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A Free Vision | Episode 2 | God Religion and Life

Hello, and welcome. In 1961, astronomer Frank
Drake came up with an equation to help determine how many intelligent civilizations exist in
the universe. The equation, or famously known as the drake’s
equation, has 7 variables in it, which would help determine an approximate amount of intelligent
lives that exist in our universe as we see it(or rather the expanding universe, given
the equation also takes into amount the number of stars being formed every year). In all
odds, the likelihood of us being here are, well, let’s take this into consideration.
Your parents made you, and for that you already had to win a race against other sperm cells,
putting very vaguely, that’s already a one in 250 Million chance. And this process has
been going through for ages, if we just take our parents for this test case, the probability
that either of them would exist is again, an astonishing 1 in 250 Million, I’m certain
you get the picture now. That needs to happen each time in an unbroken string for millions
of generations of your ancestors, going back to well before they were human beings or even
hominids of any type. Other unlikely events needed to occur as well: life needed to take
hold on Earth, Earth needed to form as a habitable planet with the right ingredients for life
out of the ashes of previously dead stars, the laws of physics needed to be such that
they permitted life, and the Universe itself must have unfolded in such a way as to make
all of this possible. Now, as the Bayes’ theorem suggests, the
odds, however small, cannot be less than zero, which means for anything to occur, the odds
can theoretically never be equal to 0 and even in this case, the odds may be indefinitely
small, but not infinitesimally small. Combined with Frank Drake’s equation of intelligent
lives existing outside of this spherical rock, we have ourselves a juicy argument for theists
– God was the reason something so unlikely occurred. Theists 1- Atheists 0.
But well, there’s a counterargument for this argument as well, if the odds were so
stacked, and we still exist, maybe we do need to take into consideration the fact that god
controls all the variables of life and death that exist- idk about you guys but I’m pretty
certain the burden on even a divine being would be, I mean, beyond control isn’t it?
The theory of randomness will create a world where we people cannot possibly give credit
to some energy or some being or just something, for controlling or rather un-randomizing all
this chaos, which is kind of ironic. If the probability of anything that existed boils
down to zero, it’d mean the next processes in the entire trail will stop from occurring,
thus ending the claim that god actually existed because there would be no universe left to
be made- so Theists 1- Atheists 1. In another counter argument, Ramsey says nothing
can’t be completely random, and everything will eventually reach a readable slope or
shape, or some pattern if it is let go to continue for an infinite amount of time, which
means everything is random, sure, but not unreasonably random. Sure it’d be difficult
to correlate between all those events, but that only goes to show a perfect formula,
a recipe was used for this to actually happen, which again, leads to another counter argument
if we take into consideration the Occus Razor theory which says we should not give any attention
to arguments which we have to make a lot of assumptions for, thus saying if we need to
make so many assumptions just to create a superficial deity, we really should not waste
our times in all of this. (again all these are well researched theories which I’m just
throwing around freely and vaguely because I’m an idiot, but you should definitely
give them all a read yourself). I can make countless arguments to prove that
god isn’t omnipresent and all controlling, and I can make an equal amount of arguments
to prove he is, but I don’t think it’d be of any use to either of us in our lives.
We have preconceived notions about it’s existence, about how or what ‘Gods’ we
should pray to, and what we need to do to maintain spiritual stability in our lives.
Personally, I’ve been an atheist half my life, and I’m only 19 years old, so that
says a lot about me and where I’m coming from with these analogies. To be fair that
also means I’ve been a believer half my life as well, so 1-1 there too.
I personally don’t see any problem with believing in the idea of a god, we can neither
prove him nor disprove him. A day will come when we’ll probably know for sure, but right
now talking about it might be interesting, and I really want to continue talking about
it, but it’d be super useless and I’d rather talk about something that stems out
of the idea of god- Religion. Let me navigate you through what I think and
what I believe in when it comes to religion, and when I say this, I do not mean to hurt
anyone’s beliefs- You carry on with yours, I’ll do with mine. Religion used to be a
necessary evil, but now it’s just unnecessary. It started off by men and women who had a
premonition at best, or an idea at its evil worst. We say religion is an important part
of our society, but to be honest religion is the reason why societies even exist. I
am not targeting the side of religion that makes people believe in things, optimism is
a necessary virtue, even if realism should trump the decision making abilities of a human
being- optimism would keep him or her going. Religion is basically a combination of structure
and optimism, and it worked well with people who used to spend 3 weeks in a month stargazing,
but the real problem started once religious institutions started coming into being, and
religion started being more than just a rulebook- it now had its self-proclaimed gatekeepers
and these gatekeepers started becoming stakeholders. 55% of the total wealth generated from religion
belongs to the Christian community, around 6% to the Muslims, 3% to the Hindus and 1%
to the Jews(and you’d argue they had the moolah, okay sorry, no more religion jokes).
As any other business model, they started exploiting the feelings of their costumers,
they started creating better brand models and more stringent rules to keep the money
inflowing, religion changed for the modern era as it went from hardcore rules to a more
spiritual based approach. Religion and religious leaders have been an integral part to our
society, and in no way am I against the idea either, but when you start boiling up people
over religious figures, start misconstruing facts just to fit your narrative and redesigning
certain societies themselves, people need to distance themselves from falling into the
trap. People believe in god, and that’s how it
was supposed to be, that was when religion was not a thing. No one was ever forced to
believe in a certain ideology before the holy scriptures came into being. Even then, the
idea of life and death and how to attain moksha or salvation was open to one’s interpretation,
but once religion got involved, people had to follow certain rules and regulations, else
they would be barred from entering the gates of heaven. To be honest I would have been
fine if religion worked just like training schools, teaching valuable lessons and letting
people choose what they wanted to, but that is not the case, is it? In fact, let me talk
about why religion and schooling are so different. An estimate suggests only around 7% of the
world does not believe in any religion, or if I take care of my semantics I’d say 7%
of the world is agnostic when it comes to religion. Which means around at least 90%
of the world population believes in some kind of god in one form or the other, which goes
on to suggest a serious concern- religion is not given to them as a choice. It is free
and friendly. Okay, answer me a simple question, how many of you are atheists? Assuming a few
of you are, how many of you still go to a temple? Or at least used to when we were children?
You see, that’s the issue. We all talk about how homophobic our society is, or how dowry
is a bad practice and how people should be given abortion right and all, and it is necessary
to be aware about. But when it comes to religion, is any one of us given a choice when we were
born? If our parents were religious, most probably we will grow up to be as well. And
I’m not saying it like praying to god and believing in him is any kind of a crime, it’s
expected from a fair working society and encouraged in a free world. But when you as a 2 year
old are taught the basics of religion, and are told to pray to god, thank god, and even
curse god for whatever wrongs are happening in your life, I guess you never get the chance
to stop wondering if there is an alternative to god- you always think about “Why god”
but never “How god”, you get to choose your streams once you are familiar with all
your subjects and still want to pursue a certain career or branch of study and maybe that’s
why our minds are so closed to people who start shaking the fundamentals of our society
by quotes from scientists and philosophers like Galileo, who said “I never needed god
for my discoveries”. I’d like to end by quoting Friedrich Nietzsche, he couldn’t
be truer when he said, “Is man merely a mistake of God’s? Or God merely a mistake
of man?”. Thank you so much for watching this video.
Like it, share it, subscribe to see more such stuff, and comment down whatever you’d want
me to deconstruct or comment on next. Have a great day!!

Jean Kelley



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