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Article Of Faith

In the fifth grade, it was the first time
that I was on the playground and some kid pulled of my turban on the playground. At that point, I didn’t know how to put on a turban myself,
so I was walking around school the rest of the day of with my turban hanging
off of my head. I mean talk about humiliating. There was a real desire to like, be white. I really wanted to not be this foreign presence. You know, I wanted my name to be like John and I wanted to like, have a nice haircut and play basketball. That’s how I felt you know and it’s it’s hard to admit that. (Woman): “Yes, we do want our country back.” The Muslims are taking over the country? I don’t know if that’s what she means. (Man): “Pieces of sh*t!” It’s a matter of time to get heckled. Even in New York, I think 60%-70% of the
people maybe more like, walk down the street and assume I’m muslim. I’m not, I’m a Sikh. Sikhism is a totally separate faith, though I feel a lot of affinity and solidarity
with the Muslim community based on our shared experiences of discrimination and our shared belief of God. Sikhs, don’t cut their hair and typically the men wear turbans.
Sometimes the women wear turbans too, but culturally it’s mostly men. Sikhism was an anti-caste movement in its inception, and at the time,
turbans were worn by kings and emperors. To start wearing turbans was a really radical act.
It’s saying, we’re all on the same level, all human beings are sacred all human beings
were created by the divine. By wearing this turban, we’re acknowledging that. To me, it feels like a really deep responsibility
to continue holding on to that article of faith. (On the phone) “Hey Susan, this is Sonny from the Sikh Coalition.” One of the things I’m working on is bullying and bigotry in schools, which is obviously
something that’s very personal to me, and things are even worse now than they were
when I was a kid. Last year, a Sikh kid at a high school in Queens was dragged into a bathroom by some of his classmates, who pulled off his turban and cut his hair off. In terms of what you can really do to really mess with the core of a Sikh person’s being, you really can’t get much worse than that. (Sonny): “That’s a great idea, right? So one is
talking to the Principal, and then another is asking the Principal to change the way that things are supposed to happen. ‘Can I wear pants?’ Go ahead, you explain to them why you couldn’t shave your legs?” (Girl): “Yes, why I couldn’t shave my legs, because obviously I wasn’t gonna go shave it, you know? So I explained to them why I couldn’t do it. They understood though.” (Sonny): “And the teasing?” (Girl): “It stopped.” (Sonny): “Don’t keep this
stuff inside you know, don’t let it bring you down. That’s what I did when I
was a kid and and that’s not good for you, and it’s not good for your family,
it’s not good for anyone really so, talk to anyone you can trust.
And finally, we want to know what’s going on in
your schools, so we have a survey for all students that go to public schools in
New York City so we can make sure they’re doing better. So, everyone stay and fill out a survey real quick!”
(Sonny to boy): “So, have you heard of these new rules and policies about bullying?” (Boy): “No.” (Sonny): “And have you heard about this email address
that you can report harassment?” (Boy shakes head) (Sonny): “You haven’t heard about that.” (Sonny): “Have you experienced any bullying?” (Boy): “Yea.” (Sonny): “You have, Ok.” (Sonny): “And why do you think it happened, because of your religion,
because of your race?” (Boy): “My religion.” I get harassed all the time, sometimes multiple times a day. It’s just like within the course of one hour of my commute there’s like four
separate incidents of you know people saying something stupid
or some sort of racist comment. It’s often people saying something about me and
they know I can hear it, and then if I confront them they deny that it happened. I can speculate on why, with different
things going on the world. At the end of the day it leaves me with the
same feeling, that I’ve experienced my whole life starting from when I was like a really
little kid, feeling really vulnerable, feeling very isolated, and if the incident happens, it’s done and I didn’t say anything like, it just feels just like kind of hopeless. (Sonny to man): “I told you about Tuesday, right? The press conference on the school bullying issues?” (Man): “Yea, I know about it.” (Sonny): “Just write your name and the best way to get a hold of you. phone number or email.” (Sonny): “Definitely tell your daughter, we’re meeting here at 9:00” (Boy): “And we’re going to go next to city hall!” (Sonny): “Yup” (Man): “That’s good. I will tell my wife to take the kids along.” (Sonny): “So, what we’re doing in the Sikh Coalition, is we’re fighting against inequality, we’re trying to change it so we can all be equal, right?” (Boy): “So can I make a poster?” (Sonny): “Yea, you can make a poster! What do you want to write on your poster?” (Boy): “Stop bullying Sikhs” (Sonny): “Stop bullying Sikhs, that’s good.” (Sonny): “What’s up brother?” (Sonny): “An activist, an activist, and a Sikh. How are you doing, man?” (Sonny): “What’s up? What’s up? What’s up?” “What’s up?” “What’s up Saj Singh?” (Sonny): “So basically, more press, newspaper reporters,
and TV reporters are going to come in little while and then there’s gonna be a few
speeches. I’ll make a speech and introduce a few other people, and we’ll do like a little
bit of chanting like you guys are already doing with everyone getting excited and then if they want to do interviews, they can do interviews.” (Woman): “The news service, LNS is on the way, which is the TV service that actually gives video footage to all the networks, so that’s good that they’re coming because that means they’ll feed it to all the – hopefully.” (Sonny, chanting): “What do we want?!” (Kids): “Safe schools!” (Sonny): “When do we want it?!” (Kids): “Now!” (Sonny): “One of the findings that we found out from surveying
these 1100 students and teachers is that of the students who reported
being harassed because of their race, their religion, their sexual orientation,
their disability, 16% of them were harassed by either a teacher, school staff, or a school safety agent.
They were harassed by the people supposed to be keeping us safe! If that’s not ridiculous, I don’t know
what it is.” (Reporter): “Have you complained to the Department of Education officials
presenting them this evidence during the year and what have they said?” (Sonny): “Yes, we actually sat down with the
Department of Education last week and we presented them some of our numbers. They are looking into a few of the recommendations that we had.
They’re saying they’re taking steps to implement the regulation but our numbers show very differently that
it’s actually not being fully implemented. You know, we’re impatient. What can I say? We’re impatient but why are we impatient? Because we’re hearing stories
from our youth everyday because Sikh youth are coming up to me in the Gurdwaras and telling me ‘Someone called me a terrorist today’ ‘Someone pulled off my turban today.’ Sikhs
don’t cut their hair, and students have been telling me they want to cut their hair, not
because they want to give up their faith, but because
they can’t take it anymore. You know, what we’re saying it is we need that
regulation to be implemented, we need it to be strengthened. So we’ll take questions
now, I believe some of the students will be available for interviews, as well.” (Boy): “During my freshman year of high school I was harassed …” (Sonny): “Tell them who you are!” (Kids): (chanting) “People wanna know who we are, so we tell them! We are khalsa! Mighty, mighty khalsa!”

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  1. Yogi Beer Posted on October 30, 2011 at 8:28 pm

    Nice work Veera .

  2. sarahkuriencolby Posted on November 3, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    this is great – nice work!

  3. MrSikhist Posted on November 4, 2011 at 12:12 am

    Although i grew up in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), What you are doing is amazing even for the Sikh Community but for humanity as a whole

  4. amritsager Posted on November 4, 2011 at 5:46 am

    Well done Sonny Singh…this is what a being a Khalsa is all about…making the world a better place….

  5. tajbir1 Posted on November 6, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    Nice Veerji keep going!

  6. GURSHARANBIR SINGH Bhandal Posted on November 18, 2011 at 10:12 pm

    u r doing your job well man ,,,…..u r the man boss

  7. cray0308 Posted on November 27, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    Its astonishing to hear Sonny Singh talk of affinity with the muslims due to the shared belief in god. Its not the same god that they talk about. Clearly when Aurangzeb tortured and killed hundreds of Sikhs by tying them to trees and sawing them in half, he did so because he understood the differences and the fact that his Allah is not equal to the Sikh one. A faith that was born in response to muslim tyranny needs to look further into its Dharmic roots rather than develop a Stockholm Syndrome.

  8. SalafeeSpot Posted on July 18, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    Im a muslim with a large beard and I dress like a stereotypical muslims and I never get anything said to me. Why is it this Sikh man with western clothes is harrassed 4 times a day and I never get even a comment? I am not saying he is lying I am sure he gets harrassed just I find it weird he gets harrassed more than me and I am the one they actually hate and not him. Keep your head up Sonny it will work out in the end.

  9. Jonathan Swaney Posted on September 26, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    I am a Christian and this breaks my heart 🙁 Jesus didn't preach hate against your brother. He said Love. Kindness leads to repentance. Not hate.

  10. avani Posted on December 22, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    wow may waheguru bless your work and all your little students

  11. Daniel Velasco Posted on May 23, 2013 at 12:01 am

    Is so sad that all this people live believing that there's a god…and they're fighting and killing each other to defend they're unrealistic believes:( we all should just unite for a better planet