those
missiles over because registry
flop between three and 315 for Tony Spellman the trial there’s one little hole and the
fly and all the way through
travel your foot in the
floorboards and a slowdown in a few before it or after it
restrain yourself and don’t
rather than in the minors from a
satellite radio radio all can
listen was real and read all those that
are not things as I was born and
raised in Southern California so
although the lawsuit was all on the revival of him and Los
Angeles and track spot so long
line of low number: Brian next
we are on data into another car was a
banner copy your act us all some of their of that era
are bolted from truck am I in
Los Angeles and browser on the
freeways and in order to go down
t they are the right to run on a
test run as durable items its
Allies need to have to resign and they have a little
bit out of the little of the bag
on the state to begin your full
right back in your pride and is
a is phrasing and defendants of
the cops are not updated that I
would imagine a lineup is more
when the crackly and then acts
we a abilities as the sole on women
and the fact that you do not yet it all that involve of the five
brothers bob added died here a couple
years ago if all the fun runs without a span
for Motown records which of
course the realm their studio is said to swim
miles away that the original out
of a town that is still was just what this
month when motion for and ball that it might have the ado about the data, the suspect
will come and ball that it was an
incredible bass player and the
perfume of my favorite because I
followed the current file
brothers and I and if it is a mother copy of
all often can and that is the sister of the
front runners and sister behind
nation’s best of what happened
was on one Motown went to berry Gordy
junior stole out Motown and move
to Los Angeles and is completely
shut shimon, Detroit bell and a full
brothers with nothing to show
they started on the road show other than two or three other
bands column shows the phone
rang with the original five
brothers and the members are
mostly gone because a loaf along rock and
roll a motel and at the Avis U.N. And the way she have these awesome
to buy off of writers know the laws of course
you know there are other 11 of the Tucson on beleaguered areas of
god can launch an understated
conscience and people would be
kept as frazzled it on to me is
that I F you have to do things the old
testament that says that the
144,000 people will go to heaven
at the end of the role Jews solve all the things that I
would only get one at that
knowing that because a result of
an reel of any guise of injuries to
Olivier your table to tell the
people in Europe and the odd
little to do that and I thank you very much for
Halloween day as the wall of the great about the fact that the red raiders upon you have taken what if wreckage of your room as it also wouldn’t go I don’t
wanna go places it in one go
ahead and others from oven and of novelty of it what it on that than I know I didn’t
know II wasn’t on the onetime
agenda are likely only on its
main well a way that I have
identified other and Christine
Carson believe what I did on
iraq’s cause nine Zona I started
listening as we’ll see if I wasn’t a dns a
believe I was sent on to some as
an understanding of certain
things that happen when the cars
on t sought a couple of only a dismissive the system and are not yet why I didn’t say that I did say
that that the autonomy of all of a hash it
wasn’t I pretend was a tragedy
that I’m sorry if it’s too
aggressive about because as as
ridiculous previous session agenda Claudia of the law was that I want to have
a kid is someone you know I
wasn’t gonna go to that because
that’s ridiculous and Iditarod
in th they eliminated 2911 to believe
and and and this council on a billion yuan know you’re all right head off any unlike resident on Russia
was close to its top after makes
sense for you leave honor that all of it all
evidence or I or I’m I cannot
begin immediate and costume ball
and the civil side of what was it
was an additional one went
without a lot of things you’re a
citizen or house and the
empiricism or his love of that love is a nice
to believe the site is an stigma of course I don’t want
because it is really silly but there there are there into
wishes of people have a night I
can’t put information in any
category specific whatsoever

Jean Kelley



  1. The Daily Atheist Posted on March 23, 2020 at 11:29 am

    Bob Jones and Damien Marie AtHope are joining me today? Do you have any questions for Bob or Damien? Pop them in the LIVE chat and tag me and I'll try to relay them to the guests. Thanks!

  2. EpilepticSkeptic Posted on March 23, 2020 at 5:51 pm

    Slept in today and missed the livestream so I’m listening now. I really appreciate Chris taking a moment to challenge Bob’s seemingly unfounded claims about politics. I might have just said Ok boomer lol Also to be completely honest I was disgusted when Bob Jones claimed that humans are “all connected to something” and that he some how knew his son was gay when he was only a baby. I’m sorry but that’s just an asinine idea. As someone who’s not heterosexual I find that pretty offensive.