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Beberapa Ritual Dan Tradisi Seram Suku Suku Yang Ada Di Dunia

Hi Meet Us Again Info Id Rituals are a series of activities carried out primarily for symbolic purposes Jadi Kali ini Kami Akan Membahas Ritual Dan Tradisi Seram Suku Suku Yang Ada Di Dunia Curious, let’s check the video The Sepik tribal crocodile scales ritual Papua New Guinea is one of the countries that borders with eastern Indonesia but is not widely exposed In this country there is a name called the Sepik Tribe which until now also still survive in Papua New Guinea With a variety of traditions and rituals that have been handed down from generation to generation One of the tradition or ritual that is quite scary is the crocodile scales There is no specific term for this ritual But what is clear is that the Sepik people have a belief that crocodiles are sacred animals or creatures They believe that their group has a spiritual relationship with crocodiles Maybe it’s from this belief The Sepik people undergo the ritual of modifying their skin using a knife to slice their bodies until skin scales that resemble crocodile scales are formed Even tribal elders usually give ashes to wounds resulting from incisions on the bodies of young men who undergo rituals The ritual ended with a ceremony as a symbol of their recognition that they were real men The Mandan Okipa Ritual It turns out that not only the Matis tribe has a tradition or ritual of manhood that is creepy and quite cruel One more ritual that is not less scary is the Okipa ritual which is often performed by the Mandans The Mandan tribe itself is an Indian tribe that is still very thick with the traditions of the ancestors For the Mandan, the maturity phase of a person must pass through the ritual stage called Okipa Where young people will be forced to fast not to eat and drink for 4 days in a row Before the fasting ritual begins, it will start with the bison dance first After the 4 day fasting period ends The youth will be herded into a place similar to a hut to then have their chest and shoulders pierced in a sitting position and a face that is forced to smile Do not stop there, Okipa maturity ritual next is to hang them on the roof of the hut to faint Then move it down again until they wake up Finally, after they are awakened and conscious, the Mandan youths are obliged to cut off their little finger Rituals Let Death Froze the Eskimos Friends of Id Info certainly many people already know the name Eskimos The Eskimos are a tribe that inhabits the polar regions of the earth, including the easternmost part of the Siberian region The Eskimos have a characteristic that not many other tribes have For example from how to dress, hunt for food and even building houses This is because the geographical location at the poles automatically influences their style and way of life But there is one other tradition from the Eskimos that is not widely known by people, namely the tradition of evacuating old people to the sea The parents who were evacuated to the sea intentionally left just like that until it froze and eventually died Although the impression is cruel and sinister but the Eskimo people themselves Mention that the tradition is an attempt to deliver parents into the afterlife by using a more dignified way Mantis Poison Syringe Ritual Every tribe in the world usually has a tradition or ritual of maturity that must not be abandoned The tradition is usually carried out to tribal children who have passed or are in the teenage phase Then it can be called an adult after going through the stages of the tradition or ritual No exception is also with the Matis who inhabit one remote area in the country of Brazil This tribe has a tradition or ritual maturity that is quite scary and arguably cruel How come? Young men who want to be considered adults have to go through several cruel ritual stages including being willing if their eyes are poisoned This ritual is considered important because it is believed to improve the eyesight of the boy Then after the eyes have been poisoned, the next is a ritual of being whipped repeatedly That’s not enough At the end of the ritual the young men will be injected using poison extracted from the monkey frog called Kampo poison As a result, the young man will experience reactions such as vomiting and digestive movements, especially the uncontrolled intestine But for the Matis Provision of Kampo poison is to make these young men as real men and reliable hunters Vanuatu Nagol Ritual Who does not know about the extreme actions of the adrenalin bungee jumping testers? It seems like almost everyone already knows about extreme action which is now better known as the wrong type of extreme sport Yup, it turns out long before the presence of bungee jumping in various natural and artificial tourist places like today It turned out that the people of Vanuatu, whose territory is in the southern Pacific Ocean, had already had a bungee jumping tradition called Nagol The Nagol tradition itself is a spooky ritual because in this tradition Vanuatu men will ascend to a 30 meter tall wooden tower After rising to the top These men will immediately jump down with the head down and ankles tied with vines without any other safety device. Uniquely This dangerous and sinister tradition is routinely carried out throughout the months of April to June and is one of the attractions of tourists visiting the Vanuatu area Even tourists call this Nagol tradition with the term Land Diving For friends info id who are interested in holidaying to the territory of Vanuatu Does anyone dare to try Nagol’s action? That’s Just Some Spooky Rites Of The Tribes In The World, So Until Here Only This Video If there are additional comments can be commented below Oh, don’t forget, like comment and subscribe and share, thank you, see you

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