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Baby Bath Time Rituals for Multisensorial Enrichment | Best For Baby

Research tells us that brain and
biological development During the first few years of life depends on the quality
of sensory stimulation in the infant’s environment. One example is massage which has been
shown to improve digestion and sleep through vagal stimulation Bathing and massage
are two important baby care regimens with strong potential for Maltese and
cereal enrichment When they are combined with positive, auditory, visual and olfactory stimulus such as a parent soothing voice, A loving facial expression and relaxing sense, The benefits of the regimens can be enhanced
even further. Positive Vocalization Eye Contact Physical Contact Mild and pleasant sensory fragrances and routines are also ways to both provide sensory
stimulation and create a powerful bond between parent and child. “My baby’s skin is so delicate and sensitive. I want to give my child only the best.” For much of its over 100 year history,
johnson & johnson has been devoted to understanding the unique properties of
baby skin and how to best care for it. Johnson & Johnson has consistently
published more fundamental and clinical skin research on baby skin than any
other global skincare company. It’s research has led to safe mild and
effective products for babies around the world. As a result of this research we
now have a much better understanding of the structure and physiology of baby skin. For instance, baby skin barrier is thirty percent thinner compared to adults and is more prone to dryness, irritation and infection. Babies also have higher trans-epidermal water loss and less natural moisturizing factor. External irritants such as harsh cleansers can disrupt the babies fragile
skin leading to inflammation, allergen sensitization and bacterial colonization. Our efforts have focused on creating products that are safe, mild and effective for babies. That’s out triple baby protection promise. For any Johnson & Johnson product to be called
clinical proven mild, it has to go through three rounds of testing. This involves three phases. first is the ingredients face appropriate ingredients are chosen, the toxicity of every ingredient and the formulation as a whole is checked. The second is the clinical safety evaluation phase The product is tested to check the irritation level, allergic potential, exposure to sunlight and effects on the skin. The clinical evaluation phase
typically as four steps: RIPT, PAT, PTT and CIT. The final stage is the comprehensive
medical review face Studies have shown that infants have a
poorly developed blink and lacrimation reflex. that’s why they are less able to protect
their eyes from accidental splashes during bathing. The proprietary Johnson’s
no more tears formula is designed to help protect babies sensitive eyes from
irritation and is tested again tearing, redness and stinging potential. A proper bathing routine is important to help babies grow into a happier and healthier children. However, if babies are not clean or moisturised enough their skin may not
be as resilient as it can be. There is a common misconception that water is the
safest cleanser for babies. The fact is, water alone cannot remove
fat soluble particles. Studies have also demonstrated that cleansing with water alone can lead to dryness and increased erythema. A cleanser is therefore required for a baby skin that not only cleanses without causing irritation or inflammation but also respects its sensitive skin barrier. It should contain elements like extra mild surfactants and have the right ph level. Baby wash with surfactants that form large polyethylene glycosylated micelles are stable less likely to penetrate baby’s skin thus reducing the risk of irritation. After a bath, using the right kind of
emollients can help to further protect the baby’s skin’s barrier function and retain the water content in corneal sites. This helps babies develop skin
that is stronger and more resistant to infection. Multiple studies including one recently
conducted in Japan, concluded that the daily application of moisturizer during
the first few months of life can reduce the risk of atopic dermatitis in infants. We at Johnson & Johnson believe that skin care for babies start with
appreciating the unique structure and physiology of their skin. and providing safe, mild and effective products. Beyond this we believe that baby skincare regiments such as bathing and massage can be so much more than just the physical acts by adding multisensorial stimuli that can help expand the baby’s mind and deepen the bond between baby and parents.

Jean Kelley