April 1, 2020
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  • 9:58 am Faith Training | Jesus Is Healer | Episode 40 | Christian Bible Study Devotional Video
  • 9:58 am Being a people of faith
  • 8:59 am Faith & Co. | Could You Tell Your Children? (Don Flow)
  • 8:58 am Hope Faith Ministries helping homeless during pandemic

Good morning everyone we want to welcome
you to Brandon Christian family church my name is pastor Stephen we welcome you
to our service today we pray that you have a good time in the presence of the
Lord we know that where the presence of the Lord is there is fullness of joy and
at his right hand there are pleasures forevermore this is a season of
rejoicing and celebrating we’re gonna get fear outta here it has no place in
our midst the Bible says that God has not given us a spirit of fear but of
power love and a sound mind so let’s rejoice and raise a
hallelujah to our Lord and our God Good morning church family we’d have the
honour of worshiping our God online this week whether you are in your laundry
rooms kitchens three living rooms we’re doing gather together raising our voices
lifting up our hands and give Him praise to this great God this mighty God the
strong God we just thank you Lord and we give you glory Hello BCFC family I have a couple of
announcements for you First off we want to congratulate Blessie me and Alex on delivering their beautiful baby girl Second of all Fusion Youth don’t forget
that this Wednesday we have service online for more information go to our
Instagram page Thirdly church family if you have any special needs or prayers please email us at [email protected] or go to our website And lastly if we have any
more updates for you we’ll be updating on our website and our social media
pages Hey Brampton Christian Family Church
welcome to our online service this morning we’re hoping that you are strong
that you are well and you are faith filled We are definitely are having church
this morning maybe in a different location but we’re glad that you’re
tuning to us in hoping that you are gathering your family that you are going
to be strengthened by the word of the Lord and that you enjoyed our
intentional worship we we shrunk our praise team just to allow you to to get
the feel of coming into your home and letting you know worship is still
important so I hope you enjoyed the worship I hope you’ll play it again and for our kids if you will continue to stay tuned we have our whole Kids
program that is going to be online for your children we want them to know that church hasn’t stopped it has just changed locations it’s in their very home but we look forward to coming back together just as soon as we are allowed
to gather and we are believing and praying that that is going to be very very quick but in the meantime we’re here today with the word of the Lord reminding you to be strong to keep your faith strong keep reading Psalms 91 I hope that you’re doing that it just will remind you of the promises of God and
remember his promises are true and there is a difference for those who trust in the Word of God many will not know what the Word of God says nor will they think that it has anything to offer them but for those of you who have made your
commitment to Jesus Christ as your Savior yet the Word of God is the very
inoculation that keeps you healthy and strong that keeps your family healthy and strong so we want to be faithful and we do not want to have any place of fear and we want to starve our doubts to death and how we do it is we continue to hunger after the Word of God and give it first place in our life and that is a good thing that we are doing today because in these times of trouble this is an opportunity for you to find out where you are strong in and
what places that you need to be strengthened in so if you finding that
this is a tougher time for you just in your ability to trust God that has
become a locater listen that’s a good thing because we need to know where we do need to become stronger a chair is only as good as the weight it can hold and so sometimes in life situations come at us and we may not even realize that it is bringing a weight that we have not been
prepared to hold but faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God
we can do something to increase our faith we can do something that causes
strength to reign in our hearts parents this is a great opportunity for you to
teach your children what do we do in a crisis what do we do when it suddenly
comes up and it’s a suddenly that is not great for the world it’s impacting the
world in a negative frame of mind and fear is running rampant
you cannot train and teach your children if you’re terrified yourself but we can teach them
how to trust God how to believe God we can show them what peace looks like we can we can show them what faith sounds like by the very words that we’re uttering
we can show them by the very things that we are doing that allows
them to have confidence that their household is safe that their lives are protected that God is still in control he is still on his throne
he’s still Jesus the great provider he’s still Jesus the guy who sees ahead and makes a way
he is the impossible Jesus that causes anything that the world says
cannot be done he can do it we got to remind them and remind ourselves
who our faith is in and I’m happy to say this has been a great week this has been a great week of of Prayer praying for you praying for those in our city in our province in our nation in the nations around the world you know it’s a it’s a hard thing when
crisis comes but it also gives us an opportunity to turn our attention to the
Lord and sometimes we take for granted what all Jesus is to us and the
availability that we have to pray to connect with him even we take for
granted the opportunity to gather in church and I know that for many of you
this is the first time you’ve been denied an opportunity to come into the
house of God and to be able to worship Him but I pray that as soon as we can
and we will give you updates every week that we are gonna gather and I hope that
you come with such an expectancy and such a passion to come together in the
household of faith and maybe maybe it it shakes us maybe it awakens us to the
privilege of what church should always be gathering the family
and not something that we think maybe we want to do maybe we’ll fit it in now it’s
important it is important to gather the people and maybe you’re struggling this
week maybe your faith has been challenged but I want you to know you’re
not alone because as we come together as a family of God our faith is joined
in your faith and we’re believing God for the miracles in your life and this
week I just wanted to challenge you in the word concerning a couple stories
that you can read ahead and there’s a lot to read and depending upon what
family that you’re surrounding yourself with this is great to read for your children as well
but Daniel chapter 3 talks to us about maybe a familiar
story to you all and and it is a time where we hear about Shadrach Meshach and
Abednego these three men who love God who are are formed in his wisdom and are
a blessing to the nation but we have a king Nebuchadnezzar and he decides to
make this great statue and that is very very tall very very large and
the command for everybody having to bow down once they hear the music that is played
that it would be illegal for them not to bow down to it
I want you to know that we are facing a great statue at this moment as well
it’s name it is is a virus that absolutely is causing fear in our nation and wanting our lives to bow
down and to cause it to have full control over the economy
over our health situation over our peace of mind
over our comings and goings absolutely it is trying to dominate everything about our lives but even so there are individuals who will not bow to fear but continue to stand in faith believing listen our world needs to see a picture of Jesus in the midst of trouble they need to know that this faith that we talk about this faith that
we sing about this faith that we share about is real it is is powerful and the
greatest message that we can give is not when we think everything is going well
but in the times where people are unsure in the times where they’re looking for
someone to stand up and lead them in the way of truth lead them in the way of peace
Shadrach Meshach and Abednego were three men that had such a lifestyle
they decided to love God to fear God more than they would fear any other
circumstance in their life and the fear God wasn’t that they were afraid of him
that they were so in love with Him that they so surrendered their lives to Him
that they didn’t want to worship anyone else they acknowledged that there was one
God and his name was Jesus he is Jehovah he is our God our deliverer
our sustainer and so even when they were forced to bow down they would not bow
down they stood their ground they stood their ground in faith believing
and as a result they were thrown into a fiery furnace and it was heated up so hot that the men that were taking care of it it were burned to death can you imagine the
heat of that fiery furnace but those three men entered into that furnace
and when they looked they saw four men not three men
four men and Jesus was in the midst of the fiery furnace with them
and when they were exited out they couldn’t even smell the smoke not only did God protect them and keep them but he didn’t leave them in that fiery furnace alone
family we are not alone our God is with us our God is for us and we are walking through this time and times that will come we are walking it through with Jesus Christ
and I want you to know you’re gonna get through I love what Shadrach Meshach and
Abednego said because their faith was so determined their faith was not about
God if you don’t get me out of this situation I’m gonna remove my love from you
I’m gonna remove going to church I’m gonna remove even believing in you
no they said our God can do this our God can deliver us but even if he chooses not to we’re not gonna change that we love Him we’re not gonna change that we serve Him
we’re not gonna change that we believe in him I tell you that’s faith that has a history in a God that comes through of course you know if you read
the entirety of the story he comes through a big time and he delivers them
he delivers them in such a way that they become a witness to everyone else because everyone that saw what they went through yet how they came out of it could not help but believe that this God that they talk about is real I want you to know that we have opportunities
our neighbors our co-workers our friends our family are looking for us to be a witness in this time
remember we are in the witness protection program we have an opportunity to provide evidence
of the the reality of a God that is real our God is not buried somewhere
our God is alive and well on planet earth and he is ministering his very heart and love in each of our lives in the ability that we have to touch and take
hold of people through conversations that we have listen you can still pray over the phone you can believe in God for the individuals that have crossed paths in your life they’re your assignment
that’s your assignment to make a difference in their life and listen they need prayer they need God’s intervention in their life and we cannot see God intervene unless prayer takes place that’s his invitation to come and move and we want God not only to touch the hearts of those who know him who are putting their trust in him but hearts that don’t know him that are
being terrorized that are having sleepless nights that their jobs are being affected listen for God so loved the world
God loves every individual that he created he wants them to have the best life they can’t have that best life without his intervention so we’re praying that lives are being touched that eyes are looking up and that they are seeking maybe a God that they never considered that they needed but they’ve come to a time in their life where he’s
the only one that can do something for them and that is Jesus Christ the one true Living God there’s another story found in Second Kings chapter six
and the Syrian army is in trouble because a prophet named Elijah is telling the King
everything that the Syrian army has planned and they get so tired of it that
they come and they surround they surround the Israelites they surround
Elijah to try to put a stop to this they surround them in such a way that nobody
can come in and nobody to count can come out and so it’s similar to the situation
that we’re in today where they couldn’t get goods and they couldn’t just go out
and get what they needed and so everything that they had became very high in value and people were paying extraordinary prices for things sound familiar
but the great thing is that the day of suddenly in one day this changed around
in one day how long does it take for a miracle to happen one day one moment
I’ll tell you God is working behind the scenes God is working behind the scenes to affect change to affect healing to affect solutions in one day they went from a place and a
people that were totally surrounded with no ability to get anything that they
needed brought in so once they ran out that was it in one day things changed
that they had so much of everything that the prices came right down your God
the same God of Meshach the same God of the Bible
He’s the same God that we serve each and every day He’s the powerful creator He’s the one that we put our trust in remember we talked about the plagues of Egypt last week and we talked about depending upon what side of the virus it can be either a terror
or it can be a wonder for those that were on the receiving end of what these
plagues were doing to Egypt it was a terror it was a terror for them it was a
terror for their whole family but for those the Israelites who put their trust
in God it was a wonder it was a wonder that God’s hand could protect them the way he did it was a wonder that none of their livestock were affected it was a wonder that none of their provision was shortened it was a wonder that in the
midst of such devastation yet God had his hand on them the truth is that God
wants to put his hand on every person but not every person will ask him and
allow Him to put put his hand on them but I’ll tell you if you do his hand is
a hand of blessing it’s a hand of provision it’s a hand of healing it’s a
hand of Hope and it’s a hand of salvation there’s a distinction between the household of faith and those that have not put their faith in God at all there’s a distinction and if you trust in the Lord the very benefits of who he is becomes what you participate in every day just like the
Israelites are you experiencing the wonder side of God this week are you going to experience the wonder side of God next week
I know I am I’m going to praise him for his goodness
I’m gonna praise him for his ability to keep me I’m gonna praise him in his ability to give me opportunities to be an encouragement to others to be a strength to others in every which way that we can be a blessing because after all we’re blessed
to be a blessing to others and I’m going to praise him for the opportunity to pray and invite God to move in the hearts of others because I know he wants to cause his hand
his good hand to be revealed oh if people knew the love of God they would trust him with their lives and I’m reminding you today fear is an enemy of your faith do not open the door the Bible says fear is a spirit
it’s not a feeling it’s a spirit don’t give it a place in your house in your thought realm every time that thought comes up against you pull it down refuse to give it a place listen thoughts are seeds and they bear a harvest
we could say it this way don’t accept the thought of Satan and raise his brats pull that thought down because
thoughts that are not pulled down will multiply and you don’t want to hear what
the enemy says they said it’s Satan’s job to try to discourage you to
try to tell you that it’s impossible you know it won’t work God can’t do it for
you these things are not true that’s his job so he’s doing his job if you feeling like those things are hitting up against your life but there is another resource that we have and the Bible says greater is He that is in you that he that is in the world and that we have power in the name of Jesus that is an incredible power it says his name is above every virus is above every disease is above divorce is above bankruptcy
his name is above anything that can come attack us and see if Satan can’t get the world to start talking negativity doubt and unbelief and speak his lies so that we are responding to those lies we’re responding that fear what he’ll do is
try to cause you to be the speaker to be the voice that begins to say those
things you know we can even discourage ourselves by the very things that we’re saying we can have thoughts and we can tear them down just by our own
belief system if we’re believing the wrong voice listen many voices are speaking to each and every one of us these days we have the voice that is on
the TV constantly giving us update you have the voice of family members
of friends that are speaking and they’re either speaking in to to you faith or fear but whatever that there’s voices speaking in what you should be doing in this in this moment but there’s also the voice of the Holy Spirit that is trying to get everybody’s attention and remind you of the Word of God these are promises they are true
we’re not going to be compromised in this moment this is the moment that we are rising in our faith
this is the moment where we are locating where we need to stand and what we’re holding on to listen this word is an anchor
it’s an anchor and in the midst of the storm it will hold you in place having done all Ephesians says stand
family today hold your ground starve your doubts lock in your faith keep feeding it keep reading keep worshiping keep declaring the word of the Lord and as for you and your family we will serve the Lord together God bless you Thank you for joining our service today we believe God is still faithful and moving in our lives I want to encourage you to remain steadfast and faithful in your giving you can give online through the information on the screen or you can text to give alternately you can always
mail a check to the office have a blessed day and join us next week

Jean Kelley