April 1, 2020
  • 10:59 am MyPillow founder responds to media critique of his faith-based speech
  • 10:58 am Atheists, Secularism Are The Enemy – Rick Perry
  • 9:59 am Persamaan Islam, Yahudi, dan Kristen
  • 9:58 am Faith Training | Jesus Is Healer | Episode 40 | Christian Bible Study Devotional Video
  • 9:58 am Being a people of faith
Be Patient. Be Kind. Be Brave. Have Faith.

[Music] [Various Speakers] The friendship between all of us is really
strong, because we had an opportunity to really bond and get to know one another, and through
those experiences and being together really solidified and tightened this unique bond
between all of us. Everyone’s been so supportive and I think
they really just seem to want the best for all their students. I’ve had professors that I felt really cared
about me. Duquesne’s mission is rooted in serving God
by serving students. People before I came here all said it was
like one big family and I can totally see that. They’re really there for you emotionally,
spiritually, and academically and that’s something you wouldn’t really get at any other University. The people and the advisors—anyone, really—they’re
always there to help you and they’ll never say no. No matter what the issue or problem that you
have is, there’s always someone here to help you out with it. [Music]

Jean Kelley