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Battle of the Brands S2E11: RANDY ORTON sends a message to CREED!

[MUSIC] I’m gonna keep this short and
sweet kinda like this flower. Seen in the wild, this flower only
grows to be about 16 inches tall, short and sweet. You know what else is short and sweet? Tyler Breeze. He is the sweetest, not the shortest, but the sweetest man I’ve ever met
words used to be pretty sweet. You know what they say the black of
the berry, the sweeter the juice. That’s you, brother but no more. No more.
You want to know why? Because you could’ve had this all for
yourself. But now I’m Breeze’s,
I do Breeze’s bidding. I’m an original player for
the 2006 SmackDown versus Raw and I’m on Breeze’s roster so in a nutshell, all I would really like to say is Breeze,
good luck. Woods, I hope you [BLEEP] lose. [MUSIC] Welcome to Up Up, Down, Down. I’m your host Austin Creed, we’re
taking it more generally, [INAUDIBLE]. It’s more general manager mode, yeah. GMO baby battle the brand’s BOTB, surprise
you weren’t on your phone this time.>>I don’t need to be Because I
wanted to welcome you.>>The sweetest man I have ever met.>>Welcome to my hood.>>We’re at Breeze’s house.>>Everybody knows everybody [LAUGH]. If you need a drink,
I’ll get you a hot toddy.>>[LAUGH] Welcome to my hood.>>Everybody here is so blessed. We just so happy we never depressed.>>Nice.
These off the dome.>>Write these down.>>Make a Canadian verse.>>Write these down.>>Never turn our backs on nobody. We so polite we always saying sorry. There we go.>>[LAUGH] So good. Okay, okay,
you wanna go first for me first?>>I go first, so coming out last week,
you clawed your way back a little bit with the 30,000-
>>30K>>30,000 fans.>>Will we give them information now or
in a later episode?>>What info? The info that I learned this weekend.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>You don’t want me to tell them?>>No.>>Okay, I won’t tell them. But just so you guys know. There is, there is,
>>You’re telling the people right now.>>I’m not.
>>You teaser.>>I’m telling the people that
their debauchery has been foot. Since before the first time we
played this game ever, nothing but debauchery that I know of that he
doesn’t want you to know about. So I’ll be nice. I’ll be nice and I won’t say anything. For right now.>>Well, I mean, you need your excuses. [MUSIC]>>Go.>>I got Big E. Oney and Dawson. No way. Billie Kay. So, I do have that right. Okay. No way Corbs. Tony Nese and Woods. Okay. Kofi and Oney, yep. Billie and Liv. Yep. Sonia Renee. Yes. Okay, cool. So I do have this stuff ready. Let me see how everybody’s doing here
who’s unsatisfied, Billie Kay and Oney. I can’t go too crazy on stuff
because there is some fatigue, some fatigue factor going on. Who was seriously injured? No way. Three weeks Come on, man. It’s all good. It’s all good. Ain’t nobody. [MUSIC] I’m gonna keep building
some rivalries here. I’m gonna go safe. Not worth getting people injured,
you know? So Coleski,
actually you know what I’m gonna do? Because I think I have
enough people to do it. Fatal four way. Cole and E, I want to keep going,
so put them in there. But I have the newly acquired
Jonathan Cena, Oney and Kofi, that’s what I want, Oney and Kofi. And make it for the title just to just
to really throw some stuff in there so that Oney can say that he’s
not unsatisfied any more. Start us off I got Cena, I’m going to
start something with Scott Dawson. I got, Rivalry in place of the match. I want to keep Corbs and No Way going, but
No Way is injured so I have to do that, I have no choice. Corbs, Cena, Liv, and Billy. Now I’ll toss the title on the line,
just because. Oney and Kofe are in there. EC3 and Randy are going to start off. [COUGH] Randy’s a 65,
come on, what happened? Cena and Dawson I’m just gonna double
check and make sure that that restarts. EC3 with Randy. Sonya is going to go with the Renee. So who am I missing here? Ray Woods and he’s. Okay, so that actually might be
exactly what I was going for. With Ray Mysterio, Xavier, Tony Nese. So, kind of a plain show this week,
but I am fighting some injuries. So I wanna make sure everybody heals up. So Billy is unsatisfied. Well, she’s got a match coming up,
hopefully she wins. Oney has a title shot happening. So hopefully that changes some stuff. A lot of popularity going on, Billie and
Liv hopefully, Corbs and No Way, okay. So can anyone so Cena and
Dawson can actually have a little bit crazier of a match to give
me a little bit of an edge. Cena and Dawson, yeah, screw it, why not?>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>[INAUDIBLE] Line. Roster, rivalries. Nobody can touch Bautista yet.>>Remix?
Okay. Rivalries are going strong so we’re good. Tossed in a couple things here. And I’m okay with all of them. You’re good, we’re good.>>Ooh, 504. 504, big guy.>>Long time ago.>>Can somebidy make
a Tyler Breeze compilation video? That’s so fresh and so clean. Also I am working on my
sacrifice video for myself.>>My god.>>[LAUGH] I have been feeling
PT like crazy [SOUND].>>Those used to like, they were,
those who came out all the time.>>They were incredible, you guys if you
don’t remember this when someone would get injured, they would make
my sacrifice video. And so my sacrifice is a song
by a group called Creed. And like everybody who was injured got
one and then it got to the point where WWE was doing it so
much that fans started making them.>>Yeah.>>So Dude, I’m so excited, got a bunch
of clips of me wrestling poorly, getting hurt,
going through PT to fight back.>>Our image of Jeff Hardy’s bad ass
>>Insane, because it’s always the clips of him, it’s [SOUND]
>>That means like flipping, like going through all this stuff. [MUSIC]>>And on 9, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,7, 8, 9.>>Okay, all right, so we’re going to go,
yes, great, [INAUDIBLE] okay, yeah. [MUSIC] All right, here we go. So the main will be Draper’s Drew for
the title, strip CMOS. [MUSIC] Great Maverick, boom for
the title match singles so what I’m trying this point because
if you remember last time reset you can have a couple singles matches
in a row you still keep your rivalry. So, try that in hopes that
it actually all works out.>>Paul Wall, MGG and too sure?>>Main event hype there we go. Four? So, we’re gonna have straight up tag for
the titles, normal tag. We’re gonna have Fandango
wide breeze over there, so the breeze in the right spot breeze.>>Go down right now I’m in love with.>>Boom continue that’s for the titles. Match three is gonna be first cable
straight up symbols Where’s Dash? Dash Wilder, continue. That’s fine, okay. Put him on one,
we’re gonna go merch because more popular start to generate more money
merch wise for your boy. We’re gonna go singles with manager so
we get all the rivalries in there. And there’s Zelina. She’s gonna be paired up with a man, Ali. Mustafa Ali going up against
the golden child Mandy rose, and she’s gonna be with Aria Davari. Boom and
then we’re gonna have no managers. [MUSIC] We got
>>Jay and>>jack our verses [SOUND]>>Two and a half minutes left.>>Okay, Was Triple H.>>Am in love with That’s
>>Ask for the title so, US title here>>Cant believe that>>Two rivalries in this match merchandise to get more
money later singles here Dash and Wilder. I’m sorry. Dash and Gable have a thing. Breeze-ango versus Usos for the titles. Main event: Hype. Cesar versus English straight singles
>>[LAUGH]>>Main event: Gulak versus Maverick. Dope.>>Hey, so have you seen this at all? I can’t hear you but
I’m just going to talk. This is dude at He’s watching us, and he’s talking about why he currently
likes watching Battle of the brands. I’ll just quote this. Honestly, watching Breeze and Woods get so
wrapped up in trash talking each other and watching Woods lose with
shocking regularity, only to claim Breezes cheating
is endless entertainment.>>Shut up. Thanks, thanks Chris.>>He is the sweetest man I’ve ever met.>>That’s great. I can laugh, I’m in love.>>We were talking my, my contract,
and I say can give you that? Boom!
So, now we got, we should be all right, I think it’s a popularity or
to bring those from 70s to 80s. Going to bring it down to singles matches we’re gonna be able to
knock it out of the paper you can see what else, we’re good bro. Might use his own tactic against him. Attack like he told me on screen
someone wants to show up. They want to steal stuff. Calm them down. We’re good. You’re done. I’m done. Switch. Ha. Take me [FOREIGN]
wanna see? Yeah,
>>See, I saw, the, did you read that yet or No? No? Yeah, so it was like the editors at games
at GameSpot saying what they’re currently watching Jesus and
Chris was saying that he’s watching us and loves it with shocking regularity,
shocking regulation, whatever, well check irregularities
because there’s a reason for that, and since you work at Game Stop and
you like wresting games, you should know the reason for that, we’re
not going to put Breeze on blast yet.>>Game stop.>>Game Spot? Okay, I said GameSpot.>>You said Game stop.>>I said spot.>>You seem flustered.>>A little flustered? That’s why you’re wearing the same
colored shirt as me, I got dressed first.>>You did not.>>I did,
I walked into your house with this.>>That is true.
>>See>>Simulate>>Simulate [MUSIC] So, start us off, Rey Mysterio.>>Rey Mysterio.>>Picking up,
picking up the win in the triple threat.>>Whatever.>>Keeping the Woods and Tony Neese as a
rivalry but giving Rey a little spotlight.>>Good job, Rey.>>Picking up a big win over
>>[LAUGH] Well, well, well, well,
look who came out on top? Your girl, me. Sonya, you wanted to run your mouth to me? Girl, what is what I do for a living,
that is what I get paid to do. You want to run your mouth to me, then you
want to step inside the ring with me, and then I whooped your ass in there. Wow, what next? Time for some deflecting view sure,
see you soon.>>Just build,
just a little building here, Randy Orton.>>Been EC three.>>He is the sweetest man
alive I meet him about.>>Started off Billy Kay.>>Wow gets Liv okay. Billy, by the way is currently unsatisfied
with somehow being the champion.>>So you should happy.>>God, I hope you’re satisfied. [MUSIC]>>Hi Tina Dawson.>>Great job.>>Scott Dawson coming in hot.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>In the Main Event Big E retaining the championship.>>Wow
>>Not only against one Adam Cole but Kofi Kingston Oney who Oney
was wanting a title shot.>>He got one.>>Maybe he’s a little happier now.>>We’ll see.>>We will see, won’t we? We will see won’t we?>>Yes we will. In my hell of a show,
in my hell of a show,its cool, simulate, simulate. Bam, first match Jack Gallagher
against Triple H, Triple H beats him.>>You see Ghallagher.>>Looks awesome, yeah we talked about it.>>There is some movies that’s
>>Like streets in New York or gangs in New York Brophy comes in like
>>[CROSSTALK] With like the beating the hell out everybody to fight alien
it’s bad well anyway he lost his fight the Triple H triple x or United States
champion will soar from the tattoos that just disappeared match to Selena Vega
with Mustafa Ali defeats Mandy rose who’s got Aria davari with her even slept
jack couldn’t help her out no slabs yet but I guess it helps. She’s on the right show. It does help. Fantastic, there we go. zelena love Yep. Match three Chad Gable loses two dash
Wilder This heated rivalry has been going back and forth for
what seems like a millennium. Yes, yes he did. It’s it’s actually very heated,
this whole show is actually very heated. Okay, match for
whoa the Russos defeat Breeze, ango to become your new
Tag Team Champions.>>I don’t like that at all.>>Wow, wow, let me write that down.>>I don’t like that at all.>>Let me document that.>>I don’t like that at all.>>Yeah Yeah.>>I feel like you had something to
do with that playing back to it.>>No, not at all.
>>I feel like the algorithm on your show is really long.>>Who want dashing Gable?>>Dashing gabs.>>See I’ve already got my next week,
don’t look at my weeks.>>Yeah, like it’ll matter.>>Bingo, bingo.>>Like it’ll matter.>>Bingo, watch me.>>Bingo.>>Boom, Aiden English defeats
his arm trade up singles match.>>Aiding Spanglish beating Cesaro.>>And in our main event of the evening,
here in Mobile, Alabama, Drew Gulak retains his
Heavyweight Championship against one.>>Wow
>>Drake Maverick, sorry, no, sorry, Drew Gulak wins I was looking at the D’s,
the D’s in the name.>>So how is it that I know
you’re a champion and you don’t.>>I didn’t know what to look at the D’s
it was the D’s, Drew Gulak knew, knew heavyweight Champion Wow. [MUSIC]>>They say victory is such Sweet Sorrow. [MUSIC] Drake Maverick let me tell you
the definition of what’s sweet sorrow, sweet sorrow is when somebody
comes back after years and makes good on a promise by committing
a violent act and winning a championship. [MUSIC] Have you forgotten what
happened between us? Why I’ve wanted you dead for so long. Because it dawned on me several weeks ago, let’s go back to 2002. The young Drew Gulak
attends a bar mitzvah, until traditional Jewish gathering, celebrating the coming of
a boy into a man what happens at this bar mitzvah is
a shall we say an accident? An accident that involve me going to
the hospital and during someone’s, well procedure there happened to be
a mixed up and that procedure was mine. And the mix up something very,
very unfortunate, see there’s a tradition
in Judaism called a bris. And what happens at this bris
is that boy will come and celebrates the circumcision
of the newborn. However, sometimes the ceremonies
are performed on older men. And I don’t know exactly what happened to
warrant this but I do know what happened. This mix up involve myself receiving
a circumcision, which I didn’t even realise was possible considering I
had already had one when I was a baby. That’s right, Drake, I know what you did, I know that you paid off the doctor for
me to have a second circumcision. So Sweet Sorrow is
the situation that I am in because even though I’d
lost now I’ve gained.>>What turn of events?>>That is a turn of events.
>>What a turn of events.>>That’s turn of events.>>All right, ladies, gentlemen.>>What do you think?>>I think I killed you.>>I think I got you.>>I think I killed you.>>I don’t think.
>>I think I got three and a half to four stars that show.>>I think you might’ve got three and
to half four stars but I think I also got either three and
a half or four stars.>>I think you got three.>>And I feel like my rivalries
are stronger and I feel like I will get somewhere in between zero and
50,000 fans. I’m shooting at 80 to 100,000 fans for me.>>Delusional.>>Here we go, injury,
fan change, smackDown, what?! Yes, 60,000 fans from the bar, because
>>Liv is out 11 weeks?!>>Out of action for 11 weeks, what you
gonna do with that spot that you had Liv Morgan in because now you
bought just took 60,000 fans.>>This happens every time.>>60,000, you hear that?>>I’m starting to get
plagued with injuries, man.>>60 k, 60 stacks.>>I’m starting to get
plagued with injuries.>>That’s it right there, plagued plagued.>>I’m starting to get
plagued with injuries, I’m starting to get plagued
with injuries [CROSSTALK].>>Acknowledge my win,
acknowledge my huge win, look at that.>>What do you want me to do?>>Injury, 11 weeks outta there, bam,
raw like I said, three stars, like I said.>>Yeah.
>>Like I said, what were my three and a half most likely? BAM what I say
>>You said 3 and a half.>>What I say?, our friend from GameSpot saying watching Woods lose all the time. What’s his name? What’s his name? Chris.
>>Chris, okay, Chris from watching this, because I’m about to take your
boy Breeze to the woodshed and it’s all your fault, Chris.>>What used to be pretty sweet.>>Yeah, yeah, yeah,
that’s the end of this week. Yeah, let’s look at it. Let’s look at it.>>Yeah, show the graphs.>>Boom, look at that, see that? Coming together, stop it, right now,
it’s looking like a wine bottle, why?>>Cuz you’re a whiner.>>Because I’m about to
stomp you like a grape.>>Cuz you’re a whiner, cuz you’re
a whiner.>>Because I’m about stomp->>Because you’re a whiner, that’s why, cuz you’re a whiner, that’s why.>>Let me finish my joke,
let me finish my joke.>>I won’t.>>Because I’m about to
stomp you like a grape. Would you like some cheese
to go with that wine?, yeah. How about a nice charcuterie board? [MUSIC] Question.>>One episode,
we build up your confidence a little bit, then we see what happens.>>Question, I won the week before too,
what’s a charcuterie board?>>It’s a meats and cheeses.>>Damn.>>All right.
>>I’m very, I’m a learned-
>>Keep it tight.>>I’m a learned doctor, that’s right.>>This is done.>>I’m a learned doctor.>>Watch next week to see what happens.>>See what the learned doctor does.>>No, he’s not a, okay, I’m ending it.>>A learned doctor.>>I’m ending this.>>And keep it tight.

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