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Beach Culture in Israel

Now that summer is here
everybody is headed to the beach, but the beach isn’t just a place to get a tan
playing matkot, and staring at beautiful people Stop staring at me you guys Here are seven things Israelis love to do at the beach. Number one- escape from work The beach is right in the middle of the city so you can get off work at five,
go to the beach, take off your shoes, have a cold one and watch the sunset
while eating a watermelon Watch the sunset, We are here for the sunset Number two- beach sports If you want to get that perfect beach bod
you have got to be obsessed with doing beach sports and its not just matkot over here, we have puddle boarding, volleyball, surfing, jogging, you name it, these guys do it. These guys do it, I don’t do it, I just stand here and watch Number three- family time Saturdays is our day off. We take whatever’s left of Friday night’s dinner,
we put it in a cooler and we head down to the beach, veggies, sandwiches, you name it, Koogel, Shnitzel, we make everything, this is not my family by the way,
isn’t Israel awesome?! Random people , I just sat here Number four- brunch The beaches are loaded with places
where you can have an awesome meal while you’re watching the awesome view, nothing beats a Shakshuka with a view,
trust me on this Introducing the tel aviv beach drummers. Tel aviv’is just love to drop by for a jam session. You’re doing great, this is so loud, I can’t hear myself think Number six- the hiking Israeli’s national trail winds through
some of israel’s best beaches, you can enjoy a hike while you are enjoying the beach, Though i don’t know how anyone
could possibly enjoy a hike And of course- the beach parties As soon as summer heads you see giant speakers everywhere on the beach blaring with Israelis pop music in full volume, as we say here in tel aviv- “Yalla balagan”

Jean Kelley