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Billy Crone: World Religions

>Today we're asking a simple question: what's a religion? And here to talk about the answer to that question is
pastor, teacher, Billy Crone. Billy, good to have you here.
>>Hey it's great to be here
Gary. >We're going to talk about
religion today. Everybody knows
about "religion" or do they? I have in front of
me here five packages. 50 DVDs, 100 hours of study on what is a
religion? And are there good religions
and bad religions, and if so which ones and where did they
come from, where are they
going? This is a huge, huge subject. >>Yeah. And really
what got me going down that was
I came across yet another statistic dealing
with the church. Believe it or
not 25% of professing Christians,
in the church Gary, not in the
world, 25% of professing Christians
believe now that all religions basically teach the
same thing. Now that's actually
a prophecy related issue because the Bible
says that in the last days the
world's going to get snookered into going along with a
one-world religion, right? So
that kind of mindset if anything it shows how close
we are to people falling for
that other prophecy-related issue. But it
blew me away because you're
like, wait a second. And what I've learned
Gary is when people actually,
and I'm talking again,
so-called Christians. When they spout that statement,
really what they told you is
two things: number one you don't know
anything about world religions
because they are diametrically
opposed to each other. How could you say that they're
all basically the same thing?
Number two, apparently you
don't know anything about Evangelical Christianity?
Because Christianity is totally unique unto itself.
All religions basically say
that you are God or you forgot that you're
God, you need to remember that
you're god or that you can become god,
your can work your way to God.
Only Christianity stands alone and says no, there
is only one God. And because
you've sinned against Him you're in a heap of
trouble. But praise God to the
one and only God He sent His son Jesus Christ to
take the death penalty in your
place and since it's a gift from God,
you can't earn it, you receive
that you begin–listen, not a
religion but a relationship with God who
is what? The creator of the Universe.
That's before you even get to
Heaven that Christianity, and we say
it all the time. 'Christianity
is not a religion, it's a relationship.' I like to say
this, 'really? How do you treat
it? Do you treat it like it's some sort of boring
man-made religion like the rest
of the religions on the planet? Or do you really
understand what it really is?
This is a one-on-one personal encounter, personal
relationship with God, the creator of the Universe through
Jesus Christ and I haven't even
got to Heaven yet! And does
that show on your face? Are you
demonstrating that it's a
religion, or a relationship?' But again,
we begin to go down that route because I
got saved out of that mindset.
That mindset that all religions are
basically the same that's not
only preparing people for the
lie that's coming down the pike
called the one-world religion
lie, a prophecy issue, that lie, I was
indoctrinated in New Age. I got
saved out of the occult and New Age. I used to be a
proponent of that! I'd be the
one of the people that'd say, 'oh yeah absolutely. They all
basically teach the same
thing.' And what they gravitate
towards is 'I mean haven't you heard
the golden rule? Do unto others as you'd have them do unto
you.' Well that's not what they
teach. And so we begin t to dispel that lie in the
church that you cannot say that all religions are
basically the same thing. >As I
pick up this DVD set it says on the front "World
Religions, Cults, and the
Occult" and then there are a lot of
symbols down here at the bottom
of the cover and I'm thinking about
religion as you're talking about religion, and I
think to most people in the world, I mean billions of
people all over the world are looking. They have heard that
if I just do this this and
this, you know if I bring a certain food
offering on a certain day then
this god who is receiving the food
offering will smile on me and bless me and I'll have
good luck, good fortune, I
won't get sick. That's kind of what
religion is to a lot of the
world. >>Yeah. All religions are diametrically
opposed to the relationship that we can have
through Jesus Christ. Now you say, 'well that's a pretty
arrogant statement in our
politically correct society.'
Yeah it is, but you know what, I didn't make
it, Jesus did. John 14:6. He
laid the gauntlet down. He said he is the way,
the truth, the life. Nobody
gets to the Father i.e. Him except through Him. He
said it. And notice the article
between each one of those. It's not a
way that you can discover and
decide on your own, relativism, that's a lie.
It's not one of the many truths out
there that you can go down, no. It's a whole nother lie. Most
people, even Christians are
falling for the lie of reincarnation.
We cover that in massive
detail, that's not true. No. He says He's it. The way, the
truth, the life. Oh and keep reading, I love it. No one, now
what's no one? That means No one!! >No one! (chuckles)
can get to Heaven except through Jesus. So how can you sit there
and say that all religions
basically teach the same thing and typically what
they'll say, they'll do this
one. We cover all this in great detail. 'Well what about the
guy?' It's always the guy, right? 'What about the guy in
the desert island or the
mountain top' or pick your supposed thing.
They don't just say guy, they
say 'innocent guy'. who's never heard of–stop
right there. What's the Bible
say? Is there anyone innocent? No, you'd better read
Romans chapter 3. No one is
righteous, no not one. No one, Paul says. So I
can stop right there. But let's just keep going 'Well
what about the innocent guy?
You mean to tell me the person who is involved in
Hinduism and they never heard
of the name of Jesus and God's gonna, well
first of all keep reading the
Bible, right? Romans chapter 1 tells you that
first of all no one's going to arrive–it says right there.
You're not going to get to
Heaven, I love the J.B.
Phillips translation. He says you're not
going to get to Heaven and
nobody's going to have a rag of excuse before God. As if
they didn't have enough proof
that He existed and He has no right to hold
them accountable. That's not
true because it says there first of all you're going
to be held accountable by the
light of creation. God's invisible qualities, it
says there. His eternal nature
has been clearly revealed by what? What
He has made? That's creation. And that goes
back to the argument of
existence of intelligent
design. Design, you see design, it
implies a designer. Well you
look at creation whether it be from the
telescope, the stars, you think
that happened by chance? All the way down to the
microscope and even the
intricate details we learn of
DNA that's more complex than the
space shuttle that was built by
humans, no His creation shows He
exists, you have no excuse. But
keep reading. You go in through
Romans 1 now 2 he says even the Gentiles they don't if you will
to use the vernacular they
don't have a copy of the Bible. They never saw
the ten commandments. Back to
that premise, 'what about the
guy who never heard?' >Yeah. >>He
says listen, they got a law
unto themselves. And again that's another
argument for the existence of
God. Wait a second. Why is it it just so happens that every
culture on the planet has this universal moral law. Where did
that come from, right? I mean, how is it that people
know–they never saw the Bible
but they know inherently it's wrong to murder. Where did
that come from? That's one of
the ten commandments. Why do they know inherently
that it's wrong to steal? Where
did that come from? Now over time they
can ignore that conscience because that's what it is, the
light of conscience that we're
created in the image of God.
That's where it comes from. >Absolutely. >>And they can
have what's called a seared
conscience, but everybody knows
inherently certain moral laws. Well the
thing is logically where do universal moral laws
come from? They come from a
universal law giver i.e. God. So nobody's going to
stand before God, 'God you can't hold me
accountable because I was
supposedly this guy on the
desert island. I never heard–' You had plenty of proof through
creation, you had plenty of
proof through the conscience you were created
in the image of God morally and
spiritually and then what I always like to do when
people ask that question, their
objection what about the guy, I like to say 'okay that
deals with the hypothetical scenario'. >Right. >>'But let's
deal with the real scenario you
need to be concerned about. Let me tell you about
the third 'C' because there's
creation, conscience, let me tell you about Jesus
Christ. Because Jesus Christ
said He's the only way and you basically share the
gospel with them'. And
basically when you're done you say, 'the question now is
not the guy in the desert
island or the mountain top, it's you. What are you going to do,
because you're accountable'.
>You know Billy, something is rotating around in
my mind as you're talking here. That is there's a
whole segment of our society,
European society, academic society, people who
have spent years cultivating a
certain way of thinking academically.
Physics, chemistry, sociology,
>>Yeah. >and they systematically
routinely deny God in favor of their studies.
The astronomer will look out there and say 'no all of this
happened because of the big bang and so forth and that was just
simply energy and mass in motion and just something
happened and came together and it exploded and here we
are. >>Yeah. >It didn't take God to do that. And you're very
well familiar with this sort of thinking. >>Well
yeah. And the Scriptures says,
and I'll give you a
demonstration of that. I don't mean this to
poke them in the eye but let's
just deal with it. The Scripture says that these
kind of people that you're
talking about even in Romans 1 it says that they
deliberately–Peter also talks
about this– they deliberately suppress the
truth about God's existence. In
other words they know that God
exists. The evidence is there. They
just deliberately choose to
suppress it and that's what's happening
today. >Choose. >>Exactly.
Peter also talks about how these people would be, and
here's the words he uses:
'willingly ignorant' I like what one guy says, can
we translate that in the
vernacular? That means dumb on
purpose. (Gary chuckles) >>Well that's
willingly ignorant! That's dumb
on purpose, and he tells you why. Not
because the hard facts of
science is leading me there in intelligence and logic
that just comply me to —I've got to not believe
in God! No, it says because
they want to follow their ungodly desires. They don't
want there to be a God. That's
what's going on. It's not a fact issue, it's a heart issue.
And these guys are deliberately
suppressing that. Now let me give you an example
of–oh and the Scripture says they profess themselves to be
wise but they became fools.
>Yes. >>Let me share with you the
fool, the Big Bang. Christians,
we believe in a big bang, but the
question is who caused the big
bang? >Sure. >>Now they would say
nothing. Last time I checked nothing, something
cannot come from nothing. Right? I mean how many
of you would like to have that
ability. You open up your checkbook and
there's just nothing there and then you close it again,
hey a million bucks! Wouldn't
that be great, Gary? And you're going to explain
that the whole universe came
from nothing? If ever there was a time when we had
nothing, what would we have
today? Nothing. >Yeah. >>So that tells
you that there had to be something to kickstart into
existence. Well now you're back
to Genesis 1. "In the beginning God" is the
one who created it, right? But
my point is, then they'll say 'okay well what it was was this
little bitty tiny ball of dirt and this little bitty tiny
ball of dirt for some reason randomly decided to blow
up.' That's their version of
the Big Bang, basically. >Yes. A singularity is what they call it. >>Yeah. >Meaning
something happened that the little ball of dirt. Boom.
>>Right, that's what it is.
Basically in the vernacular
just keeping it simple it's a little ball of dirt.
Well first of all wow. That's a
lot compressed in that little bitty tiny ball of dirt. And
they don't even agree on it but
it used to be like a infantesimile
small and then it grew to
thousands of miles across–just anything
to suppress the truth about God's
existence. But anyway. But the
logic, a six year old can ask, you
profess to be wise, you became
fools. A six year old can ask the
question 'well excuse me sir,
you asked –you say that everything came
from this tiny ball of dirt and
it blew up?' 'Uh huh' 'where'd the ball of dirt come
from? (Gary chuckles) Why is that a
logical question? Because you can't have something from
nothing. Who made the dirt? Right? That's what these guys,
when you analyze what they
really believe is it's like the
Scripture says you became fools. And you deliberately
became, you wanted to be dumb on purpose because you came up
with these foolish ideas
because you don't want there to be a God. And dare I say the only reason why
I think most people fall for that lie that we're
talking about, they try to deny
the existence of God, is because it's the axiom.
You repeat a lie loud enough long enough
often enough, people will
believe it. Especially if it's an audacious
lie. >You know as you were
talking I opened my Bible to John chapter 1. It
says "in the beginning was the
Word, the Word was with God, the Word was God. The
same was in the beginning with God.
All things were made by Him."
Now you can't get around that
statement. You either believe
it or you don't. And I'm looking here 'all things
were made by Him and without
Him was not anything made that was made'. That is legal
wording. >>Yeah. >I mean you either believe that
or you don't. >>Yeah, and then
Colossians 1, how do you get around that one?
It says there clearly that
Jesus was the one responsible
for creation, i.e. being God, God
the Son that He's what? All things were created by Him,
for Him, through Him. How do
you get around that? It's just like, well what Bible
are you reading? But again back
to the premise what Bible are you reading when
you say not just that God
doesn't exist but that all these other religions that do
not teach the same thing that
the Bible teaches that Jesus is the
only way, again I didn't say
that, He did. How can you buy in to that? And
so that's what we do, we go
down super duper deep. And we literally dissect
each major religion, each major cult, and we expose
here's what these guys really
believe and they don't even agree with
each other, and they certainly
don't agree with Christianity so you need to get
rid of that myth that they all
teach basically the same thing. >And I'm looking here at the
back covers of these DVD sets.
You have Christian Science, Scientology,
Jehovah's Witness, Seventh Day
Adventists, Roman Catholicism, Mormonism,
the Occultism of Joseph Smith, et cetera.
Hinduism. By they way, that's you know they have millions of
gods. >>330 million. >Is it 330 million? >>330
million, I kid you not. And I aways say, who was the guy
that had that job? It'd take a
little while to count. But
still that's really what they believe. >Yeah. >>What's
the Bible say? There's only one
God. In fact, we had fun there just on those two
aspects, Hinduism, but also Hinduism we dealt with the
issue, the hot topic with yoga, >Yeah. >>yoga is creeping
into the church, >Absolutely. >>I just do it for the
excercise' I always like to
say, what happened to push-ups and jumping jacks?
Why do you have to resort to that if you want to
get in shape? I'm not against,
if you want to get in shape, but why do you have to
resort to that? Most people
don't understand the dangers of
yoga. Yoga of course if you
understand Hinduism and most
people don't because of the lies out there that, yoga means to
yoke and through these body postures
you are getting yourself into an altered state of
consciousness to prepare
yourself to merge with the Hindu deities. You are
yoking with the Hindu deities
which is demonic. It's not just some physical
exercise. >You're getting a transdimensional shift there
which is virtually dozens of occultic religions
follow. >>Exactly. Exactly. And a lot of their
postures, see this book here the Bible is the
only book that calls out the
serpent and that the serpent is bad, i.e. Satan. A lot of
religions worship the serpent
spirit, the snake spirit. And the body
postures, check it out. The
body postures in yoga, a lot of them are
reflected of the snake because
they think he's a good thing. >Serpentine.
Hinduism, dangers of yoga, Buddhism, teachings of Star
Wars. Star Wars is in here! What do you have to say about
Star Wars? >>Well first of all Star Wars, and we have I
think two whole studies on the background of George Lucas
and what's really being taught
with the Star Wars premise.
It's not just Buddhism but Zen Buddhism
merging with Taoism, what it's
called. And basically this is just some
random thing that George Lucas came up with, "The force" and
and the polarity between the light and the dark
forces and Lucas Skywalker and
Darth Vader and how these guys are dressed
the way they're dressed. And
even Yoda, he just happens to
look–man. That was actually
kind of fun to expose that not only for the
value of the information that
people don't realize that you're being indoctrinated
into Buddhism, Zen Buddhism,
Taoism, which is antithetical to
Christianity. >Sci-Fi in
general contains a lot of very dark
teaching. Going all the way back to the Sci-Fi of the 50's
and 60's and 70's "The Day the Earth Stood Still"
right up to the present day
with these massive computer-generated
Sci-Fi schematics that feature very
dark characters, >>Yeah.
>demonic, evil characters. >>Yeah. >And
there's Darth Vader himself.
>>Well again most people Gary, the reason they
don't even know–listen. We think Hollywood is strictly
entertainment, nu-uh. Even
people int he entertainment
industry, and we've got family in the industry. They
admit, no it's being used to
propagate propagandize a belief system,
they want to influence yours.
It's not just about entertainment. They'll
use this form, what we call
entertainment to get you to switch belief systems and a lot
of it is ain't-God and to get
you indoctrinated in this lie that
all religions, we can all come
together, all are basically
one. But back to this the Star Wars issue, we did a
whole study again on George Lucas. George
Lucas admitted, first of all he worked with a Mormon guy
believe it or not called Gary
Kurtz, and they worked together to
purposefully create this storyline that
would help pull different
elements of different religions even supposedly
Christianity together under
this and that was going to be
part of the seduction to draw people
in, and why it would make it so
popular. That, he admitted that. That
was part of it, it's not just
strictly for entertainment. But
even characters like you see the Jedi Knights, >Yeah. >>The Jedi
Knights and the way that they're robed, they'd basically be
depicting Buddhists monks.
>Well a priesthood they always reminded me of
priests. >>Yeah. Well and the force in Taoism is
called chi, okay and basically what Taoism
Zen-Buddhism what they teach is basically there's this chi
force that basically governs
the whole universe >and you can like
project energy >>Exactly >and knock somebody
over backwards. >>Right. And
then there's the yin and the
yang principle which is the light and the
dark, that's all it is, it's
just he turned it into a movie but he's indoctrinating
people into Buddhism and
Taoism, et cetera. Even people, I couldn't believe
this one. Check it out, but
you're thinking well that Yoda guy,
you know that kind of a short
guy and he's got this wrinkly
forehead and he's got these kind of funky looking
ears, that's just random right?
It's not! We actually share the pictures
on the videos that the impetus for Yoda was of course George
Lucas admits that he's being
infludence by, he would consider himself like a
Buddhist Methodist. There is no
such thing, but whatever. That's what he would consider
himself. But he had a Buddhist guru if you want to and you put the picture of that
guru guy next to Yoda with the exception of the
pointy ears it's carbon copy. So he even
took his spiritual guru and made him into Yoda. It's crazy. And
then you're like 'well you're just making a mountain out of a
molehill. Everybody knows it's
entertainment, it doesn't influence them to go down a
false path.' Excuse me? We
expose this, there are –check it
out–there are Jedi churches cropping up all over the
planet. And this is not just
some small group. We're talking mega tons
of people on the planet, United States, in
America. They have not
literally turned Star Wars into a religion. They worship
at Jedi churches they're giving non-profit
statuses and they've developed
their own "code of living" in life
based on the movies. Now it's not that hard of a
thing to do when you understand
that the movies are based on a
religion. And so basically they created
their own Jedi churches,
they're their own non-profit status. They've developed their
own code of ethics and rules
that people follow by like a real religion.
They are deadly serious about
this but it's not that hard of a
thing to do when you understand
the movie where they get these
Jedis from is based on a
religion. But most people Gary
they don't know it, they don't even see it coming
because they've never been
equipped on what do the world religions,
what do the cults teach, and they're just being
indoctrinated in this stuff and
it's starting to come into the
church. And that's what's alarming.
>You know when you say 'the
church' a lot of people think the church is a
building. >>Yeah. >Like you can
get building material, and find a nice patch of ground
out there and you put all these
building materials together and hang a
sign on the front of it that
says 'the church' but that building is not the
church. >>Yeah. Not even close. In fact that's a sad thing, you
wonder why people think again that Christianity is just
another religion, because we
treat it like that. >Yes. >>Even the word 'church' we
don't even understand what the
word 'church' means. >Right.
>>>'Ekklesia' in the Greek a group of called out ones,
We're a group called out of this world system and what do
we get to declare? Through
Jesus Christ this He didn't come to start up a
brand-new religion. He came to
up a way unlike all the other lying
religions out there that you
can have a personal one-on-one direct
relationship with the God who
created the universe and we come together this group
of called out ones of this
world system and we come together and
encourage one another in that
wonderful truth and then we have the
privilege to share it with the
world who doesn't know better.
That's what the word church means. And we've gotta get back
to that. >Now of all of these packages of discs, one of
which I'm holding here, which one do
you think is the most
important? That is what are you really want people to know?
>>Well frankly we start off with the very first one is an
introduction and we begin to go
down the route and explain why are there
even different religions on the
planet in the first place? And what you find is that
typically you know that you're
getting off of Christianity and you're getting involved
into a false path could be one of the religions
or even a cult, because
typically they will do five things and it's a universal
principle. It all boils down to their source of
truth, number one. And if the
truth is not based on this book and this
book alone, guess what? You're
heading down a false path. So what's their source of
truth? Number two, when you get
the source of truth wrong you always, world religions,
cults, you name it, always get
the next thing wrong and that
is the nature of God including the
trinity. The next thing they'll
get wrong because it just starts to spill
downhill when you get the first
thing wrong, the source of
truth. The next one they get wrong is the nature of
Jesus Christ. The next one they
get wrong is the nature of man. And then of course
they're all bad, but the fifth one, this is what Satan's
up to. The means of salvation they get wrong as
well. So once you get veered
off this book which is basically all world
religions and cults, they do.
Then it all goes downhill and you get a
perverted view of God and Jesus and man. You get the wrong way
to Heaven, and that's serious
stuff. 'I don't want to get all
political' wouldn't you want to
know? Not only what is the truth? Because
if you get the wrong way to Heaven then guess what? That
is something, it's not like, boy I just chose wrong on
the menu tonight. I shoulda got
that cheeseburger and unfortunately I ordered
chicken. That was a mistake.' No. This is a decision. If you get wrong how to get to heaven
only through Jesus Christ that is going to have
consequences for ever and ever
and ever and ever. You don't want to get that
wrong. So as a Christian do you
not only want to know the truth so nobody can deceive
you, but as a Christian don't
you want to know how other people are being led
astray so you can lead them
back to the truth? Because it isn't just, oh that
person is involved in Buddhism. or that person is involved in
Hinduism or that person's
involved in Islam. No. Listen. That person is
going down a wrong path because here's only one
way to Heaven and that means if
they are stuck in that state the moment they die
they're going straight to hell. So don't you care? Don't
you want to know where they're
getting it wrong let alone what is the
right way? So that's part of
the value is getting equipped understand where these people
are coming from. Understand
why– >Equipping the saints is what
you're talking about. >>That
almost sounds biblical. >It
does. As you were talking the words
of Jesus came into my mind, I am the
way, the truth and the life. It doesn't get any more plain
than that. >>Yeah. >What can you say? >>Well I
always like to say, and that's
one of those ones where you can't sit there and
go, 'well that's your
translation!' No, you read it! That's plain as
day. You don't get any clearer
than that. >You know. >>There's not some
secret hidden Southern Greek
going on, tongue in cheek. That's about as blunt as you
can get. >And the next clause
right after that you know very well. >>Right. No one come
to the Father except through Me. That's it.
>Amazing. That is a staggering thought. >>Yeah.
>That there's a way to the
Father but there's only one way. >>Yeah. Now when
you and I say that statement,
that Jesus is the only way, typically the world will
come back and say 'you're being
very intolerant' You need to be tolerant.' Well
first of all you don't even
uphold that because you reject me for
believing in Christianity. So you're not even tolerant to
me, so you don't even follow
your own definition. But again
what I like to say is listen, I'm not the one–if you
want to call it 'intolerant' I
don't recommend that because I'm not the one making the
statement. Jesus is. I'm just reporting what He said. He said
He's the way, that's it,
period. And I don't recommend you
calling Jesus Christ
intolerant. He loves you enough to tell people the truth and we
as Christians need to love people enough even if they
want to say we're being
intolerant and keep telling the truth because we
know the eternal consequences.
>There's so much more we can
say Billy but we've run out of time and I just want
to tell everybody that what I
have here is very valuable study
set. The World Religions
Package. 50 DVDs, 100 hours of study for
your gift of $150 free shipping anywhere in the
United States. He covers the gamut of the ways that
mankind has gone wrong and about the truth of God and the Lord
Jesus Christ. And again if you would desire
you can go to our online bookstore prophecywatchers.tv,
go to the online bookstore and
scroll down or find the individual
packages, each one, each individual set yours
for $30. But I would recommend the whole
package because one set is going to
pull you along to the next set and you're going to discover
that you become an expert, talk
to your friends about the truth of
the Lord Jesus Christ. Billy, it's
wonderful talking to you.
>>Hey, thank you Gary. It's
always great to be on. >And I've gotta go, but
I'd like to say one thing: we're watching…are you?

Jean Kelley