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ATHEISM (Inkaar-e-KHUDA) kay FITNAY ki Haqeeqi WAJOOHAT kia hain ??? (Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza)

ILMI (Factual Argument) point No 1 Brothers this book “The God delusion”, which claims the concept of God to be a deception, if I give my expert opinion about this book in one sentence, it would be that this book is a revenge revenge of baseless and non-scientific thoughts and beliefs of Christianity. It’s a reaction of baseless and anti-scientific beliefs of modern Christianity because Richard Dawkins himself was born in a catholic Christian family and when he studied Christianity from both old and New Testament, he found things which cannot be accepted as God’s word. And brothers due to these scientific errors which are present in books of Christianity and Judaism, people showed resentment and reverted to Islam after they studied Quran and after the 9/11 twin tower attacks, 34000 Americans and Europeans combined reverted to Islam in just 9 months. In 2007 when Bill Clinton visited Pakistan, he himself said in an interview with Geo TV that Islam is the fastest growing religion in America (USA). Not because of our (Muslims) character but because of this book (Quran). In a common Hadith of both Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, Prophet Muhammad PBUH says that “Every Prophet was given miracles because of which people believed, but what I have been given, is Divine Inspiration which Allah has revealed to me. So I hope that my followers will outnumber the followers of the other Prophets on the Day of Resurrection.” (Sahih Bukhari, 4981) In another Hadith common in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, Prophet Muhammad PBUH says that half of the people in paradise will be my followers (Sahih Bukhari 3348) due to this miracle (Quran) Today we cannot practically prove the Miracles of Prophet Jesus AS but our claim of prophet hood for Muhammad PBUH is based on this book Anyone can check this book. Today science is at its peak. We challenge them to point out one single verse which is against established science. But neither the Christians nor Jews can make such a claim Richard Dawkins exposed them in his book “The God delusion” which I’ll tell you. The biggest issues are extremely shameful and vulgar instances narrated in the Bible e.g. In the old testament, which both Jews and Christians agree to as Torah (Book revealed on prophet Moses AS) and scriptures of other Prophets like Daniel, Samuel AS etc., in the Book of Genesis Chapter 19 verse 29-38 and I am not saying this heresy rather I have my written notes from the original old testament King James version. In these verses, complete story is mentioned that when Prophet Lot AS nation was destroyed, only he survived along with his two daughters. This is a true fact Only believers survived. Everyone else died His daughters consulted with each other that there is no Man left on the earth. Despite there were no men in that area, there were men in other populated areas. Prophet Abraham AS was present in the same era. So daughters said that the only way our Father’s generation could continue is by making our father drunk and committing adultery with him May God Forbids It’s mentioned in Old Testament that Prophet Lot’s daughters committed adultery with him These are the children of Israel (sarcastically). May God Forbids Similarly its mentioned in old testament, 2nd Samuel chapter 11 verse 2-6 about Prophet David AS story that he fell in love with the wife (Bathsheba) of one of his companions and soldiers Uriah. He watched her naked while bathing and then sent his soldier (Uriah) in a war to get him killed and then married his wife after he got killed. May God Forbids You are saying “Astaghfirullah” (May God Forbids) but unfortunately similar thing is mentioned in our Scholar’s books as well so Richard Dawkins would obviously write such books This same story about Prophet David AS is written in “Kashf al Mahjoob” ” in chapter “Sahv aur Sukar” (a state of mild consciousness) and the author went a step further and made a Scandal of our Prophet Muhammad PBUH in the same chapter May God Forbids about Zaid bin Harisa RA’s wife I discussed this in my lecture “71-b Mas’alah” “an investigation into 19 Blasphemous statements of Subcontinent Scholars”. You can watch the details there And similar things are also mentioned in Tafseer e Tabri and Tafseer Ibn e Kaseer (Commentary on Quran). Mentioning of the story is not an issue But the difference is that the authors of Tafseer e Tabri and Tafseer Ibn e Kaseer just copied this story but didn’t draw any conclusion while the author of Kashf al Mahjoob was culprit because he drew a notorious conclusion out of it. There is a difference in mere mentioning and drawing conclusion. The authenticity of the story can be verified but the chain is obviously weak and story is fabricated. I have given a complete lecture “36-Mas’alah” An investigation in to the negative consequences of Weak and fabricated Hadiths” it’s almost 1 hour and 25 minutes in which I have stressed upon the issue of weak and fabricated stories. However one fact must be acknowledged that there isn’t anything in this Quran which is difficult to defend for us. There might be some Hadiths but that too must be investigated for it being authentic or weak. And if you say that a Hadith is a Hadith whether authentic or not like some people say that a Certificate is a certificate whether authentic or not, then there is no argument and the result will be “The God delusion”. Alhamdulillah that’s why I emphasize this a lot that our textbook is Quran. Hadiths are only reference books. It’s a human effort which is prone to mistakes that’s why you have authentic and weak Hadiths. It’s the first Hadith of Sahih Muslim and it is also there in Sahih Bukhari that whoever attributes a lie towards the Prophet PBUH will enter the Hell fire (Sahih Muslim, 1) but you will never find even a weak narration saying anything about a false Quranic verse because the Prophet PBUH was told that “Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’an and indeed, We will be its guardian” (Quran 15:9). Quran is secured word by word while Hadith is secured in its meaning but there are some fabrication in that also. This is why the knowledge of Hadith was developed. So this objection raised by Richard Dawkins is valid to some extent But it’s a shame that in his book “The God delusion” he didn’t specifically quote and refuted a single verse of the Quran So even if I Vow, while standing in the Holy Kaaba that Richard Dawkins haven’t even read the Qur’an, I believe I won’t have to repent it. Because he didn’t quote a single verse from Quran. He quoted several instances from the old and New Testament. He could have quoted any single thing from Quran any objection on any verse It’s such an injustice that you don’t discuss the scriptures of such a big religion in the world and you only observe the followers, which obviously are the biggest culprits and are the cause why people refrain from Islam. Neither Dawkins have studied the textbook (Quran) and nor Russell but their claims are skyrocketing ILMI (Factual Argument) point No 2 And that brothers is that Richard Dawkins has raised objections on distorted and perverted religious thinking of scholars (religious leaders) Their focus is completely on appearance while their morality is at the lowest level They are not so good in Human rights but only stress upon appearance and they neglect the moral values of the religion Now no matter how much we say that our Book doesn’t say what scholars say but the issue is a tree is known by its Fruits so we Muslims are actually the “fruit” of Islam So they would obviously look at us as fruits although it’s rotten Now we can’t say that the real “Fruit” of Islam had already passed 1400 years ago (the companions of Prophets and Islamic Government) It’s a point of shame for us and believe me I felt afraid after reading this book that have we become a hurdle for Islam ourselves? If a non-Muslim studies our character, what would he think? We openly throw garbage on the roads, we throw peels anywhere Now people there (in west) don’t do such thing and care for others Now basically an ordinary citizen is concerned with these moral values If you keep grounding your head in prayers, nobody else benefits from that If I am impressed with your good behavior good or bad that’ll affect me And similarly this distorted religious thinking ike labeling other fellow Muslims as non-Muslims and urging people to kill them No matter how much sins an ordinary Muslim do, Allah has not given anyone the right to kill other human beings In Surah Al Ma’ida, Allah says if you kill one human (whether Muslim or non Muslim) is like you have killed the whole humanity (Quran 5:32). Now if one Muslim kills another in the name of Islam then what kind of Islam is this? Its 1st March 2014, in recent past in Pakistan it’s disgusting that polio vaccination teams are being attacked Now what kind of Islam is this? Whereas we have learnt after decades of research that polio is a fatal disease which can’t be treated without vaccination You can see people become handicap for life and whole family suffers due to that I was watching it on TV yesterday, even Imam e Kaaba had to call a conference he had to issue a Fatwa to not attack polio teams because it is not against Islam You can see they (Muslims) have taken their Islam to what level Ask them to honestly tell how many times they have prayed Fajr prayer with first Takbeer which is the base of Islam This way Image of Islam is maligned Similarly killing ordinary citizens through suicide bombing It’s true that USA is conspiring to achieve its own objectives but living in Pakistan we know what’s the reality no matter how much we try to cover it up, the facts are obvious Similarly thing was observed by Richard Dawkins in Christianity where Catholics and Protestants constantly fight with each other and urging to kill each other like how people are being killed in Shia Sunni conflict I was watching a report that revealed that leaders of 50% of Pakistan Taliban groups are ex Lashkar e Jhangwi Fighters And we know that Lashkar e Jhangwi openly declare all other Muslims as non-Muslims except Deoband sect What kind of Islam these people will propagate when they will join these groups They will obviously propagate their religion This is their history Whole nation owns their reasonable demands but it’s how they want to fulfill those that matters Similarly we also condemn if someone in Govt or Army oppresses anyone. The problem is how the image of Islam is being portrayed People are being killed in the name of Shia Sunni conflict I am thankful that Richard Dawkins told one statement of fact in his book “The God delusion” because his own school of thought (atheism) was criticized when people questioned that atheists claim they are high on moral grounds whereas two renowned atheists in the world have killed not thousands but millions of people 1. Adolf Hitler and 2. Joseph Stalin in Germany and Russia. You know what they did in World War 2 So Dawkins said that we condemn these two persons they can’t be a representation of all atheists So we too argue that people who are a bad mark on Islam’s face cannot be its true representatives Like how Hitler and Stalin aren’t representatives of atheists, so bad Muslims aren’t representatives of Islam If you have to study Islam, it has to be through this book and let me tell you a shameful and dangerous thing that many non-Muslims that have reverted back to Islam, have recorded video messages that they are thankful to God they studied Quran before studying Muslims otherwise they would have never reverted And had I been a non-Muslim, even I would have never reverted back looking at these Muslims killing each other It’s a fact Non-Muslims are thankful they studied Quran like in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that Every Prophet was given miracles because of which people believed but what I have been given, is Divine Inspiration (Sahih Bukhari, 4981) Prophet Muhammad PBUH had complete faith in this book that it is his representative in this world. ALHAMDULILLAH And if you observe even further you can see the characters of Supreme religious leaders It’s only 2-3 weeks ago, the whole international media including CNN, BBC and newspapers reported that there is homosexuality in the Vatican City where the Pope resides Priests have sex with the men there So Richard Dawkins would obviously write books like “The God delusion” Is this religion that you appear so full of ethics and morals from outside while sitting in the Vatican City which is a religious center for around 1.5 billion Christians apart from Protestants and doing such shameful things there And in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh whatever Mullas are doing with children in Madrassa is well known to you It’s Vatican City everywhere here That’s why people don’t send their children to Madrassa now And those who send make sure the children return back in the day and don’t spend the night there It’s similar situation here. May God Forbids So new Muslims are rightful to say that they did good to study Quran before Muslims because obviously they wouldn’t have studied Quran had they studied Muslims first Now it’s clear that the biggest enemy of Islam are Muslims ourselves Now with all this conversation and while preparing this lecture I have intended several times that I’ll improve myself and all of us should pray and try our best to improve ourselves as Muslims We shouldn’t be a hurdle for Islam rather a source of preaching Islam Although Richard Dawkins claims in his book that abiding by religion laws develops a negative psychology that you have to think a lot before doing any act causing anxiety by excessive thinking so abiding by religious laws is a negative aspect of religions This claim is absolutely false We can practically assess ourselves The bond of husband wife relationship is dependent upon two things: 1. Sex and 2. Children There is no third thing Now if there is free sex, band doesn’t stay loyal to his wife rather keeps getting laid everywhere else in the name of freedom and even the wife does the same how can such a husband and wife give birth to a family life That’s why Quran teaches us in Surah Noor that believing men and believing women should lower their gaze (Quran 24:31) Even the gaze must be lowered, let alone touching or having sex and as a result the soul remains pure And I can assure you through my experience that those couples who avoid such things have a stronger bond both in terms of sexuality and children Actually Shariah law is a big blessing Prayer timing is such a big blessing We might have never utilized the fruitful morning time if Fajr prayer were not obligatory I’ll talk about myself. Why would I wake up so early? If there were no prayers, we would obviously wake up after sunrise There are billions around the world who might have seldom watched a sunrise because they aren’t bound by a timing Similarly in an otherwise routine, you come back from work, have dinner and then sleep You wake up at midnight and can’t sleep But in current routine, we pray Maghreb and Isha prayer after work, then sleep early and wake up early So this scheduling of religion is not restriction rather its time management skills Like how traffic rules aren’t a restriction You avoid accidents due to that and all traffic flows smoothly so for humans to function smoothly, Religion is a big blessing and not any curse The next Richard Dawkins argument, an interesting one, and I was amazed that although he didn’t study Quran but he mentioned the exact same thing as Quran He says that if people believe in life after death, they are supposed to waiting anxiously for it. But these people are so obsessed with this worldly life that they try to be rich overnight. If you ask them about death, they aren’t prepared to die so if afterlife is really an asset, so they should always be ready for death This objection is totally valid Even Allah says the same while taunting Jews in Surah Jummuah that if they have any illusion that they are God’s beloved then they should wish for death but Allah says they will never wish so because of the deeds that have accumulated for afterlife (Quran 62:6-7) If someone really believes in afterlife, it should be his priority all the time this world’s life should be a liability for him. The real asset is life after death And you see the Sahaba (Companions of Prophet Muhammad PBUH) when they saw their death coming, they became happy. There are so many instances They would be happy that they’ll meet Prophet Muhammad PBUH in afterlife It’s a common Hadith in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim about Sayyeda Fatima RA (Daughter of Prophet Muhammad PBUH) that Prophet Muhammad PBUH whispered in her ear that He will soon leave this world so she began weeping, then Prophet Muhammad PBUH whispered in her ear that She will be the first to him in the afterlife so she became happy (Sahih Muslim, 6313). So she was happy even before death and she looked forward to it. Similarly Sahaba RA sacrificed their lives for Allah’s sake in battlefield. They would always be ready to die If anyone really believes in the concept of afterlife, it demands that you should desire death and Quran says “do not die except as Muslims” (Quran 3:102) If one’s deeds are good, he enjoys freedom from this world’s life A hadith in Sahih Muslim narrates that the world is a prison-house for a believer and Paradise for a non-believer (Sahih Muslim, 2956) So one should be happy to be released from prison house So this is completely true and ALHAMDULILLAH even today there is a big number in Muslims who are striving to appear before Allah in such state that Allah is pleased with them so they don’t fear death. ALHAMDULILLAH LMI (Factual Argument) point No 3 and that is related to freedom of expression. Richard Dawkins has raised objection in “The God delusion” that all religious people don’t have the courage to listen to the criticisms on their faith and they become very violent about it even to the extent of killing This is completely true Quran clearly says that There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong (Quran 2:256). It’s free choice, take it or leave it No one can be forced into Islam Similarly the ruling on killing of apostate is not so simple as if someone who is a Muslim by birth and then converts to Christianity should be killed straight away. Why? Such a person carries a delusion rather a religion and then he goes into other delusion There is no difference because he never accepted Islam with full conviction Although if someone spreads anarchy then that matter is different Even the laws in different countries in the world punish traitors Killing of apostates in context of spreading anarchy and disorder is an entirely different matter This is not so straightforward matter usually Similarly Richard Dawkins has also raised objection on Pakistan, on the law relating to punishing blasphemy of Prophet, 295-C, that anyone can accuse other person of blasphemy and cause him capital punishment And unfortunately this is completely true. In 99% of the cases in recent couple of years, people have fulfilled personal vengeance in the name of 295-C blasphemy law We are living in such a country where if you believe Prophet Muhammad PBUH as a human being, at least 100-120 million people of this country will consider you Blasphemous and non-Muslim It’s true, isn’t it? So what’s the point of this article 295-C then? It’ll obviously be misused And all the sects Barelvi, Deobandi, Ahle hadith and Shia follow Imam Ibn e Taimia’s viewpoint and I wonder all of them disagree with Ibn e Taimia’s beliefs except Ahle Hadith but in this matter all of them have agreed to Ibn e Taimia’s viewpoint regarding his book on punishment of blasphemy And I don’t know from where he gathered some weak hadiths and deduced results that even the repentance of a person who committed blasphemy of Prophet is not acceptable May God Forbids Quran says that even the blasphemy of God can be forgiven upon repentance, for a person who comes into Islam and leave Shirk (Associating partners with Allah). You can repent until the last breath before death He (Ibn e taimia) claims that Blasphemous person should be killed even if he repents Where does Quran or Hadith books say such thing? Due to these issues I recorded a complete lecture 49-Mas’alah a year ago around 1 hour 15 minutes about Blasphemous movies, cartoons and what should be Muslims’ response over it. In that lecture I clarified the issue of punishment of blasphemy, it’s actual context and I exposed this fake rulings Similarly Richard Dawkins also said that if someone makes a (Blasphemous) cartoon, Muslims start riots all over the world It’s true and we know what happened in Pakistan and that’s due to why I gave that lecture “49-Mas’alah” We damaged our own people’s property rather a peaceful protest. You can’t say it’s a non-Muslim conspiracy because we have seen the people who did all damage Otherwise you have to agree to my viewpoint that it’s the hypocrite Mullah’s behind all this How brutally properties were damaged, ordinary citizens’ cars were burnt and banks were looted. So Richard Dawkins is justified in writing “The God delusion” when he sees our such actions and character What kind of character are we presenting to non-Muslims? And in all that wrecking, non-bearded were more actively ahead of bearded ones If you say to such non bearded Muslim that Danish have made Cartoons about Prophet Muhammad PBUH showing a bomb in his beard, so you should keep a beard in response to their disrespect, If they try to malign your Prophet, you should keep a beard from now in response, he’ll immediately back off His love for the Prophet PBUH will be exposed If they have shown a bomb in Prophet’s beard, so you (protester) should grow a beard now So that we accept you really as a devoted follower of Prophet PBUH No. He is willing to accept death in love of the Prophet but he means other people’s death not his own Keep this in mind. He wants others to die not himself Such Muslims will kill others and cause them harm but they can’t even keep a beard due to social pressures of mother and wife etc. This is not love of Prophet, it’s a delusion May God Forbids

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    मेरे भाई अल्लाह ने अगर ज्ञान विज्ञान चिकित्सा अंतिरक्ष ब्रह्मांड के रहस्यों के बारे में फरमाता तो आप लोग अमेरिकयो के चुतडो में कैमरा घुसा रहे होते
    पर अफशोस हो उल्टा रहा है

  52. Sanu Pata mistry Posted on December 23, 2019 at 9:22 am

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  53. Master Nice Posted on December 25, 2019 at 1:52 pm

    I have disliked this video and I would like to state why..
    In the first 10 seconds of this video he (the man giving the lecture) proclaimed that Richard Dawkins was unscientific.And also all the other Ibrahimic religions (except his own religion, Islam) were unscientific..

    XD I think you or I shouldn't trust someone (who sounds indoctrinated with religion) telling us that a biologist is unscientific

    Lol do I need to say more

  54. Anwer Butt Posted on January 4, 2020 at 11:08 pm

    Quran does not teach science It is a set of hadayat from the creator of everything to a special creation whom he willed to be His viceroy. Christianity is based on a revised concept of personified God by Pall. Today for any rational being it is very hard to believe that the son of the creator of a Universe 18 billion light years vide is so humiliated by His creation. The Quran is the best introduction of Allah to man. All religions are true it is the interpretation of the books by the followers which had created false concepts of religion. Islam is also being interpreted badly by it's followers. But Allah,s mercy had kept Quran in the original farm and so does Muslim's have right approach to sunnah if they will. It is almost a guarantee to faith if one tries to know Allah as He has introduced Himself God is no equivalent to Allah .Islam is to believe in Allah and what he revealed to his prophet. Muslims are lucky that they have both these intact.

  55. Liberal Man Posted on January 5, 2020 at 7:18 pm

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