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All religions started as a method to turn inward, but.. -Sadhguru about Religion

Participant: Religion is supposed to be the
means of peace, attaining peace
but in practicality in reality today every religion has got a base of fundamentalism
and involve in terrorism. Can we not make an attempt to create a new
world order where there is no religion at all? Sadhguru: Now,
what you unfortunately know as religion in the world today
is just somebody’s belief systems. Somebody believes God is round. Somebody believes God is square. Somebody else believes he is a triangle,
that’s the situation, isn’t it? And you must understand this,
once you start believing in something which is not yet a reality for you,
you are bound to be in conflict with somebody else
because somebody else is bound to believe something else. “No, no, no, I believe in my God but I am
not a violent person, I will not fight with anybody” –
all this is just make up. If they provoke you sufficiently you will
fight. Like for example,
let’s say you believe God has four hands. I believe God has no hands. These are two belief systems. Tomorrow out of your love for God
you put a 100 feet tall statue in Coimbatore City,
of course with four hands but suddenly I feel so hurt. These four hands look so ugly
because God actually has no hands because that’s my belief. So, tonight I will go to that statue,
I don’t intend to cause any damage to your god,
just to make him the way he really is without hands,
so I just cut off the four hands. Tomorrow what’ll happen to you? You want to cut off my hands, isn’t it? Simply because you believe one thing,
I believe something else. As long as people believe in something
conflict is inevitable because we may say “No, no, we are all brothers,
we are all one, we are…everything is okay with us”
all this bhai bhai (brother) stuff. When we really have to come to a point
“When I believe what I believe is right, I will try to manifest it. I will try to make it a common thing everywhere,”
isn’t it? Yes? Once I believe what I believe is the truth,
naturally I will try to impose it on other people. I don’t call it imposition;
I call it saving you from ignorance. Yes or no? Once I firmly believe that this is the way
God is I will try to put it on to you,
just to save you, not to hurt you, but you will get hurt because any imposition
hurts. When you resist I will use other methods to
put it into you, whatever those methods are –
sword has been used, money has been used,
every kind of inducement has been used, isn’t it? Simply because I believe one thing, you believe
another. Religion is not about belief system. All religions started as a method to turn
inward but…it’s an inward step. An inward step can be taken only by an individual. Isn’t it so? It’s a very intimate thing;
something very, very concerned with only with you
and nothing else to do with anybody else. But when people try to organize this inward
step, naturally it gets distorted. Now, we want to do our religion on the street. Religion cannot be done on the street,
it can only be done within you. If you become truly religious
you must be beyond any kind of conflict, isn’t it,
both within and outside? That is the whole crux of the religion, isn’t
it? But today religion means conflict. If you utter the word religion you are talking
generally in terms of conflict that is happening in the world, isn’t it? This is because you have reduced an inward
step into a set of beliefs. Because if you have to take an inward step
you have to transform yourself. If you have to believe something
you don’t have to transform yourself, you can do whatever nonsense you want
and still believe God is up in the heaven, isn’t it? Yes? The crudest people,
the cruelest people on the planet have always been talking about God. Isn’t it so? Yes or no? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: All the warmongers in the world
have been talking about God. Isn’t it so? And God has been helping them. See, the moment you believe something
you have a new kind of confidence, that’s the biggest problem. When idiots become very confident
the world is in danger. An intelligent person is constantly hesitating
with life. With every step he wonders
whether what he is doing is okay or not but a fool has absolute confidence
and when his stupidity gets stamped by God, that’s it,
no looking back, just can go on doing the most idiotic things
without any problem about it. The very nature of your intelligence is such
that if you do something stupid today, tonight your intelligence will bother you,
“Why did I do this?” Isn’t it so? But if you get God’s stamp on your stupidity
you don’t have to turn back and see. You can do grossest things on the planet
and not bother about it, feel very proud that you are anyway going
to go to heaven because you did all this nonsense. There is no experiential dimension,
you are just believing something. Once you believe something,
your belief and somebody else’s belief are bound to clash somewhere. The conflict in the world is not between good
and evil, please see this. Though people always claim it is so, it is
not true. It is always one man’s belief versus another
man’s belief. So, religion has become a problem
because we have reduced it into just a set of beliefs. If it was experientially true
that you really felt God then could there be conflict? There is no such possibility, isn’t it? But because you are growing from belief system
you are not willing to make the effort of going beyond
what you have gathered from others and looking at life by yourself;
that is why there is conflict. If you do not know there will be no conflict. If you know there will be no conflict at all
but when you pretend to know there is bound to be conflict. Sadhguru: I didn’t know questions were so
popular (Few Laugh). See, with all due respect to all the religious
people… See, religion essentially means belief in
something. Whenever somebody says, “I’m a religious
person,” they refer to themselves as “believers.” Yes? “Believers.” “Believe” means what? Means you do not know something, but you’re
not willing to admit, “I do not know”, so you believe it. I am saying, if you do not know something,
why don’t you just say, “I do not know”? Hello? Is it okay? Participants: Yes! Sadhguru: I do not know something, I say,
“I do not know”, because “I do not know” is a tremendous
possibility. Only when you say “I do not know”, the
longing to know, the seeking to know and the possibility of knowing becomes a living
reality in your life. Everything “I do not know”, I believe. This has led to a whole lot of things. One thing it does is, it brings you confidence. “I believe!” means it brings you confidence. But confidence without clarity is a disaster. This is a disaster that is unfolding in the
world in many different levels. People who don’t know a damn thing, who
can’t see what’s in front of them, they are super confident. It’s dangerous. If you cannot see, at least you must be hesitant,
isn’t it? Hello? If you cannot see, you must at least be hesitant. But you cannot see, but you’re confident. This is what belief gives you – confidence
without clarity. How do you arrive at your belief? There’re many ways. Can I tell you a joke? Is it okay, it’s a serious question? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Is… are you okay? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: You’re looking so serious, I’m
scared of you (Laughter). This happened in New York City. A eight year old boy came home from school
in the afternoon. At home, he had a very progressive mother. Obviously, she was single. He came home and asked, “Momma, is God man
or a woman?” See this is a big debate in America. Is God a man or a woman is a very big debate
in America. You know in the last election, they tried
to settle it and you know what happened (Few laugh). The mother thought, being a progressive woman,
she thought through this, all this gender politics that are going on in the country
and after much thinking, she said, “Both!” Then the boy went into deep thought. After sometime, he came back and asked, “Momma,
is God black or white?” You know in the previous election, they tried
to settle this issue (Few laugh), because racial politics is a very big thing. She thought through all the racial politics
that are going on in the country. After much, much thinking, she said, “Both!” Then the boy went into profound thought. After much thinking, he came back and asked,
“Momma, is God straight or gay?” She thought through all the politics concerned
with that aspect of life, and she said, “Both!” Then the boy jumped in joy, “I got it! I got it! It’s Michael Jackson (Laughter/Applause)!” I don’t know how you arrived at yours (Few
laugh). You must understand, this is a Godless culture. In this culture, we always told you, “Your
life is your karma.” Yes or no? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: You’ve forgotten. In this culture, we always told you, “Your
life is your karma,” this means your life is your making. There’s nobody managing you from there (Gestures). Your life is entirely your karma. You are tall, you are short, you are capable,
you are incapable, you can do something, you cannot do something, we say, “Ayyo karma
(Laughter).” We are… we’ve been telling you forever,
“Your life is entirely your making.” But this we have turned it into somethingelse
and now we are also start looking up, Upar Waala! You are all engineering students. You tell me, is this planet round or flat? Participants: Round. Sadhguru: Really? It’s round? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Some of you saying no. This girl (Laughter). Is it a round planet, I’m asking you. Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Yes. Is it spinning? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: So you are not even on the North
Pole, you are at this Chennai. Here, if you look up and the planet is spinning,
you are inevitably looking up in the wrong direction. Hello? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: You don’t even know which is up. In this cosmos, do you know which is up and
which is down? Hello? Is it somewhere marked “This side up”? Can you ever figure out which side is up in
this cosmos? Participants: No. Sadhguru: No. Then you’re looking up at what? When you do not even know what is up, how
do you know who is up (Applause)? Does it mean to say, I created the universe? No. Obviously before you and me came, everything
was here, isn’t it? So now you must at least say, “I really
don’t know.” The problem is, somebody is a theist, somebody
is an atheist. They are not different people, just different
clothing, same nonsense (Few laugh). One person believes what he does not know
in a positive way, another person believes what he does not know in a negative way. Both of them are believers of something that
they do not know, isn’t it (Applause)? what is the problem with the human being that
you cannot admit “I do not know?” It’s so wonderful of you, so human of you
to say “I do not know”, isn’t it? If you do not know,
if you realize that you truly do not know, your intelligence will be always alert, it
never sleeps. Always, every moment of your life. Even in your sleep, it’ll stay awake, if
you realize “I truly do not know.” This believing has made you just eat pongal
and (Gestures) (Few laugh) you know, just become lethargic. The world has become lethargic. When I say lethargic, not physically, intelligence
has become lethargic, because they believe something. Everybody believes some nonsense. Can we be straight enough, the youth of this
nation, I am asking you. The youth of this nation, are we straight
enough to say, “What I know, I know, what I do not know, I do not know.” Is this okay with you? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: The youth of India, I’m asking
you. Participants: Yes!

Jean Kelley



  1. Ro sie Posted on November 6, 2018 at 3:55 pm

    LOL! It never occurred to me that Michael Jackson might be God, ha!! I absolutely love you! This video so profoundly speaks to me! I've been reconnecting with source for a while now., other than that, there's so much I don't knowπŸ€”.. thank youπŸ’•βš˜

  2. Krishna Mathur Posted on November 6, 2018 at 4:18 pm

    Religion is not even an issue, the reason of suffering is human beings. No matter what you believe or how peaceful you may get. If your way of living isn't dharmic, then you'll suffer and that society will too. Beliefs and what exists are two different things. So no matter what your beliefs may be, even if its peace. If its a belief, then you are bound to clash with the universe if its implemented

  3. Krishna Mathur Posted on November 6, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    Whenever there is balancing, naturally there is a possibility of that going off because of human actions, which is why one consciousness has always been there to preserve this. Suppose everyone simultanously becomes aware, what will happen? Nobody will be able to do mistakes nor correct them. There would be no learning. They'd all be arrogant of themselves. Its the reason why only one memory is permanent

  4. Acoto Takstuka Posted on November 6, 2018 at 5:30 pm

    it's so very truth

  5. Steve-o Posted on November 6, 2018 at 5:51 pm

    🌀Hi Sunshine, as long as Religion can be manipulated by Mankind it will always be the greatest threat Mankind. Enjoy peace an happiness while manifesting the light an love of life…

  6. Bill Howard Posted on November 6, 2018 at 5:54 pm

    Exploring the dialectics of belief & knowledge: Up & down: Inside & out: Religion & atheism: War & peace: Wisdom & foolishness: Materialism & idealism: Here's Uncle Satguru… (shared to fb, g+ & twit)

  7. Siva Prasad Posted on November 6, 2018 at 7:13 pm

    Sanadana Dharma is the Only Religion of End Time and Only Creator can fix it. No Human can fix the Creation.
    We are living in a Maya (Virtual Reality of Creator Realm ) Made by Other Dimension ( Creator Realm ) They are living as the Living Creatures.
    The Leela…….

  8. Superluminary Posted on November 6, 2018 at 10:20 pm

    Religion was NOT "started as a method to make people turn inward." If a primitive individual believed something it was a only a personal belief system. It was never any 'religion' until they designatd some special person as the "witch doctor".THEN the belief system became a 'religion'. Religion is not an individualistic thing. It is communal and hierarchal. if not, it's just another belief system, perhaps an offshoot of a religion not necessarily a component thereof.

  9. Naveen P Posted on November 7, 2018 at 4:50 am

    Actually this video has the potential to shake the world and individual if its rightly understoodπŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ‘

  10. boing bryan Posted on November 7, 2018 at 4:59 am

    tq sadhguru…

  11. oldschoolman 144 Posted on November 7, 2018 at 5:40 am

    People would rather hold on to a belief than have to admit they don't know and look foolish.

  12. Ashwini Khandekar Posted on November 7, 2018 at 6:20 am

    He clarifies all the confusions I had….He is really enlightened being I have ever seen..πŸ™sadhguru πŸ™

  13. 7oh7peace Posted on November 8, 2018 at 11:32 am

    I think all religions are probably all the same. The main ones Hinduism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, and Taoism all teach the way of living in peace and harmony with others. And they all teach unity. I don't think that they are really religions, just a peaceful way of life. I think the goal of the religions is for people to not believe in anything and to learn the art of tolerance. But many people don't practice the religions correctly. It's possible to never fight anyone if you are grounded. There's a difference between fighting and defending yourself.

  14. Prakash Bharwani Posted on November 14, 2018 at 8:17 am

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    Wherever you go in the world, you find islamofobia

  16. Kevin Ruesch Posted on November 30, 2018 at 9:59 am

    what about whole ancient astronauts theory the annunaki their appearance and influence all over the world all over the world highly influenced man his origin technology shiva the first adyi yogi being one of them we cant dismiss this phenonmenon as pure mythology and beliefs

  17. Kevin Ruesch Posted on November 30, 2018 at 10:06 am

    wether called aliens or sky gods it has highly influenced hindu culture. as well as Hebrew to Egyption, Meso American ,Native American all believe we lived among beings from the sky if were not the body what is our conscious where did it originate from if religion is made up nonsense

  18. christopher adkins Posted on January 1, 2019 at 6:55 am

    Like I said the original term was relationship not religion see how play on words can destroy so many things that's why the word so powerful he keeps trying to tell us through his everlasting love for all those who seek him

  19. christopher adkins Posted on January 1, 2019 at 6:56 am

    By the way I know referring to the Bible as the word I'm referring to his disciples as the word we have to be careful what we say people start thinking about the word and looking up what you're speaking and where it derives from

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    I am absolutely in speaking the truth that Islam and Christianity are manipulated by crooks . Those who follow such senseless ideology don't even dare to search inward because the act will lead to truth .

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    I agree as I see the way religions are being practiced has not created piece in the past million years.

    Religions or I should say people who have assumed authority in religious matters promise ignorant people to remove their ignorance by dividing them into groups and asking them to believe or not believe a 10 or 20 items list. This is the beginning of the problem.

    Gurus’ organizing cults offering crutches to ignorant people promising them after death security, screwing their children and looting their money is also a big problem.

    This will keep on happening as long as people are in fear and looking for someone else to face their fears for them!!