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ATHEIST & NON-MUSLIMS kay GOD & ISLAM peh ETRAZAT kay ILMI JAWABAT (By Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza)

Are you aware as to how many religions are there in the world? In what context are you asking? As in the religions that are followed around the world. There are a lot… I mean in my knowledge they are more than 3000 Hence this question is about Richard Dawkins, who is like the leader of Atheist At international level, you are aware and I believe you have even read his book. Yes.. ‘The God Delusion’ He, tells his followers… that, don’t feel bad about these theist when they call you that you deny the existence of GOD. tell them, even you deny the existence of GOD! How? He said, that you tell them that We have only denied one God, But you have denied around 3500 gods yourself. So its like how you give Mind-blowing replies to these scholars, he has in a way done the same. He says.. That if you claim. you will go to Hell as you have denied the existence of God. Then we have denied just one God, but you have denied 3500 yourselves. If any one in that 3500 gods is the right one then what will happen to you, Hell is also your place. Please reply to this. Ok On one side its people’s claim about existence of God claiming that there are 3500 gods. The religions that Mr. Richard Dawkins is referring to, ask them do they consider the supreme being as only one God. or do they believe in more than one God. You will be surprised that when you will go through the books of these religions and talk to the scholars of those religions, talk to them with reference to their books, you will find that they all talk about one God. even those religions that are found in tampered forms. even they talk about one supreme being, one super natural agency the other gods they refer to them as subordinates of Him. we are denying the subordinates and not the One God. if you ask the hindus they are considered to have the most gods.which are mentioned in their books. Or the Greek gods, yes, the Greeks, the God they write with capital ‘G’, they consider him as one they write smaller gods with small ‘g’ Everyone believes in one God. call him ‘Bhagwan’, call him ‘Khuda’ call him super natural agency or Allah Call him ‘Vishnu’ or anything thing, he is considered as one God the issue is the small gods under Him even Islam has emphasized on the concept of One God through Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) Islam has been there from before Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) came to this earth as the preacher of the same. so you will find that within the non believers of Arab, there were a lot of smaller gods. like Lat, Uzza, Manaat but they did believe in one God – Allah. So what we say is that you deny all gods but One and we will be with you then. It is in the books of other religions and he (Mr. Dawkins) himself says to study from textbooks when Richard Dawkins rejects the beliefs of Christianity he refers their books. And in his book The God Delusion.. He has not referred to a single verse from the Holy Quran and refuted it. This is so unfair I have given a lecture on his book called ‘Who Created God’ Masalah No. 83-B there, I have replied to the major points in that book. I have mentioned that he should mention the verses of the Quran and then try and reject them if he referring to the books of Christians A lot has been tempered in them and whatever authentic left in them, which is common in other religions, should be accepted So if they continue to reject Gods, then they may do so.. We appreciate Atheist in a way that have rejected all the Gods. They have recited half of the Lalima (Islamic expression of Faith), La Illah (There is no God) Just have to convince them on illal-Lah -(Except one God) I normally say, that they are better then.. those who have made up false Gods. and have the bravery to revolt against their false religious beliefs and have reached to this stage that they have rejected all this. And now they are just a few steps away from reaching one God. So we invite them, I have mentioned the path to salvation in my lecture, according to the physical phenomena of the nature. The real issue of Richard Dawkins is not the denial of God If you try to study all the atheist.. there issue is not denial of God, but its rather living their life as they desire. And to live according to your desire, its necessary to deny the existence of God Because God imposes restrictions(law) on you Therefore, there are only two solutions.. Close your eyes and pretend that there is no God. Now you cannot make the God disappear so you can close your eyes and claim there is no God and therefore you can carry on with what you desire Brother Ali, it would be a request that these questions specifically the questions regarding atheist if you can arrange for English subtitles so that we can send them all over the world yes i am aware, but this is a tough task these are small answers if you can try now the second question is… Why God did not create a system where there was no pain, sadness, death or disability nor would we have to kill anyone, in other words, we are dependent that we have to kill an animal or plant to eat them to survive a better system would not have been a big deal for God Yes, God could have created any system, but who are we to guide God as to what he thinks is better we challenge them to present an ideal model that God should have done this over that I will easily be able to take out fault in that. There is no end to this its God’s wish what way He has adopted If anyone thinks this is heartless then he is reaching this understanding through the intellect that God has given him The God who has given him this intellect He considers this system to be fair hence, first he should violate His (the creator) intellect with his own intellect and then ask this question So, I will say the same thing, that if there was only the life in this world and there was no life hereafter then I would have agreed that all these doubts were genuine. Now that there is a life hereafter and the life of this world is not everything we should not judge the things within this one frame of reference there has to be something for the trials tell them, okay if these ways of trials were not there; sickness, sadness… then what would be the ways… No, Atheist dont believe about trials.. Why did God need to put us on trial Yes, He has decided on this This is something that we believe, they (Atheist) would not agree to this. Then we will ask him weather he believes in God They will say ‘NO’ If they dont believe in God then this question is invalid, they should ask about the existence of God. Weather God exists or He doesnot If God exists then all the other question will become meaningless. Then Richard Dawkins will not ask this question why Allah made me a man and now a woman. Otherwise he will ask this question as well that I wanted to become a woman, I should have been consulted The Creator has His own will. Before you talk about the creator and His will, you will have to accept his existence. Once you accept the existence of the creator and you have the right to do as you desire in your own frame of reference similarly God also has the right Allah has put a prohibition on this (Quranic Verse) “He is not questioned about what He does, but they will be questioned” (Quran 21:32) So this is clear in Quran? Yes, its in Sūrat al-Anbiyāʼ (“The Prophets” Chapter 21). Allah has completely prohibited it Why He has done this, that can only be told after consulting God. And that is not possible in this world otherwise there is no test Hence, they should talk about the existence of God, not why God did this.. those who are doubting the work/actions of God don’t believe the in God if they believe in God then all the doubts will finish Brother Ali, I would like to add to it, I have had the opportunity to see international debates in renowned international universities You know in our society, debates mean using foul language and fighting each other there the debates are conducted in renowned universities like Cambridge and Harvard and there are Ph.D professors and the attendance of people are in thousands. In this field our biggest scholar is Dr. Shabir Ally hence i would request that you get this done in English, as a matter of fact he will also understand this in Urdu. Inshallah, we will forward this to him A specialist on atheism, Prof. Dr. William Craig Lane Yes I am aware of him but the objections he has raised on Islam.. He say that he is interested in Islam and he is impressed by the knowledge of Dr. Shabir Ally, if anyone has given him a tough time then that’s him He is really impressed. He says that he will not have this objection on Islam.. Like how that David Wood does, which i will mention later or the other people who talk foul about islam and attack on islam and the personality of Prophet (PBUH) He says my concept is, that the Muslims are unable to make me understand, that the concept of God is all living But the God of Islam, according to WIlliam Craig Lane is that He (God) doesnot love unconditionally, and he read verses from the Quran He said that at various places in Quran, Allah mentions that He(Allah) doesnot love those, and those and those.. he says that in Islam you have earn everything. and he says that the blessings of Allah cannot be earned. Okay, the doctrine that he has fabricated.. that one cannot earn the blessings of Allah and God is all-loving, what is the basis of this argument they derive this from their Christianity. Now Christianity is claiming this and Islam is claiming something else, we can check/verify this practically We can check this practically from the worldly examples If God is all-loving? then why does he give death to a mother who has 4 to 5 small children Does He not feel any pity on that woman and her children? And at time the sole breadwinner of house dies and his family has to beg to survive. even we feel pity looking at the small children, this is happening practically here we cannot see their all-loving God practically we cannot see this here the atheist who deny God completely will raise objections that we cannot see All-loving… Yes they have raised (objections).
Yes they are doing it right!! Islam does not believe in all-loving God. Islam says, as it has come in Sūrat al-Ḥijr (Quran Chapter 15) [O Muhammad], inform My servants that it is I who am the Forgiving, the Merciful. And that it is My punishment which is the painful punishment. (Quran 15:49-50) Islam has both sides Allah is forgiving and kind And he is also the one who holds accountable. and practically we can witness this in the worldly life we can check this in the worldly life, the life of hereafter is later its a matter of a world that is unseen we can see this in this world that the concept of all loving God is wrong, there is nothing like that there are so many women whose husbands are evil, they beat and torture them If God is all loving then what is the mistake of these women thst they have to go through trials there is no doubt that Allah loves, but He also tests then feelings of Allah are not similar to ours And the resemblance given with mothers, I consider it wrong. That narration is also fabricated that Allah loves a person 70 times more than his mother There is no authentic narration like that Allah only loves those who turn towards Him Those who are rebels and disobedient, Allah dislikes them. There is no concept of All loving And you can see this that even in the worldly life. even they believe that human is masterpiece of God’s creation, Isn’t it? The Quran says: “Verily, We created man in the best stature (Mould)” (Quran 95:4) So they also agree that Man is the best of the creation The nature of man itself.. Basically, the attributes of Allah have appeared in this way You can see that Man is also not all loving Whoever abuses man he wants to take revenge and whoever does something good, man loves him Which human being is there in this world who claims he is all loving this is only in books, that if you get a slap on one cheek, present the other one, but when you get hit it on the other one then..you will counter attack its just theoratical, it does not happen practically Nor can any law of the world abide by this For example, if someone kills your son, you say that I am the follower of an all loving God, here kill my other son as well. kill my wife as well this will not happen They will say, we will take revenge people take revenge on smallest of things all this is the reflection basically God has given us this nature so whatever is the natuer of God, you can see that in the human beings Since you belong to the field of science and MashAllah also an engineer We have discussed this before, also on record, regarding Professor Parvez Hoodbhoy Do you think that scientific theories like M theories, theories of relativity from Einstein and from Stephen hawking books, do these have anything to do with denial of God Absolutely not There is no connection with this. It is not topic at all to be related with this But these renowned physicists like Stephen Hawking and Dr Hoodbhoy Stephen Hawking has openly declared that he doesn’t believe in existence of God Not now but he used to believe earlier Some people say that a person becomes doubtful about God’s existence in later stages of theoretical physics Because he is relying on theories We say talk about applied physics, not theoretical physics the physical phenomenon of nature that we are observing right now let’s discuss and argue on these Why discuss theoretical physics when things are practically obvious Secondly, theoretical physics are basically the mathematical models of physical phenomenon of nature Ordinary people will not even understand things like schrodinger wave equation, Four order differential equation and similarly sommerfeld theory, rutherford model ordinary people won’t even understand these But we can see Human being’s astonishment when they observe regular physical phenomenon of nature We invite all intellectuals that if everything in universe is being driven by physical phenomenon of nature and if they claim that they can have control these events using physical phenomenon of nature, then we’ll give them egg yolk of an egg in a plate and we challenge them to make a chick from it using physical phenomenon of nature All physics equations related to physical phenomena of nature only tell us the underlying rules behind a phenomenon these rules are not the cause of this phenomenon The Sun rises in the east and sets in the west with respect to earth The question is who created the sun and made this law that that the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west We are talking about creation This is the real question and I salute to Science that it has humbly accepted its limitations Science is the modern form of philosophy The conversion of philosophy into science and science’s progress started that day when science accepted that out of 3 questions: What, Why and How, Science only deals with 2 of these questions, What and Why What happened and why it happened? What? An earthquake Why? Due to disturbance of Tectonic plates How it happened? Science says it is physical phenomenon of nature. It is out of its scope The whole phenomenon lies in the “How” But Science has already forfeited that they only know that this does happen Why it happens?? The answer is God Every object in this universe pulls other objects towards it with gravitational force which is directly proportional to their masses and inversely proportional to the square of distance between the centers of two masses When we ask why these objects pull each other? science says it is physical phenomenon of nature So they have closed this chapter They have just pretended that there is no God, But God exists Ok Ali Bhai there was a debate in some foreign country between Hamza Tzortzis and probably he is converted Yes I know he is reverted and he debated with Professor Parvez Hoodbhoy who is also a renowned nuclear scientist Hamza seemed to have to upper edge in that debate But late Professor Hoodbhoy was interviewed by BBC, if I am not wrong He said that Hamza tried to persuade that so and so verse of Quran is validated by theory of physics etc. He (Hoodbhoy) countered him by asking: first tell me what is M theory? let alone proving it from Quran Hamza then became aggressive in response So do you think that you have the talent and capability to debate with such a big scientist and on condition that you won’t jump to philosophy But they jump to philosophy straightaway What Hamza argued with him was based on philosophy because Hamza obviously is not expert in science He is a philosophy person He (Hoodbhoy) asked that if you (Hamza) is claiming that so and so verse of Quran relates to M theory So first tell me first M theory really is It’s unfair on part of Muslims also Its right. You should first understand what M theory really is, then you can discuss Do you think you have the courage to debate with such a big scientist? Yes I am ready But I can’t because I don’t know anything about M theory But they have this much heart I believe, people like Hoodbhoy and other scientists that they will first teach you M theory and then discuss with you on it I don’t consider them arrogant, people like them who are sophisticated I have heard he is in Lahore these days, what if he gives us some time The level on which these people are, they’ll not demand a Ph.D from you to debate Its only the scholars who ask this that you should first study for 10-20 years before discussing anything with them although they are not well educated themselves If you go to an ordinary phusics Ph.D to learn something about a topic like physical phenomenon of nature He’ll teach you with passion and he’ll feel honored On the other hand, if you go to a scholar to ask about a topic, which is against his sect he’ll first suspect you of opposite sect and will answer accordingly I have heard that they ridicule and avoid if someone asks a tough question on religious issue But they are also facing the consequences of their actions Regarding debating with them (atheists), and i told you earlier on the phone as well that we are ready for it but we have just one condition that is they must put forward their arguments in written because all of our research papers please clarify what do you mean by “them”. You are allergic to religious scholars Yes and you won’t debate with them There is no benefit in debating with scholars So do you mean scientists? Yes I am talking about scientists because I believe that they have full faith on their own (Science) books and they won’t do different interpretations because here we have seen that scholars don’t agree to teachings of Quran, Sahih Bukhari or Sahih Muslim They interpret other meanings if something appears to be against their sect 70% of the Muslims in the world are praying without raising hands in Salah (against Sunnah) But in the books, from which they deduct their beliefs, Bukhari and Muslim, the method of Salah written their includes raising hands No, they agree on raising hands and don’t deny it but they do make fun of it They say it was cancelled But they make fun also and say as if we are swatting flies Nowhere in Sahih Buikhari and Muslim, its written that it (raising hands in salah) was cancelled Yes Yes its not there so at least they should declare that they don’t believe in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim that these are old and obsolete books and their newer books had lost which Imam Mehdi AS will probably bring Is there anything in Bukhari that supports their claim? There is no Hadith in Bukhari about cancellation of raising hands in Salah Not in Bukhari but it can be in any other Hadith book Bukhari and Muslim are basic books of Ahle Sunnat (Muslims) I don’t know if there is any?? No there is isn’t any. Even if there is, that’s weak or fabricated Ok All Strong narrations confirm this (raising hands in Salah) They keep on referring to 4 Imams (Religious Leaders), out of which 3 agreed on raising hands Let me tell you contrary to scholars, scientists and sophisticated people related to field physics They have the courage to accept if you point out something to them from their textbooks they won’t ridicule you saying that you didn’t understand what’s written Their words will exactly match their textbook Here you are told exactly the opposite thing of textbook (by scholars) They prove seeking help from others from a verse which says seek help only from Allah (Quran 1:4) and you are astonished that this way anything can be proven But Physics professors and teachers, who are honest, Which majority of them are, apart from a few may be I don’t know They won’t do any such thing. They have at least this much integrity because they have nothing at stake If they are proved wrong in some physics problem, they won’t lose their job But Mosque committee will terminate a scholar from job in similar case. Its a big difference So we are ready to debate with them (Atheists) whether Professor Hoodboy or anyone else. We only say that they put forward their arguments in written in 2-4 pages because we believe that whenever we will start arguing with them on science, they are also aware of the limitations of science and its highest point When we’ll ask them the next question, they will jump to “physical phenomenon of nature” rhetoric Then they will start talking about philosophy, like how they do with Javed Ghamdi and he gives them a shut up call. MashAllah and nobody confronts them like he does so they deviate from science to philosophy they must put their arguements in writing and its not so lengthy In just 4-5 pages, they can present the theories and the practical evidence, based on which they deny existence of God We will then study these theories, some of which I know and some I will learn and then we will answer their arguments. There is nothing to by shy of But there is a condition that both you and they will talk about only science nothing else Yesss Then the topic shouldn’t be why people in Ethiopia are dyeing of hunger Alright. or where is Allah? Thousands of people died in earthquake somewhere, what did Allah do? Then the arguments won’t be like these Then the arguments will be from science on existence of God If God exists, rest of the questions will be meaningless It is generally said that the universe is over 4.5 Billion years old No its said even more, around 15 Billion years and human beings are 8000-10,000 years old maximum so atheists question that why did Allah gave so much gap, what was He planning all this time? We have never claimed that humans are 10,000 years old. We don’t know I mean the chain of Prophets and their history is dated quite back Quran nowhere claims such thing Quran nowhere mentions, for example, the no of years of gap between Prophet Adam AS and Abraham AS This we all come to know through Torat (Old testament) Ok let’s take Torat then. Torat people are also followers of God. Its in tampered form now. How can we take it as evidence? OK let’s make it a million years. How much old He (Adam AS) will be? Since Quran and Sunnah are silent on this issue, how can I give you a date then. If you say that scientists have discovered a million years old species, then may be humans existed a million years back. Neither Quran nor we claims of any specific time What Quran claims and scientists agree to it that all humans beings were born from one father And this concept of Islam and evolution, which a person wrote on Javed Ghamdi’s forum at first I opposed it but then I watched a video he shared I first thought that by evolution he means that we are evolved from apes, monkeys etc No This isn’t evolution He said that evolution theory existed hundreds of years before Darwin even christian priests were prosecuting these evolutionists Its name was Muhammadan theory of evolution Ok and he referred to old Scholars of Ahle sunnat and Shia like Tusi etc. Don’t know from where he got such thing He said that Muslims believed in this theory centuries ago If it was a belief held by Muslims, it must have been in Quran. Muslims have no such belief That humans are a result of evolution We talk practically about evolution in terms that the intellect given to humans by God is evolving gradually its obvious that humans that existed 1000 years back didn’t invent something to fly with like aeroplane or mobile phone. Its the humans of today that did it You mentioned once that Dr Israr Ahmad used to tell perhaps a human like creature existed before humans Dr Israr’s verdict was based on the verse of Surah Aal e Imran “Indeed, Allah chose Adam and Noah and the family of Abraham and the family of ‘Imran over the worlds (Quran 3:33) He thinks that perhaps some species existed from which Prophet Adam AS was chosen and that all humans were born from one couple (Adam and Eve) from there he takes things forward Ok Not much detail has been mentioned in the Quran in this regard So there is neither any end result from it nor any benefit discussing it Nowhere does Quran or Hadith claim such thing Only one claim that all humans were born from one couple and everybody agrees until this point Another question is that Muslims refer to Allah as “He” (Masculine form) question arises then that the mentality of the Muslims is that they consider women as inferior Some people in west question this that since its the mentality of Muslims to consider women inferior that’s why they use Masculine gender for Allah Even the plural form is used for Allah in Quran “Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’an and indeed, We will be its guardian.” (Quran 15:9) Have you ever read a “She” for Allah in any translation? No that’s not feasible because in Arab, the masculine gender is used for dominance. Right. Since God is dominant, feminine gender can’t be used. Now if someone objects that Islam considers Men dominant over women So we’ll say that you also consider this Women Olympics and Men Olympics are conducted separately Why don’t they arrange a match between women hockey team and Pakistan’s men hockey team, at least we may win a world cup this way !! If men and women are equal and there is no masculine dominance, then there Olympics shouldn’t be separate Women and Men should play against each other and even they know that it’ll be a one-sided match One if a world champion women cricket team is up for a match, even a local men’s cricket team in Lahore would beat them We don’t need a national level team So in this way they also accept the dominance of men over women That’s why when they are making legislation, they mostly talk about women rights that women are being oppressed and so on, so even they agree that men are dominant There is no doubt in it Ok one question Ali Bhai, the most rude debater of Atheists, William Craig Lane is a sophisticated person, Its David woods who aggressively attacks his opponents and sometimes even below the belt He raised a question which caused me worries. I have seen myself on internet but I want your opinion on it He says that there is a verse in the Quran that if Prophet Muhammad PBUH invent anything in the Quran, Allah will cut off his throat artery (Aorta) (May God Forbids !!!) Yes it is in Surah Al Haqqa (Quran 69:44-47) Then he adds to it a Hadith in Sahih Bukhari and derives a result and its on a website which is banned in Pakistan by the name AnsweringIslam, like we have AnsweringChristianity They say that in this Hadith in which Prophet Muhammad PBUH says before his death “I still feel the pain caused by the food I ate at Khaibar, and at this time, I feel as if my aorta is being cut from that poison.” (Sahih Bukhari 4428) So he joins these two and implies a result No these are two totally separate things and he is unnecessarily deriving a result by joining these two I have opened these verses during your conversation Its in Surah Al Haqqa, Para no 29 “I seek refuge in Allah from the cursed satan” Its a complete context “That this is verily the word of an honoured messenger” i.e. Angel Gabriel AS (Quran 69:40) “It is not the word of a poet: little it is ye believe!” (Quran 69:41) “Nor is it the word of a soothsayer: little admonition it is ye receive” (Quran 69:42) “(This is) a Message sent down from the Lord of the Worlds.” (Quran 69:43) “And if the messenger were to invent any sayings in Our name,” (Quran 69:44) (which was not revealed to him by Allah) “We should certainly seize him by his right hand,” (Quran 69:45) “And We should certainly then cut off the artery of his heart” (Quran 69:46) Its a metaphor/proverb as Right hand is a symbol of someone’s strength, So grabbing his right hand and cutting of his Aorta “Nor could any of you withhold him (from Our wrath)” (Quran 69:47) “But verily this (Quran and/or Prophet Muhammad PBUH) is a Message for the Allah-fearing.” (Quran 69:48) In these verses, Non Muslims are being addressed that if Prophet Muhammad PBUH would attribute a lie towards Allah, then Allal would have grabbed him by his Right hand and cut off his Aorta from whom these verses were revealed to us? Prophet Muhammad PBUH himself. So practically Prophet Muhammad PBUH hasn’t lied anything on Allah’s behalf As far as Hadith goes, its nowhere mentioned in it that his right hand was grabbed and aorta cut The words are “O `Aisha! I still feel the pain caused by the food (poison) I ate at Khaibar (4 years back) and at this time, I feel as if my aorta is being cut from that poison.” (Sahih Bukhari 4428) There is no mention of Allah in it that Allah cut his aorta Why would Allah wait for 4 years? I have recorded a lecture “163-Mas’alah) on the death of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and I told in the lecture that Prophet Muhammad PBUH was given an honorary Martyr’s death by Allah this way that the effect of the poison restored and He was martyred. I was reading somewhere on internet that this Hadith has been wrongly translated No the words in it are that the poison He ate is as though still cutting his arteries He ate poison in the meat given to Him when a jewish elderly lady invited him (Sahih Bukhari 2617) the effect of that poison returned after 4 years it doesn’t say that Prophet Muhammad PBUH said something 4 years ago and then Allah cut his arteries now If it was true, his arteries should have been cut off straightaway immediately (May God forbids) The event happened 4 years back, keep in mind the complete story that it happened 4 years back at the time of khaibar Prophet PBUH died on 11 Hijri (11 Years after migration to Medina) and battle of khaibar was in 7 Hijri the complete detail is in Sahih Bukhari and Sunan Abu Dawood (Hadith no 4512) about the poison given to him some of his companions also died when Prophet PBUH kept the meat on his tougue, the meat told the prophet not to eat it because of poison until that some of his companions had already ate and some died but Prophet PBUH spat it the poison didn’t affect him then but the effect returned 4 years later so that the Prophet could die a Martyr’s death The 4 years difference will make it clear itself Let me tell you this mockery of Quran and Hadith is not new People used to mock it even when it was being revealed Quran mentions in Surah Al Anbiya that Allah will cast non-believers’ false Gods into Hell fire along with them (Quran 21:98) So non-believers said: then even Prophet Jesus AS will go to Hell because christians worship Jesus and this way he is also a false God You see how they picked this issue. Allah had to answer this in Surah Az Zukhruf that they (non-believers) are referring to Prophet Jesus AS to make a dispute while he was God fearing messenger (Quran 43:57-59) They also know that Jesus AS never asked people to worship him Its logical that why would Jesus be thrown into Hell fire because when did he create his own idol or he asked to worship him. Its the people who claimed divinity for him Allah is referring to those idols which people worshiped and basically those stones are not meant to be punished, they have no fault the non-believers will be made to realize that these idols are also with you, on whom you relied upon like how bad religious leader will be in Hell along with their followers, which relied upon them this is what is meant Some people have also denied miracles and today Saeed bhai was telling me and I also saw a Facebook page by the name “Jannat Pakistan” Its a new sect which I believe are “Parvezi” Like Allama Ghulam Ahmad Parvez. I think its their off shoot. Its a newer sect They have lot of likes on Facebook They are now denying miracles and trying to prove miracles through science Their claim is that God doesn’t change its (Physical) rules A miracle can never be proven by science not proved? Yes Breaking the physical phenomenon of nature is miracle If any miracle of the Prophet PBUH is scientifically proved today scientifically in sense that science can perform it then the Prophet hood of Prophet Muhammad PBUH will be in doubt what about the argument that Allah doesn’t change its words and rules? Allah’s rules doesn’t change except when He wants so he can change them from where did you get this point? Its obvious that Allah is capable of everything (Quran 2:106) Some of the Rules Allah has fixed Some are the laws of nature. Allah can bend the physical phenomenon of nature Like its about Mary AS in Quran that she had a child (Jesus AS) without marriage They don’t believe it But its clear if you read the Quran. How can they deny it You can make as much false interpretations as they can but Quran is absolutely clear Mary AS was freightened Quran is clear Why would Mary AS worry if she had a normal biological child and if she were married Like how they claim someone to be so called father of Jesus AS (May God forbids) Yusuf Najjar, like how they say she didn’t need to worry and then angel said to her that Allah will make her son as a Sign (Quran 3:45) what is the sign in it then if Jesus AS had a father? Everybody has a father These are all false claims. No one in whole Muslim Ummah had such beliefs Just bear in mind that No miracle of Prophet PBUH can be scientifically perform A fountain of water releasing from Prophet PBUH fingers If someone can do it, then its not a miracle. Miracle is the once which cannot be scientifically reproduced I gave a lecture on Miracles in 4 parts “131-a, 131-b, 131-c & 131-d-Mas’alah” Another question from our liberal community This traditional concept that you propagate regarding segregation of men and women whereas in today’s world it is very difficult for people to get settled and marry in early age due to economic pressure. Do you think it is humanly possible that until marriage, men and women completely stay apart and an ideal situation is developed where shariah rules are followed and there is complete segregation of both genders whereas you know what’s happening on Facebook these days, even some scholars have fallen prey to it You have also seen the drawbacks of this intermingling Don’t you think the technology has failed your narrative? Do you accept defeat from it? How? That you failed to give a solution of this issue to public What solution do you expect? A solution that people should keep on doing it? We don’t support any such thing My point is like how Sahaba (Prophet PBUH companions) were tested by Allah through war and how great was their sacrifice that they fought in the battle of Yarmouk and Qadisiyya, leaving wives and children behind. They knew that they had children to care. 8,500 Muslims were martyred in Battle of Qadisiyya against the Persian empire. Thousands of their children became orphans. This was a big test for them. You have received so many calls from your kids today until now Just imagine that their (Sahaba) kids knew that their father will never come back It was such a serious test for them That time Sahaba were tested through war Today we are not under such trial We are under trial due to this problem of vulgarity so we have to undergo this test Every era had its own tests for believers Sometimes one problem emerges as difficult while the other narrows down Today we are not being asked to sacrifice our life for Islam Even if it is required, we don’t have to fight. Its the Army that’ll fight because now there is an army for this purpose and we are contributing in it through our tax money Obviously we are not trained for fighting and even if we go and fight, we will die most probably and army will be busy handling our remains instead we don’t even know how to fire a bullet so its the army that has to fight So this test (of war) is now on Pakistan army regarding fighting on border with enemies. We are not under such obligation We have different issues to handle There are different tests in every era which believers have to go through Why Islam has the system of slave and bondwoman? Who asks this? Orientalists, Atheists and many others Maulana Maududi has written a book “Al Jihad fil Islam” on this topic In which he gave answers to these objections. It was an ongoing system are the answers satisfactory? Yes they are comprehensive Actually it is very easy today to talk about human slavery and women rights Islam raised the issue of women rights at a time when these people didn’t have any idea about it Allama Waheed ud Din khan has written a book “Islam daur e jadeed ka khaliq” (Islam: creator of modern era) It is being translated into English by title “God Arises: Evidence of God in Nature and in Science” In that he explained that the fall of Roman and Persian empire was not just the fall of two kingdoms Before people used to bow down to idols, Sun and the moon Islam enlightened people’s minds in such way that they stopped bowing down to their kings They became Monotheist. Their minds enlightened and this paved the way for scientific breakthroughs Islam is the creator of this modern era otherwise previously this European society was being crushed under this system (of slavery) They also had this system. Right? Yes it was even worse Now they talk about vulgarity There was a time when westerners used to travel for business They used to protect their wives back in iron made locked underwear They used to go to this extent to protect their wives (from sex or rape) now they don’t care much If you watch Hollywood movies in early 20th century before Pakistan’s freedom You’ll see women in full body dresses in them This trend of skirts is recent We are considering everything in today’s perspective Just consider the system where people used to have thousand wives If father dies, the elder son would Marry all his father’s wives Islam raises voice against this system and educates us regarding social rights and status of women, mothers etc. And Quran gives a list of persons a women can not marry in Surah Al Nisa verse 23 & 24 and forbade women to marry them. It was such a big effort. Today everything seems right to us after evolution in an evolved society. Besides everything practically today hasn’t West portrayed women as a commodity today? Do they have respect? The respect that a woman has in subcontinent, do they enjoy such respect in west? They just pin point one off events. Why don’t they see how people serve their elderly parents in their old age? and in west elders are sent to old age houses. And the women get involved in immoral activities. Their misery is very painful. Hence they only show one side of the picture.

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